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Chapter 701: Back to Emperor Sky

The news of Li Fuchen defeating the Iron Sword Great Emperor was still spread out somehow. After all, plenty of people knew that the Iron Sword Great Emperor visited the Long Wind Mountains.

As a result, Li Fuchen’s title as Sword Emperor didn’t get seized, on the contrary, the Iron Sword Great Emperor recognized and acknowledged Li Fuchen’s status.

This was definitely a method to tell everyone that he had been defeated by Li Fuchen.

A few days later, the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor visited Li Fuchen. He wasn’t here to challenge Li Fuchen, he was just here to have an exchange of sword dao.

“The Meteor Fall is truly incredible. This move’s speed is already at the pinnacle.” The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor praised after witnessing Li Fuchen’s sword art.

Li Fuchen replied, “Brother Purple Bamboo’s Purple Bamboo Sword Art is truly refined and outstanding. Each move is specifically disrupting the mortal realm. I have really learned much from you.”

Li Fuchen wasn’t trying to boot lick as it wasn’t necessary for him to do so.

The Purple Bamboo Great Emperor’s sword art might not be sharp and dominant, nor was it shocking and ferocious. Among the trio, the Purple Bamboo Great Emperor’s sword art was the most graceful and refined. Each of the sword move felt as though it was made by heaven and Li Fuchen wasn’t able to see through the move immediately.

On this day, Li Fuchen flew up to the atmosphere’s thunderbolt layer again.

Bang Boom!

A bolt of Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder struck on Li Fuchen’s body.

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s Sky Ring Sword Armor was now at the heaven class high-tier and a single bolt of Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder wasn’t enough to break his defense.

Mystic Yin Heaven Thunder, Extreme Yin Heaven Thunder, Extreme Yang Heaven Thunder, Deficit Yin Heaven Thunder, Deficit Yang Heaven Thunder, Five Elements Heaven Thunder…

As Li Fuchen continued flying up, all sorts of heaven thunder struck on his body.

These heaven thunders had great power. Li Fuchen could resist one of the heaven thunders, but he couldn’t resist the barrage of heaven thunders. Soon enough, the Sky Ring Sword Armor was broken.

“I am still lacking a little.” Li Fuchen frowned and started to fall.

Just by relying on the law field on the surface of his body, he wouldn’t be able to withstand the barrage of heaven thunders.

If he wanted to breakthrough to the upper segment of the thunderbolt layer, he would need to cultivate his body refinement to the sub-completion or even the completion level of Law Phase Realm.

However, the amount of resources required for his body refinement was too horrifying. Li Fuchen reckoned that he would need at least half the spirit qi from a peak-grade spirit stone, in order to reach the sub-completion level of Law Phase Realm. If he wanted to reach the completion level of Law Phase Realm, three peak-grade spirit stones might not even be enough.

Such a great amount of body refinement resources was required because the Hand of God was too high in grade. If Li Fuchen was cultivating an ordinary heaven class low-tier body refinement technique, then there wasn’t a need for so much resources. But if that was the case, Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength would be as formidable.

“It is time to return to the Emperor Sky Continent.”

Since Li Fuchen couldn’t continue increasing his strength, he thought of returning to the Emperor Sky Continent.

The Heaven Pillar Continent and the Emperor Sky Continent was connected with an emperor-class teleportation array.

It was called the emperor-class teleportation array because only Law Phase Realm emperors could use it.

If those below the Law Phase Realm used it, they would be disintegrated within the spatial zone.

Apart from that, the number of high-grade spirit stones required for the emperor-class teleportation array was exaggerating. 10,000 high-grade spirit stones were required for each teleportation.

Therefore, great emperors from both sides would casually teleport from either side. One teleportation would need 10,000 high-grade spirit stones, ten teleportations would need 100,000 high-grade spirit stones. It wasn’t a small sum.

According to the Heaven Fire Doyen’s explanation, the number of high-grade spirit stones required was related to the continent willpower. As for the details, no one knew.

The Heaven Pillar Peak was the tallest mountain in the Heaven Pillar Continent.

The emperor-class teleportation array was constructed on the apex of Heaven Pillar Peak.

This time, the Thunder Beast didn’t follow. It wasn’t because it was reluctant to spend 10,000 high-grade spirit stones, it was because the Thunder Beast was in the midst of an evolution.

The progression for demonic beasts and humans were different. Demonic beasts required a rather long period of time, therefore, the duo didn’t inform the Thunder Beast.

Yan Qingwu wanted to travel to the Emperor Sky Continent because she had some matters to settle.

Once the teleportation array was activated, the duo vanished from Heaven Pillar Peak.

Emperor Sky Continent, Emperor Sky Valley.

Violent winds were howling in this place. Those below the Law Phase Realm wouldn’t be able to enter.

On this day, a radiance descended and two figures appeared on a teleportation platform deep inside the Emperor Sky Valley.

“Let’s visit the Blue Sun Empire first?” Li Fuchen knew that Yan Qingwu wanted to seek revenge against the Blue Sun Emperor.

In the past life, Yan Qingwu was also a great emperor and she had her own pride. In this life, just because the Blue Sun Emperor fancied her, she was nearly captured. How could she accept such treatment?

Yan Qingwu shook her head. “I am not competent enough to defeat the Blue Sun Emperor now. I will leave it for now.”

To be serious, her strength wasn’t at the level of a great emperor. Only when she burst out to full power, she would be able to temporarily be at the level of a great emperor.

Li Fuchen nodded. He knew of Yan Qingwu’s pride and knew she wouldn’t want help from others.

The duo left Emperor Sky Valley and picked a random direction to travel.

Half a day later, Li Fuchen raised his brows.

Previously, he didn’t know where the Emperor Sky Valley was situated on the continent, but he knew now. Because he was currently in the Red Moon Empire.

Since they were at the Red Moon Empire, Li Fuchen naturally wanted to visit the South Sun County.

Back then, he had a wanted status because of the South Sun County Lord, Lin Tianyang. Li Fuchen had no choice but to escape to the Soul Sky Empire. Now that Li Fuchen had the strength of a great emperor, a mere wanted status was useless to him. If Li Fuchen wanted it, he could eradicate the entire Red Moon Empire, let alone a County Lord.

South Sun County, South Sun City…

When entering the city gates, Li Fuchen noticed that his wanted poster was still not taken down yet.

It was obvious that he was still a wanted man.

Yan Qingwu immediately understood what was happening. It seemed like Li Fuchen had a rather rough time on the Emperor Sky Continent back then too. He was actually wanted for so many years. But now, the good days for these people were at an end.

“Look, isn’t that the wanted criminal, Li Fuchen?”

“Hurry up and report to the County Lord. There is reward for anyone that finds him. Don’t let others steal the reward first.”

Everyone in the vicinity quickly identified Li Fuchen.

It was natural as Li Fuchen’s poster had been hung on the walls of South Sun City for many years. It was hard for anyone not to recognize him.

There wasn’t a need for Lin Tianyang to be notified, Li Fuchen immediately headed for the county lord residence.

“Lin Tianyang, get yourself out here.” Li Fuchen said with a loud voice.

When Lin Tianyang exited the residence, he came out along with 66 Primary Sea Realm monarchs.

The 66 monarchs rapidly formed a battle formation, causing a dreadful formation power to resonate.

“Li Fuchen, don’t think that just because you have great progress in strength and you can look down on my county lord residence. Take him down!”

Lin Tianyang’s information wasn’t up to date. He only knew that Li Fuchen was a Primary Sea Realm monarch and was formidable. He didn’t know any of the information afterwards, as the Clan of Darkness didn’t inform him either.

In Lin Tianyang’s opinion, even if Li Fuchen was a half-emperor, the Six Directions Battle Formation could still seize Li Fuchen easily.

Li Fuchen didn’t even take a glance at the Six Directions Battle Formation. He swung his hand and smashed the battle formation. All of the monarchs within were sent flying and vomiting blood.

The spectators on the main street were astonished.

They were as knowledgeable and had never seen strength like what Li Fuchen displayed. A casual swing of hand was able to smash the county lord residence’s Six Directions Battle Formation.

“What is your cultivation realm now?” Lin Tianyang’s eyes contracted.

“Enough to kill you.” Li Fuchen emitted murderous intent.

“I am the Red Moon Empire’s County Lord. If you kill me, there will be no place for you in this world. Unless, you think you can contest with the Red Moon Emperor.” Lin Tianyang yelled out sternly with a dark expression. He was really afraid that Li Fuchen might kill him. By then, even if the upper echelons of the Red Moon Empire took revenge for him, there would be no meaning.

“Since I dare to come back openly, how can I be afraid of the Red Moon Empire? Die.”

Li Fuchen raised his right hand and smashed down.


Lin Tianyang was stunned. He never expected Li Fuchen to really kill him. At this moment, his eyes were filled with regret and resentment.


The ground trembled and there was a giant hand print at where Lin Tianyang stood. As for Lin Tianyang, he was already turned into dust.

“The County Lord is dead?”

“He actually killed the County Lord, is he not afraid that the upper echelons of the Red Moon Empire might chase him down?”

“The sky of the South Sun County is going to change. Hurry up and leave. Otherwise, we might be silenced.”

After watching Li Fuchen killing Lin Tianyang, none of the spectators dared to linger around. They immediately scuttled in fear.

Li Fuchen naturally wasn’t going to silence these people. If he wanted to do so, a split moment was enough for him to kill these people.

“Let’s go then!”

Next up, Li Fuchen wanted to visit the Floating Sky Mountain. After all, he was a disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain.

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