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Chapter 752: Stone Broken Hand

The duo had their exchange of sword dao for an entire month.

During the month, the duo didn’t sleep or rest, they didn’t eat either. Because they were talking about their interests, the wine didn’t stop. Slight traces of alcohol made the duo even more excited. Their thoughts started to burst off like sparks.

“Stop the airship!”

On this day, Xu Pingfan shouted out. Before the airship stopped completely, he opened the cabin door and rushed out.

“Heaven and Earth Emotion!”

At the left of the silver airship, Xu Pingfan brandished his right hand and burst out with countless threads. As compared to over a month ago, the sword move, Heaven and Earth Emotion was much more matured, completed, and more proficient.

“Heaven and Earth Emotion!”

“Heaven and Earth Emotion!”

Xu Pingfan constantly brandished his right hand.

One could see that the threads were decreasing in number.

At first, it was countless, but now, it was within 100 threads.

However, the sharpness of the threads increased drastically. If Xu Pingfan and the Sunflower Water Helm Master fought again, Xu Pingfan might not be able to win, but he wouldn’t lose so miserably.

“Li Fuchen’s primary extreme sword dao is truly broad and profound. It has provided great help to me.”

Finally, Xu Pingfan stopped producing sword threads.

The excitement in his heart couldn’t rest for a long time.

The sword thread state wasn’t purely compressing sword qi, it was an extreme sword dao state.

More than a month ago, because he didn’t have full control of the Heaven and Earth Emotion, he had to use 50% sword dao state and 50% sword qi compression to execute the Heaven and Earth Emotion. It would cause his qi to flow in reverse, causing damage to his organs.

Right now, after the exchange of sword dao with Li Fuchen without rest for days, Xu Pingfan’s sword thread state was finally close to extremity. He was now able to execute the Heaven and Earth Emotion naturally.

“This fateful encounter has saved at least ten years of hard work for me.”

Xu Pingfan returned to the silver airship and cupped his fist towards Li Fuchen. “Many thanks for Brother Li’s guidance.”

Li Fuchen shook his head. “It isn’t considered guidance. My gain might not be lesser than yours.”

The exchange for a month had given Li Fuchen plenty of inspiration. However, it was different for Li Fuchen as compared to Xu Pingfan. Li Fuchen’s sword dao state was too high and his sword dao quality was too powerful. It wasn’t possible to increase it to the next level just like that. He had to settle all of the inspirations and turn them into his sword dao foundation.

As the journey continued, the duo continued the exchange of sword dao. Xu Long and the others might not be able to participate, but just by listening to their reasoning towards sword dao was already beneficial for them. It felt as though something was within their hearts, but it felt as though there was nothing too. At the bow of the ship, there was a secret conference room where Madam Jin and the female swordsman stayed inside.

The two had already gotten to know each other. Apart from the sorrow at the start, they had now recovered.

“Wanqing, what are your future plans?” Madam Jin asked.

The female swordsman was called Lin Wanqing.

Lin Wanqing shook her head. “I don’t know either.”

The Hundred Poison Hall Mistress had already died. Lin Wanqing might not be the person to kill her, but the revenge was completed. She really didn’t have any plans for the future.

Madam Jin said, “Why don’t you stay in Golden Sand City with me? There is also a Swordsmen Guild branch in Golden Sand City.”

“My elder brother is already dead, this wouldn’t be good right?” Lin Wanqing hesitated.”

Madam Jin said, “Why isn’t it good? You don’t have to call me elder sister-in-law too, just call me elder sister. In the future, we will be sisters.”

Ultimately, Madam Jin managed to move Lin Wanqing. Of course, it was due to Lin Wanqing’s acknowledgment towards Madam Jin. A woman that her elder brother loved wouldn’t be too bad. She was going to protect Madam Jin on behalf of her elder brother.

Half a month later, they arrived at the Golden Sand City.

The Golden Sand City was a major city like the Autumn Leaf City and there was also a Swordsmen Guild branch inside.

After submitting the mission completion, each of them was rewarded with 10,000 guild points.

Just like that, Li Fuchen who was lacking 2000 guild points was now able to be promoted into a grade 5 swordsman.

“Everyone, thank you for the protection on this trip. This is a small gift to show my appreciation.”

Madam Jin gave each of them a storage bag.

Xu Long opened up the storage bag and saw there was a piece of white broken stone. When he took it out, it felt rather prickly, but the surface looked very smooth.


The rest had also gotten a piece of broken white stone.

Soon enough, everyone realized that this stone was a little different.

The stone was emitting a peculiar qi, at the same time, there was a reserved prowess. Subconsciously, everyone’s spiritual awareness entered the stone.


Fresh blood was vomited as they were instantly injured. It felt like their soul sea got punched and they were in a daze.

“What is this stone? The intent from it is too powerful…” Gong Yun was shocked.

Madam Jin explained, “These stones are found by my husband in some historical ruins. My husband and I have been researching the use of these stones for many years. But it is unfortunate that we only found out that these stones can temper the true spirit.”

“It can temper the true spirit?” Everyone’s eyes lit up.

The most crucial factor to progress into a saint was the true spirit and spirit soul. If the true spirit and spirit soul wasn’t a problem, there would be many more saints on the Saint Spirit Continent. Among the Great Emperor Rankings, there were plenty who had reached the half-saint level, but the problem was in the true spirit and spirit soul, which stopped them from becoming saints.

Of course, none of them had hopes that this stone could cause their true spirit to transform into a saint spirit. It wasn’t realistic, but if it could save them ten years or a few dozen years of time, they would be satisfied. After all, how could it be so easy to become a saint?

Among them, only Xu Pingfan and Li Fuchen didn’t take out the stone from the storage bags.

Xu Pingfan wanted to bring it out, but once he saw that his stone was several times bigger than others, he didn’t want to bring it out.

Li Fuchen wasn’t going to bring it out either. His storage bag didn’t contain a broken white stone, it was a white stone broken hand. The other white stones were only emitting faint prowess, but the stone broken hand had overwhelming prowess. Li Fuchen could even feel a subtle trace of law intent.

“Intent statue?” Li Fuchen had his own guesses.

He had also left behind an intent statue on the Emperor Sky Continent. If the intent statue was to crumble one day, the shards would be a fated opportunity for those low level martial artists that obtained those shards.

However, Li Fuchen’s intent statue was far inferior.

Li Fuchen reckoned that these intent state shards were left behind by peak level saints. Regular saints wouldn’t have such intent prowess. After all, these were just shards and only a trace of intent prowess would be left behind. If this was a complete intent statue, if anyone dared to inspect it with their spiritual awareness, the spirit soul would be scattered instantly.

“Many thanks.” Li Fuchen transmitted a message to Madam Jin.

Madam Jin replied, “This successful journey is due to Young Master Li. It is good if Young Master Li finds the stone broken hand useful.”

Madam Jin didn’t just think that a piece of broken stone would be useful to Li Fuchen, therefore, she gave him the stone broken hand.

“It should be rather useful to me.” Li Fuchen replied.

“That’s good then.” Madam Jin let out a faint smile.

In fact, she had a motive.

Be it Xu Pingfan or Li Fuchen, they were people that one should make friends with.

After the exchange of sword dao between Xu Pingfan and Li Fuchen, their strengths had a great increase. Xu Pingfan should now be in the top few hundred on the Great Emperor Rankings or even higher. Li Fuchen would be at least top few dozen. If she could be friends with them, if there was any crisis in the future, they might be able to help her. Even if there wasn’t any danger, making friends with them would only bring benefits.

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