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Chapter 704: Sensation

Celestial Eye Cult, Star Observation Tower.

This tower was 990,000 feet in height. When standing on the top, one would be able to see more stars than when standing on the surface of the ground. It was a place where the Celestial Eye Emperor frequently drank tea and observed the stars.

“This Li Fuchen is incredible.” The Celestial Eye Emperor’s eyes were bursting out with flaming radiance.

No one had ever made the Soul Emperor suffer like this on the Emperor Sky Continent. Li Fuchen was certainly the first person. Even for the Celestial Eye Emperor, if he didn’t have to cross moves with the Soul Emperor, he would try his best not to. It was to avoid having the Soul Emperor seeing his true strength, most importantly, the Celestial Eye Emperor didn’t know of the Soul Emperor’s trumps too.

When the Vacant Mountain Emperor was injured and had sealed the mountain, the Celestial Eye Emperor really wanted to help. It wasn’t because he had a good relationship with the Vacant Mountain Emperor, but he didn’t wish for the Soul Emperor to grow stronger.

Who would have expected for the Red Moon Emperor and the Blue Sun Emperor to actually stand on the Soul Emperor’s side. If that was the case, even if he worked together with the Mystic Dark Emperor and the Safflower Empress, they still wouldn’t be at an advantage.

The Celestial Eye Emperor never fought any battles that he wasn’t certain. Therefore, when the Safflower Empress invited him to help the Vacant Mountain Emperor, the Celestial Eye Emperor refused.

In his opinion, it wasn’t the right timing yet. Apart from that, the Floating Sky Mountain could still hold on for a very long time.

“With Li Fuchen to help me test out the Soul Emperor’s trump, it is a rather good opportunity.”

The Celestial Eye Emperor activated his Celestial Eye so that he wouldn’t miss any details. Such an opportunity was extremely rare. If it was other great emperors, they wouldn’t even be able to test out anything.

“Even the Soul Emperor’s sneak attack failed?” Inside the Floating Sky Mountain, everyone was shocked.

“As expected, I didn’t judge this child wrongly. This child is my Floating Sky Mountain’s savior.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor walked out with a much older expression.

“Mountain Emperor!” Everyone bowed with cupped fists.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor waved his hand and said, “Revert the Floating Sky Array to the normal form!”

“Mountain Emperor, the victory has not been settled yet. It isn’t safe to suddenly change the array.” One of the Floating Sky Mountain elders opposed.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said, “My Floating Sky Mountain is one of the top seven emperor-class factions in the Emperor Sky Continent. If we cannot even show such resolution, wouldn’t we be the laughing stock to the world? Furthermore, it is because the victory isn’t settled, that’s why we need to revert the array’s form. By then, if Li Fuchen isn’t able to defeat the enemy, we will be able to receive him and prevent him from getting injured by the Soul Emperor. He will also be strengthening the foundation of my Floating Sky Mountain. Moreover, if I didn’t guess it wrongly, the Safflower Empress should be rushing over now. This crisis is basically averted.”

After the Vacant Mountain Emperor explained, everyone nodded. It was truly that it was necessary to change the form of the array and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

The Floating Sky Array that was like a golden leaf was reverted back to its normal state and gradually withdrew into the void.

From the outside, it didn’t look illusory anymore.

When the Soul Emperor saw this scene, he sneered.

“Red Moon Emperor, attack with full power. I will assist from the side.” The Soul Emperor transmitted a message to the Red Moon Emperor.

“Yes.” The Red Moon Emperor nodded and charged towards Li Fuchen again.

“Soul field!”

The black and white world descended again and pressed down on Li Fuchen.

As for the Red Moon Emperor, due to his status as the Soul Emperor’s soul slave, his spirit soul didn’t receive any pressure.

“Trying to use the soul field to pressure me?” Li Fuchen sneered too and sent the Red Moon Emperor flying with a slash.


The Soul Emperor wasn’t planning to use the soul field to defeat Li Fuchen. He flicked with both his hands to shoot out black spheres at Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen, be careful. These are soul spheres, they contain soul poison.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor transmitted his voice to Li Fuchen’s ears.

Back then, because he was careless against the soul spheres, therefore, he was inflicted with soul poison.

Hearing the advice, Li Fuchen knew roughly what to do.

Since these were soul spheres, regular methods wouldn’t be able to deal with it. Not even the Sky Ring Sword Armor would be able to fully seal off the soul poison from pervading inside.

Of course, Li Fuchen didn’t believe that the soul poison would be effective against him. After all, his spirit soul wasn’t a regular spirit soul.

However, Li Fuchen still didn’t wish to take the risk for no reason.

“Spiritual Awareness Blaze!”

Li Fuchen executed his secret technique and blasted spiritual awareness fireballs at the soul spheres.


The soul spheres exploded and filled the air with black mist.

When burned by the spiritual awareness flames, the black mist quickly dispersed.

“Fire dao spiritual awareness secret technique?” The Soul Emperor was shocked.

Spiritual awareness secret techniques with elements were several times rarer than regular spiritual awareness secret techniques.

His soul dao secret technique wasn’t afraid of regular spiritual awareness secret techniques, but when dealing with elemental spiritual awareness secret techniques, it would be restricted a little.

However, Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness secret technique was at least ten or a few dozen times stronger than the Soul Emperor’s imagination. Logically, even if Li Fuchen executed an 8-star spiritual awareness secret technique, it should be this effective.

“Soul Thrust!”

The Soul Emperor continued executing his soul dao secret technique while the Red Moon Emperor attacked from the front. The Soul Emperor believed that if he could catch a loophole, he would be able to capture Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen had to admit that he did feel pressure when attacked by the duo. If he was to use his full power against the Red Moon Emperor, he would be attacked by the Soul Emperor. If he concentrated on dealing with the Soul Emperor, he would be in a tangle with the Red Moon Emperor.

The situation was in a stalemate and no one was able to shift the circumstances.

Of course, Li Fuchen still had other killer trumps that he had yet to use and was still finding an opportunity to use them.

“Safflower Nirvana!”

Right at this moment, the void suddenly bloomed with two safflowers and they immediately enveloped the Soul Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor.

The Soul Emperor’s eyes contracted as his body suddenly turned faint.


The safflowers closed up and immediately exploded.

“Sect Origin Swords!”

Li Fuchen took advantage of this rare chance and blasted countless Sect Origin Swords qi at the Soul Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor.

Each of the sword qi didn’t have significant power, but when hundreds of thousands of sword qi were merged together, it was enough to slaughter the void.

Back when Li Fuchen was at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm, he used this move to injure the Blood Demonic Great Ruler.

If the Blood Demonic Great Ruler was compared with human great emperors, he would be a top-notch great emperor.

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

The clusters of sword qi were like a violent storm and an apocalyptic flood. They simply overwhelmed the Soul Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor’s figures.

When watching this scene from the Star Observation Tower, the Celestial Eye Emperor’s scalp went numb.

He believed that if he received this move from Li Fuchen, he would definitely be severely injured, unless he didn’t get hit.

When the swords qi scattered, the Soul Emperor vomited a mouthful of blood and rapidly retreated.

As the Emperor Sky Continent’s strongest great emperor, he wouldn’t be killed that easily. In fact, if the Safflower Empress didn’t appear, Li Fuchen would only be able to lightly injure him. Even now, his injuries weren’t too severe.

However, it was different for the Red Moon Emperor as his body was riddled with wounds and nearly turned into a hornet’s nest.

The coordination between Li Fuchen and the Safflower Empress was flawless and the Red Moon Emperor didn’t even have time to use his shifting technique.


The Soul Emperor grabbed the Red Moon Emperor’s dilapidated body and instantly vanished.

On the other side, the Blue Sun Emperor had also used the blue sun shift. He turned into a blue sun and completely disappeared. But before leaving, he still suffered a sword strike from Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen’s void dao sword art was able to injure his enemy even if they executed shifting techniques. This was because Li Fuchen had yet to condense the void dao heart. If he did condense the void dao heart, he would be able to kill his enemy through the void.

Of course, by then Li Fuchen would have comprehended the Void Heaven Sword Art’s third move, Void Heaven Sword World. By using the Void Heaven Sword World, the enemies wouldn’t even be able to use their shifting techniques.

“They said that the Soul Emperor is an absolute prodigy. But as compared to you, he isn’t considered anything.”

The Safflower Empress walked out from the void and her head had a fresh safflower.

Li Fuchen cupped his fist and said, “Many thanks to Safflower Empress’ help earlier.”

The Safflower Empress shook her head and said, “With the overwhelming power of your move earlier, as long as you had enough time, the two of them would have been expelled miserably too. I simply offered you an opportunity.”

“Li Fuchen, Safflower Empress, and this young lady. I am truly indebted to you three.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor flew out from the Floating Sky Mountain.

The Safflower Empress looked at the Vacant Mountain Emperor and said, “You have been inflicted with the soul poison. How is it? Are you okay?”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor let out a bitter smile and said, “The soul poison is worse than I imagine. I am unable to remove it.”

“It is fine if you find Soul Cleansing Herb, or to find a soul dao expert to temper the soul poison.” Yan Qingwu suggested.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor looked at Yan Qingwu and responded, “I have heard of the Soul Cleansing Herb, but it is a pity that my Floating Sky Mountain doesn’t have any. As for a soul dao expert, I am afraid that the Soul Emperor is the only one in the entire Emperor Sky Continent.”

Yan Qingwu looked at Li Fuchen and said, “He is also considered a soul dao expert.”

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “I wouldn’t dare to say I am a soul dao expert, but I can help you take a look.”

Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was indeed formidable, but his soul dao methods were inferior and his only soul dao secret technique was the Spirit Soul Chain.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor and the Safflower Empress were shocked to find out that Li Fuchen was actually a soul dao expert as well. No wonder the Soul Emperor suffered the loss.

“Let’s enter and talk more.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor invited the trio into the Floating Sky Mountain.

Deep into the night, inside a secret room, Li Fuchen used his right index and middle finger to point at the forehead of the Vacant Mountain Emperor. He then used his spiritual awareness to enter.

Inside the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s soul sea was murky as though the world had lost its vitality. At the core of the soul sea, there was a bundle of gray spirit soul and there were strands of black color revolving around the gray spirit soul.

It was obvious that the black color was the soul poison.

The black strands were wriggling around and it looked as though they were spiritual. Li Fuchen didn’t dare to use his Spirit Soul Chain to attack the black strands. He was afraid that he might injure the Vacant Mountain Emperor instead of helping him. He didn’t dare to use the Spiritual Awareness Blaze to burn the black strands as he might injure the spirit soul.

“I can only do this.” Li Fuchen circulated his soul power and poured it into the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s soul sea.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor grunted as the alien soul power entered his soul sea and had damaged him a little.

“What is this soul power?” The purple soul power stunned the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

According to what he knew, the saint’s spirit soul was only green.

“Could this be some soul dao secret technique?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor assumed that it was a secret technique that turned Li Fuchen’s soul power into the purple color.

When the purple soul power entered the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s soul sea, it started to evaporate the black strands while also evaporating the spirit soul.

It was good that the soul poison was considered an impurity, therefore, it evaporated at a much faster rate.

After an entire night, the Vacant Mountain Emperor looked weaker, but his mind was much clearer.

“Mountain Emperor, slow down first and prepare more things to replenish your energy.” Li Fuchen withdrew his fingers and said.


Knowing that Li Fuchen had a method to remove the soul poison, the Vacant Mountain Emperor was very delighted.

Time passed by and after one month, the soul poison had completely evaporated. The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s spirit soul had evaporated significantly too, but it was a blessing in disguise. His spirit soul was now much purer, allowing him to have clearer thoughts.

During this month, the news of Li Fuchen defeating the Soul Emperor had caused a sensation in the Emperor Sky Continent.

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