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Chapter 683
ER – Chapter 683: Fighting a Great Ruler

Above the torrential ocean, there was a thunder light that blasted straight ahead .

The thunder light was actually a demonic hound that was over twenty feet in length . It was carrying a man and a woman .

“The Thunder Beast is renowned for a reason . It is actually able to travel by riding a thunderbolt . ” Li Fuchen praised .

In terms of traveling method, Li Fuchen was far inferior to the Thunder Beast . Unless he was using the shifting technique .

However, the shifting technique used too much sword energy and it was hard to use for a long period of time .

Two humans and one beast . They were none other than Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and the Thunder Beast .

With a significant increase in strength, the duo didn’t stay any longer on the Four Way Continent . They were planning to find higher class continents .


The seawater burst into the sky as a 100-mile long sea snake opened its blood red mouth to bite at the trio .

Green Loop Ruler Snake, class 8 low-tier sea beast .

Yan Qingwu and the Thunder Beast simply ignored the Green Loop Ruler Snake as though they didn’t even see it .

As the Green Loop Ruler Snake was rapidly getting close, a water sword suddenly appeared and pierced through the Green Loop Ruler Snake’s head before it exploded .

The water sword was naturally made by Li Fuchen .

When his sword pattern proficiency reached the level where all things could be used as a sword, even a water sword had power that was comparable to a heaven class high-tier sword art .

Of course, there was still a huge strength difference as compared to Li Fuchen’s actual strength .

After all, Li Fuchen still had the sword heart and the heaven class high-tier artifact sword, the Joint-Heaven Sword .

It was fortunate that it was still very easy for Li Fuchen to kill a low-tier demonic beast ruler with the sword pattern .

“In terms of sword dao proficiency, there is probably no one better than you below the saints . ”

Yan Qingwu had vast knowledge . During her previous life on the Saint Spirit Continent, she did encounter with some saints too . But she had never met anyone like Li Fuchen below the saints that had such extraordinary sword dao proficiency .

Li Fuchen didn’t reply and just looked up .

It was unknown when the sky was covered with a blood cloud . Drops of blood were raining down .

Splash Splash…

The drops of blood turned into a heavy rain . Layers of the thunder light outside the Thunder Beast had been instantly dispersed .

Li Fuchen brandished his left hand and surrounded the thunder light with the Sky Ring Sword Armor .

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…

When the blood smashed onto the Sky Ring Sword Armor, there were horrific explosions .

The Thunder Beast’s scalp turned numb . He originally had some arrogance, but it had already vanished right now .

“Blood dao law!” Yan Qingwu’s face turned grave .

To be able to utilize the blood dao law to this extent, the other party must at least be a high-tier demonic beast ruler .

Li Fuchen said, “It is the Blood Demonic Great Ruler . ”

Li Fuchen had already remembered the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s qi presence . He couldn’t get it wrong .

The blood rain was getting heavier and Li Fuchen’s Sky Ring Sword Armor wasn’t going to last much longer .


Yan Qingwu drew her curved saber and slashed at the cloud of blood in the sky .

The cloud of blood moved a little before countless saber lights burst out .

In just a few blinks of the eye, the blood cloud was dispersed .

“Human kid, you didn’t think you would meet me again right?!”

A blood figure appeared out of nowhere .

It was a middle-aged man wearing blood-colored robes, had blood-colored hair and pupils .

“Blood Demonic Great Ruler . It seems like you have plenty of eyes . ” 

Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised at all .  

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler was the dictator of the Blood Demonic Sea after all . He definitely had plenty of eyes within the Blood Demonic Sea and also in the nearby regions . Li Fuchen had been traveling across the ocean for many days . It was inevitable that his whereabouts were exposed .

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler was rather surprised to see Li Fuchen so composed .

“This place isn’t the Ancient Star Sea, furthermore, the Ancient Star Sea doesn’t exist anymore . If you are smart enough, you should surrender now . I might give you a good death . ”

It was impossible for him to release Li Fuchen . In his opinion, Li Fuchen who consumed the Blood Lingzhi Crown was a huge nourishment . It was greatly beneficial for him to evolve into a demonic beast overlord .

“Do you think that is possible?”

Li Fuchen swung his hand and imbued a sword pattern into the seawater below .


Immediately after, thousands of water swords burst up and shot at the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

“Petty tricks . ”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler swung his hand and a blood-colored screen appeared in front of him .

Boom Boom Boom…

The blood-colored screen vibrated and even distorted .


The Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s expression changed a little .

The water sword was much stronger than he imagined . Furthermore, with such numbers, it was probably hard for regular high-tier demonic beast rulers to block it .

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“No wonder he is so composed, it turns out that he had a great increase in strength . But I am not a regular high-tier ruler . ”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler grasped with his hand and sudden released a blood-colored screen . The thousands of water swords exploded .

As a demonic beast great ruler, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s strength was much stronger than regular human emperors .

In normal situations, a high-tier ruler would be able to contest with a human peak-class emperor . A peak-tier ruler would be able to contest with a human great emperor . A demonic beast great ruler would be able to contest with the stronger human great emperor . There were some demonic beast great ruler with dominant bloodlines that could even contest with human half-saints .

“He is a demonic beast great ruler for a reason . ”

If it was in the past, Li Fuchen would immediately use the teleportation board and teleport to escape .

However, Li Fuchen’s strength was now more than 10 times stronger than before . If he didn’t fight and simply ran, he would be too cowardly .


The Joint-Heaven Sword was drawn .

A sword light was emitted and it was substantial like water . Even the heaven and earth law withdrew .

“What a great artifact sword . ” The Blood Demonic Great Ruler squinted his eyes .

He could feel a trace of threat from the sword . It meant that this sword was possibly able to injure him .

“Blood Demonic Great Ruler, receive a sword slash from me . ”

Li Fuchen stood on the Thunder Beast’s head and brandished his sword at the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

The sword slash had an indescribable prowess .

When the sword move was executed, the world was filled with sword light .  

When the sword move was executed, the radiant sword light penetrated everything .  

When the sword move was executed, the area where the Blood Demonic Great Ruler stood had turned into a world of sword dao law . All other laws were expelled .

Meteor Fall, heaven class high-tier sword move . When wielding the heaven class high-tier Joint-Heaven Sword, the sword move’s power was now at a level that Li Fuchen didn’t even expect . Yan Qingwu could also feel the absolute brilliance of the sword move . As for the Thunder Beast, he was already stunned and drunk .

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“You little bastard . ”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler roared and his body burst out with blood light . The blood light then gathered into a sphere of blood that was a few dozen meters in size .  

He admitted that he belittled Li Fuchen . He had never been pushed so much even if he encountered the human great emperor .

Li Fuchen’s sword move was truly unbelievable .

Of course, it was mainly due to the sword being too fearsome .


When the sword light dispersed, the blood sphere had also dispersed .

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler looked down at his chest and there was a bleeding wound .

“As expected, it is still too much for me to fight with a demonic beast great ruler . *

Li Fuchen let out a sigh . He knew that he was only able to injure the Blood Demonic Great Ruler because of the weapon’s advantage .

After all, even a human great emperor might not possess a heaven class high-tier weapon . Apart from that, it was due to the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s carelessness .

Who would have expected for a Primary Sea Realm monarch to pull out this sword .  

“You are actually able to injure me . Well done . ” The Blood Demonic Great Ruler grinned while his eyes burst with blood light .

It was over a century since he was injured .

“Is that so? Since there is a first, I don’t think you will mind a second time right?”

Li Fuchen laughed first before his eyes turned sharp .

“Sect Origin Swords!” 

Once Li Fuchen yelled out, the entire place turned silent . All the clouds, wind, and waves had stopped .

Subsequently, a million swords qi appeared out of nowhere . It was so densely covered that it looked like a sea of swords hanging upside down .

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