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Chapter 702: Sealed Mountain

Once at the territory of the Floating Sky Mountain, Li Fuchen felt that the atmosphere was slightly different.

Li Fuchen descended to one of the cities, Li Fuchen called out for the city lord to enquire about the situation.

The city lord of this city was called Hu Kai. He was smiling bitterly as he said, “The Floating Sky Mountain has sealed the mountain.”

“Sealed the mountain?” Li Fuchen raised his brow.

Hu Kai explained, “Half a year ago, the Vacant Mountain Emperor was deceived by the Soul Emperor and suffered grave injuries. After returning, he immediately sealed the mountain. During that period of time, the Soul Emperor, Blue Sun Emperor, and the Red Moon Emperor attacked the mountain together.”

“It is fortunate that the Floating Sky Mountain’s array is extremely powerful and not even three great emperors are able to break the defense. But now that the Floating Sky Mountain is sealed, it has lost control of its territory. Right now, the territory is basically controlled by the Soul Sky Empire, Blue Sun Empire, and the Red Moon Empire. My status as a city lord is just for show and it is only a matter of time before I get replaced.”

Hearing the explanation, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu exchanged looks.

They both of them guessed that both the Blue Sun Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor were already the Soul Emperor’s soul slaves.

Otherwise, the two great emperors didn’t have any reason to help the Soul Emperor to deal with the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

If the lips were removed, the teeth would be shivering in cold. Most of the people understood this logic, therefore, the great emperors should also understand it too.

(TL note: It means that with the Floating Sky Mountain out of the equation, the Soul Sky Empire will only get stronger due to less competition)

Otherwise, the balance of the Emperor Sky Continent wouldn’t have been able to maintain.

“Hu Kai, who are you speaking with?”

A 5th level young monarch was walking over with two high-level monarchs. The young man had a dark and vicious expression as he questioned in an interrogating tone.

When Hu Kai saw the young man, he quickly bowed and cupped his fist. “Greetings to Young Master Shen.”

The young man was called Shen Yun and was a prodigy descendent of the Shen Clan. The Shen Clan was a clan from the Red Moon Empire. Instead of saying that the city was in the city lord’s control, it was better to say it was in the Shen Clan’s control.

“Who are these two individuals?” Shen Yun looked at Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu.


Li Fuchen was directly being ignored as Shen Yun’s eyes were fully concentrated on Yan Qingwu.

When Shen Yun spoke with Hu Kai earlier, he didn’t really pay attention to Yan Qingwu. But now that Shen Yun looked carefully, he was stunned by her beauty and felt that there was no other woman as beautiful as her in this life. Even the Imperial Flower Pavilion’s Famed Flowers were far inferior.

“I am Shen Yun, this city is my Shen Clan’s territory. I wonder what is your name?” Shen Yun was rather confident as he asked.

Once a person’s cultivation was at the Law Phase Realm, the qi presence would be fused with heaven and earth. Unless the emperor intentionally released the qi presence, no one would be able to detect the emperor’s cultivation level. Shen Yun might feel weird as to why he couldn’t see through Yan Qingwu, but he never expected Yan Qingwu to be at the Law Phase Realm. After all, Yan Qingwu was too young and it was impossible for there to be such a young Law Phase Realm empress in the Emperor Sky Continent. Furthermore, a Law Phase Realm emperor or empress wouldn’t casually appear in the public like this.

“Get lost!”

Yan Qingwu’s qi presence burst out and it was like a dreadful storm that was going to demolish the world. It sent Shen Yun and both the high-level monarchs flying, while fresh blood sprayed out violently.

“Law Phase Realm empress!”

Not only Shen Yun was shocked, the two high-level monarchs were also trembling in fear.

They never imagined that Yan Qingwu was a Law Phase Realm empress.

Otherwise, they would never have dared to come over.

“Let’s leave then.”

Since they already found out the overall situation, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu left.

As the duo left, Shen Yun and his men quickly scuttled away too. They were preparing to report to the clan about the incident.

The Floating Sky Mountain was a giant mountain floating in the tall sky.

In the past, the Floating Sky Mountain’s array wouldn’t be visible on the outside. However, since half a year ago, the array was now visible to the naked eyes. There was a layer of light golden foil that wrapped around the Floating Sky Mountain.

Outside the Floating Sky Mountain, heaven and earth energy was extremely scarce, even more so than the low-class continent, East Unicorn Continent. The heaven and earth energy didn’t get absorbed by the Floating Sky Mountain’s array, instead, the Floating Sky Mountain was set up with countless arrays. These arrays restricted energy and cut off the effects. The objective was not to allow the Floating Sky Mountain’s array to absorb any heaven and earth energy, relying only on spirit stones to maintain the array.

It was very obvious that the Floating Sky Mountain was in a plight. Once these circumstances were dragged out, the Soul Emperor wouldn’t even have to fight and the array would collapse automatically.

“Who goes there?”

When Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu arrived at the vicinity of Floating Sky Mountain, they were immediately targeted.

It wasn’t a Primary Sea Realm monarch that targeted them, it was a tall and skinny Law Phase Realm Emperor.

This emperor was the Soul Emperor’s subordinate called the Divine Wind Martial Emperor.

The Divine Wind Martial Emperor’s cultivation level wasn’t high and was just as the 4th level of Law Phase Realm. But due to fated opportunities, he comprehended the wind shifting technique. Unless the enemy was a great emperor, it would be very hard to kill him.

This was also why the Divine Wind Martial Emperor was sent to monitor the Floating Sky Mountain. The Divine Wind Martial Emperor had been keeping a close watch for almost half a year, therefore, he wasn’t worried that the Vacant Mountain Emperor would suddenly rush out.

Firstly, the Vacant Mountain Emperor was inflicted with the soul poison and couldn’t even save himself.

Secondly, the Floating Sky Mountain’s array was very mystical. It had a total of two forms. The regular form would allow entry and exit, having both attack and defense capabilities, a regular great emperor would have a hard time breaking through. The second form would be the current sealed mountain form. No entry and exit were allowed and when in the sealed form, the array wouldn’t possess any attack capability, but the defense capability would be at an extremity. Not even a half-saint would be able to break the array.

Therefore, no one from inside could exit and if they wanted to exit, they had to change the array to the regular form and they would be unable to switch back to the sealed form within a day.

While the Divine Wind Martial Emperor asked, wind arrows were formed and had locked onto Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu.

“Are you a subordinate of the Soul Emperor?” Li Fuchen asked in return.

“Why are you asking if you already know? Surrender now while you have the chance, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless.” The Divine Wind Martial Emperor said in a stern tone.

“Since you are under the Soul Emperor, then it will be fine to kill you.”


When the sword was unsheathed, Li Fuchen slashed at the Divine Wind Martial Emperor.

The Divine Wind Martial Emperor had a mocking expression and didn’t know if Li Fuchen’s head was filled with water, and to think that it was so easy to kill him.

With the wind shift, not even a great emperor would have such an easy time to kill him in a single move. Unless it was a sneak attack.

As for Li Fuchen, he didn’t even choose to launch a sneak attack and made a direct sword slash.

Immediately after, the Divine Wind Martial Emperor’s mocking expression vanished and was replaced with terror.

How can it be? How can this sword be so fast?

It was so fast that he couldn’t even see the sword light and could only see a flash.

The Divine Wind Martial Emperor lowered his head and saw that his heart was already punctured. One could clearly see the view behind his body through the puncture wound.


The Divine Wind Martial Emperor pointed at Li Fuchen before his qi presence vanished.

This sword didn’t just eliminate all of the Divine Wind Martial Emperor’s vitality, it had also eradicated his true spirit.

People inside the array of the Floating Sky Mountain could see the scene on the outside. When Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu arrived, someone already noticed them. But they also saw the Divine Wind Martial Emperor immediately after.

“It’s Li Fuchen.”

The Cloud Emperor instantly recognized Li Fuchen.

“Not good, not even I am able to deal with the Divine Wind Martial Emperor.” The Cloud Emperor’s heart was burning with flames of anxiety.

In a solo fight, the Cloud Emperor might not even be a match for the Divine Wind Martial Emperor. He could already imagine what kind of outcome would happen when Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu encountered the Divine Wind Martial Emperor.

However, he didn’t expect to see this scene.

“Such a fast sword…”

One of the Floating Sky Mountain’s elders was astonished.

The Cloud Emperor was also flabbergasted. How was this possible? The Divine Wind Martial Emperor couldn’t even last a single sword from Li Fuchen and was killed. This was something even great emperors couldn’t do!

“The 3rd level of Law Phase Realm?”

When Li Fuchen exposed his strength, the Cloud Emperor had also determined Li Fuchen’s cultivation level.

The 3rd level of Law Phase Realm wasn’t weak and was only one level inferior to the Divine Wind Martial Emperor.

Furthermore, with Li Fuchen’s outstanding combat skills, it was normal for him to exceed levels in combat.

It was unknown why Li Fuchen’s improvement speed was so fast, but the fact proved that Li Fuchen was already a Law Phase Realm emperor.

As to why the Divine Wind Martial Emperor was killed in a single sword even with the wind shift, the Cloud Emperor reckoned that the Divine Wind Martial Emperor was too careless and reacted a little slow. Despite the case, Li Fuchen’s sword was indeed unbelievably fast.

“Hurry up and inform the other elders, open the array and let them in.” The Cloud Emperor said.

An elder berated, “Are you insane? After opening the array, we will not be able to seal the mountain for an entire day. What if the Soul Emperor comes?”

The Cloud Emperor debated, “The Floating Sky Array is a top-notch class-8 array. Even the normal form will be able to withstand for a day. If we let the two of them stay outside, we will be leaving them to die.”

“It is too risky, we cannot hold the responsibility. Ask them to leave right now!” The Floating Sky Mountain elder didn’t agree.

The Cloud Emperor said, “We aren’t even able to transmit messages outside, how are we going to inform them to leave?”

The sealed mountain form meant that everyone was sealed, including information. No one from the outside could send messages inside, and will not be able to receive messages from the inside, or be able to see the scene inside.

“Call for the elder meeting then!” The Cloud Emperor proposed.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor was in seclusion and recuperating. Right now, the elders were in charge and no matter what decision they made, the majority of the elders had to support the decision.

Ultimately, the elder meeting didn’t concur with the Cloud Emperor’s decision, after all, it was too dangerous. It was a risk that might cause their demise.

Outside the Floating Sky Mountain, Li Fuchen didn’t have the intention for the Floating Sky Mountain to open up the array.

Once the Soul Emperor came, the Floating Sky Mountain would be able to witness his strength. Therefore, it was nothing to wait for a few more days.

With a wave of his hand, countless clouds gathered and formed a pavilion. Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu entered to wait.

A few hours later, the Soul Emperor arrived.

At the same time, the Blue Sun Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor arrived too.

When the three great emperors arrived together, the sky tumbled with dark clouds. There was a fusion of sun and moon radiance. The Floating Sky Mountain and the pavilion felt as though they were boats in the ocean and might capsize at any moment.

“You actually dare to appear in front of me?”

The Soul Emperor stared at Li Fuchen intently and felt puzzled.

“Why wouldn’t I dare to appear in front of you?”

Li Fuchen let out an indifferent smile before glancing at the Blue Sun Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor.

Li Fuchen was able to see that the Blue Sun Emperor and the Red Moon Emperor’s eyes had a trace of vacantness.

Had it not been for his saint spirit, Li Fuchen wouldn’t have detected it.

“As expected, they have become soul slaves.” Li Fuchen then said to Yan Qingwu, “It seems like your encounter with the Blue Sun Emperor has been pushed forward.”

“It just so happens that my saber art has improved again recently. I shall use him to test my saber!” Yan Qingwu’s beautiful eyes flashed with ferocity.

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