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Chapter 676
ER – Chapter 676: Saint Spirit

Duanmu Tian felt the pain in his heart .

Yan Qingwu and Li Fuchen’s eyes were very high in standard . Apart from the top-notch resources, they didn’t take anything else .

But these top-notch resources were collected by the Thunder Cloud Cult over countless years . If he knew that they would be wiped out today, he wouldn’t have reserved them and allowed others to take advantage .

Of course, as compared to the Thunder Beast leaving, nothing was worth mentioning .

The Thunder Beast was a sacred beast and it was his Thunder Cloud Cult’s trump card to stay on the top in the Four Way Continent . Otherwise, his Thunder Cloud Sect would already be the vassal of the Four Way Empire .

The Four Way Empire had a 100-men battle formation and if it was formed, it would be able to kill any person or even deity .

A century ago, the Four Way Martial Emperor used the 100-men battle formation to kill an injured low-tier demonic beast ruler in the coastal waters and it shocked the entire continent .


Duanmu Tian sighed and hoped that Yan Qingwu and Li Fuchen would also seek trouble with other factions, especially the Four Way Empire .

Three stalks of high-grade soul herbs had significant effects on Li Fuchen’s spirit soul evolution .

Previously, 5% of Li Fuchen’s spirit soul had already turned pale red . Right now, it was almost 10% pale red .

It allowed Li Fuchen’s perception to improve tremendously .

Before this, when Li Fuchen was thinking, his mind would be flashing with purple lightnings . Right now, there were additional explosions that were pale red in color .

It felt as though it was constantly loud and resonating .

“Soul herbs, I need more soul herbs . ” Li Fuchen let out a forceful breath .

The functions of the high-grade soul herbs were lowered, but Li Fuchen believed that with enough high-grade soul herbs, it was possible to transform 15% of his spirit soul into the pale red spirit soul .

It was obvious that an exaggeratingly long period of time would be required to further evolve the spirit soul . In order to shorten the time, harsh conditions must be fulfilled, like the consumption of soul herbs .

Li Fuchen couldn’t imagine how many more soul herbs were required before he could evolve the purple spirit soul into the pale red spirit soul .

But it was all worth it .

The red colored spirit soul didn’t belong to the mortal realm .

Just 10% of the pale red spirit soul was enough of Li Fuchen to feel a great difference . If half of his spirit soul or even his entire spirit soul evolved into the pale red color, it was unknown what kind of changes would there be .

“It isn’t really possible to comprehend the entire Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern within a short period of time . But I can create a heaven class high-tier sword move first . ”

Yan Qingwu wasn’t able to utilize the full strength of a heaven class high-tier martial art because her true spirit wasn’t powerful enough . But it was different for Li Fuchen, his spirit soul was formidable and so was his true spirit .

He didn’t dare to say that his true spirit was stronger than great emperors, but it definitely wouldn’t be weaker . It might even reach the level of a half-saint .

Apart from the Absolute Heaven Sword Art, Li Fuchen possessed six heaven class mid-tier sword moves . They were the Meteor Fall, Flowing Merciless Edge, Incineration Sword, Sky Ring Sword Armor, Divine Wind Raging Howl, and Sword of Impermanence .

Among them, Flowing Merciless Edge, Incineration Sword, and Divine Wind Raging Howl were mixed with other laws .

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Only the Meteor Fall, Sky Ring Sword Armor, and the Sword of Impermanence contained purely sword dao law .

It might be harder to improve Meteor Fall to heaven class high-tier, but Li Fuchen decided to start with Meteor Fall this time .

There wasn’t any doubt that Meteor Fall had overwhelming lethality, simplicity, and extremity . It was fitting for the sword dao law that was simple and powerful .

As compared to Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu had a better reward .

The Spirit Reversal Herb allowed her true spirit to become much stronger . Previously, she was only able to utilize 30% or 40% of a heaven class high-tier martial art, but now, she was able to use up to 50% or 60% .

If it was a head-on fight, even Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to finish the battle unscathed .

Of course, Li Fuchen had plenty of trumps and if it was a battle to the death, Yan Qingwu wouldn’t be able to win with certainty .

“It is time to cultivate the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique . ”

No one knew that Yan Qingwu had also obtained the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique along  with the reincarnation secret technique .

The Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique was able to strengthen the true spirit and transform it into a saint spirit .

A saint spirit was the true spirit at the saint’s realm .

Once Yan Qingwu transformed her true spirit into the saint spirit in advance, her saint spirit would be stronger after she progressed into a saint .

Apart from that, transforming the true spirit into a saint spirit in advance was greatly beneficial when progressing to the saint’s realm .

But to cultivate the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique, one would need to reincarnate once . Just this point alone would make countless people back off .

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Furthermore, the reincarnator wouldn’t be able to immediately cultivate the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique immediately after the reincarnation .

If the true spirit wasn’t strong enough, forceful cultivation of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique would only cause the true spirit to collapse . Yan Qingwu had already attempted once and paid quite a big price .

Otherwise, her true spirit would be much stronger than now . After all, she was a reincarnator .

After a short period of cultivation, Yan Qingwu let out a breath of relief as it was working . Her current true spirit’s strength was finally enough for her to cultivate the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique .

The Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique had a total of four ranks .

At the first rank, the true spirit would be comparable with regular Law Phase Realm emperors . At the second rank, it would be comparable with high-level emperors . The third rank would be comparable with great emperors . As for the fourth rank, it would be comparable with saints .

According to the description of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique, after cultivating to the fourth rank, it wouldn’t just allow the true spirit to transform into the saint spirit . The spirit soul would also gradually evolve from grey to green, which was also known as the saint spirit .

Once the saint spirit was formed, it was hard not to become a saint .

It was extremely hard to progress to the saint’s realm and less than 10% of 100 great emperors would make it .

The main reason was the scarcity of heaven class high-tier cultivation techniques .

Without any heaven class high-tier cultivation techniques, even a 9-star bone frame would have a hard time to become a saint .

Yan Qingwu who once lived on the Saint Spirit Continent knew about this clearly . However, one would only be able to become a half-saint by just having a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique . It was still very difficult to reach the saint’s realm .

The reasons were due to the saint souls and saint spirits .

If the spirit soul and true spirit didn’t turn into the saint soul and saint spirit, the half-saint wouldn’t be able to become a saint .

In order to evolve the spirit soul and the true spirit into the saint soul and saint spirit, it would be dependent on aptitude .

If a 9-star bone frame was able to cultivate a heaven class high-tier cultivation technique to the highest rank, as time elapsed, the spirit soul and true spirit would gradually evolve into a saint soul and saint spirit .

The better the aptitude, the faster the evolution speed .

It would also be dependent on a person’s fated opportunities .

Just like the possession of a heaven-defying technique, like the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique .

Or the possession of an absurd herb that could enhance the spirit soul and true spirit .

Or to devour a saint spirit .

All three types of fated opportunities were very rare to come by, especially the third type .

After all, a saint spirit wasn’t a true spirit and it was almost impossible to devour one . Even a saint wouldn’t be able to devour a saint spirit easier, let alone those weaker to saints .

The only possibility was to capture an exhausted saint spirit before devouring it .

However, no matter how weak a saint spirit was, it would still be massive for a true spirit, and it wasn’t that easy to devour the saint spirit .

As time elapsed slowly, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu continued to stay in the Thunder Cloud Cult and were cultivating diligently .

Duanmu Tian was very helpless about this and could only treat it as though the duo weren’t here .

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