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Chapter 681
ER – Chapter 681: Clash of Spirit Soul


The superior spirit soul chains actually failed this time . It felt as though they had thrust into a wall of steel and were repelled .


The spirit soul chains didn’t accept failure and continued to attack the purple spirit soul .

Without exception, all of them were sent flying .

Li Fuchen’s purple spirit soul was like a purple crystal and it was much tougher than expected .

In fact, the purple spirit soul was emitting traces of eternal and undying aura .

“In this world, there isn’t anything that is eternal! Break!”

More spirit soul chains emerged and started a barrage of attacks on the purple spirit soul .

“The golden talisman isn’t reacting?” Li Fuchen frowned .

In the past, whenever Li Fuchen’s spirit soul encountered a crisis, it would display its prowess and refine the invading spirit soul or true spirit . However, the golden talisman didn’t have any signs of movement .

“Could it be that the golden talisman would only react when there is a crisis? I might be restrained now, but my spirit soul isn’t in danger at all . ” Li Fuchen made his guesses .

It was rather logical too . Back when he was in the Land of Fog’s tomb, his cultivation realm was still low and his spirit soul’s grade wasn’t high either . Therefore, it was hard for him to resist the monarch’s true spirit .  

During the incident at the Red Sea, his spirit soul might be pale purple in color, but the Black Flood Dragon Ruler’s demonic beast spirit wasn’t something Li Fuchen could resist either .

Right now, his spirit soul was already upgraded to the purple spirit soul .

Of course, if it was merely the purple spirit soul, it would still be hard to resist the spirit soul chain attacks from the Soul Valley Owner .

It was fortunate that 25% of his purple spirit soul was now pale red .

The pale red spirit soul had eternal and undying aura, making it truly extraordinary .

Since there wasn’t a need to worry about the golden talisman, Li Fuchen could only think of ideas .

“If the Soul Valley Owner is able to transform his spirit soul power into spirit soul chains, I should be able to do it with my purple spirit soul too . ”

Li Fuchen immediately attempted to condense his spirit soul power at the thought of the idea .

Once, twice…

After a few dozen attempts, Li Fuchen failed to condense his spirit soul power, let alone forming the spirit soul chains .

“That’s right, I can observe the Soul Valley Owner’s spirit soul chains . ”

With the thought in his mind, a pair of purple eyes appeared above the purple spirit soul and observed the spirit soul chains intently .

The spirit soul chains were much more mystical than Li Fuchen imagined . It seemed like they were formed by condensing the spirit soul power, but they were actually pieces of spirit soul runes . It also meant that if Li Fuchen wanted to form the spirit soul chains, he would need to condense the spirit soul runes first .

The spirit soul runes were all mixed together, therefore, Li Fuchen wasn’t able to see through them at once .

Fortunately, Li Fuchen had time .


When the spirit soul chains smashed on the purple spirit soul, it emitted a small spark . The spark was actually countless spirit soul runes . Some of the spirit soul runes had already crumbled . Li Fuchen was now able to use his spirit soul eye to observe the internal structure of the spirit soul runes .

“I see now . ” Li Fuchen gradually understood .

To learn the spirit soul runes, it was considered both difficult and easy .

It was difficult because the internal structure of the spirit soul rune was very concealed and hard to see through .

It was easy because once Li Fuchen saw the internal structure, it was the same as penetrating the layer of gauze and seeing every secret .

Of course, even if a regular person possessed the secret technique to condense spirit soul runes, it would still be hard to achieve it .

After all, this was part of a soul dao technique .

If the spirit soul wasn’t competent, it was impossible to cultivate it .

After understanding the internal structure of the spirit soul rune, Li Fuchen attempted to condense the spirit soul runes .

In his mind, a tiny spirit soul rune was gradually forming . As time elapsed, the spirit soul rune was getting more completed and comprehensive .

It was obvious that the Soul Valley Owner didn’t notice this scene as he was controlling the spirit soul chains and constantly attacking the purple spirit soul .


There was a slight ripple as Li Fuchen condensed the first completed spirit soul rune .

The next steps were easier . With the thoughts in his mind, the spirit soul rune multiplied from one into three and into an innumerable number . Immediately after, they formed a single purple spirit soul chain .

This purple spirit soul chain didn’t look as imposing as the Soul Valley Owner’s green spirit soul chain, but it looked to be more firm and indestructible .

“What?!” The Soul Valley Owner’s voice echoed like thunder in Li Fuchen’s mind .

The Soul Valley Owner was shocked, too shocked .

He was certain that Li Fuchen didn’t know any soul dao technique before this, otherwise, Li Fuchen would have revealed it earlier .

It just so happened that Li Fuchen had also used the spirit soul chain .

“Could it be a coincidence? No!” The Soul Valley Owner didn’t believe in such coincidental things .

Even though the Soul Valley Owner wasn’t willing to admit it, but his rationality told him that Li Fuchen had secretly learned his soul dao secret technique during this short period of time… the Spirit Soul Chain . This level of talent and perception was simply appalling and extremely rare .

“I don’t believe that your Spirit Soul Chain is able to contest against mine . ”

The Soul Valley Owner wasn’t panicking . Li Fuchen had just learned the Spirit Soul Chain and was definitely not as proficient . He still had the upper hand .

Cling Cling Clang Clang…

Two Spirit Soul Chains clashed together .

The Soul Valley Owner’s green Spirit Soul Chain was imposing and overflowing with spirit soul power .

On the contrary, Li Fuchen’s purple Spirit Soul Chain looked ordinary apart from the gorgeous color . It looked just like a regular purple chain .

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But when the two chains clashed, the green Spirit Soul Chain wasn’t able to break the purple Spirit Soul Chain, instead, it was tangled tightly by the purple Spirit Soul Chain .


The Soul Valley Owner’s voice turned sharp .

Li Fuchen had just learned the Spirit Soul Chain and the spirit soul runes shouldn’t be as cohesive yet .

“Could it be due to his special spirit soul?”

“That must be the case . ”

The Soul Valley Owner was frustrated .

Li Fuchen’s spirit soul was powerful and once he took over it, it would be greatly beneficial to him .

But the spirit soul was too powerful . Right now, he felt as though he was a dog biting on a tortoise and it was truly awkward .


In terms of prowess, the purple Spirit Soul Chain was inferior to the green Spirit Soul Chain . But in terms of toughness, it was the reverse .

Both chains contested for a moment and the green Spirit Soul Chain broke .

Bang, bang, bang…

The rest of the green Spirit Soul Chains were broken too .

Once the green Spirit Soul Chains withdrew from Li Fuchen’s mind, his pressure was instantly relieved . The purple Spirit Soul Chain then emerged from his forehead .

“Young man, you are incredible . I, the Fog Soul admit defeat . I wonder if we can make a deal? If the deal is successful, I can give you 10 stalks of special-grade soul herbs . ” The Soul Valley Owner said .

“What is the deal?” Li Fuchen wasn’t in a hurry to leave .

Since the other party couldn’t do anything to him, why would he need to escape?

“The deal is simple . Lure 100 Primary Sea Realm monarchs into the Soul Valley . For every 10 monarchs you lure in, I can give you 1 stalk of special-grade soul herb . ” The Soul Valley Owner spoke in a patient tone .

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“Do you think it is possible?” Li Fuchen scoffed .

Li Fuchen wasn’t a fool and he knew that the Soul Valley Owner was absorbing martial artists’ spirit soul to strengthen himself .

By luring 100 monarchs inside, the Soul Valley Owner might be able to recover almost fully or completely .

The Soul Valley Owner stayed silent . “50 will do too . I believe you have already experienced the benefits of the special-grade soul herb . With 10 stalks of special-grade soul herbs, you will be able to progress to the Law Phase Realm within 10 years . As for me, I just wish to maintain my spirit soul and don’t allow it to disperse . In order to recover, it is impossible with 500 monarchs, let alone 50 monarchs . ”

The Soul Valley Owner didn’t speak anymore . But Li Fuchen could feel a pair of invisible eyes staring at him .

“I refuse . ” Li Fuchen said decisively .

Who knew how many spirit souls had the Soul Valley Owner absorbed after so many years . It was too huge a risk .

After speaking, Li Fuchen turned around to leave .

“Young man, I will remember you . There will be a day when I will let you know what is called hell . ”

The Soul Valley Owner’s voice sounded grim and it was like a chilling wind that blew out from the depths of hell . It caused Li Fuchen to have goosebumps .

Half a day later, Li Fuchen walked out of the Soul Valley . When he turned around to look at the Soul Valley, his heart still had lingering fears .

Had it not been for his powerful spirit soul, he might be the same as a living dead person now . He would be supplying spirit soul energy to the Soul Valley Owner everyday .

After thinking about it, Li Fuchen suddenly drew his finger at the entrance . A sword intent sealed up the entrance of the Soul Valley .


A roar echoed and the entire Soul Valley felt like it was coming alive .

“Be in heaven or in hell, I, the Fog Soul swear that I will kill you, I will!”

In the black cave deep inside the Soul Valley, there was a stalk of golden soul herb and there was a sinister looking figure above the soul herb .

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