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Chapter 724: Black Hatchet Gang

Flying Silver City, one of the nine major cities in the Flying Silver Island. It was located in the middle of the Flying Silver Island.

This place was a gathering of factions. Many of the famed factions in the Saint Spirit Continent had their branches at this place.

Li Fuchen swept a glance with his spiritual awareness and noticed that there were thousands of emperors on the Flying Silver Island. It was a massive number and was superior to even ten Emperor Sky Continents.

“There are actually no teleportation arrays?” Li Fuchen wandered around Flying Silver City for half a day and didn’t see any teleportation arrays.

This meant that if he wanted to head for the Saint Spirit Continent, he had to fly over on the silver airship.

“Yu Wei, this time, I will surely become a rank 1 bodyguard. By then, we can head for the Saint Spirit Continent.”

Li Fuchen overheard a man when he passed by a couple.

Bodyguard was a very popular profession on the Saint Spirit Continent.

The Saint Spirit Continent was too chaotic and it wasn’t easy to travel between cities. It wasn’t enough to rely on one’s own men. Therefore, most of the merchant groups would hire bodyguards to protect them on the journey.

However, it wasn’t easy to become a bodyguard.

In the Saint Spirit Continent, bodyguards were sorted into nine ranks. Rank 1 bodyguards would generally be low-level emperors, but must be a rather formidable low-level emperor.

In order to become a rank 2 bodyguard, strength wasn’t the only requirement. The bodyguard would need to complete five rank 1 bodyguard missions before being able to progress into a rank 2 bodyguard.

It was the same for rank 3 bodyguards. Apart from the strength requirement, five rank 2 bodyguard missions must be completed.

Normally, a rank 5 bodyguard would be considered a high-level emperor. Rank 7 bodyguards would have the strength of a peak level emperor.

Rank 9 bodyguards had to be great emperors.

But in normal situations, a rank 9 bodyguard was very difficult to hire. Most of the great emperors wouldn’t lower their own valueto become a bodyguard. They had too many methods to earn spirit stones.

“I shall go and purchase a high-grade silver airship first.”

Li Fuchen headed for the largest silver airship shop in Flying Silver City.

Once he entered the shop, an attendant welcomed him.

Li Fuchen immediately said, “I wish to buy a high-grade silver airship. Bring me over to take a look.”

“High-grade silver airship? Will this customer please wait for a moment.” The attendant was shocked and knew that it was a big customer.

Such big customers were always handled by the shopkeeper.

Soon enough, an elder with a long beard walked over. Li Fuchen was easily able to identify that the elder was a 2nd level emperor.

“Dear customer, my Flying Sky Pavilion’s silver airship is extremely famous even in the entire Saint Spirit Continent. You have come to the right place. But high-grade silver airships aren’t cheap. The cheapest one will cost one million high-grade spirit stones.”

The long-bearded elder was afraid that Li Fuchen might not have enough and gave a special reminder.

“Bring me there.” Li Fuchen replied.

“Alright.” The long-bearded elder didn’t doubt Li Fuchen.

Who would dare to cause trouble in the Flying Sky Pavilion? Even a great emperor would have to reconsider. After all, the Flying Sky Pavilion had a saint as a backer. The Flying Sky Pavilion’s main shop in the Flying Silver City was actually just a branch. The real headquarters was in the Saint Spirit Continent.

The Flying Sky Pavilion was huge. The Flying Sky Pavilion branch in the previous town was only over ten hectares. This Flying Sky Pavilion in the Flying Silver City was at least 100 hectares.

Li Fuchen followed the long-bearded elder and arrived at a large hall that was deep inside the Flying Sky Pavilion.

There were three giant silver airships parked here.

“Dear customer, these are the last three high-grade silver airships. The next batch will only be delivered here two years later. Please see which one do you prefer.” The long-bearded elder smiled.

“This one then.” Li Fuchen picked the most expensive and also the fastest one.

“This airship is priced at 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones.”

The long-bearded elder was certain that Li Fuchen had at least 5 million high-grade spirit stones or even 10 million. If Li Fuchen only had a few million high-grade spirit stones, he wouldn’t be willing to fork out 40% of his wealth to purchase a high-grade silver airship.


Li Fuchen handed over a storage bag and it had 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones.

The long-bearded elder looked into the storage bag and counted there were indeed 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones. He smiled and said, “Dear customer, this silver airship belongs to you from now.”


Li Fuchen didn’t keep the silver airship immediately. It was too big and his storage bag couldn’t fit it. But after refining it, he would be able to control the size of the silver airship.

Not long after, Li Fuchen refined the silver airship and he shrunk it down to the size of a palm, making it look just like a toy airship.

After storing the silver airship, Li Fuchen left the Flying Sky Pavilion.

“Elder Tong, did a big fish arrive earlier?”

Soon after Li Fuchen left, a stalwart man walked in.

This stalwart man was an 8th level emperor.

The long-bearded Elder Tong frowned. “Zhang Hu, your Black Hatchet gang has been too active recently.”

Zhang Hu chuckled and said, “Elder Tong, why don’t I split 20% of the profits with you?”

“Zhang Hu, I will not divulge the customer’s information.” Elder Tong shook his head.

“30%, that is my bottomline. You should know that our Black Hatchet Gang is big. After the distribution, nothing much is left.” Zhang Hu gritted his teeth.

Elder Tong’s eyes flash with light. “He just bought a high-grade silver airship priced at 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones. I just want that high-grade silver airship.”

If he took back the silver airship, the 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones that Li Fuchen paid would belong to him.

“Alright, hand over the tracking token to me.” Zhang Hu extended his hand.

Elder Tong sneered. “I don’t trust you people. Pay me 1.5 million high-grade spirit stones in advance first. Once you hand me the silver airship, I will return you the spirit stones.”

“This shopkeeper is truly audacious.”

On the street, Li Fuchen squinted his eyes.

Once he refined the silver airship, he knew that someone placed a tracking imprint on the silver airship. This imprint was extremely hidden and a regular emperor wouldn’t be able to detect it. Even a great emperor might miss it, if there wasn’t extra attention.

“Let’s see what tricks they are up to.” Li Fuchen wasn’t worried about being schemed.

In the Saint Spirit Continent, apart from saints, Li Fuchen didn’t have to fear anyone else. In fact, if he wasn’t cautious of the saint that was backing the Flying Sky Pavilion, he would have dismantled the Flying Sky Pavilion.

After exiting the city, Li Fuchen controlled the high-grade silver airship and flew towards the east.

“It is fortunate that our high-grade silver airship is faster. Otherwise, we will not be able to catch up.”

From behind, a high-grade silver airship was bursting with speed as it chased after Li Fuchen.

The high-grade silver airship had over a dozen emperors. Zhang Hu who made contact with Elder Tong was also within.

“After catching this big fish, we can live freely for the next few dozen years.” Zhang Hu let out a sinister grin.

A big fish like Li Fuchen was rarely seen even in a decade. Most importantly, Li Fuchen’s cultivation was too low. The Flying Sky Pavilion had an observation array and it could be used to identify a person’s cultivation. Li Fuchen’s cultivation was identified as the 5th level of Law Phase Realm.

If a 5th level emperor could purchase a high-grade silver airship so casually, it meant that he found a treasure and it was possible that his wealth was over ten million high-grade spirit stones.

“Big Brother Hu, this person purchased a high-grade silver airship so openly. Do we not have to be cautious?” The one speaking was a middle-aged man who looked rather shrewd and was at the 6th level of Law Phase Realm.

“You are really goddamn cowardly. Have you not heard of a saying? The cowards shall starve to death while the brave shall be stuffed to death. How formidable can a 5th level emperor be? Big Brother Hu has a strength that is close to a peak level emperor.”

“That’s right. Even if the target is a peak level emperor, we just need to use the Black Hatchet Battle Formation and will be able to severely injure or kill the target.”

A Law Phase Realm battle formation was different from a Primary Sea Realm battle formation.

It was too difficult to fuse the power of multiple emperors. A special battle formation was required.

The Black Hatchet Gang was able to thrive in the Flying Silver Island, mainly due to their Black Hatchet Battle Formation.

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