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Chapter 703: Soul Field

“Soul Emperor, let me try them. I allowed them to escape the previous time, but not this time.” The Blue Sun Emperor chuckled and stepped forward.

“Alright.” The Soul Emperor nodded, he too wanted to see Li Fuchen’s capability.

Back then, Li Fuchen was able to escape the Void Swallow Octopus, therefore, he must have some hidden trump.

“Lay down.”

The Blue Sun Emperor had a stalwart and powerful figure. His hair was entirely blue and when he circulated his cultivation technique, even his eyes turned blue. The giant Blue Sun Law Phase enveloped the Blue Sun Emperor before smashing at Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu with a palm strike.

Previously, the duo were nearly driven to death because they were chased by the Blue Sun Emperor. This time, it was no longer the same.

“Black Saber – Set Sail!” Yan Qingwu cleaved at the blue palm.


There was a destructive storm that burst out. Yan Qingwu was set flying backwards, but the Blue Sun Law Phase had also leaned back a little.

“Mm!?” The Soul Emperor squinted his eyes.

Yan Qingwu’s cultivation was only at the 2nd level of Law Phase Realm, but she was actually able to receive the attack from the Blue Sun Emperor.

“Law comprehension and secret technique!”

With the Soul Emperor’s eyes, a slight contemplation was enough for him to know of Yan Qingwu’s trump.

Yan Qingwu’s saber art might be a heaven class high-tier saber art, however, her saber dao law comprehension was extremely deep and was far superior to the Blue Sun Emperor.

Apart from that, Yan Qingwu’s secret technique was extremely powerful and was probably a top-notch 8-star combat secret technique. This secret technique allowed Yan Qingwu’s combat cultivation to increase from 2nd level of Law Phase Realm to 4th level of Law Phase Realm. It instantly closed up the gap in cultivation levels.

“Interesting, Blue Sun – Unbounded Ring!”

The Blue Sun Law Phase executed another palm strike. A ring of blue flames shrunk towards Yan Qingwu.

Clang Clang Clang…

Yan Qingwu executed three saber slashes in one go and finally made an opening in the blue ring of flames.

“Soul Emperor, let me try that kid.” The Red Moon Emperor volunteered and rushed at Li Fuchen.

“Red Cloud Moon Chase!”

The Red Moon Emperor was a sword dao emperor and his sword was different from the Iron Sword Great Emperor, and the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor. The Iron Sword Great Emperor’s sword was iron blooded, heartless, and unstoppable. The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor’s sword was graceful, refined, and natural. The Red Moon Emperor’s sword was cold, vicious, and merciless.

When the Red Moon Emperor made a sword slash, it felt as though the void had frozen. A bundle of red sword radiance burst towards Li Fuchen.

If regular high-level emperors faced this sword, they would be invaded by the sword qi and turn into an ice sculpture.

Not even a peak level emperor would dare to confront this sword directly.


Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and slashed.


The void cracked.

The red sword radiance collapsed and dispersed.


At the same timing, a void crack extended onto the Red Moon Emperor’s body and caused him to shiver violently.

“Void dao sword art!” The Red Moon Emperor was shocked.

The void dao was known as the dao that was hardest to deal with.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor had also cultivated the void dao. His strength wasn’t top three in the Emperor Sky Continent, and might not even be top five, but in a solo fight, the Soul Emperor wouldn’t even dare to say that he could injure the Vacant Mountain Emperor. Half a year ago, the Vacant Mountain Emperor was inflicted with the soul poison and was still able to escape from the Soul Emperor. It was enough to speak of the void dao’s capability.

“Void Reality.”

Without any pause, Li Fuchen followed up closely with his second sword. A thin layer of sword light wrapped around the Red Moon Emperor.

The Red Moon Emperor let out a deep yell and wrapped himself in the Red Moon Law Phase.

Boom Boom Boom!

The Red Moon Law Phase exploded and the Red Moon Emperor was sent flying in a miserable manner. The corner of his mouth was leaking out fresh blood.

Li Fuchen’s void dao sword art was too powerful and the Red Moon Emperor couldn’t withstand it.


Inside the Floating Sky Mountain…

All of the elders had mouths that were opened wide while they had faces of disbelief.

The Red Moon Emperor was a great emperor and his strength was comparable with the Vacant Mountain Emperor. But when facing Li Fuchen, the Red Moon Emperor was actually pushed back repeatedly.

How formidable was Li Fuchen exactly? Was this still Li Fuchen?

“This child’s talent and fate is unprecedented. From now on, the Emperor Sky Continent will no longer be the same.” One of the elders was delighted and in admiration.

“Fate is truly wonderful!”

Among everyone, no one had a more complicated feeling than the Cloud Emperor.

Back when he first met Li Fuchen at the Latent Shadow Abyss, Li Fuchen was still a measly Battle Spirit Realm master. The Cloud Emperor never would have expected in just a short ten years, Li Fuchen would grow into such a significant figure in the Emperor Sky Continent.

Such a growth speed was already beyond the Cloud Emperor’s expectation.

“Red Moon Everlasting Sword!”

The Red Moon Emperor was enraged. He used his right hand to touch the crescent moon on his forehead, and launched a crescent moon sword light at Li Fuchen.


The void was frozen again and even time seemed to slow down.

The Red Moon Everlasting Sword was the Red Moon Emperor’s hidden trump. This move required years of accumulation before finally sealing it at his forehead.

“Anyone who can become a great emperor shouldn’t be trifled with.”

Li Fuchen felt that if he only had strength, he would have been struck by this move.

It was a pity that he didn’t just have strength, he didn’t have any other shortcomings either.

In fact, some of the factors were already beyond exceptional, like his spirit soul and saint spirit.

His powerful spiritual awareness allowed him to react. He didn’t become slower due to the Red Moon Emperor’s sword move, instead, he was more concentrated.

“Meteor Fall.”

The Red Moon Emperor’s Red Moon Everlasting Sword was rather similar to Li Fuchen’s Meteor Fall.

Both the sword moves could slow down time. However, the Red Moon Everlasting Sword froze time, while Li Fuchen’s Meteor Fall was extremely fast. It was so fast until time lagged behind.

There was a blinding sword light that flashed by.

Bang Boom!

The void distorted in huge proportions and it was truly abnormal.

Subsequently, both of them flew backwards, and no one was injured. Despite the case, the Red Moon Emperor had already lost.

The Red Moon Everlasting Sword was a sword move that he had accumulated for years. But the Meteor Fall was a sword move that Li Fuchen could use anytime.

The difference in strength was already obvious.

“Soul Field, Splitting Soul Hand!”

Right at this moment, the world suddenly turned black and white. A gray illusion instantly appeared behind Li Fuchen and clawed at Li Fuchen.

“Soul Emperor, I have been waiting for you.”

Li Fuchen turned around to slash.

The Soul Emperor retreated, he had no choice but to retreat.

The claw attack might be able to injure Li Fuchen’s spirit soul and could even rip off a piece of Li Fuchen’s spirit soul, but Li Fuchen’s slash was definitely going to injure him severely.

Most importantly, at that instant, the Soul Emperor felt an intense crisis of death.

He suspected if he didn’t retreat, would he have fallen here.

“You are actually able to resist my Soul Field!” The Soul Emperor said with a gloomy expression.

The Soul Emperor returned to his original place and it looked as though he didn’t move at all.

His Soul Field was able to suppress the enemy’s spirit soul and cause all of the enemy’s attributes to decline. Back then, he first used Soul Field to suppress the Blue Sun Emperor’s spirit soul before he dared to resist the Blue Sun Emperor’s attack. The Soul Emperor then calmly ripped off the Blue Sun Emperor’s spirit soul. Otherwise, if the Blue Sun Emperor counterattacked desperately, it was enough to injure the Soul Emperor seriously. After all, defense was never the Soul Emperor’s forte.

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