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Chapter 716: Sword Dao Analysis

“He is turning into a cursed warrior.” Qu Qingyan quickly said.

Cursed warriors didn’t appear out of nowhere. They were transformed from people that accidently entered the Curse Temple. The stronger the individual when alive, the stronger the curse law contained in the body when they transformed into cursed warriors.

If a great emperor was turned into a cursed warrior, no one else here, apart from Li Fuchen would be able to contest. Even Li Fuchen might not be able to kill a cursed warrior of this level.

“Senior Incantation.”

Li Fuchen walked over and placed one hand on the Incantation Martial Emperor’s shoulder.

The shoulder was cold and felt like an ice block, at the same time, the intense curse qi presence was extending towards Li Fuchen from the shoulder. This time, Li Fuchen didn’t eliminate the curse qi presence with his spirit soul qi field. Of course, the curse qi presence looked as though it encountered an obstacle and could reach Li Fuchen’s body no matter what.

“Such concentrated curse law…” Li Fuchen executed the Evil Vanquish incantation on the Incantation Martial Emperor.

The Evil Vanquish incantation was a low-class incantation and could eliminate evil qi.


If Li Fuchen’s Evil Vanquish incantation was a small flame, then the curse law on the Incantation Martial Emperor’s body was a huge river. The small flame was immediately extinguished once it got near.

Li Fuchen didn’t give up and executed the mid-class incantation, Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation.

The Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation wasn’t really useful in eliminating curse law, but Li Fuchen felt that the Incantation Martial Emperor should be able to keep a trace of consciousness. As long as he could maintain the consciousness, then there would be a method to remove the curse law.

As expected, once the Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation was executed, the Incantation Martial Emperor’s looked to have more spirit. He quickly said, “Bring me out quickly.”

“Let’s go!”

Li Fuchen grabbed onto the Incantation Martial Emperor’s shoulder and was about to leave.

From the void, a large gray hand grasped onto the Incantation Martial Emperor’s calf.

“Cleave!” Li Fuchen slashed on the gray hand.


The gray hand was severed and immediately after, Li Fuchen and the Incantation Martial Emperor vanished.

“Let’s go too.” Qu Qingyan and the others quickly retreated.

In the depths of the void, Li Fuchen had severed multiple gray hands.

Finally, the duo arrived outside of the Curse Temple.

Shortly after, Qu Qingyan and the others had also exited.

Seeing how Li Fuchen rescued the Incantation Martial Emperor, the five others were impressed.

Qu Qingyan said, “His curse law is too concentrated, if it doesn’t get removed, he will still turn into a cursed warrior, but the speed would be slower.”

The Incantation Martial Emperor nodded and said with a bitter smile, “I didn’t think I would still be inflicted with the Curse Martial Emperor’s curse. His curse originates from the Curse Temple, even if I escape to the ends of the world, once I lose my consciousness, I will still involuntarily walk into the Curse Temple.*

Back then, the Curse Martial Emperor didn’t catch up to the Incantation Martial Emperor, but the Curse Martial Emperor managed to use a streak of qi presence to transfer the curse. After withstanding for so many years, the Incantation Martial Emperor couldn’t resist anymore. If Li Fuchen wasn’t here, this world might not have the Incantation Martial Emperor forever.

“How can it be removed?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Incantation Martial Emperor replied, “If I can control my consciousness, I am 50% certain I can remove it. After all, he is only using qi presence to curse me.”

After getting cursed, his mind wasn’t able to concentrate and his consciousness gradually dissipated.

“Leave that to me.”

Li Fuchen was confident that his incantation dao wasn’t inferior to the Incantation Martial Emperor. If Li Fuchen executed the Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation each day, the Incantation Martial Emperor should be able to maintain his consciousness.


The Incantation Martial Emperor knew that Li Fuchen was no longer the same as before.

Worried that the curse from the Incantation Martial Emperor might be transferred to others, Li Fuchen arrived for the Incantation Martial Emperor to stay in a desolated mountain. The mountain was surrounded with desolation and not inhabited.

Days passed by and Li Fuchen’s stars law was getting stronger. However, he was still rather far from comprehending the Hand of Star.

Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry too. He had ten years and only slightly more than two years had passed. He had sufficient time to increase his strength.

One year, two years…

When cultivating, time elapsed quickly. Three years passed by as though it was a flash.

“Finally… 5th level of Law Phase Realm.”

Adding the few years back then Li Fuchen took a little more than six years to break through from 3rd level to 5th level of Law Phase Realm. This was also due to the peak-grade spirit stone.

Without the remaining 30% of spirit qi in that peak-grade spirit stone, Li Fuchen’s cultivation might be at the later state of 4th level Law Phase Realm. It wasn’t possible for him to reach 5th level of Law Phase Realm without the peak-grade spirit stone.

Advancing by two levels in over six years was a speed that was truly unbelievable as compared to Li Fuchen’s progression in the past.

But Li Fuchen knew that this speed was already at the limits.

Since the history of the Emperor Sky Continent, even the best prodigy would need over a dozen years to advance by one level in the Law Phase Realm. It was imaginable that one would need at least one or two centuries to advance from 1st to 9th level of Law Phase.

Only an anomaly like Li Fuchen would be able to advance two levels in over six years, even if it was with the peak-grade spirit stone.

The reason for such a fast progression speed was mainly due to Li Fuchen’s Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique reaching the heaven class high-tier. If it was still at heaven class mid-tier, Li Fuchen wouldn’t even be able to advance by one level, even with six years.

But after these three years, Li Fuchen was rather disappointed that the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique was still unable to reach the 42nd rank.

Li Fuchen reckoned that it was related to the fire dao heart.

Li Fuchen was able to cultivate the Void Heaven Sword World because he condensed the void dao heart.

If he wanted the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique to break through to the 42nd rank, he guessed that he would need to condense the fire dao heart.

But to be honest, Li Fuchen didn’t wish for his sword energy to be mixed with other attributes. He planned to remove the fire attribute and allow his cultivation technique to be a pure sword dao technique, not a fire sword dao technique.

He already felt that it was rather awkward and unnatural to use the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique to execute void dao sword arts or wind dao sword arts. It was due to the incompatibility of attributes.

Li Fuchen immediately acted on his plan and started to remove the fire attribute.

It was a truly difficult path. Since the beginning, Li Fuchen had been cultivating fire dao cultivation techniques before the sword dao attribute was included. Now he was trying to remove the fire dao attribute which was the base. It was the same as to create a completely new heaven class high-tier cultivation technique.

In order to make the process smoother, Li Fuchen started gathering sword dao cultivation techniques on the continent. With a sufficient number of sword dao cultivation techniques, he would be able to take reference and use the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique as a base to create his unique sword dao cultivation technique.

Apart from that, Li Fuchen exchanged some sword dao cultivation techniques from the Iron Sword Great Emperor and Purple Bambol Great Emperor with some price.

As for the sword dao cultivation technique in the Red Moon Emperor’s vault, Li Fuchen had already seized it.

In just three months, Li Fuchen gathered over a hundred sword dao cultivation techniques.

The sword dao cultivation techniques ranged from earth class to heaveb class. It was truly a plethora and started from shallow to profound.

“There is still close to five years. It should be enough.”

Just like that, apart from the comprehension of stars law, Li Fuchen could use the rest of the time to research and analyze sword dao cultivation techniques.

With more research and analysis, Li Fuchen felt his sword dao foundation getting broader.

Sword dao didn’t just require height, but also width. In the past, Li Fuchen’s sword dao already had height, but it wasn’t wide enough.

Right now, the width was getting supplemented.

Of course, Li Fuchen would have an occasional gathering with his parents and younger sister, enjoying the joys of family, allowing himself to relax a little.

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