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Chapter 751: Exchange of Sword Dao

The Sunflower Water Helm Master was ranked at least top few hundred on the Great Emperor Rankings. His martial art proficiency was close to extremity, unlike Xu Pingfan who was still incompetent.

This water dao palm art definitely had contact with the great dao of water. When facing this palm, it was the same to face an ocean.

“Be careful.” The severely injured Xu Pingfan could see the power of this palm and quickly warned Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen smiled as he didn’t dodge or step back, nor did he make a move. From the side, Xu Long and the others couldn’t see Li Fuchen’s expression, therefore they thought Li Fuchen was shocked by the prowess of the palm and was immobilized. They were all shaking their heads and couldn’t bear watching. However, when they remembered they would also die later, they felt a little bitter.


The immense palm force slammed on Li Fuchen. The overwhelming force would have smash anyone else into smithereens.

The palm forces came wave after wave, with each wave bigger and it felt it would never stop.

However, the Sunflower Water Helm Master’s expression changed from a confident look to a grave look.

If Li Fuchen was killed by the palm, the palm force would naturally disperse. If the palm force was getting stronger, it meant that Li Fuchen was still resisting and had a very high level of resistance.

“Is this all you have?”

A figure lifted the palm force and walked out casually.

The immense ocean-like palm force automatically split into two streams.

Li Fuchen’s sword energy protection was too tough as it contained the Primary Extreme Sword Intent that was close to extremity.

Both martial arts were close to extremity, but Li Fuchen’s Primary Extreme Sword Art was definitely superior.


The Sunflower Water Helm Master’s eyes contracted as he attacked with both palms to blast an interweaving attack at Li Fuchen.


This time, the palm force was even stronger, as though a disaster level flood that would engulf the world.

However, everything was in vain. When the ferocious palm force slammed onto Li Fuchen’s sword energy protection, it didn’t even shake.

“Such pure sword dao state!” Xu Pingfan was astonished.

Xu Pingfan felt that Li Fuchen’s sword energy protection was boundless and it was returning back to the original sword dao state. As compared to Li Fuchen, Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao was certainly inferior.

“This person is already comparable with the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign.”

Xu Pingfan was seldom impressed by anyone. Even the Sword Emperor and Sword Sovereign might not impress him. From the start, Xu Pingfan believed that his ordinary sword dao wasn’t inferior to anyone. He merely didn’t push the ordinary sword dao to a higher level. But after seeing Li Fuchen’s sword dao, Xu Pingfan knew that he was inferior, he knew that his ordinary sword dao would never surpass Li Fuchen’s sword dao. Xu Pingfan could feel the most fundamental sword dao aura from Li Fuchen’s sword dao.

“Relying on qi protection to resist the palm force of a Sky Thrust Union’s helm master?”

Xu Long and the others took a cold breath.

They were completely dumbfounded.

When the Ordinary Sword Emperor, Xu Pingfan appeared, they were already shocked. Right now, Li Fuchen appeared and he was several times stronger than the Ordinary Sword Emperor. No matter how strong a person’s mentality was, this was a little unbearable.

“He actually resisted the helm master’s palm force?” The Black Lotus Altar Master and the others looked at each other with dismay.

Originally, they were filled with confidence and felt they had complete control over their targets. Right now, their thoughts seem ridiculous. They couldn’t even handle a single Ordinary Sword emperor, let alone Li Fuchen.

There is always a higher mountain…

This was the true thought in their hearts.

“Who exactly are you?” The Sunflower Water Helm Master asked with a deep voice.

From the information he obtained from the Flying Silver Island, Li Fuchen’s strength should be ranked around the top 500 of the Great Emperor Rankings. If that was the case, the Sunflower Water Helm Master was 90% confident he could kill Li Fuchen.

Ten years ago, he once confronted and killed a great emperor that was ranked around 300th. Putting aside the fact that Li Fuchen was ranked 500th, even if Li Fuchen was ranked top 200th, the Sunflower Water Helm Master was still confident.

But now, he couldn’t even break Li Fuchen’s qi protection, how was he going to continue fighting?

Using just the qi protection to resist his attacks? Not even the top 100 rankers of the Great Emperor Rankings could do it!

“I am no one. Furthermore, there is no need for a dead person to know who I am.”

Li Fuchen raised his right index and middle fingers. A sword intent gathered on the tip of his sword fingers.

“If I wish to leave, no one can stop me. We shall meet again.”

The Sunflower Water Helm Master’s hand had a pearl that was filled with dense water light. Once the qi was poured into the pearl, there was a fearsome water dao energy that burst out. The water dao energy turned into a water sphere that enveloped the Sunflower Water Helm Master, the Black Lotus Altar Master, and the others.

Immediately after, the water sphere shrunk into a drop of water and shifted into the void.

“Heaven class high-tier cardinal artifact!”

Xu Long immediately recognized that the pearl was a heaven class high-tier water dao cardinal artifact.

With the cardinal artifact, if the Sunflower Water Helm Master wanted to escape, there was really no one that could stop him.

“Are you sure you can escape?” Li Fuchen pointed his sword fingers at the void.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

There were countless sounds of bubbles getting popped.

Immediately after, there was a huge splash.

Four figures fell from the sky and were turned into bundles of blood mist in mid-air.

A single point of the finger actually bypassed the protection of the heaven class high-tier cardinal artifact and killed four individuals. Such strength truly made Xu Long and the others flabbergasted.


The other members brought over by the Black Lotus Altar Master finally reacted. They let out miserable screams as they scuttled away.

It was unfortunate that Li Fuchen didn’t plan to spare any of them. With a blast of fist, the void shook and all the enemies were shattered into dust.

After keeping the storage bags from the four and that pearl, Li Fuchen said, “Help to clean up the storage bags from those people.”

While speaking, Li Fuchen returned to the silver airship and was preparing to continue his seclusion.

He hoped that the earlier inspiration was still around, otherwise, it would be a great loss.

After cleaning up the battlefield, the silver airship continued its journey. However, the dining hall was unprecedentedly quiet.

Everyone was trying to guess Li Fuchen’s identity. However, they had seen all of the famous swordsmen on the Great Emperor Rankings, but there wasn’t any Li Fuchen.

Xu Pingfan said, “Brother Li’s sword dao is something I have never seen before in my life. In my opinion, even the Sword Sovereign and Sword Emperor’s sword dao might not be comparable with Brother Li’s sword dao. Of course, I have never seen their sword daos before. This is just my conjecture.”

The sword dao was a posterior dao which was entirely reliant on a person’s perception and innate potential.

The stronger the perception and potential, the stronger the comprehension of posterior dao.

For daos like metal, water, fire, earth, wind, thunder, and others, they were considered natural daos.

Natural daos existed in nature and there wasn’t a difference in strength. It was whether the cultivator reached the higher level yet.

A person’s dao would determine a person’s potential. Without a doubt, if Li Fuchen was able to become a saint one day, he would be superior among the saints. With enough time, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to rule the world with sword dao.

Of course, the prerequisite was for him to survive. Once he fell, all of his glorious achievements during his life would be useless.

After all, everyone would only look up at the sun. No one would remember a shooting star.

Xu Long said, “The Saint Spirit Continent is filled with all sorts of possibilities. No one knows when an expert would appear. The so-called Great Emperor Rankings is just a ranking on the surface. There are plenty of people who are comparable with the experts on the rankings, but chose to lay low. It is obvious that Brother Li is also one of such people.”

Gong Yun nodded, “Brother Xu said it right. Members of the Sky Thrust Union would never be in the Great Emperor Rankings. If there is an official ranking, half of the people on the Great Emperor Rankings would be eliminated.”

As everyone was guessing Li Fuchen’s identity, Li Fuchen was trying to catch the inspiration that was fading away.

“It seems like I am too anxious.” Li Fuchen let out a smile.

If a person’s soul sea had grades, Li Fuchen would definitely be at the pinnacle.

A good memory was just the beginning. Next was to have retentive memory, and being able to deduce more things from a single understanding.

Li Fuchen’s soul sea was already at the level where it could forcefully retain inspirations. Once the inspiration appeared, the soul sea wouldn’t let it vanish. If Li Fuchen took his time to find it, he would find it sooner or later.

After several days, Li Fuchen walked out of the room.

“Greetings to Brother Li.”

“No wonder Brother Li can have such strength, you are really diligent.”

Before this, everyone could talk casually with Li Fuchen, right now, they were behaving much more reserved.

Li Fuchen said, “Since we are on the same ship, it means we are fated. Everyone doesn’t have to be so reserved. We are martial artists and swordsmen, we should be more carefree.”

“Brother Li is right, we are the ones that are shaming ourselves.”

At first, everyone was just revering Li Fuchen, right now, they were utterly impressed by him.

Li Fuchen was very young, but he was much more carefree than them.

Li Fuchen’s casual attitude made everyone relax and started to have a joyous conversation.

Li Fuchen sat in front of Xu Pingfan’s table. “Don’t mind if I sit here?”

“As you wish.”

Xu Pingfan was different from others. His expression and aura had been indifferent that there wasn’t much fluctuation.

“Your sword dao is incredible.”

Li Fuchen had already reached the sword thread state, however, he didn’t research it and was inferior to Xu Pingfan in terms of sword thread state.

“As compared to your sword dao, my ordinary sword dao is just regular. It is nothing but a drop in the ocean and not worth mentioning.” Xu Pingfan shook his head and said seriously.

Li Fuchen laughed. “I am interested in your ordinary sword dao. Why don’t we have an exchange?”

Li Fuchen could see that the ordinary sword dao is on the path to be ordinary. The sword thread state was just a portion and not everything.

“Are you willing to have an exchange of sword dao with me?” Xu Pingfan’s heart was racing.

He didn’t mind his ordinary sword dao being revealed. The ordinary sword dao’s most important factor was to have an ordinary heart. Without the heart, the ordinary sword dao would lose its luster. Li Fuchen’s sword dao was the purest sword dao. If they had an exchange, Li Fuchen would definitely be at a loss.

“The path of sword dao is broad and deep. Closing in on oneself will cause one to stop having progress.”

Li Fuchen was able to achieve his current sword dao state because of the tens of thousands of different sword arts he cultivated. Each sword art had its own essence between it a low class or high class sword art. By extracting the essence and fusing them together, Li Fuchen achieved his current sword dao proficiency.

To Li Fuchen, Xu Pingfan’s ordinary sword dao wasn’t inferior to tens of thousands of sword arts. Furthermore, he had a feeling that the ordinary sword art would allow his sword dao to reach a higher level.

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