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Chapter 680
ER – Chapter 680: Soul Valley Owner

Soul Valley, the most mysterious and horrific place in the Four Way Continent .

A very long time ago, someone discovered the soul herb outside the valley . After consuming it, the person’s perception increased greatly, allowing the cultivation level and strength to make great progress . All of a sudden, the soul herbs became popular and everyone in the Four Way Continent wanted to obtain soul herbs .

Soon enough, everyone realized that they would get addicted to the soul herbs . When the addiction kicked in and if they didn’t consume any soul herbs, they would suffer so much that they would rather die .

Subsequently, when the soul herbs outside the valley were wiped out, the addicted people entered the Soul Valley without hesitation .

It was roughly estimated that only one out of every ten individuals who entered the Soul Valley would be able to escape alive . The rest of the people would vanish without a trace .

The incidents warned the later generations and no one was willing to consume the soul herbs unless it was necessary . But every year, there would be people who would look for soul herbs in the Soul Valley due to various reasons .

Perhaps to them, the inability to make progress in strength was even more terrifying than death .

On this day, Li Fuchen arrived at the entrance of the Soul Valley .

He didn’t allow Yan Qingwu and the Thunder Beast to accompany him . The Soul Valley was too dangerous, furthermore, Li Fuchen guessed that the Soul Valley should be related to the spirit soul and true spirit . Yan Qingwu and the Thunder Beast were far inferior to Li Fuchen in this aspect . Therefore, they faced far more danger in the Soul Valley than him .

The Soul Valley was covered with fog and mist for the entire year . Even the spiritual awareness wouldn’t be able to see through it .

It was fortunate that Li Fuchen’s spirit soul power was already able to extend over a few dozens meters in the Emperor Sky Continent . He was able to extend it over a few hundred meters in the Four Way Continent .

With his reaction speed, a few hundred meters were enough for him to stay safe .

Without much hesitation, Li Fuchen entered the Soul Valley .

Squeak Squeak Squeak…

Li Fuchen could vaguely hear countless squeaking sounds of mice from deep inside the fog .

It was a sound that annoyed and irritated the mind .

Li Fuchen executed the Clear Heart incantation and started to walk forward .

After 15 minutes, Li Fuchen’s eyes lit up and his spirit soul power could sense a stalk of high-grade soul herb clearly within the fog .  

Walking in quick steps, Li Fuchen arrived at the vicinity of the high-grade soul herb . He reached out and drew the high-grade soul herb into his hands .

“I wonder what are the conditions for soul herbs to grow…”

Li Fuchen felt puzzled as to why the Four Way Continent had soul herbs, while the Seven Color Continent didn’t have any .

Logically, the Seven Color Continent wasn’t inferior to the Four Way Continent .

In just another 30 minutes, Li Fuchen found the second stalk of high-grade soul herb .

Third stalks, fourth stalks…

Gradually, Li Fuchen realized that it took a longer time to discover new high-grade soul herbs . At first, it was 15 minutes, then it became 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours… Unknowingly, Li Fuchen was already very deep into the Soul Valley .

It was fortunate that he left behind a spirit soul qi presence outside of the valley and as long as that spirit soul qi presence didn’t get dissipated, he didn’t have to fear that he couldn’t walk out .

10 stalks, 11 stalks, 12 stalks…

“Something is wrong . ” Li Fuchen had a feeling that something was amiss .

Why were there so many high-grade soul herbs on the path he was walking on?

Furthermore, the time required to find more soul herbs was getting longer, but he was subtly influenced that if he continued to move forward, he would be able to find more high-grade soul herbs .

Apart from that, his spirit soul power’s range was now reduced by half and could only extend to above 100 over meters away .

“This might be a fraud!”

Li Fuchen immediately started to retreat .

Right at this moment, his spirit soul power could sense a stalk of soul herb growing all of a sudden .

This stalk of soul herb was actually a special-grade soul herb .

One stalk of special-grade soul herb would at least be 30 times as effective as a high-grade soul herb . This was a heaven class high-tier herb that truly lived up to its name and it was impossible to find unless you were truly in luck .

“This is a trick!”

If it was someone else, they wouldn’t give up on this stalk of special-grade soul herb . But Li Fuchen wasn’t just someone else .

He knew that a human’s greatest weakness was desire . As long as there was a desire, there would be a weakness .

It was simply too coincidental for a special-grade soul herb to appear now . It was the timing when he hesitated .

It was obvious that the Soul Valley didn’t hope for him to leave and wanted to lure him deeper into the Soul Valley .

After turning around, Li Fuchen used his fastest speed to return .

Cling Clang!

There were sounds of chains in the air as illusory chains were shot at Li Fuchen .

“Spirit soul power?”

Li Fuchen’s scalp turned numb . He could see that the chains were formed by spirit soul power .

The spirit soul chains moved with extreme speed . Li Fuchen didn’t know how to make use of his spirit soul power and only knew how to extend it . Therefore, he was immediately chained up by the spirit soul chains .

“You are truly something to actually resist the temptation of a special-grade soul herb . ”

A voice directly entered Li Fuchen’s mind .

“Who are you?” Li Fuchen struggled and asked .

However, the sword energy was useless against the spirit soul chains . Only the sword intent was slightly effective, but it wasn’t significant .

“It isn’t important . The most important thing for you is not to resist . Perhaps, I will let you become my soul slave . ”

“Soul slave?”

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Li Fuchen immediately understood .

Within the Soul Valley, there was a hidden soul dao cultivator and this soul dao cultivator was even more terrifying than the Soul Emperor .

At least, the Soul Emperor wasn’t capable of such feats .

Of course, it might also be due to the fact that Li Fuchen didn’t meet with the Soul Emperor directly .


Li Fuchen executed Meteor Fall and slashed on the spirit soul chains .


The spirit soul chains appeared with a delicate crack .

“Heaven class high-tier sword intent! Incredible! I didn’t think that a Primary Sea Realm monarch is actually able to comprehend a heaven class high-tier sword intent . ”

The voice was filled with praises .

“However, a mere heaven class high-tier sword intent isn’t enough to deal with me, unless you are able to comprehend a heaven class peak-tier sword intent!”


Li Fuchen didn’t say anything and pushed the sword heart’s power to the limits . He then used another sword intent to slash on the spirit soul chains .

This time, the spirit soul chains’ crack was several times bigger .

“Sword heart?” The voice sounded astonished .

“It seems like I have underestimated you . To be able to condense the sword heart before reaching the Soul Merge Realm means that you are an incomparable prodigy that is one in a billion . No wonder, you are able to comprehend a heaven class high-tier sword intent . Haha, heaven is really blessing me, the Fog Soul . With your aptitude, being my soul slave will be doing you injustice . I shall allow you to become a part of me!”

The spirit soul chains tightened and dragged Li Fuchen deep into the Soul Valley .

“Not good . ”

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Li Fuchen used the sword intent and frenziedly slashed at the spirit soul chains .

Finally, one of the spirit soul chains was severed .

However, there wasn’t just one spirit soul chain tangling Li Fuchen .

Moreover, when the spirit soul chain was severed, it didn’t dissipate, it was immediately reconnected .

After 10 minutes, the spirit soul chains stopped .

Li Fuchen looked up and in his vision, there were fuzzy figures seated in a cross-legged position . These people had closed eyes and there was a spirit soul chain extending out from their forehead . The chains extended deep into the fog .

In the depths of the fog, there was a pitch-black hole and the fog was rushing out from it .

“Are these people the ones that entered the Soul Valley?”

Li Fuchen could vaguely understand the thoughts of the Soul Valley’s owner .

He was luring people to enter the Soul Valley with the soul herbs before absorbing their spirit soul power to strengthen himself .

“Let me take a look at what is so special about your spirit soul!”

There was a spirit soul chain that rapidly shrunk and plunged into Li Fuchen’s forehead .

Li Fuchen could only feel an intense pain in his mind .

“Purple spirit soul? What is this spirit soul?” The voice sounded baffled .

He had never seen a purple spirit soul . Even a saint’s spirit soul was only green, a purple spirit soul was unprecedented .

“Could this be the legendary god soul?”

“Haha, I, the Fog Soul shall rule the universe! An opportunity to enter a new realm has arrived!”

The spirit soul chain then thrust at Li Fuchen’s purple spirit soul ruthlessly .

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