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Chapter 684
ER – Chapter 684: Heaven Pillar Continent

“Go . ”

Li Fuchen waved his hand and shot a million swords qi at the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

“Courting death . Blood Demonic Sky Devour . ”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler activated his innate ability . In the void, a blood-colored manta ray that was a few hundred miles in size was formed . The manta ray opened up its mouth and formed a blood whirlpool . Countless swords qi were swallowed into the whirlpool and vanished like mud into the sea .

One breath, two breaths…

After a few breaths, the blood manta ray had already swallowed a few hundred thousand swords qi .

Gradually, the blood manta ray’s body started to appear with shining cracks, as sword light was subtly emitted .

Li Fuchen’s swords qi were much stronger than the water swords .

The water swords were merely fused with sword patterns .  

As for the Sect Origin Swords qi, they weren’t just fused with sword patterns, they already possessed fatal power .

After all, the Sect Origin Swords qi originated from Li Fuchen’s life origin sword energy . Therefore, they contained condensed sword intent .  

(TL note: I changed Life Origin Sword to life origin sword energy, since it is something all Sect Origin Swords practitioner possess)


The blood manta ray ultimately exploded . There were over a hundred thousand Sect Origin Swords qi that remained and were all rushing at the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

“Damn it . ”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler gritted his teeth and retreated back into the blood sphere .

When the swords qi and blood sphere were dispersed, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler was covered with sword wounds .

To be honest, such injuries were just like a light drizzle to him and weren’t worth mentioning, but he was still injured .

After taking a glance, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler was even more enraged .

It turned out that Li Fuchen and the others had already vanished .

Ten thousand miles away, Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and the Thunder Beast were still frenziedly fleeing .

They were fighting a demonic beast great ruler after all, and Li Fuchen wasn’t able to deal with it .

It was already praiseworthy for him to injure the Blood Demonic Great Ruler . If it was some other regular human great emperor, they might not be able to injure the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

Of course, this didn’t mean that Li Fuchen was able to contest with human great emperors .

In terms of cultivation technique and law comprehension, Li Fuchen might be on par with human great emperors . His sword heart and sword pattern was beyond the human great emperors, but his cultivation realm was far too inferior . Li Fuchen might be able to exchange a few moves with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler within a short period of time and even injure the opponent . But once the fight dragged on, he would surely perish .

If it was other great emperors fighting with the demonic beast great rulers, if they couldn’t win, they could just leave with ease .

Two humans and one beast were traveling at rapid speed .

Li Fuchen had the sword shift and fire shift, Yan Qingwu had the saber shift . As for the Thunder Beast, he was a thunder dao sacred beast, therefore, he had the thunder shift .

Every breath would allow the trio to travel over a thousand miles .

“Escape? In your dreams!” A horrific bloody pressure was spreading out .

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler transformed into a blood manta ray that was a few hundred miles in size .

Bloodthirsty Manta Ray, class 8 high-tier sea beast .

It used its bloody ruthlessness to rule as a terrifying sea beast .

It was a few hundred miles in size and it was extremely fast . Just a quick flight would allow it to cover a thousand miles .


A mountain-sized water sword burst out of the sea and struck at the abdomen of the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

The water sword’s power might be great, but the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s defense was tougher, causing the water sword toshatter . shatter .

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s body shook and his speed was reduced .

Subsequently, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler would be struck by the water sword when he progressed slightly . It was unknown how many water swords were hidden under the water and how were they activated .

Over 10,000 miles at the front, Li Fuchen would insert a sword pattern into the sea water every now and then .

The sword patterns looked at veins that were gathered together . Once the sword patterns entered the water, they were like dragons that swam around . Once it sensed the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s qi presence, it would burst out of the sea as though it had intelligence .

In fact, each of the sword patterns had Li Fuchen’s personal brand and it could recognize Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s qi presence .

Gradually, the distance between the two parties was getting further away .

20,000 miles…

50,000 miles…

100,000 miles…

200,000 miles…

At the next moment, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s spiritual awareness wasn’t able to sense Li Fuchen’s group anymore .

The Invisibility incantation together with the Tortoise Cease incantation allowed Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and the Thunder Beast to finally escape the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s spiritual awareness .

Soon enough, half a month later, the trio had already escaped over a few tens of millions of miles away . Moreover, they weren’t using any shifting techniques, otherwise, they would have escaped even further .

After all, the use of shifting technique was too exhausting . Under the Law Phase Realm, it was hard to maintain it for a long period of time .

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On the boundless sea, there was a human figure in a brutal battle with a white flood dragon .

Without any exceptions, all adult flood dragons were class 8 demonic beasts and it was the same for this white flood dragon too .

“Death Cleave!”

The human figure was a middle-aged man wearing black armor . He was wielding an exaggeratingly huge saber and when he cleaved with the giant saber, an intense saber light caused the white flood dragon to burst with blood .


The white flood dragon let out a painful roar and opened its mouth to shoot out a blinding white light at the black-armored man .

Crackle Crackle!

The sea water was frozen .

The blinding white light was obviously a rapid freezing air . The black-armored man was immediately frozen and turned into an ice sculpture .


The white flood dragon swung its tail and shattered the ice sculpture, sending the black-armored man flying while his body emitted cold air .

Just as the black-armored man was about to get killed, a water sword blasted the white flood dragon away .

The white flood dragon tilted its head and fixed its lake-sized eyes on the two humans and one beast .

Who else could it be other than Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and the Thunder Beast .

“Seeking death . ”

The white flood dragon shot out a cold air at the trio .

The white flood dragon was several hundred miles in size and when it shot out the cold air, it might look like a white pillar of light, but it was at least ten miles in thickness . It truly wasn’t that easy to dodge it . The black-armored man was a great example .

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It was a pity that he encountered Li Fuchen .

If Li Fuchen wanted to dodge it, a simple shifting technique would suffice .

However, he didn’t need to dodge .

He reached out and turned the Sky Ring Sword Armor into a sword barrier to block at the front .

Crackle Crackle!

Frost appeared on the sword barrier but it couldn’t break through the barrier .


The white flood dragon was smart . After seeing Li Fuchen’s countermeasure, it knew that it wasn’t a match for Li Fuchen . The white flood dragon shrunk rapidly and plunged into the sea water before vanishing .

“Many thanks for saving my life . ”

The black-armored man was severely injured by the frostbite but it was fortunate that he could still maintain flight .

Li Fuchen inserted a sword energy into the black-armored man’s body to help with the removal of the cold air . He then asked, “Is there any continent in the vicinity? Where is it?”

The black-armored man didn’t speak . Li Fuchen’s sword energy was very powerful and it contained two types of laws . One was the sword dao law and the other was the fire dao law . The former was able to scatter the cold air that was gathered together, while the latter was able to dissolve the cold air . In just a few blinks of the eye, the cold air within his body was almost fully removed . The remaining cold air had entered deep into the roots and formed a frost wound . He would need to rely on himself to remove it slowly .

After letting out a cold breath, the black-armored cupped his fist with gratitude and replied, “There is only one continent in the nearby vicinity and it is called the Heaven Pillar Continent . I am from the Heaven Pillar Continent . ”

“Heaven Pillar Continent? What class grade is the continent?” Yan Qingwu asked .

The black-armored man said, “The Heaven Pillar Continent is an apex mid-class continent and it permits Law Phase Realm emperors to move around freely . ”

“Apex mid-class continent?”

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu exchanged looks that revealed delight .

It was obvious that the Heaven Pillar Continent was of the same class grade as the Emperor Sky Continent . If they cultivated there, they would be able to enter the Law Phase Realm quicker .

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