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Chapter 685
ER – Chapter 685: Yan Qingwu’s Breakthrough

The black-armored man was called Yang Long and he was at the 4th level of Law Phase Realm . He was from the Yang Clan which was an emperor-class clan in the Heaven Fire Region . They were located at the Long Wind Mountains .

Yang Long ventured out to the sea in search of an extremely rare ocean resource . Unfortunately, he encountered the white flood dragon .

The white flood dragon’s combat strength wasn’t extraordinary, but due to its ability to shoot rapid freezing air, it was far more dangerous than regular flood dragons .

Had it not been for Li Fuchen’s help, Yang Long wouldn’t have survived or be able to escape .

Following Yang Long, the trio arrived at the Heaven Pillar Continent .

Originally, Li Fuchen was planning to find a place to cultivate . But due to Yang Long’s passionate invitation, the trio still decided to head for the Yang Clan .

Long Wind Mountains .

Yang Long took out a token and opened up the array . He led the trio into the Yang Clan .

“Greetings to the Ancestor . ”

Along the way, there were plenty of people that greeted Yang Long .

Yang Long nodded and asked a high level monarch, “Is Yang Le around?”

The Yang clansman let out a bitter smile, “Ancestor, Yang Le has ventured out . ”

Yang Long frowned in response .

Yang Le was his grandson and was among the top few in the Yang Clan in terms of talent . Before he was even 70 years old, he was already at the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . There was something not good about him was his preference to go on adventures . He was fond of standing up for the weak, saving beauties, doing righteous things . As such, he offended quite a number of people . Had it not been for Yang Long cleaning up after him, Yang Le would have been chopped up into pieces a long time ago .

After sighing, Yang Long gestured for the Yang clansman to leave .

There were plenty of mountain peaks in the Long Wind Mountains . Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu, and the Thunder Beast were arranged to stay on an extremely grand peak .

“The Clear Wind Mountain is one of the top ten peaks in my Yang Clan . It is laid down with a class 8 energy assembly array . Will the three guests please rest well here . If you need any help, you can send me a direct message . ” After speaking, Yang Long handed over three pieces of communication tokens .

“Alright . Many thanks . ”

Li Fuchen was rather satisfied with Yang Clan’s cultivation environment . It was much better than to find a place on the outside and they wouldn’t be disturbed too .

“Such concentrated heaven and earth energy!” The Thunder Beast was shocked .

As compared to the Heaven Pillar Continent, the Four Way Continent was insignificant, there wasn’t even a need to compare . Furthermore, the heaven and earth energy on the Clear Wind Mountain was a few times more concentrated on the Heaven Pillar Continent . It felt as though they were soaking in an energy pool .

The Thunder Beast felt that even if he didn’t have any resources, he would be able to evolve into a demonic beast ruler within a few years . Within a century, he would certainly evolve into a demonic beast overlord .

“The heaven and earth law here seems to be more comprehensive than the Emperor Sky Continent . ” Yan Qingwu commented .

Li Fuchen nodded . “It is reckoned that the saints destroyed too much of the Emperor Sky Continent back then, causing the heaven and earth law to be damaged . ”

Each continent was like a half-sealed world . If it was destroyed too much, the continent law would leak out . Just like how an injured person’s qi presence would slowly weaken .

Now that they were back on an apex mid-class continent, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had plenty of things to do .

The latter was planning to break through to the Law Phase Realm .

As for Li Fuchen, he was planning to study the Void Heaven Sword Art .

With his current state, it wasn’t possible for him to break through to the Law Phase Realm within a short period of time .

The Void Heaven Sword Art had three moves . The first move was called Void Reality . The second move was called Blade of Void . The third move was called Void Heaven Sword World .

The first move, Void Reality made use of the unpredictable void law .

If you thought it was the void, it would turn into reality .

If you thought it was real, it would disappear into the void .

“Without the void sword heart, it is indeed troublesome to cultivate . ”

For the next few days, Li Fuchen couldn’t even reach the entry stage for the Void Heaven Sword Art . It was truly surprising, especially for a person who possessed horrific perception .

However, Li Fuchen understood after some pondering .

The Void Heaven Sword Art was a heaven class high-tier sword art and it didn’t just contain sword dao law, it also contained the void law . When two laws were combined, they might not be as powerful as a single type of law, but the difficulty would definitely increase significantly .

After a few days, the Void Heaven Sword Art’s first move, Void Reality was finally at the entry stage .

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At the entry stage, the power wasn’t very prominent, but the mystical aspect was truly shocking for Li Fuchen .

When he executed the sword move, the sword light was like a layer of transparent gauze . It looked like a layer of water which seemed harmless . However, anything that the sword light enveloped would be silently dissolved and disintegrated, as though they never existed .

This was only the entry stage . It was unknown how horrific it would be at the sub-completion and the completion stage .

“It is extremely different from Meteor Fall . Meteor Fall pursues extreme speed, power, and also penetration . Void Reality uses the void law as a medium and flushed in the sword dao law, forming a unique attack method . ”

As time passed by, Li Fuchen’s Void Heaven Sword Art was progressing every day . Soon enough, in another month, Li Fuchen finally cultivated the first move of the Void Heaven Sword Art, Void Reality to the completion stage .

In terms of attack power, Void Reality wasn’t superior to Meteor Fall . After all, Void Reality wasn’t at the perfection stage yet . However, in terms of its mystical aspect, it was beyond Meteor Fall . Li Fuchen believed that even he wouldn’t be able to block against Void Reality .

This move was too crafty and all defensive methods would be almost useless . Unless Li Fuchen’s Sky Ring Sword Armor was pushed to the heaven class high-tier, otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to block Void Reality . He wouldn’t even be able to weaken the move .

Even Meteor Fall had to break the enemy’s defense first before it could injure or kill the enemy .

Void Reality immediately bypassed the defense .

Of course, if the enemy’s law comprehension was at the heaven class high-tier, things would be different .

Law and intent could only be blocked with law and intent .

The vast amount and purity of qi wasn’t really as effective as one would imagine .

It was why Li Fuchen was able to exchange a few moves with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

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After all, Li Fuchen’s law comprehension was already at the great emperor’s level and he was just lacking in cultivation level .

Three months passed by in an instant .


On Clear Wind Mountain, there was a female law phase that rose up from the ground .

The female law phase resembled Yan Qingwu, but it had an additional prowess as though she was going to rule the world .

The horrific intent enveloped the entire Yang Clan and the entire Long Wind Mountains within a split moment . It caused a commotion within the Yang Clan .

In the Yang Clan’s grand hall, there was another Law Phase Realm emperor apart from Yang Long . He was the Yang Clan Head, Yang Deng .

He had raised his head with shock and didn’t know when his Yang Clan obtained another Law Phase Realm emperor and why didn’t he know .

“No, this person isn’t from Yang Clan . ” Yang Deng shook his head in the next moment .

From the willpower of the law phase, it wasn’t like the law phase cultivated from the Yang Clan’s cultivation technique .

A law phase was the manifestation of the cultivation technique and each cultivation technique would produce a different law phase .

If a Yang clansman broke through to the Law Phase Realm, the law phase would definitely have a slight resonation with him .

“Could it be the people brought back by Second Uncle?” Yang Deng already knew about Yang Long’s incident .

Those two young people didn’t have high cultivation levels, but their strength was unbelievable and they must not be treated as Primary Sea Realm monarchs . They must be treated as mid-level emperors . Therefore, Yang Deng never disturbed them and would do everything he could to provide all the help .

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