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Chapter 687
R – Chapter 687: No Room for Negotiation

The White Bone Mountain was a notoriously dangerous place in the Heaven Pillar Continent .

This place was always covered in dense miasma . Those people with weak strength would dissolve into bones after a period of time . Even those formidable individuals who got lost inside would ultimately succumb to the corrosion of the miasma .

Of course, the miasma wasn’t natural and it was produced from the White Bone Mountain’s array .

On this day, there were three figures that flashed and plunged into the miasma .

The trio was none other than Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and Yang Deng .

The miasma might be a poison gas produced by the class 8 array, but it was rather impossible to dissolve a Law Phase Realm emperor into bones . However, it might be possible after a long period of time .

Li Fuchen might not be a Law Phase Realm emperor, but his Sky Ring Sword Armor was even more useful than an emperor’s qi protection, as it could dispel the poison dao law within the miasma with ease .

The miasma covered a massive range and extended over ten thousand miles . Along the way, the trio saw countless bones that belonged to humans and demonic beasts .

The bones were very amazing as they could move on their own and would attack each other .

There were some purple bones that attempted to attack Li Fuchen and his group .

Soon enough, under the lead of Li Fuchen, the trio arrived at the vicinity of the true White Bone Mountain .

All of the miasma was emitted from the White Bone Mountain

Comparatively, the miasma here was the most concentrated and the poison dao law was also of the highest level .

Yan Qingwu and Yang Deng felt their qi getting rapidly exhausted and the consumption speed was a few dozen times faster .

After exchanging looks with Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu, Yang Deng gathered his courage and said loudly, “Yang Clan’s Yang Deng is here to pay respects to the White Bone Devil Emperor . ”

With the support of emperor-class qi, Yang Deng’s voice was transmitted inside the White Bone Mountain

Shortly after, two high-level monarchs flew out and grinned . “My master invites you!”

“Let’s enter then . ” Li Fuchen didn’t mind at all .

In normal situations, entering the enemy’s base wouldn’t be a wise decision . After all, even if your strength was superior, when inside the enemy’s array, your strength would be restricted . Unless you were a great emperor, otherwise, no one would dare to enter the array of a peak-class emperor, except for allies .

However, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu weren’t ordinary people .

They might not be able to defeat the White Bone Devil Emperor, but it wasn’t possible for the White Bone Devil Emperor to stop them from leaving .

Since Li Fuchen didn’t mind, Yang Deng definitely didn’t mind too .

The trio’s figures moved a little and entered the array that was activated which led to the White Bone Mountain .

On the White Bone Mountain, there were stacks of bones . It was hard to know how many lives had perished here . Due to the extreme number of bones, there was a fiendish aura that constantly revolved the entire White Bone Mountain . The fiendish aura felt as though it could freeze the spirit soul, therefore, Yang Deng felt very unpleasant .

On the top of the White Bone Mountain, there was a pitch-black palace . The entrance of the palace was decorated with two white bone flood dragons . On the top of the roof, there were also two white bone flood dragons . It was truly a chilling sight . In Li Fuchen’s opinion, these four white bone flood dragons were real, and weren’t just assembled .

“This way!” 

The two high-level monarchs extended their hands and invited the trio inside the palace . However, they had extremely sinister expressions .

Li Fuchen led the front when entering the pitch-black palace .

The interior of the palace was much more luxurious than they imagined, however, the trio didn’t appreciate the decorations on the inside .

It was filled with skulls of humans, tigers, dogs, cows, deers…

There were skulls of different sizes and there were at least a thousand .

Moreover, these skulls weren’t white, they were obviously preserved with some special methods . As they still kept some of the aura of despair .

The trio looked up at the person seated in the main hall’s host seat .  

The person was a middle-aged man with an imposing figure . His hair was white and his eyes had this strange greenish color . His skin was white and it felt as though there were layers of thick powder .  

The White Bone Devil Emperor was a peak-class emperor under the Skull Great Emperor .

“Senior Devil Emperor, I am Yang Deng and I apologize for my uninvited visit . ” Yang Deng bowed .

The White Bone Devil Emperor didn’t look at Yang Deng . Instead, he was looking at Yan Qingwu . “I already know of your intention . Leave her behind and everything can be discussed . ”

The White Bone Devil Emperor wasn’t just notorious, he was adept at extracting the yin to nourish the yang . The White Bone Mountain’s bones were mostly skeletons that belonged to beauties .

Yan Qingwu didn’t just have great looks and top-class aura, she was also a 1st level emperor . If the White Bone Devil Emperor extracted her yin energy, he would surely have huge progress in his cultivation . In the Heaven Pillar Continent, there were only around 100 or 200 Law Phase Realm emperors and there were less than ten empresses . As of now, he had never extracted energy from any empress . After all, all the empresses had a certain background . It was obvious that Yan Qingwu had recently progressed to the Law Phase Realm and didn’t have any background yet .

Yan Qingwu frowned in response and a murderous aura was emitted from her body .

“It seems like there is no room for negotiation . ” Li Fuchen shook his head while his eyes turned sharp .


The White Bone Devil Emperor looked at Yan Qingwu and Li Fuchen before laughing heartily as though he had seen a comical scene .

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One was a 1st level emperor, while the other was a peak level monarch . They actually wanted to fight with him? How ridiculous was this?

“The two of you are really overestimating your abilities . I originally didn’t plan to make a move . Sigh!”

The instant the White Bone Devil Emperor sighed, he suddenly smashed with his palm .

This palm strike was an ordinary attack, but the White Bone Devil Emperor was a peak-class emperor . His palm strike was something that even high-level emperors had to dodge .

Huff Huff Huff…

In the void, dozens of white bone hands started to grab at Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and Yang Deng .

Yang Deng felt as though time had frozen as he wasn’t able to move at all . He was now panicking with fear .

Everyone knew that the White Bone Devil Emperor’s White Bone Divine Palm was extremely treacherous . Let alone receiving the palm strike, even a graze was enough to turn a person into bones . It was much more horrific than the miasma on the outside .

Yang Deng thought, “Am I going to perish here today?”


Right at this moment, a black saber light cleaved on the white bone palm at the most crucial time .

The white bone palm started to crack and was forcefully split into two .

The remaining saber light cleaved at the White Bone Devil Emperor .

“Mm?!” The White Bone Devil Emperor was rather shocked for his palm strike to be cleaved by the saber light .

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“Interesting… It seems like if I don’t use some of my true strength, I will not be able to take the two of you down . ” While speaking, the White Bone Devil Emperor’s right hand grasped at Yan Qingwu’s direction . There was a crackling sound as white bones burst out from underneath the palace . In just a spark, the white bone prison trapped Yan Qingwu immediately .

Clang Clang Clang Clang…

Within the white bone prison, saber light was streaking across, causing sparks to burst out .

With her cultivation at the 1st level of Law Phase Realm and her true spirit as formidable as a great emperor, the absolute saber art, Black Saber that she obtained in her previous life wasn’t sluggish at all .

But this white bone prison was much tougher than Yan Qingwu imagined . The saber light could only create dents on the surface . It wasn’t going to be that easy to cleave it apart .

Seeing that the white bone prison wasn’t going to collapse, Yan Qingwu didn’t drag things out . She executed the saber shift and appeared outside of the white bone prison .

“Shifting technique?!” The White Bone Devil Emperor’s face changed .

There was a huge difference between having a shifting technique and not .

As a peak-class emperor, he might be apprehensive of great emperors, but not fearful of them .

It was because he had already comprehended the white bone shift . If he was going to be defeated by a great emperor, he could just escape .

Of course, he wasn’t going to offend a great emperor too .

If a great emperor was determined to kill the White Bone Devil Emperor, the latter was probably done for .

“So what if you comprehended shifting techniques . Since you are here today, you are not leaving . ”

The White Bone Devil Emperor stood up and was preparing to fight with his true strength .

Right at this moment, there was a blinding sword light that drew across the void . It was so fast that the White Bone Devil Emperor couldn’t dodge in time .

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