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Chapter 761: Swordsmen Tournament

Translator: jinzeffect

After taking the head of the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor, Li Fuchen prepared to leave.

“I am Miao Xueqing from Sacred Heart Park, I thank the young master for saving me.” The graceful woman, Miao Xueqing cupped her fist and said with gratitude.

“You are a disciple of the Sacred Heart Park?” Li Fuchen sounded astonished.

Qu Qingyan was also from the Sacred Heart Park.

“That’s right.” Miao Xueqing nodded.

“Then you should know Qu Qingyan right?” Li Fuchen asked.

Miao Xueqing was also surprised. “Does the young master know Senior Qingyan?”

“That’s right, we know each other.”

Li Fuchen nodded and felt a little strange at the same time. Qu Qingyan’s strength was inferior to Miao Xueqing, but why was she the senior?

However, after thinking a little, Qu Qingyan had been stranded on the Emperor Sky Continent for dozens of years. She might have a drastic increase in strength a few years after she returned to the Saint Spirit Continent.

After a short conversation later, Li Fuchen was planning to leave. He and Qu Qingyan were only regular friends, or maybe just considered acquaintances. There wasn’t a need to create too many connections in the future either.”

“I wonder what the young master’s name is?” Miao Xueqing asked.

Li Fuchen didn’t even turn around and replied, “Li Fuchen.”

“Li Fuchen huh?”

Miao Xueqing remembered this name deeply. There were countless prodigies on the Saint Spirit Continent, however, Li Fuchen gave her a feeling like he was a divine dragon. He was mysterious, powerful, and also filled with charm.

Li Fuchen returned with the head of the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor in less than a month. Such speed had shocked the upper echelons of the Swordsmen Guild. They opened up Li Fuchen’s profile and noticed that he sent a grade 6 swordsman puppet flying in a single sword, and seemed to possess the strength of a grade 7 swordsman.

“No wonder!” The upper echelons of the Swordsmen Guild were enlightened.

If Li Fuchen could send a grade 6 swordsman puppet flying with a single sword, his strength was at least at the pinnacle of grade 6 swordsmen. It meant that his strength was around the top 1000 of the Great Emperor Rankings.

A grade 2 Swordsmen Guild branch had plenty of missions. Li Fuchen would take on a high-grade mission now and then. His mission completion time would never be more than a month.

In these few months, Li Fuchen’s guild points had already reached 600,000. He was halfway to the requirement for a promotion to a grade 7 swordsman.

Li Fuchen didn’t continue taking missions and had been staying in the manor.

“I finally reached the peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm.” Inside a secret room, Li Fuchen let out a forceful breath.

The missions during these few months didn’t just bring him hundreds of thousands of guild points, it also gave him a great amount of wealth and two peak-grade spirit stones. One of them was from the Blood-Siphon Devil Emperor.

Once his cultivation reached the 9th level of Law Phase Realm, it was extremely hard to make any progress. Two peak-grade spirit stones were only sufficient for him to reach the peak state of 9th level Law Phase Realm. Furthermore, it also required his diligence in cultivation. Without diligence, he would only be at the latter state of 9th level Law Phase Realm.

“It is already so difficult to reach the peak state of 9th level. I don’t think it is possible to reach half-saint without 8 or 10 peak-grade spirit stones.”

Different from others, Li Fuchen’s true spirit had already transformed into a saint spirit. With enough accumulation, he would be able to break through and become a half-saint or a saint without obstructions. However, he required peak-grade spirit stones and it wasn’t a small number.

As compared to his cultivation, Li Fuchen’s sword dao also had great improvement.

There were plenty of subtle inspirations for the second move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art.

According to his concept, the second move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art would be limitlessly close to the extremity of the sword dao. As for the third move, it would be at the extremity of the sword dao.

“If I can create the second move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art, it will be thanks to Xu Pingfan.”

Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao was to find the unordinary within the ordinary, and to return the unordinary back to the ordinary. This was definitely a new method and it enhanced Li Fuchen’s sword dao horizon.


Inside the storage bag, the swordsman crest suddenly vibrated.

“What happened?” Li Fuchen was rather surprised. This was the first time the swordsman crest vibrated.

The swordsman crest had different levels of communicative functions according to the different grades. Li Fuchen had the grade 6 swordsman crest, therefore, it was already a high-class communication token.

A voice echoed through the swordsman crest.

“Half a year later, the main city, Wind Cloud City, will host the Swordsmen Tournament. All grade 6 and 7 swordsmen are able to participate. The top ten of the tournament will be qualified to enter the Sword World. I hope no one misses it.”

The voice suddenly ended.

“Swordsmen Tournament? Sword World?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

He heard of the Swordsmen Tournament before. It was only hosted one every twenty years and all grade 6 and 7 swordsmen could participate. As for grade 8 swordsmen, they didn’t have to participate as they could just enter the Sword Boundary.

The so-called Sword World was the sacred land for the Swordsmen Guild.

Inside the Sword World, the sword dao law would be unprecedentedly clear. When cultivating the sword dao inside, the effects would be ten times or dozens of times better than the outside world.

“This is a rather good opportunity.”

Li Fuchen didn’t just desire to enter the Sword World, he also desired to spar and fight with other sword dao great emperors.

His sword dao strength might already be comparable with the Sword Sovereign and Sword Emperor, but it didn’t mean that he could ignore other sword daos. Each sword dao had its own quintessence. Just like Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao which was a top-notch sword dao in Li Fuchen’s opinion and it might not be inferior to the Sword Sovereign and Sword Emperor.

Apart from that, the Emotionless Sword Emperor’s emotionless sword dao, and the Heart Sword Sovereign’s heart sword dao were all top-grade sword dao. If Li Fuchen could absorb the quintessence of their sword daos, he might be able to create the second move of his Primary Extreme Sword Art.

Of course, it didn’t matter even if he couldn’t create it. It was enough if he could accumulate his sword dao foundation. After entering the Sword World, he would also have a great chance to create the second move of the Primary Extreme Sword Art.

Half a year was still a very long time. The Rosy Cloud City was a high-class city, therefore it had a teleportation array that was directly linked to the main city. He could head to the main city on the same day of the tournament if he wanted to.

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry, but the other grade 6 and 7 swordsmen who weren’t in high-class cities were in a hurry.

Once they received the information, they headed for the nearest high-class city using their fastest speed.

The Swordsmen Tournament was only hosted once every twenty years. If they missed out on this tournament, they would need to wait for another twenty years.

Moreover, even if only the top ten of the tournament could enter the Sword World, those ranked at the top would also obtain rewards. They would even receive pointers from sword dao saints. After all, it was impossible to see sword dao saints normally.

Right now, the entire Saint Spirit Continent’s sword dao circle was in a commotion. Many swordsmen below the grade 6 were also rushing for high-class cities. They might not be able to participate in the tournament, but they also received the information. The news would be disseminated by the branches too. Unless the swordsman was too far away and wouldn’t receive the information.

It was very obvious that this tournament was prepared for the swordsmen. Those who couldn’t participate could spectate from outside. One might just receive an enlightenment while spectating and allow the sword dao to break through to the next level.

“Swordsmen Tournament huh? I wonder how many experts would appear in this year’s Swordsmen Tournament.”

There was a swordsman seated in a cross-legged position. He was in a valley that was filled with all sorts of longswords in the ground.

His qi presence wasn’t prominent, but the longswords looked as though they were in an audience with an emperor and were trembling a little.

“I shall take a look at the Swordsmen Tournament.”

On the peak of the giant mountain, there was a man standing with hands behind his back. One would realize that the spatial zone was slightly distorted around the man. Formless sword lights were weaving together. If a sword dao great emperor was here, they would certainly be shocked. This man wasn’t even using his sword intent and qi, but was still constantly enveloped in a sword field. It felt as though he was a sword himself, an absolute sword. A casual burst of qi presence was enough to form a sword field.

It was obviously the Union of Man and Sword which was very close to extremity.

The commotion of the sword dao circle didn’t really concern Li Fuchen. He didn’t take on any missions and was comprehending the sword dao in the manor while quietly waiting for the arrival of the Swordsmen Tournament.

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