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Chapter 677
R – Chapter 677: Sky Snake Temple

Meteor Fall was the sword move that was most fitting to Li Fuchen’s understanding of sword dao .

It was simple, extreme, and killed in a single move .

It didn’t have any magnificent skill .

Or it could be said that the most magnificent sword move was actually a sword that reverted back to the most natural state .

Before condensing the sword heart, and before the spirit soul had 10% of it turning pale red, it was rather impossible for Li Fuchen to improve Meteor Fall to heaven class high-tier .

After all, the difference between heaven class mid-tier and heaven class high-tier wasn’t small .

When a martial artist comprehended heaven class martial arts, they would only be starting to understand the great dao . With each increase of comprehension for heaven class martial arts tier, the martial artist would have a new understanding of the great dao .

The gap between the tiers would be significantly harder to compensate . It was also why Yan Qingwu had combat strength that was on par with Li Fuchen even though she had yet to condense the dao heart .

Furthermore, Yan Qingwu’s true spirit wasn’t powerful too and couldn’t even utilize the maximum strength of a heaven class high-tier saber art . Otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be a match .



When creating a martial art, one would need a concept and a design .

Li Fuchen split the Meteor Fall into two parts .

The first part being ‘Meteor’ which would pursue a split moment of radiance and speed .

The second part being ‘Fall’ which meant that it came from beyond the sky and wasn’t involved with the mortal realm . Without any mortal connections allowed it to become simple and extreme .

“How to make it simple? How to make it extreme? How to burst out all the power and strength within a split moment?”

Li Fuchen was racking his brains .

As compared to Li Fuchen, Yan Qingwu’s progress was much smoother .

In just a few days, Yan Qingwu had cultivated the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique until it was almost reaching the first rank .

She might not have reached the first rank, but her true spirit was already comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors .

“80%!” Yan Qingwu’s eyes were filled with light .

At this moment, she was able to utilize 80% of her saber art, Black Saber .

With 80% power from Black Saber, Yan Qingwu was confident that even a high-level emperor would be severely injured if they were careless .

The heaven class high-tier Black Saber had saber dao law and intent that were already on the next level . It contained pure energy that couldn’t be isolated . In other words, as long as the enemy’s comprehension of law and intent weren’t good enough, even if their qi intensity was 1000 times stronger, they still wouldn’t be able to block the Black Saber .

“Has she improved again?”

Not far away from Yan Qingwu, the Thunder Beast had shrunk down significantly and turned into a size of a domestic dog . Even the appearance had changed and it looked just like a demonic dog .

After sensing the saber intent waves from Yan Qingwu, the Thunder Beast had a higher level of confidence in her .

According to the inherited information of his bloodlines, he knew clearly that if he continued to develop naturally, he would need 100 years to pass through the youth stage and 1000 years to reach the adult stage . He didn’t know when he was brought back to the Thunder Cloud Cult, but since he hatched from the egg, it had already been 600 over years . If he continued to develop like this, he would need around 300 years before becoming demonic beast overlord .

He might be a sacred beast and had a lifespan that was several times more than regular demonic beasts, but 300 years was still a very long period of time for him .

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If he followed Yan Qingwu and could evolve into a demonic beast overlord within 10 years, he would be willing to pay some price .

In the blink of the eye, another month passed by…

“Not good, it is still lacking a little . ”

To promote Meteor Fall to heaven class high-tier within a short period of time was much harder than Li Fuchen imagined . It wasn’t due to the lack of perception, but it was simply too forceful .

Even a great emperor had a very hard time creating their own heaven class high-tier martial art .

If heaven class high-tier martial arts were that easy to create, there would be far more great emperors on the Emperor Sky Continent .

In normal situations, most of the great emperors were only able to reach their level by inheriting heaven class high-tier manuals from their predecessors .

In fact, if Li Fuchen had more time, he was 100% confident in creating a heaven class high-tier martial art . However, Li Fuchen wanted to achieve it sooner .

“It seems like I have to take the initiative to search for soul herbs . ”

Li Fuchen had a feeling that if his 15% of his spirit soul could turn pale red, it would be easier to promote Meteor Fall to heaven class high-tier .

The prerequisite was to have sufficient soul herbs .

After informing Yan Qingwu of his thoughts, Yan Qingwu didn’t hesitate and said, “Count me in . ”

Recently, she was also stuck at the state where she was extremely close to the first rank of the Reincarnation Saint Spirit Technique .

If she couldn’t get over this obstacle, she wouldn’t be able to utilize the greatest power of the Black Saber .

“Count me in too . ” The Thunder Beast was fond of battle and wouldn’t allow such a chance to pass by .

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“Then let’s go to the Sky Snake Temple . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to find out the information on all factions from Duanmu Tian . He decided to start with the closest first-rate faction .

Sky Snake Temple was one of the four major first-rate factions in the Four Way Continent .

As compared to the Thunder Cloud Cult, the Sky Snake Temple might be weaker in strength, but in terms of the faction’s security, not even ten Thunder Cloud Cults would match up .

Putting aside everything else, the Sky Snake Temple’s array was a true class 8 low-tier array . Even a low-level emperor wouldn’t be able to break the array . In terms of security, if the Sky Snake Temple acknowledged that they were second place, no one would dare to take the first place .

On this day, two humans and one beast arrived outside the Sky Snake Temple’s array .

“Leave this array to me . ”

The Thunder Beast reverted to its original form and emitted numerous thunderbolts from the three horns which blasted at the Sky Snake Temple .

Bang Boom!

The thunderbolts dispersed and the Sky Snake Temple’s array was immediately activated . A giant snake that was even bigger than the Thunder Beast appeared from within the array . It then used its tail to lash at the Thunder Beast .


The Thunder Beast was caught off guard and its massive body was sent flying . For a moment, the ground and the mountains were shaking .

“Courting death!”

The Thunder Beast still underestimated the power of a class 8 low-tier array . But to suffer greatly in front of Yan Qingwu, he wasn’t going to endure it like this . He activated the innate ability, causing thunder clouds to gather . Three colored thunderbolts then started to strike down at the horrific giant snake .

After receiving countless thunderbolts, the horrific giant snake had injuries on its body . However, those wounds quickly recovered .

This giant snake wasn’t a life with blood and flesh, it was just a manifestation of the array . As long as the array didn’t crumble, the giant snake wouldn’t be extinguished .

The Thunder Beast wasn’t willing to accept a loss and continued to battle with the horrific giant snake .

“Who is attacking my Sky Snake Temple?!”

A group of individuals flew out and they were the Sky Snake Temple Master and the elders .

Li Fuchen said, “We just wish to trade for some resources . The pet is ignorant, please forgive it . ”

The Sky Snake Temple was also arrogant and it was impossible to have a fair trade with them . Li Fuchen’s idea was to exchange top-notch resources and if they didn’t wish to trade, then Li Fuchen would crush them .

“Who are you saying is a pet!?”

The Thunder Beast swung its paw to send the giant snake flying and glared at Li Fuchen .

He was convinced by Yan Qingwu as she was stronger than him, and Yan Qingwu had immense potential .

The Thunder Beast had never seen Li Fuchen make a move and in his opinion, Li Fuchen’s strength and potential should be far inferior to Yan Qingwu . He felt that Li Fuchen should be honored to be a partner, but Li Fuchen actually said that he was a pet .

“Only death will await those who attack my Sky Snake Temple . Surrender now while you still have the chance . ” An elder from the Sky Snake Temple yelled out sternly .

“It seems like there is no chance for negotiation . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered to waste his time and raised his right hand before slamming down .

The Thunder Beast’s scalp went numb when it saw a palm that was a few thousand miles in size that descended from the sky . It smashed down harshly on the Sky Snake Temple’s array . The horrific giant snake wanted to resist but was immediately smashed into dust . Subsequently, the Sky Snake Temple’s array appeared with cracks and the array immediately collapsed .

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