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Chapter 682
ER – Chapter 682: All Things as Swords

12 stalks of high-grade soul herbs were enough for Li Fuchen’s spirit soul to progress further . It was now 27% pale red .

It was a pity that Li Fuchen couldn’t get hold of that special-grade soul herb .

The Soul Valley Owner was obviously able to control the growth of soul herbs . Unless Li Fuchen was able to harvest it immediately, otherwise, the Soul Valley Owner would be able to fully absorb the soul herb’s energy with a single thought .

“I can continue comprehending the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern now . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t expect to break through to the Law Phase Realm within a short period of time . His objective was to quickly comprehend the entire third layer of Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern . By then, with the heaven class high-tier Joint-Heaven Sword and the heaven class high-tier sword art, he would be able to contest with peak-class emperors like the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor .





Time passed quickly when cultivating . In just the blink of the eye . Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had already been on the Four Way Continent for half a year .

The ocean was filled with danger and the duo were planning to be fully prepared before leaving the Four Way Continent .

“99%, just one more step . ” Li Fuchen sighed .

The third layer of the Joint-Heaven Sword pattern was harder to comprehend than he had expected . He thought that with 27% of his spirit soul pale red, he would be able to comprehend it faster .

“With your current cultivation realm, even if you had an heaven class high-tier artifact sword, you wouldn’t be able to make full use of its power . However, it is entirely different to have a high proficiency in sword pattern . Apart from that, the third seal of the sword pattern will be useful in all ways once you comprehend it . ”

As the layers of seal on the Joint-Heaven Sword was removed, the Sword Spirit was much livier .

Li Fuchen nodded .

The sword pattern was actually the closest to the quintessence of the sword dao .

As for the sword arts, they were the methods to use the sword dao .

“I am at the 2nd rank of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique . ”

When Li Fuchen was devoting his time to comprehend the Joint-Heaven Sword pattern, Yan Qingwu finally cultivated the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique to the 2nd rank .

At this moment, her true spirit was already comparable with high-level emperors and she could now utilize the full power of the Black Saber’s finishing move .

The Black Saber’s finishing move was three times as powerful as a normal Black Saber move .

99 . 1%

99 . 3%

99 . 7%

99 . 9%

Three more months later, Li Fuchen finally comprehended the sword pattern to the limits . He just had to step over the door to comprehend it fully .

There was a sudden burst of sword light in the air as a majestic sword dao pressure descended from the sky and enveloped the world .

Yan Qingwu lifted her head and had shocked eyes .

“This is a sword dao anomaly?”

A sword dao anomaly would only be activated after cultivating the sword dao to an extremely high level .

It was said that when an emperor broke through to become a saint, the sky would appear with the great dao anomaly . If it was a water dao cultivator, a water dao anomaly would appear . If it was a fire dao cultivator, there would be a fire dao anomaly . It was extremely rare for Law Phase Realm emperors to cause a great dao anomaly . As for great dao anomalies during the Primary Sea Realm, it wasn’t recorded in the ancient records .

Yan Qingwu didn’t know what exactly did Li Fuchen do to cause the descent of a sword dao anomaly .

Even if one comprehended a heaven class high-tier sword art, it wasn’t possible to cause the sword dao anomaly .

“Sword pattern, the pattern logic of the sword dao . The third layer of the Joint-Heaven Sword pattern is already very close to the quintessence of the sword dao . ”

Li Fuchen felt that his sword dao was now unprecedentedly clear and his sword heart was stronger by one level .

“I wonder what great use do I have with the third layer of sword pattern . ”

Li Fuchen had a thought in his mind and used a sword net to envelope the mountain in front .

The sword net shrunk and branded itself on the mountain . The mountain then quickly transformed into a giant sword and burst out with sword qi into the clouds .

Li Fuchen then fused a sword net into a river, causing it to turn into a flowing water giant sword before sword qi burst into the clouds .

Immediately after, Li Fuchen transformed the wind into a sword, grass into sword .

There was nothing that couldn’t be used as a sword .

“All things as swords . ” Li Fuchen understood something .

The third layer of sword pattern was actually to use all things as swords .

The so-called all things as swords wasn’t just in terms of form, but in terms of essence .

If it was just a form, any swordsmen could do it .


Li Fuchen pointed with his finger and a stalk of grass rushed into the sky . It then slashed and caused the heaven and earth laws to split open .

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This sword obviously contained the power of a heaven class high-tier sword art .

With inspiration, Li Fuchen activated the Sect Origin Swords .

As a 5-star secret technique, the Sect Origin Swords was especially powerful during the early stages . But as Li Fuchen’s cultivation and strength progressed rapidly, Sect Origin Swords couldn’t even be considered useful . Therefore, Li Fuchen had abandoned it .

The only thing to enhance the power of the Sect Origin Swords was the Bronze Sword Essence . But due to the lack of continuation for the Silver Sword Essence, it was abandoned too .

Right now, the Sect Origin Swords finally had its use .

Clang Clang Clang…

Multiple Sect Origin Swords qi floated above Li Fuchen .

Each of the sword qi was very ordinary and didn’t enhance Li Fuchen’s sword energy .

A 5-star secret technique wasn’t able to enhance Primary Sea Realm’s qi, let alone Li Fuchen’s sword energy .

The only advantage was the number .

If Li Fuchen had to split the sword energy, he wouldn’t be able to control too many of them, let alone injecting a sword pattern .

With a thought in the mind, a formless sword pattern fused into the Sect Origin Swords qi .

In a split moment, each of the sword qi increased in prowess by hundreds of times . They were just like heaven class high-tier artifact swords and had horrific murderous intent . They were just like a tornado waiting to devastate the ground and shatter the clouds . Within a few tens of thousands of miles, all life forms could feel the intimidating sword qi and murderous aura .

Sect Origin Swords specially cultivated on the Life Origin Sword . The stronger the Life Origin Sword, the higher the number of swords qi that could be stored .

During these few years, Li Fuchen didn’t put extra effort into the Sect Origin Swords, but his Life Origin Sword was strengthened along with his cultivation realm . It was now at an extremely powerful stage and he could now store one million Sect Origin Swords qi .

One could imagine the power of one million heaven class high-tier swords qi when they were blasted out . It would definitely be a horrific scene .

Li Fuchen could even contest with a great emperor .

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Once the Sect Origin Swords was withdrawn, the horrific murderous intent instantly vanished as though it never existed .

Li Fuchen’s attention was on the Joint-Heaven Sword now .

In fact, the Joint-Heaven Sword was also a contributor to the sword dao anomaly .

As the Joint-Heaven Sword’s third seal was removed, the Joint-Heaven Sword upgraded from heaven class low-tier to heaven class high-tier .

A heaven class high-tier artifact sword was much more horrific than Li Fuchen imagined . Wherever the sword light shone, heaven and earth law would withdraw, leaving only sword dao law .

In other words, a heaven class high-tier artifact sword already had its own field and it was an absolute field that only contained sword dao law .

When wielding the Joint-Heaven Sword, Li Fuchen’s mind appeared with some information .  

“Void Heaven Sword Art, heaven class high-tier sword art…”

After reading the information, Li Fuchen lamented at the power of the heaven class high-tier sword art .

The Void Heaven Sword Art was a void dao sword art . It could turn the void into a sword and kill without any trace .

Once cultivated to the extremity, any place in the world was just one sword distance away .

“You have finally removed the third seal . Once this seal is removed, my qi presence will be emitted and will be detected by some absolute saints . They might not come looking for now, but they will do so sooner or later . ” The Sword Spirit said .

“A heaven class high-tier artifact sword’s qi presence will be automatically emitted?” Li Fuchen asked .

The Sword Spirit replied, “No, only a few equipment will emit its qi presence . Most of the heaven class peak-tier equipment couldn’t too . ”

“What about those beyond the heaven class peak-tier?”

“You will naturally know once you reach that level . ”

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