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Chapter 675: Seek Dao
No one knew that the Thunder Cloud Cult was actually nurturing a Thunder Beast.

The Thunder Beast was a sacred beast and in its adult years, it would be equivalent to a low-tier demonic beast overlord. He was fond of sleep and once he awakened, he would cause destruction. Using his powerful thunderbolts, he would destroy all things.

The Thunder Beast that the Thunder Cloud Cult had been raising was far from his adult years. In terms of grade, he would be a high-tier demonic beast king. In terms of strength he was already as powerful as a demonic beast ruler.

According to what Duanmu Tian knew, the Thunder Beast hatched from a Thunder Beast’s egg that was brought back by the first generation cult master of the Thunder Cloud Cult. He had since grown up in the Thunder Cloud Cult, therefore, he had certain feelings towards the Thunder Cloud Cult. He treated the Thunder Cloud Cult as its territory.

Of course, the Thunder Beast was ultimately a beast. Once he was enraged, he wouldn’t differentiate between enemy and allies. As such, Duanmu Tian didn’t wish to awaken the Thunder Beast unless it was absolutely necessary.

The mountain peak crumbled and a massive head emerged from underground.

The crown of the head looked a little like a lizard and also like a rhino. However, there were three horns and each horn was covered with simple and unadorned thunder dao patterns. As the Thunder Beast awakened, traces of dark blue thunderbolts were jumping on the horns. A dreadful and destructive qi presence was emitted.

“Lord Thunder Beast, these two individuals wish to invade your territory, please subdue them.” Duanmu Tian’s voice was transmitted into the Thunder Beast’s mind.

“Invade my territory?!” The Thunder Beast burst with rage as its eyes were bloodshot.

Bang Boom!

One of the horns on the Thunder Beast’s head shot out a lavlike thunderbolt chain at Yan Qingwu and Li Fuchen.

The Thunder Beast’s thunder dao law comprehension might not be high, but as a sacred beast, he possessed valiant thunder dao bloodline. The thunderbolt emitted had an extremely high grade. Li Fuchen immediately realized that the thunderbolts emitted by the Thunder Beast were similar to the Mystic Yang Heaven Thunder incantation but much stronger.

Yan Qingwu sneered and brandished her black curved saber. The black saber light weaved through the sky and dispersed the thunderbolt chain in a single move.

If the Thunder Beast was an adult sacred beast or something close to an adult, she would naturally have to back off. But this Thunder Beast wasn’t enough for her to be apprehensive.

Once the thunderbolt chain was scattered, it made the Thunder Beast even more enraged.


The ground cracked open and the Thunder Beast’s body was entirely revealed to everyone.

He was a fearsome demonic beast that was a few dozen miles in size. He had the body of a fierce tiger, extremely razor sharp eagle talons, and the tail was as thick and strong as a crocodile’s tail.

“You dare defy me? Die!”

The three horns on the Thunder Beast’s head emitted orangish red, dark blue, and deep purple thunderbolts.

When the three thunderbolts were weaved together, it was extremely violent.

Many of the Thunder Cloud Cult’s members weren’t even fast enough to scream before they disintegrated.

It was fortunate that the Thunder Cloud Cult’s structures were mostly far behind the Thunder Beast, while there weren’t many structures at the front. Otherwise, the entire Thunder Cloud Cult might be destroyed by the Thunder Beast.

“Black Saber – Set Sail!”

When facing the three colored thunderbolts that weaved together, Yan Qingwu finally executed a saber move. This saber move had overwhelming saber intent that split the ground apart. It created a giant canyon. The three-colored thunderbolt only lasted for a single breath before getting dispersed.

Yan Qingwu’s saber art was a heaven class high-tier saber art. Her current true spirit might not be able to fully utilize the power of a heaven class high-tier saber art, but the Thunder Beast still wouldn’t be able to resist.

Unless the Thunder Beast progressed to become a low-tier demonic beast ruler, Yan Qingwu might not be a match at this moment.

“Impossible, I am a sacred beast!”

The Thunder Beast didn’t believe that anyone in the Four Way Continent could contest him.

“Yan Qingwu, you aren’t thinking of taming this sacred beast right?”

Li Fuchen could see that Yan Qingwu had yet to use her full strength. With her strength, she only required a single saber attack to defeat the Thunder Beast.

“Do you know the value of a sacred beast!” Yan Qingwu rolled her eyes at Li Fuchen.

The Thunder Beast might be ranked towards the back among the sacred beasts, but once it was an adult, it would still be a low-tier demonic beast overlord.

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In her previous lifetime, she was only a great emperor. If she could obtain the aid of a Thunder Beast back then, she wouldn’t need to reincarnate.

In order to tame the sacred beast, it wasn’t enough to defeat it in a single move. After all, the sacred beast had its pride and even if it wasn’t able to defeat you now, its potential allowed it to believe that it would surpass you in just a matter of time.

The only thing that Yan Qingwu could do was to do her best and show her superiority to convince the Thunder Beast.

“Tame the Thunder Beast?” Duanmu Tian was stunned.

The members of the Thunder Cloud Cult were also stunned.

The Thunder Beast was their trump card, but Yan Qingwu actually wanted to tame it.

“Tame me?!” The Thunder Beast went berserk.

He was a sacred beast and when did he ever have to suffer such humiliation.

“Thunder Extinguish Life! Die!!!”

The Thunder Beast’s three horns were shining with thunder light and they were resonating with the thunder clouds that were in the sky. Subsequently, three colored thunderbolts descended from the sky and it rained down at Yan Qingwu.

This time, the three colored thunderbolts didn’t weave together, instead, they were fused and the quantity was more than 1000 times more.

“Just in time.” Yan Qingwu’s eyes flashed with radiance.

It was very obvious that the Thunder Beast activated a powerful thunder dao innate ability.

A sacred beast’s innate ability was always absolutely horrific and enough to destroy everything.

However, if she could use an exceptional method to destroy the innate ability in a single move, it would be enough to plant a taming seed in the heart of the Thunder Beast.

“The saber is the dao, the dao is the saber. Black Saber – Seek Dao!”

There was a saber intent that burst into the sky that turned Li Fuchen’s scalp numb. The saber intent was too powerful and it felt as though it could slice through the time and space. It felt as though it could slice through the yin and yang. In the face of this saber intent, even the laws and the continent willpower would need to retreat. Subsequently, there was saber light that rushed into the sky that was even more dazzling than the sun. The saber split open the thunder cloud, eliminating the source of power for the three colored thunderbolts. The three colored thunderbolts in the sky dispersed as though they were just illusions.

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“This is a heaven class high-tier saber art?”

How could Li Fuchen not see that Yan Qingwu had forcefully improved her true spirit with some unknown method. It allowed her to execute a heaven class high-tier saber art to the limits.

“No, this is probably even more dreadful than a regular heaven class high-tier saber art.”

From the move, Black Saber – Seek Dao, Li Fuchen felt the shadows of the great dao.

“It seems like she wasn’t just a regular great emperor in her previous lifetime.” Li Fuchen said to himself.

There was a flash of pale white on Yan Qingwu’s face as she spoke to the Thunder Beast, “You are a sacred beast and are staying on the Four Way Continent. If you wish to become an adult, it would take a very long time. But if you follow me, I guarantee that you will evolve into a demonic beast overlord within ten years. If you don’t follow me, then I must kill you. Mercy to the enemy is being cruel to myself. I will not wait for you to come and take revenge.”

After speaking, Yan Qingwu burst out her murderous aura and locked the Seek Dao’s saber intent on the Thunder Beast.

The Thunder Beast was already shocked by Yan Qingwu, with the Seek Dao’s saber intent, his spirit willpower was lowered to the bottom. At the same time, he felt that Yan Qingwu’s words were reasonable. He had been staying on the Four Way Continent for many years and his progress was getting slower. He must not continue to laze around.

“Lord Thunder Beast, you cannot abandon the Thunder Cloud Cult!” Duanmu Tian was dumbfounded as he quickly pleaded.

The Thunder Beast glared at Duanmu Tian, “You dare command me?”

“Lord Thunder Beast, please be appeased, Duanmu Tian doesn’t dare to.” Duanmu Tian immediately shut his mouth.

The Thunder Beast looked back at Yan Qingwu and said, “Alright, I am willing to follow you. But I do not want to be your pet, I can only accept to be your partner.”

In his eyes, Yan Qingwu was worthy to be his partner. If it was another person, even if it was a human emperor, the Thunder Beast would only agree verbally and once his strength surpassed the human emperor, he would devour the human.

“Sure.” Yan Qingwu revealed a smile.

She didn’t think she could completely tame the Thunder Beast, as it was impossible, and couldn’t even be done by a great emperor.

“Can you show me some face and don’t kill them.” The Thunder Beast continued the conversation.

He had certain feelings towards the Thunder Cloud Cult and didn’t wish to see it getting eradicated.

Li Fuchen said, “We didn’t have any plans to destroy the Thunder Cloud Cult. We only wish to see the Thunder Cloud Cult’s treasure vault.”

“Hurry up and bring us to the treasure vault and open it up.” The Thunder Beast berated Duanmu Tian after letting out a sigh.


Duanmu Tian’s heart might be dripping with blood, but he would never dare to defy the Thunder Beast, Yan Qingwu, and Li Fuchen. He could only bow humbly and led them to the treasure vault.

Duanmu Lei was flabbergasted and extremely terrified that Yan Qingwu might settle the scores with him later.

The Thunder Cloud Cult’s treasure vault was covered with a class-7 high-tier concealment array. If Duanmu Tian didn’t lead the way, even Li Fuchen would need to put in some effort to find it.

The treasure vault was massive and it was at least a few miles in radius on the inside. There were hundreds of rooms.

“I have underestimated the Thunder Cloud Cult’s foundation.”

Inside the treasure vault, there were about a hundred heaven class herbs and there were several heaven class mid-tier herbs too.

“Spirit Reversal Herb?”

Yan Qingwu’s eyes lit up as she found a herb that was extremely useful for her.

The Spirit Reversal Herb was a heaven class mid-tier herb and it could temper the true spirit and strengthen the spiritual awareness. In the Saint Spirit Continent, a single Spirit Reversal Herb would need at least 100,000 high-grade spirit stones.

“Soul herbs.”

Li Fuchen found three stalks of high-grade soul herbs.

In terms of value, three stalks of high-grade soul herbs were about the same as the Reversal Spirit Herb.

After taking all of the useful items in the treasure vault, the duo finally walked out.
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