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Chapter 718: Primary Extreme Sword Technique

The current Li Fuchen was too strong and was more than just two times stronger than before.

Not only did he have a breakthrough in cultivation and cultivation technique, he condensed the void dao heart and cultivated the Void Heaven Sword World. This finger attack might look ordinary, but the finger force penetrated deep inside and minced up the Zombie Great Emperor’s brain.

Even if the Zombie Great Emperor had a significant growth in strength, at this point-blank range of the finger attack, he was definitely going to perish and there was no chance of survival.

With a pull, the Zombie Great Emperor’s storage bag landed in Li Fuchen’s hand. When he opened up to take a glance, he revealed a smile.

The Zombie Great Emperor wasn’t a great emperor for show. Putting aside the other artifacts, he already had around six million high-grade spirit stones. Li Fuchen’s total number of high-grade spirit stones was only over one million.

Skeleton Mountains, one of the nine major mountain ranges in Heaven Pillar Continent.

The Skeleton Mountains were enveloped by a top-notch class 8 array, Heaven Skeleton Array. In normal circumstances, a great emperor wouldn’t be able to destroy it even after a day or two.

Skull Mountain, the peak that the Skull Great Emperor resided in.

“I have refined the White Bone Saint Crown to 80%, 20% more and I will be able to utilize it fully.”

The Skull Great Emperor’s eyes were filled with murderous intent. Once the White Bone Saint Crown was fully refined, it would be Li Fuchen, the Sword Emperor’s time to perish. By then, no matter how powerful Li Fuchen was, it was impossible to stop him.


The Skull Great Emperor withdrew his murderous intent and closed his eyes as he prepared to continue refining the White Bone Saint Crown.

“Mm?” As soon as the Skull Great Emperor closed his eyes, he opened them again.

The void twisted and a figure appeared.

“Sword Emperor, I didn’t look for you and you actually dare to look for me!?” The Skull Great Emperor was bursting with murderous aura as he let out a deep roar.

He believed that if he didn’t seek trouble with Li Fuchen, Li Fuchen should be feeling grateful.

Otherwise, Li Fuchen would never be able to withstand the might of the White Bone Saint Crown.

Li Fuchen stated, “Skull Great Emperor, it seems like you have improved significantly.”

“More than enough to kill you.” The Skull Great Emperor stood up and blasted a palm at Li Fuchen.

The sword light lit up as Li Fuchen withstood the Skull Great Emperor’s palm art.

“What?” The Skull Great Emperor had a change of expression.

Back when the White Bone Saint Crown was refined to 50%, he was already able to suppress Li Fuchen. Now that he had refined it to 80%, he wasn’t able to suppress Li Fuchen at all. What was going on?

“You have improved significantly indeed.” Li Fuchen was enlightened.


The Skull Great Emperor executed multiple palm attacks while circulating the White Bone Saint Crown’s power frenziedly. He swore to himself that he was going to blast Li Fuchen into scraps.

But no matter how the Skull Great Emperor attacked, he wasn’t able to break down Li Fuchen’s sword art. There was either a sword move or a patch of void blocking at the front.

“Impossible! Impossible!” The Skull Great Emperor couldn’t believe his eyes.

“There is nothing impossible. Skull Great Emperor, you may die in peace.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance as he executed the Void Heaven Sword World.

The sword light was like light and water. The Skull Great Emperor’s movements were slowed down several times and it was extremely strenuous to even blink the eye.

The White Bone Saint Crown’s defenses were shaved by layers of sword light at a visible speed. All of a sudden, there was a surge of sword light that buried the Skull Great Emperor.

From outside, one would only see a flash of sword light that turned the Skull Great Emperor into ashes.

Li Fuchen pulled the White Bone Saint Crown and the Skull Great Emperor’s storage bag into his hands.

The White Bone Saint Crown was a heaven class high-tier cardinal artifact and had tremendous value. After going to the Saint Spirit Continent, he might be able to auction it off next time.

As for the storage bag, when Li Fuchen opened up, he couldn’t help smiling. The Skull Great Emperor was much wealthier than the Zombie Great Emperor. There were already 12 million high-grade spirit stones and if other artifacts and resources were included, the Skull Great Emperor’s overall wealth would be 20 million high-grade spirit stones and above.

“The Saint Spirit Continent is a place where emperors are everywhere. Even though saints aren’t commonly seen, according to what Yan Qingwu said, the number of saints isn’t small. Having more high-grade spirit stones will make it an easier time over there. I might even be able to purchase some rare resources that cannot be found in the Emperor Sky Continent.”

Li Fuchen wouldn’t complain having more high-grade spirit stones. Right now, he really wished to find the Soul Emperor and the others. If he could kill the rest of them, he would easily possess more than 100 million high-grade spirit stones.

After annihilating the Zombie Guild and Skull Cult, Li Fuchen immediately left. The Heaven Pillar Continent didn’t even know that the two factions were already eliminated.

One month later, the news of the two factions getting annihilated had been spread throughout the entire Heaven Pillar Continent, causing a huge commotion.

As part of the four evil dao factions, the Nefarious Emperor Valley and the Poison Dragon Palace were extremely anxious.

(TL note: I changed Evil Emperor Valley to Nefarious Emperor Valley due to name clash with the Evil Monarch)

The Zombie Guild and the Skull Cult were annihilated just like that and it was truly too bizarre. Everyone suspected the culprit and it was the Sword Emperor, Li Fuchen.

The news of Li Fuchen defeating the Soul Emperor twice had been heard by the Nefarious Emperor and the Poison Dragon Great Emperor. They couldn’t imagine anyone else apart from the Sword Emperor who could eradicate the Zombie Guild and the Skull Cult.

At the same time, the duo were silently rejoicing that they didn’t offend Li Fuchen. Otherwise, they would suffer the same fate as the Zombie Guild and the Skull Cult.

Due to the annihilation of the Zombie Guild and the Skull Cult, or because of the decline in evil dao factions. The Nefarious Emperor Valley and the Poison Dragon Palace were more reserved and didn’t dare to make exaggerated actions.

With only two of the four evil dao factions left, while the six righteous factions were still around, if they acted in high profile, it might cause the six righteous factions to surround and eradicate them. It wasn’t something that the Nefarious Emperor Valley and the Poison Dragon Palace wanted.

“Finally at 40th rank.”

With the final half of the year before the ten years agreement, Li Fuchen finally modified the cultivation technique to the 40th rank.

It might only be at the 40th rank, but Li Fuchen was confident that it was comparable with the previous 41st rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique, it might even be superior.

From the inside and outside of Li Fuchen, there was an extreme sword dao qi presence being emitted. The sword dao qi presence caused his sword heart to be clear. He felt as though he could see the higher path in the sword dao world.

“Everything is worthed it.” Li Fuchen revealed a smile.

The modification of the cultivation technique took a lot of time. If he spent this time on other aspects, he might be even stronger than now.

But Li Fuchen didn’t regret it as he was already sufficiently powerful. To him, making a purified version of himself would make his path clearer, allowing him to take lesser deviated paths.

“This sword dao cultivation technique is pure and extreme. I shall call it Primary Extreme Sword Technique.”

Primary extreme meant to be the source of all things. The Primary Extreme Sword Technique meant to be the source of sword dao.

Holding up his right index and middle fingers together, there was a burst of sharp sword qi. Li Fuchen slashed and split the void apart.

Withdrawing the sword qi, Li Fuchen silently said, “The Primary Extreme Sword Technique has been successfully cultivated. I have to find a method to solve the problem with my bone frame too.”

Li Fuchen was a little regretful as to why he allowed his bone frame to be involved with the fire dao attribute.

He didn’t wish for his bone frame to become a sword dao attribute, but at least neutral attribute. That way, he would be able to utilize his sword dao strength to the greatest extent.

“Forget it, I will think of a method after reaching the Saint Spirit Continent. That place is filled with resources. There must be a herb to change the bone frame attribute.”

After consuming the Seven Stars Life-Changing Herb, Li Fuchen’s bone frame was already the 7-star blazing flame bone frame. It might not be superior, but Li Fuchen didn’t mind. He was only mindful of the bone frame attribute.

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