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Chapter 688
ER – Chapter 688: White Bone Rebirth

He couldn’t avoid the attack with normal movements, but he could with the white bone shift .

A white bone illusion appeared and the White Bone Devil Emperor’s figure turned transparent . The radiant sword light penetrated the white bone illusion while the White Bone Devil Emperor reappeared on the right side of the palace hall .

All of a sudden, blood burst out .

The White Bone Devil Emperor lowered his head and looked at his chest . The white bone armor appeared with a crack and there was blood flowing out .

“Damn it!” The White Devil Emperor glared with furious eyes .

His opponent’s sword art was too fast, even if he executed the white bone shift, he still wasn’t able to dodge it completely .

“Black Saber – Twist of Fate!”

Before the White Bone Devil Emperor could catch his breath, Yan Qingwu’s saber move followed up closely .

The Black Saber – Twist of Fate’s power was only secondary, the primary importance was its ability to grasp the good timing .

Twist of Fate… It meant that fate wasn’t meant to be predicted .  

The saber move was truly mystical and was just like a saber move from the gods that would aim at the flaws of the White Bone Devil Emperor .

The White Bone Devil Emperor was truly suffering . Yan Qingwu’s saber was too crafty and he realized that no matter how he dealt with it, it wouldn’t be suitable . Without a choice, he had to execute the white bone shift again .

Blood splattered .

Yan Qingwu’s saber move might not be faster than Li Fuchen’s sword move, the White Bone Devil Emperor still got injured .

“You people are courting death!”

When did the White Bone Devil Emperor have to suffer like this? Even if he had to face a great emperor, he had never suffered like this .

“Bone Devil Disorder!”

The white bone qi burst out to the extremity as the White Bone Devil Emperor made the forceful move, ripping the sky with both his hands .


The palace was stacked with layers of skeletons and pervaded with ghost shadows . Had it not been for the protection of the array, let alone the palace, the entire White Bone Mountain would have been destroyed .

“Clan Head Yang, go ahead and conduct the rescue . Leave this place to us . ”

Li Fuchen produced a sword intent to protect Yang Deng, sending him out of the palace .

“Alright . ”

Yang Deng knew that he would only be an obstruction if he left behind and would be no help at all .

When facing the White Bone Devil Emperor’s finishing move, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were rather miserable .

The duo’s strength might be rather good, but their cultivation levels were far too inferior as compared to the White Bone Devil Emperor . If they had to confront him directly, they would definitely be at a disadvantage .

They didn’t know that the White Bone Devil Emperor was feeling more astonished as the battle dragged on .

The strength displayed by Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu was obviously at the level of a high-level emperor . Their attack power was even comparable with a peak-level emperor .

Such attack power might already be enough to injure a great emperor .

After all, be it a high-level emperor, peak-level emperor, or a great emperor, their defenses were almost the same . If they were struck by an attack, the results wouldn’t be that different .

“Void Reality . ”

A sword light that was like mercury had instantly enveloped the White Bone Devil Emperor . The white bone armor on the White Bone Devil Emperor was instantly shattered as he vomited a mouthful of fresh blood .


The White Bone Devil Emperor burst out with ferocity and slammed a palm at Li Fuchen .

When facing the White Bone Devil Emperor’s powerful counterattack, he could only choose to endure it . It was unknown why the White Bone Devil Emperor controlled the array silently and locked the void, causing all shifting techniques to fail .

In the void, a white bone claw flashed out and smashed onto Li Fuchen .


Fresh blood was vomited as Li Fuchen flew backwards .

“Black Saber – Set Sail!”

The void looked like a wave that pushed out as Yan Qingwu’s saber cleaved on the White Bone Devil Emperor .

This saber move wasn’t as mystical as the Black Saber – Twist of Fate, but it was abnormally strong and tyrannical . When the saber move was executed, it felt as though everything was cleaved apart like a wave .

The White Bone Devil Emperor was a peak-class emperor and it was naturally impossible for him to be cleaved apart . However, he still suffered serious injury as there was a long saber wound stretching from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist .

“Courting death, you people are courting death!” The White Bone Devil Emperor was enraged .

How many years had it been since he suffered such serious injury . In his opinion, apart from great emperors, there was basically no one that could injure him .

Today, he was actually injured by two juniors .

With a burst of qi, a White Bone Law Phase enveloped the White Bone Devil Emperor . The pitch-black palace exploded and provided the White Bone Devil Emperor with a large enough space for combat .

“Die, die, die!”

Controlling the White Bone Law Phase, the White Bone Devil Emperor sent Yan Qingwu flying with a palm strike .

“Blade of Void . ”

Right at this moment, Li Fuchen executed his kill move . The transparent blade emerged from the void and sliced into the White Bone Law Phase .

Crackle Crackle!

The White Bone Law Phase distorted and cracked open a giant gap .

“Black Saber – Seek Dao . ”

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A saber light that was like the scorching sun suddenly rushed at the White Bone Devil Emperor .

The White Bone Devil Emperor was appalled and desperately wanted to close up the White Bone Law Phase . But when facing this saber move, the White Bone Law Phase was shuttering and didn’t manage to close up the gap, instead, it showed instability .

Black Saber – Seek Dao was the strongest saber move Yan Qingwu possessed in her previous life . It was already extremely close to a heaven class peak-tier saber move and was known as the Saber of Heaven Dao .

In the fact of heaven dao, all living things were like insects and could only accept without the chance to resist .

The saber light cleaved open the White Bone Law Phase and penetrated through to the White Bone Devil Emperor’s body .

The expanded scorching sun saber light made the White Bone Devil Emperor’s body like a sift as tiny saber lights were emitted .

“This saber move is now even stronger . ” Li Fuchen had witnessed Yan Qingwu executing Black Saber – Seek Dao before . But back then, she wasn’t able to produce the strongest power of this saber yet .

“White Bone – Sacrificial Burial!”

Before the duo could react, the White Bone Devil Emperor waved his right hand in the air and caused the White Bone Mountain’s array to circulate crazily .

At the next moment, white bone skeletons started to fly towards Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu from all directions .

It was impossible to have an accurate count of the number of white bone skeletons . However, the peak of the White Bone Mountain was quickly buried in white bone skeletons, forcefully increasing the height of the mountain by over a few hundred feet .

Clack Clack Clack!

The white bone skeletons that had accumulated into the size of a mountain were rapidly shrinking . In just the blink of the eye, it had shrunk down by a few thousand times and turned into a giant bone ball .

“How dare you make a move on me in the White Bone Mountain!?”

The saber light vanished, but the White Bone Devil Emperor was in a rather miserable state . His body looked like a hornet’s nest and was filled with blood wounds .

To kill him with a single saber attack was still a pipedream . He was a peak-class emperor and wouldn’t be that easy to kill .

Each of the peak-class emperors had exceptionally tough survivability and even if a great emperor’s attack struck them, they might not be killed thoroughly .

“Blade of Void . ” 

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A transparent sharp blade penetrated the White Bone Devil Emperor’s body . He had a terrified expression as he turned around with force and saw none other than Li Fuchen behind him .

“How did you?” White Bone Devil Emperor wasn’t willing to believe his eyes .

Li Fuchen said, “You nearly succeeded . ”

Under the restriction of the White Bone Mountain’s array, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to execute a sword shift instantly . After all, during combat, things changed within a split second and if there was just a slight delay, the White Bone Devil Emperor would be able to grasp the opportunity to deal a severe injury .

But if the sword shift was prepared in advance, it was still possible to execute .  

After all, he already condensed the sword heart . Of course, it was also because he detected the danger in advance . Otherwise, he wouldn’t have time to execute the sword shift .

“Do you think you can kill me? White Bone Rebirth . ”


The White Bone Devil Emperor’s body materialized into bone and exploded .

From far away, the White Bone Devil Emperor’s body rapidly gathered .

“What is this secret technique?” Li Fuchen didn’t continue to make a move .

The White Bone Devil Emperor obviously possessed an extremely powerful life-saving method . Unless Li Fuchen was able to destroy the White Bone Devil Emperor’s true spirit, it was difficult to kill him .


In the ruins of the palace, the bone ball had a crack line .

Crack Crack Crack…

The crack lines then extended out like spider webs . Immediately after, there was an explosion! 

Saber light rushed out and cleaved the bone ball open . Yan Qingwu then walked out without injuries .

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