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Chapter 717: Killing the Zombie Great Emperor

“There are actually so many styles of sword dao.”

From different sword dao techniques, Li Fuchen saw different sword dao styles.

There was tyrannical style, soft style, nimble style, ancient style, all-out style, righteousness style…

“What style do I want my sword dao to be?” Li Fuchen started to ponder on his sword dao.

Time passed by quickly and in the blink of the eye, there were only two years left before the ten years agreement.

During this period of time, Li Fuchen wasn’t the only person to have fast progress, Yan Qingwu and the Thunder Beast were also progressing very quickly.

Yan Qingwu was already at the 4th level of Law Phase Realm.

Her fast progress was mainly due to her already reaching the 9th level of Law Phase Realm in her previous life. She already had the mental state for cultivation and just had to absorb heaven and earth energy. It wasn’t exaggerating to say that if she had enough peak-grade spirit stone, her progress might be beyond Li Fuchen.

As for the Thunder Beast, he was already among the demonic beast rulers and was now a mid-tier demonic beast ruler.

As a sacred beast, the Thunder Beast might only be a mid-tier demonic beast ruler now, but his combat strength was superior to regular mid-tier demonic beast rulers. Even high-tier or peak-tier demonic beast rulers wouldn’t be a match for him. He would already be able to contest with demonic beast great rulers and was just inferior to demonic beast half-overlords.

Back then, Yan Qingwu said that she would allow the Thunder Beast to progress into a demonic beast overlord within ten years. It was still too exaggerating even though a sacred beast didn’t have any bottleneck until it became a demonic beast overlord, however, the resources required wasn’t a small sum.

It didn’t just require a massive quantity of high-grade spirit stones, it also required precious herbs that could activate the bloodline’s potential.

With only the high-grade spirit stones, the Thunder Beast would only be a low-tier demonic beast ruler.

Despite the long journey before becoming a demonic beast overlord, the Thunder Beast didn’t blame Yan Qingwu for cheating him, and was still very happy.

He reckoned that he would only need another ten years and should be able to become a high-tier demonic beast ruler. Afterwards, it would be to become a half-overlord and overlord.

As for peak-tier demonic beast ruler and demonic beast great ruler, it was mainly about strength and unrelated to the demonic beast’s tier.

It was the same as the high levels of Law Phase Realm. Some were regular high-level emperors, some were peak-level emperors, some were great emperors, but they were considered high-level emperors.

The Thunder Beast didn’t know that Yan Qingwu wasn’t intentionally deceiving him. If they were on the Saint Spirit Continent, the Thunder Beast might really be able to evolve into a demonic beast overlord within ten years. That place didn’t just have completed heaven and earth law, the resources were a thousand or ten thousand times better than the Emperor Sky Continent and Heaven Pillar Continent.

Without going to a high-class continent, one wouldn’t know how prosperous and flourishing a high-class continent was.

As compared to high-class continents, mid-class continents were a corner. As for low-class continents, it couldn’t even be considered a continent, it was only considered an island. Even 100 million or one billion of such islands wouldn’t even form the tip of the iceberg.

Only people who had gone to high-class continents would know what was a martial dao world.

Tens of thousands of daos were in contest. Each dao had countless cultivators on it. Even the soul dao was only a slightly special dao on the high-class continent, there were still plenty of cultivators.

“The sword dao of mine shall be eternal, it shall be unstoppable, it shall press forward endlessly, and it shall be cold and sharp.”

After researching all the sword dao cultivation techniques, Li Fuchen’s aura was getting purer and more terrifying.

It was the same as the tempering of steel, after tempering the steel for a thousand hammers, all the impurities would be eliminated, leaving behind the true essence.

“It is almost time to remove the fire dao attribute.”

If Li Fuchen had to create a brand new sword dao cultivation technique, there wasn’t enough time. If he had ten or twenty years, he was confident in creating a new sword dao cultivation technique.

After all, the creation of cultivation techniques had too many factors involved. It had to be constantly refined and enhanced. Not even a saint was able to create a comprehensive cultivation technique within such a short period of time.

Therefore, Li Fuchen could only use the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique as a base and modified the cultivation technique.

After many years of research, Li Fuchen’s sword dao foundation was extremely deep and it was truly well-prepared.

In just one month, Li Fuchen modified the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique to the 24th rank.

In the third month, he modified it to the 33rd rank.

It meant that it was now at the earth class peak-tier. But this wasn’t enough, far from enough. According to Li Fuchen’s plan, he would need to modify to the 40th rank at least. As such, he wouldn’t have a decrease in combat strength, and would actually have an increase.

If it was only at the 39th rank, it would merely be a heaven class mid-tier cultivation technique.

Half a year later, he modified it to the 36th rank.

One year later, it was modified to the 39th rank.

The higher the rank, the longer it took, and the more sword dao foundation it required. Unlike at the beginning, where Li Fuchen was well-prepared.

“Elder brother, I am at the Heaven Dipper Realm!”

Every few days, Li Fuchen would gather with his family and friends. This trip to the Curse Temple was one where he didn’t know if he would survive. If it was a success, he wouldn’t be able to return to the Saint Spirit Continent within a short period of time. According to what Yan Qingwu said, the Saint Spirit Continent was a cultivator’s sacred land, but it was also a prison. In normal situations without reaching the Soul Merge Realm, it was impossible to leave the Saint Spirit Continent. Apart from special reasons, the next time Li Fuchen returned, he would be a 1st level Soul Merge Realm saint. It was unknown how many years it would have been.

Looking at his younger sister, Li Fuxiang who was still childish in nature, Li Fuchen revealed an expression of adoration.

Li Fuxiang was only 14 years old now and was already at the Heaven Dipper Realm. It was needless to say that it was extremely fast in the Emperor Sky Continent. Just in terms of cultivation speed, she was definitely a top-class prodigy.

However, Li Fuxiang was no longer a 5-star bone frame. After consuming a heaven class low-tier herb, Star Call Herb and a heaven class mid-tier herb, Seven Stars Life-Changing Herb, Li Fuxiang already had a 7-star bone frame. Complemented with the best resources, for her to reach Heaven Dipper Realm at the age of 14 was considered normal.

It was a pity that Li Fuchen didn’t find the heaven class high-tier, Destiny Herb in the Anger Ax Abyss, as it would allow his bone frame to be upgraded from 7-star to 8-star.

Of course, one stalk of Destiny Herb wouldn’t be enough to distribute. He was still at the 7-star bone frame.

“Cultivate diligently. One year later, I will leave the Emperor Sky Continent for a period of time. When I return, I hope you will be at the Primary Sea Realm.” Li Fuchen rubbed Li Fuxiang’s head and said.

“Don’t worry elder brother, I will not bring shame to you.”

This young girl found out a lot about Li Fuchen’s achievements from others. Right now, she worshipped her elder brother the most.

The curse on the Incantation Martial Emperor had lightened significantly and didn’t need Li Fuchen to cast the Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation every day.

With enough free time, Li Fuchen’s eyes turned sharp. He was about to leave and was truly not at ease for his family and friends’ safety. There were still plenty of threats around like the Clan of Darkness, Blood Sift Union, the Soul Emperor, the Zombie Great Emperor, and the Skull Great Emperor.

The Clan of Darkness, Blood Sift Union, and the Soul Emperor had vanished without a trace. Li Fuchen had already used the entire continent’s manpower and was still unable to find any traces. But to what Li Fuchen knew, the Zombie Great Emperor and the Skull Great Emperor were still in their lairs.

Those two might be apprehensive of him now, but once he left, who knew what would happen.

Li Fuchen arrived at the Heaven Pillar Continent and flew towards the Zombie Great Emperor’s Zombie Guild.

The Zombie Guild was situated within a hidden domain and the Zombie Great Emperor was cultivating now.

This hidden domain imprisoned thousands of Battle Spirit Realm body refinement masters and hundreds of body refinement monarchs. After every period of time, the Zombie Great Emperor would use one of these humans to cultivate, extracting their qi blood essence.

“It is too slow. If there are few body refinement emperors, my strength can improve by another stage. By then, even the Sword Emperor wouldn’t be able to break my defenses.” The Zombie Great Emperor frowned.

These body refinement martial artists were all nurtured by the Zombie Guild.

The Zombie Guild had been disseminating body refinement cultivation techniques and it wasn’t in the Zombie Region, but other regions too.

The entire Heaven Pillar Continent had plenty of humans, if even 1 out of 10,000 was able to cultivate a body refinement cultivation technique, the quantity would be astonishing. If that was the case, the Zombie Guild would have endless cultivation resources. Unless the population on the Heaven Pillar Continent went extinct, the Zombie Guild would only continue getting stronger.

But the only problem was not having a method to nurture a body refinement emperor.

Once a person became a body refinement emperor, they would join other factions. It was very rare for factions to ignore body refinement emperors. Once the Zombie Great Emperor exceeded the boundary, things might get messy.

The Zombie Great Emperor thought of allowing these people to break through in the Zombie Guild’s environment, but he realized that these body refinement martial artists would only be able to progress in levels and wouldn’t break through cultivation realms. In his opinion, to break through the cultivation realm, resources, mental state, training, nothing must be missing.

After letting out a large breath, the Zombie Great Emperor grasped a body refinement monarch and was planning to continue his cultivation.

“Zombie Great Emperor, I trust you have been well.”

Right at this moment, the hidden domain’s void distorted and a figure appeared in front of the Zombie Great Emperor.

“Sword Emperor, how did you enter?” The Zombie Great Emperor was shocked.

Apart from him, no one could enter this hidden domain.

Li Fuchen’s swept through the hidden domain with his spiritual awareness and his expression turned cold.

The yin aura here was too immense and it was unknown how many deaths had occurred here.

“Sword Emperor, we have been minding our own businesses, why do you seek trouble with me? Do you think I, the Zombie Great Emperor, is that easy to bully?” The Zombie Great Emperor was already thinking of methods to escape.


Li Fuchen flashed and appeared right in front of the Zombie Great Emperor before pointing at the Zombie Great Emperor’s forehead.


The Zombie Great Emperor’s spirit soul and true spirit were all dispersed and he was utterly dead.

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