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Chapter 705: Imperial Flower Feas

The Soul Emperor was in possession of the title as the strongest great emperor on the Emperor Sky Continent for over a century. It might not seem long, but the Soul Emperor was only over 300 years old and was younger than any of the other great emperors.

In over a century, the Soul Emperor had never been defeated and he was already seen to be an undefeated individual. Furthermore, the Soul Emperor killed a great emperor more than a century ago before claiming his title as the strongest great emperor.

Who would have expected that someone would actually defeat the Soul Emperor after a century. Moreover, the person who defeated the Soul Emperor was exaggeratingly young.

The Soul Emperor reached the Law Phase Realm when he was over 100 years old and became the strongest great emperor when he was over 200 years old.

It was unknown what age did Li Fuchen reach the Law Phase Realm, but when he defeated the Soul Emperor, he was only around 40 years old. A 40 years old great emperor was enough to surpass the ancients and dazzle the present.

Let alone mid-class continents, this was probably unprecedented even in high-class continents.

Defeating the Soul Emperor proved that Li Fuchen had overwhelming strength. To defeat the Soul Emperor at 40 years old proved that Li Fuchen had limitless potential.

When both factors were added together, the world was already shocked beyond their limits.

Sword Emperor.

Everyone thought of the same title.

This title was the same title that the Heaven Fire Doyen gave to Li Fuchen.

It was actually very normal as the strongest sword dao emperor would be called the Sword Emperor. Apart from Li Fuchen, who else would dare to give themselves the title of Sword Emperor?

Even if they were given the title, they wouldn’t even dare to accept.

No one was worried if Li Fuchen was worthy of the title of Sword Emperor. Li Fuchen was already this formidable at the age of 40, which other sword dao emperor in history was this formidable at the age of 40?

There wasn’t an answer…

Clan of Darkness’ headquarters.

“Stop all operations.”

This order was communicated to every branch in the Clan of Darkness.

The Clan of Darkness once tried to assassinate Li Fuchen and it wasn’t just once or twice. Back then, Li Fuchen was very weak and the Clan of Darkness could do whatever they wanted and wouldn’t have to be afraid of Li Fuchen taking revenge. Now that Li Fuchen was a great emperor and not just a regular great emperor, the Clan of Darkness was afraid that Li Fuchen might track them down. Once he found the headquarters of the Clan of Darkness, even if their faction didn’t get eradicated, they would be severely impaired.

One could say that the appearance of Li Fuchen had caused the Emperor Sky Continent’s situation to change.

After treating the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s soul poison, Li Fuchen was planning to visit the Black Emperor Guild in the Soul Sky Empire.

He was definitely considered friends with Shangguan Yu, since he was back this time, he was naturally going to visit them.

Once Li Fuchen arrived at the Black Emperor Guild, his face turned dark.

The entire Black Emperor Guild was vacant and there wasn’t a single individual.

Murderous intent rose up as Li Fuchen thought it was done by the Soul Emperor. But soon, he withdrew his murderous intent.

The Black Emperor Guild obviously left the Emperor Sky Continent. The dilapidated teleportation platform still remained with traces of spatial power.

After asking a nearby faction, Li Fuchen found out that the Black Emperor Guild was persecuted by the Blood Sift Union and had left the Emperor Sky Continent.

“It is the Blood Sift Union again…” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with murderous intent.

Back then he was incompetent and couldn’t deal with the Blood Sift Union.

Now that he was already a great emperor and the strongest great emperor, if he found the Blood Sift Union, he would definitely vanquish them.

“Li Fuchen, the Imperial Flower Pavilion is going to host the Imperial Flower Feast in a month, we can go over and have a look.”

On this day, the Vacant Mountain Emperor looked for Li Fuchen.

“Imperial Flower Feast?”

Li Fuchen didn’t have a great impression towards the Imperial Flower Pavilion as they were a faction that relied on others. All of the Imperial Flowers, Famed Flowers, and the high-class Social Flowers were the same too.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said, “The Imperial Flower Feast is the no.1 feast of the Emperor Sky Continent. Not only the majority of the human emperors would attend, even the demonic beast rulers would attend. There would also be great rulers attending too.”

“Is that so? Then I shall go and have a look.” Li Fuchen nodded.

The Emperor Sky Continent didn’t just belong to the humans, the demonic beast race shouldn’t be underestimated too.

The humans had seven great emperors in the open and one Dark Night Great Emperor hidden in the dark. There were a total of eight great emperors. As for the demonic beasts, there were four great rulers that were known.

One month later, the Imperial Flower Feast was held according to the schedule.

The venue was at the Imperial Flower Pavilion’s headquarters, the Rainbow Garden.

The Imperial Flower Pavilion Mistress spent a great amount of money to set up this floating garden. Countless precious flowers were planted in there and there was even a rainbow array. This rainbow array was a top-notch class 8 array and it wasn’t simply pleasant to the eyes.

On this day, human emperors and demonic beast rulers were flying towards the Rainbow Garden.

“The Rainbow Garden is indeed incredible. The rainbow energy here is truly relaxing.”

“The Rainbow Garden is a cultivation sacred land that is very rare in the Emperor Sky Continent. It is said that if one cultivated here, it will allow the cultivator to look radiant. The reason why the Imperial Flower Pavilion’s Imperial Flowers and Famed Flowers are so gorgeous is definitely related to the Rainbow Garden.”

Once the visitors arrived at the Rainbow Garden, they were attended to by beautiful attendants. Some of the acquainted human emperors started to mingle around.

“Hurry up and see, it is the Green Nacre Empress.”

Everyone’s eyes were gathered on the Law Phase Realm empress that had just arrived.

This empress was wearing green clothes and a phoenix hairpin. She looked noble and intimidating, while also extremely beautiful.

The Green Nacre Empress was at the 6th level of Law Phase Realm and was one of the Celestial Eye Emperor’s subordinates.

As an empress, the Green Nacre Empress was extremely popular no matter where she was. After all, the ratio of male to female Law Phase Realm individuals was more than 10:1. Moreover, the Green Nacre Empress was well-known among the empresses.

But as of now, the Green Nacre Empress had yet to choose her dao companion.

The Celestial Eye Emperor once expressed his intention to marry her, but she refused. In her opinion, the Celestial Eye Emperor was too old. Her desired dao companion didn’t need just strength, but also potential, and must not be too old.

Otherwise, she would rather be alone.

It was a pity that too few fit her criteria.

The Soul Emperor fitted the criteria, but he was too dangerous and the Green Nacre Empress didn’t plan to put herself in such dangerous circumstances.

“I heard that the Sword Emperor is only 40 years old. I really don’t know how he became a great emperor at 40.” The Green Nacre Empress was very curious about Li Fuchen.

She was participating in this Imperial Flower Feast mainly because she wanted to see Li Fuchen. As for any thoughts, she didn’t have any yet. It was purely a woman’s curiosity.

Time elapsed quickly and another empress arrived.

This empress was an old woman and behind her was an absolutely beautiful woman.

If Li Fuchen was here, he would definitely recognize that they were the White Fox Race’s Chieftess Hu Hongxiu and Hu Ling’er.

Hu Hongxiu was a demonic beast ruler, while Hu Ling’er was a demonic beast queen.

During the Imperial Flower Feast, the human emperors and demonic beast rulers were able to bring their own people and the cultivation wasn’t restricted.

“Chieftess, this place is so beautiful, it is much more beautiful than the Ancient Desolate Mountains.”

Hu Ling’er looked like a young lass who had never been to the outside world as she was looking around and couldn’t help touching the flowers.

Hu Hongxiu said, “Don’t touch anything. Everyone here are human emperors or demonic beast rulers. We cannot afford to offend them.”

“Okay.” Hu Ling’er nodded and had a much more reserved expression. However, her eyes were still randomly drifting around.

“Lü Luo, I didn’t expect you to choose a wastrel as your dao companion. I really don’t know what you are thinking.”

At one corner of the Rainbow Garden, a woman and two men were standing there.

The woman was none other than Lü Luo who was one of the 36 Famed Flowers. As for the two men, one of them was the Evil Monarch who lost an arm and the other was a middle-aged man with a long face.

Lü Luo’s cultivation was already at the peak level of the Primary Sea Realm, while the Evil Monarch was at the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm.

As for the long-faced man, he was a 2nd level emperor.

The reason for this incident was due to the fact that the long-faced man had been pursuing Lü Luo for a long time. It was fine if Lü Luo had just rejected him, but she actually chose the Evil Monarch who had a severed arm and lower cultivation as her dao companion. Therefore, the long-faced man was furious.

Lü Luo frowned and said, “Ironwall Martial Emperor, I have my own freedom to choose my dao companion. You don’t need to worry.”

Lü Luo met the Evil Monarch at the Saint Garden and Li Fuchen was there too back then.

After some interactions, Lü Luo and the Evil Monarch felt that they were suitable for each other and decided to be together. Of course, Lü Luo had made a careful consideration before making the decision.

As a Famed Flower of the Imperial Flower Pavilion, she had to choose a person with great potential. If the Evil Monarch’s potential wasn’t great, she wouldn’t have chosen him.

The Evil Monarch might have one less arm, but he had great potential and it shouldn’t be any problem for him to enter the Law Phase Realm in a few dozen years.

“Kid, how dare you snatch my Ironwall Martial Emperor’s woman. I advise you to think carefully.”

The Ironwall Martial Emperor didn’t dare to do anything to Lü Luo, but suppressing the Evil Monarch was a very simple matter.

The Evil Monarch was the strongest expert of the East Unicorn Continent after all and had his own pride. He said in a cold voice, “It isn’t related to you. Lü Luo, let’s go.”

After speaking, the Evil Monarch pulled Lü Luo’s hand and left.

“Hmph, I hope you don’t regret it.”

The Ironwall Martial Emperor clenched his fist tightly while his eyes flashed with murderous intent.

On the small path in the garden, Lü Luo said to the Evil Monarch, “You don’t have to be angry. I believe that in a short period of time, you will also become a Law Phase Realm emperor too.”

“I will.” The Evil Monarch nodded.

Earlier on, he felt that he was still too weak. If he was a Law Phase Realm emperor, would the Ironwall Martial Emperor dare to speak with him like this?

As time passed by, more human emperors and demonic beast rulers started to arrive.

It included the Law Phase Realm emperors from the Soul Sky Empire, Red Moon Empire, and the Blue Moon Empire.

Basically, only the top-class emperors and great emperors weren’t here yet.

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