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Chapter 725: Black Hatchet Great Emperor

“No wonder this is a high-grade silver airship. The speed is roughly 30% of my full speed.”

“However, that airship behind is almost 35% of my full speed.”

Li Fuchen controlled the silver airship to gradually slow down.

“Big Brother Hu, he slowed down.” A member of the Black Hatchet Gang turned around to report.

“He is probably aware that he will not be able to escape!” Zhang Hu didn’t really think much.

The Black Hatchet Gang’s high-grade silver airship was purchased through special channels. The speed was faster than regular high-grade silver airships. If they couldn’t catch up to their prey, how were they going to survive?

“Who are you people?” Li Fuchen turned the airship around and stood on the bow.

“A dead person doesn’t need to know our identities.”

With Zhang Hu leading, over a dozen Black Hatchet Gang members flew out.

“Dead person? Indeed.”

Li Fuchen reached out and grabbed. Apart from Zhang Hu, the rest of the people had exploded.

“You can talk now.”

Li Fuchen looked at Zhang Hu indifferently.

Zhang Hu was stunned as though he was struck by a thunderbolt.


After slapping himself, Zhang Hu came back to senses while his body was drenched in cold sweat.

He kicked on steel this time. A casual grab was enough to kill a dozen of the Black Hatchet Gang members. Such strength could only belong to a great emperor!

“My lord, I have made a mistake, please forgive me.” Zhang Hu spoke in a trembling voice.

“You have yet to tell me. Who are you people?” Li Fuchen looked at Zhang Hu with cold eyes.

If it was before this, Zhang Hu merely felt that Li Fuchen qi prowess was extraordinary and wouldn’t feel anything else.

Right now, when being watched by Li Fuchen’s eyes, it felt as though the world had vanished. Li Fuchen’s figure was gigantic like the star and there was a horrifying silence.

“We are members of the Black Hatchet Gang. Our chief is the Flying Silver Island’s famed Black Hatchet Great Emperor. The two vice-chiefs are also great emperors.”

Zhang Hu hoped that Li Fuchen would spare him because of his chief’s reputation.

“Black Hatchet Great Emperor?”

Li Fuchen did hear this name before.

In the Flying Silver Island, the Black Hatchet Great Emperor was a high ranking great emperor.

“I don’t care if you are the Black Hatchet Gang or the White Hatchet Gang, since you provoked me, only death awaits you.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance and Zhang Hu exploded.

When at Li Fuchen’s level, he wouldn’t even need to make a physical move to kill Zhang Hu. It was sufficient with just his eyes.

The Black Hatchet Gang’s headquarters was located in a town that wasn’t far from the Flying Silver Island.

Once Zhang Hu and his men’s life tokens shattered, someone notified the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

With a height of 2.5 meters and a body that was emitting baleful aura, the Black Hatchet Great Emperor spoke with a malevolent expression, “No matter how killed my Black Hatchet Gang’s members must die.”

Actually, he was angry because of that high-grade silver airship.

The Black Hatchet Gang only had a total of two such airships and they were the important assets of the Black Hatchet Gang.

“This silver airship is worth at least two million high-grade spirit stones.”

After refining the Black Hatchet Gang’s silver airship, Li Fuchen kept his own airship and used the new airship.

This silver airship might only be 15% faster than Li Fuchen’s silver airship, but it was already very significant.

When used for travel, if Li Fuchen’s silver airship flew 10,000 miles, this airship would be able to fly 11,500 miles. It would save up plenty of time.

It would be greatly beneficial for escaping.

After all, if the enemy couldn’t catch up, how were they going to rob and kill you?

In normal situations, if there was a distance of a few miles, even a great emperor would have a hard time killing the enemy.

It also meant that Li Fuchen was an exception as he could even kill his enemy from a few dozen miles away.

A few days later, Li Fuchen arrived at the eastern shore of the Flying Silver Island. On the other side of the sea was the Saint Spirit Continent.

However, the distance between the two continents wasn’t short and was at least one billion miles away. If a high-grade silver airship was used for travel, it would take a few months and there must not be any delay in between.

“So many mist…”

Seeing the thick mist above the sea, Li Fuchen frowned.

This mist was able to restrict the spiritual awareness. On the Flying Silver Island, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness was able to extend up to 2000 miles, but within this mist, he was only able to extend it by a few dozen miles. It was even stronger than the darkness law.

“Young brother, stop looking. Trying to traverse across the Mist of Death is to court death. Even a saint wouldn’t willingly cross the Mist of Death. They might not be in danger, but they might lose their direction. If we enter, we don’t even need to think about exiting.”

On the shore, there was a refined middle-aged man who was at the 7th level of Law Phase Realm and he was watching the sea as he sighed at how powerless he was.

Li Fuchen had never heard about the Mist of Death, but to avoid any suspicion, he nodded. “Yes, we can only wait for it to disperse.”

The Mist of Death would disperse right? Otherwise, why wasn’t there any teleportation array between the Flying Silver Island and the Saint Spirit Continent? How could people travel to each continent?

The refined man laughed bitterly and said, “No one knows when will the Mist of Death disperse. It might be one year, two years, but not more than five years. Once it disperses, it will not appear for another half a year.”

“Why can’t a teleportation array be constructed in the Flying Silver Island?” Li Fuchen asked a question he had been wanting to ask.

The refined man explained, “It is extremely difficult to construct a teleportation array on the Saint Spirit Continent. The void law here is extremely firm and it hard to traverse. Furthermore, in the depths of the void, void storms are very common, making the teleportations very dangerous. In order to construct a teleportation array to connect the Flying Silver Island and the Saint Spirit Continent, it must be a class 9 mid-tier teleportation array. However, there is only one class 9 mid-tier Array Saint in the Saint Spirit Continent. Furthermore, a giant spatial crystal is required. Since spatial crystals are so rare, no one is willing to waste it on the Flying Silver Island.”

“I see.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.

No wonder he encountered the void storm previously. He thought it was just bad luck, but it turned out that it was rather common.

As to becoming a class 9 mid-tier Array Saint, it was even harder than to become a mid-level saint, or even high-level saint.

The Mist of Death was very concentrated, Li Fuchen thought about it and decided to head for the Saint Spirit Continent after the Mist of Death dispersed.

He was confident he could survive, but he wasn’t confident he wouldn’t get lost.

Li Fuchen didn’t fly back to Flying Silver City, instead, he found a nearby town at the eastern shore to stay.

Flying Silver City…

The Black Hatchet Great Emperor arrived at the Flying Sky Pavilion.

“Black Hatchet Great Emperor, why are you here?” Elder Tong still didn’t know that Zhang Hu and the others were dead.

The Black Hatchet Great Emperor had a gloomy expression. “Elder Tong, Zhang Hu is dead.”

“Zhang Hu is dead??”

Elder Tong was in disbelief. “That isn’t possible, the target is just a 5th level emperor. Even if his strength is at the level of a peak level emperor, he still shouldn’t be a match for Zhang Hu and the others.”

Elder Tong heard of the Black Hatchet Gang’s Black Hatchet Battle Formation. Apart from great emperors, no one would be able to deal with it.

The Black Hatchet Great Emperor said, “But Zhang Hu is dead and it is enough to clarify the question.”

“This is the tracking token. Remember, this is the last piece. If you lose it, you will never be able to track him again.” Elder Tong tossed over a token.

“Don’t worry, there isn’t a need for a future use.” After receiving the tracking token, the Black Hatchet Great Emperor turned and left.

“Zhang Hu actually slipped. That is really strange.” Elder Tong shook his head, but he didn’t really pay much mind to it.

It didn’t matter if the Black Hatchet Great Emperor could find Li Fuchen, Elder Tong had already earned 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones.

Back then, he was worried about accidents, therefore, he didn’t agree to split the profits.

Elder Tong might receive more if he were to split the profits, but he preferred to lower the risk to the minimum, even if he had to earn less.

He didn’t worry if Li Fuchen would detect the tracking imprint on the silver airship.

Firstly, the tracking imprint would vanish after one month. Secondly, even if Li Fuchen detected it, would Li Fuchen come to kill him?

The Flying Silver City was a place where even great emperors wouldn’t dare to make a move. Furthermore, he was the shopkeeper of the Flying Sky Pavilion.

“With the Black Hatchet Great Emperor involved, it should be a success.” Elder Tong’s face had a sneer.

Eastern Sea Town occupied a space of a few hundred miles and had a population of over 100 million.

During this period of time, Li Fuchen was gradually getting familiar with the Saint Spirit Continent’s heaven and earth law.

“Isn’t that the Black Hatchet Great Emperor? What is he doing here?”

On this day, a figure flew above the Eastern Sea Town.

When everyone looked up, some of them recognized the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

The Black Hatchet Great Emperor flew above an inn and blasted one of the rooms with his fist.


The entire room was blasted into smithereens.

If this was the Flying Silver City, the Black Hatchet Great Emperor wouldn’t dare to make a move.

The Flying Silver City was enveloped in a class 9 low-tier array. Once the Flying Silver City Lord activated it, even one hundred Black Hatchet Great Emperors would have to die.

Furthermore, even without the array, the Flying Silver City Lord was already able to crush the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

But the Eastern Sea Town was different. It only had a class 8 peak-tier array. It might be able to suppress the Black Hatchet Great Emperor, but it wasn’t life endangering.

At the same time, the Eastern Sea Town Mayor wasn’t as strong as the Black Hatchet Great Emperor and would need to show respect to the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

“Black Hatchet Great Emperor?”

Li Fuchen didn’t erase the tracking imprint because he wanted the rest of the Black Hatchet Gang to come.

Otherwise, it was impossible for the Black Hatchet Great Emperor to find Li Fuchen.

“Black Hatchet Great Emperor, I don’t care what feuds you have, please settle it outside the Eastern Sea Town.”

The Eastern Sea Town Mayor flew over and he was also a great emperor called the Stormy Wave Saber Emperor.

With a wave of the Eastern Sea Town Mayor’s hand, an invisible array power teleported the Black Hatchet Great Emperor and Li Fuchen out of the town.

Of course, if Li Fuchen wasn’t willing to be teleported, even if the Stormy Wave Saber Emperor used a quasi-class 9 array, it was impossible to teleport Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen looked at the Stormy Wave Saber Emperor with cold eyes.

The words coming out from the Stormy Wave Saber Emperor didn’t seem to have a problem. But after thinking carefully, as the mayor of Eastern Sea Town, he saw someone disrupting the laws and didn’t stop. Instead, he teleported the ‘victim’ out of the Eastern Sea Town too. The mayor was obviously siding with the Black Hatchet Great Emperor.

No one was a fool and many had quickly understood. Therefore, they were looking at Li Fuchen with sympathetic eyes.

The Black Hatchet Great Emperor was a top ranking great emperor in the Flying Silver Continent, it wasn’t possible for Li Fuchen to survive.

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