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Chapter 763: Li Jianxin

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After entering the Wind Cloud City, the trio went to look for an inn first.

During this period of time, there were plenty of travelers in the city. The Wind Cloud City had more than enough accommodations, however, inns with good locations were limited. It was better to look for a place to reside first, otherwise, they would have to reside in a secluded area.

After spending half a day, the trio found an inn which had courtyards.

Normally, only top-class inns had courtyards. After all, no one with status would be willing to reside in guestrooms.

“Come, let’s go for a meal.”

After settling in, the trio left the inn and was preparing to look for a restaurant to eat.

As a main city, the Wind Cloud City had thousands of restaurants, however, there weren’t many famous restaurants. After asking around, the trio arrived at one of the top ten restaurants in Wind Cloud City, Listening Rain Restaurant.

The appearance of Listening Rain Restaurant was rather exquisite and elegant. The entire restaurant was covered in a water dao array. The sky above had a curtain that was formed with rain water droplets. The rain would fall onto the banana leaves that surrounded the restaurant, giving off a feeling of serenity in the rain.

“The Saint Spirit Continent’s arrays have already been embedded into normal life.” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor praised.

Li Fuchen and the Iron Blood Great Emperor nodded. For anyone with some status, they would definitely pay attention to the environment. If the environment was good, spending more money wouldn’t matter.

“Dear guests, the hall is filled. There are only private rooms left.” A waiter came over to welcome them.

“Then bring us to a private room, the best private room.”

Li Fuchen knew that things were expensive in the Listening Rain Restaurant, but he didn’t care.

The waiter observed the trio and hesitated to say, “The best private room would need a minimum spending of 200,000 high-grade spirit stones.”

This was one of the top ten restaurants in a main city, the cost would certainly be ridiculous. They would normally be serving top-class great emperors or saints. Regular great emperors wouldn’t be able to afford the things here.

“So expensive...”

The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor and the Iron Blood Great Emperor were speechless. Their personal wealth would be around a few million high-grade spirit stones, they wouldn’t bear to spend 200,000 high-grade spirit stones to have a meal.

“I shall take that private room.” A young man and woman entered, while the young man said to the waiter.

“Greetings to the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor. This way please.”

The waiter recognized the young man, in fact, there were plenty of people that knew him. After all, this young man was the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor who was ranked 15th on the Sword Emperor Rankings. He was a regular customer of the Listening Rain Restaurant.

“Xue Ji, I visit this restaurant regularly. The food here is good and the environment is rather pleasant.” The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor ignored Li Fuchen’s group and said to the woman beside him with snow-like skin.

“Then I shall trouble the young master to spend some money.” The woman called Xue Ji nodded lightly.

Just as the waiter was going to bring the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor and Xue Ji to the private room, Li Fuchen spoke, “Are you people getting something wrong? No matter the place, there is something called first come first serve right?”

In response, the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor frowned slightly. “There isn’t a need to impress others by feigning your capability. Having a meal that costs a few hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones would probably be 10% of your wealth. Is there a need?”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor’s wealth was tens of millions of high-grade spirit stones, but even when he visited normally, he wouldn’t choose the best private rooms. Therefore, he felt that if Li Fuchen’s group ate here, they would probably feel a pinch.

Li Fuchen said, “That is our problem, you are meddling too much. Waiter, bring us to the private room.”

“This...” The waiter was in a rather awkward situation.

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor was a VIP of the Listening Rain Restaurant, therefore, it was rather difficult for him.

“What is going on?”

Just as the waiter was at wits’ end, the shopkeeper walked over.

The waiter quickly went over and explained the situation.

The shopkeeper glared at the waiter and said to the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor, “Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor, you are my Listening Rain Restaurant’s VIP, but when doing business, rules are needed. If there aren’t any rules, the Listening Rain Restaurant cannot continue opening. Why not let me arrange another superior private room for you? My apologies.”

“Xue Ji, what do you think?”

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor was a person with status after all and didn’t wish to make a commotion in public. He could only ask Xue Ji’s opinion.

“Sure.” Xue Ji nodded.

“Then bring us there.” The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor said.

“Will do, this way please.” The shopkeeper led the way personally.

“Friend, it seems like you are also a swordsman, I wonder if you are qualified to participate in the Swordsmen Tournament? If you are participating, I will definitely take good care of you in the tournament.” The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor’s voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ear.

After losing face, it was impossible for the Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor not to be angry. However, this was the Wind Cloud City, and he couldn’t beat Li Fuchen up. He only hoped that Li Fuchen would participate in the Swordsmen Tournament.

“Then I shall see you at the Swordsmen Tournament.” Li Fuchen immediately admitted that he was participating too.

The Falling Rainbow Sword Emperor didn’t say anything but let out a cold smile. Since Li Fuchen was qualified to participate, then he would have a chance to beat up Li Fuchen there.

“Dear guests, please put a deposit of 200,000 high-grade spirit stones first.”

The waiter wasn’t intentionally making things difficult. For any restaurant, as long as it wasn’t a regular customer, those who chose the private rooms would need to pay a deposit of the minimum spending first.

“Here are 1 million high-grade spirit stones. If there is any excess, you may refund me.” Li Fuchen handed over a storage bag.

“1 million?” The waiter’s hands shook a little.

After opening up to take a look, there were indeed 1 million high-grade spirit stones. It turned out that Li Fuchen was a wealthy guest.

He didn’t think that Li Fuchen was trying to pretend, as there wasn’t a need. If Li Fuchen could take out 1 million high-grade spirit stones casually, it meant that his personal wealth was definitely more than 100 million high-grade spirit stones. Only a fool would take out 1 million high-grade spirit stones when they only had a wealth of a few million high-grade spirit stones.

“Dear guests, this way please.” The waiter led the way respectfully.

On the way to the private room, the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor said, “Li Fuchen, isn’t it a waste to spend so much high-grade spirit stones on a single meal?”

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “These amounts of high-grade spirit stones are nothing to me. You two just have to eat as much as you can.”

Li Fuchen’s wealth had already reached a few billion high-grade spirit stones, therefore, 1 million was truly nothing to him.

Soon enough, the trio arrived at the private room.

The private room was massive and spacious. There was even a rock garden and a small lake. On the lake, there was a pavilion and above the pavilion, there was a small rainfall, giving off a pleasant sound of rain. Beside the lake, there was a small patch of bamboo that was truly beautiful. When looking from far, this place felt just like an ink painting and they were walking into the painting.

“Tsk tsk.” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor’s eyes lit up.

He was different from the Iron Blood Great Emperor and Li Fuchen. This was the kind of style that he adored. His sword dao was also this style.

“This feeling... isn’t simple!” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor exclaimed.

Li Fuchen said, “It isn’t simple space decoration indeed. Every design contains qi presence. When placed together, it gave the entire place life and atmosphere.”

The dishes were served quickly and the table was already full.

The trio conversed as they had this satisfying meal.

The Swordsmen Tournament was just three days away. The venue would be at the largest tournament grounds in the Wind Cloud City, the Wind Cloud Martial Arena.

This might be an event for the sword dao circle, but it still attracted the attention of countless people. Many visitors were here just to watch the tournament.

Like the Saber Demon who was ranked 34th on the Great Emperor Rankings, the ranked 8th Devil Sovereign, and the ranked 4th Saber Emperor. People on the streets unintentionally saw their figures.

It was imaginable how many spectators were here in the entire Wind Cloud City.

Before the tournament, everyone was here to scout out their rivals’ strength.

There wasn’t any wall in the world that could conceal everything. After some scouting, apart from the rankers on the Sword Emperor Rankings, some of the nameless but extremely formidable swordsmen had also entered the eyes of others.

Among them, there were three who were most prominent.

There was a young swordsman named Tang Xing. He wasn’t on the Sword Emperor Rankings or the Great Emperor Rankings, however, he was already a grade 7 swordsman. It was said that when he passed the grade 7 swordsman test, he sent the grade 7 swordsman puppet flying with a single attack. His strength was certainly at the pinnacle of a grade 7 swordsman. It seemed like he wasn’t inferior to any other swordsmen other than the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign.

There was also a female swordsman called Murong Youyu. She once killed the Earth Yin Great Emperor who was ranked 99th on the Great Emperor Rankings. She had been titled to be the no.1 female swordsman of this Swordsmen Tournament. Her popularity was above Tang Xing.

Be it in the martial dao circle or the sword dao circle, there were too little female experts. There might not be 1 among 100 experts.

The final of the trio was called Li Jianxin and was from the Li Clan which was once a saint clan. The Li Clan was a very ancient sword dao clan and during their prime, they were the no.2 clan on the Saint Spirit Continent, inferior to only the half-god clan, Zhu Clan. It was rumored that Li Jianxin was a sword dao prodigy that was rarely seen in a million years. His talent wasn’t inferior to the no.1 sword lord in the history of the Li Clan. Different from others, Li Jianxin never ventured the Saint Spirit Continent, therefore, he wasn’t listed in the Sword Emperor Rankings and the Great Emperor Rankings. But since he was the Li Clan and was titled as a sword dao prodigy that was rarely seen in a million years, it was natural to assume he was formidable.

“Li Jianxin huh?”

On the main street, Qu Qingyan and Miao Xueqing were walking together.

When hearing the name, Qu Qingyan and Miao Xueqing immediately thought of Li Fuchen, because they both had the surnames of Li.

“I wonder who is stronger between Li Jianxin and Li Fuchen?”

Miao Xueqing already found out information about Li Fuchen from Qu Qingyan.

She had to admit that Li Fuchen was truly a legend. He had already dominated the Heaven Pillar Continent and Emperor Sky Continent before he was 40 years old. He had even escorted Senior Qingyan through the Curse Temple and back to Saint Spirit Continent.

Qu Qingyan said, “The Li Clan has the Extreme State Sword Art that is passed down. If Li Jianxin cultivated the Extreme State Sword Art, not even the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign are a match.”

“Does that mean that Li Fuchen might also lose?” Miao Xueqing asked.

Qu Qingyan shook her head, “If it is anyone else, they will not be a match for Li Jianxin, but if it is Li Fuchen, everything is unknown. Most importantly, even if Li Jianxin cultivated the Extreme State Sword Art, he couldn’t possibly push his sword art to the extreme stage. After all, the Sword Emperor hasn’t pushed his sword art to the extreme stage either. A true extreme stage martial art will need the saint spirit to utilize. Without the saint spirit, even if the extreme stage martial art is comprehended, a single move will cause the true spirit to crumble.”

Of course, Qu Qingyan didn’t think that Li Fuchen could beat Li Jianxin too. In fact, she felt that Li Jianxin’s chances of winning were higher.

After dozens of years, the Saint Spirit Continent had too much transformation. With her estimation of Li Fuchen’s strength a few years ago and with the progression the other great emperors made over the dozens of years, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to catch up to the other great emperors with just a few years.

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