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Chapter 674: Invite the Thunder Beas
“Cult Master, there is a man and a woman outside the array. From the looks of it, they don’t have good intentions.”

Someone entered to give the report.

“A man and a woman?” Duanmu Lei raised his brows.

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were also a man and a woman. It couldn’t be so coincidental right?

It should be impossible.

The duo couldn’t possibly be so audacious to barge into the Thunder Cloud Cult.

“Who dares to be so audacious?”

Duanmu Tian waved his hand and a screen of light appeared in the hall.

Duanmu Lei’s eyes widened after seeing the duo inside the screen. “Father, they are the ones.”

He didn’t expect the visitor to be Yan Qingwu.

“Good, very good. I didn’t go look for them, but they actually came knocking.” Duanmu Tian grinned.

He admitted that monarchs from the outside world were formidable, and he might not be a match for them in a solo fight.

But with the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation, no one was able to contest individually apart from the Four Way Martial Emperor.

“Let’s go and meet with them.”

Duanmu Tian’s figure flashed as he moved out of the hall.

Outside the array, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were standing in the air.

To be honest, the Thunder Cloud Cult’s thunder dao array was rather incredible. Li Fuchen’s eyes could see that the array contained horrific thunder dao law. Even a low-level emperor would have a hard time trying to destroy the array within a short period of time.

It was a pity that both him and Yan Qingwu had combat strength that was beyond low-level emperors. They simply required a single move to destroy the array.

Of course, they weren’t thieves and it wasn’t necessary to start with violence.

“What do you two want?” Duanmu Tian asked.

Li Fuchen sized up Duanmu Tian before asking, “We plan to take a look at the Thunder Cloud Cult’s treasure vault. I wonder if we can have the honor?”

“You must be dreaming. This is the Thunder Cloud Cult, not a place for you to play.”

On the outside, Duanmu Lei was apprehensive of Yan Qingwu and Li Fuchen. But in the Thunder Cloud Cult, Duanmu Lei didn’t reserve himself and berated, “Tired of living.”

With a wave of Yan Qingwu’s hand, a strong wind blew Duanmu Lei away while he vomited a mouthful of blood.

Duanmu Tian’s expression turned dark as he said in a deep tone, “It seems like the two of you are intentionally finding trouble with my Thunder Cloud Cult. Since that is the case, don’t blame my Thunder Cloud Cult from bullying with numbers.”

“Show me what you can do. We will receive any move you make.”

According to Li Fuchen’s plan, they had to subdue the Thunder Cloud Cult with violence and make them surrender voluntarily, until they didn’t dare to speak of anymore nonsense. Only by doing so, it would result in a smoother process.

“I, Duanmu Tian will try your skills.”

Duanmu Tian didn’t know of Li Fuchen or Yan Qingwu’s strength, but he was the Thunder Cloud Cult Master and one of the top ten monarchs in the Four Way Continent. If he was to use the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation immediately, it would show that he was cowardly. Therefore, he was planning to test Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu’s strength first.

“Thunder Saber Nine Forms!”

Duanmu Tian’s weapon was a quasi-heaven class artifact saber. Once he drew out the artifact saber, a myriad of thunderbolts extended out. Immediately after, a violent and dazzling thunder saber light cleaved at Li Fuchen.

“Stylish but impractical.”

The one who countered wasn’t Li Fuchen but Yan Qingwu. Her figure flashed and appeared in front of Li Fuchen. She used her right index and middle fingers to catch the saber light, before severing it with ease.



Everyone was stunned, including Duanmu Lei whose mouth still had blood.


Duanmu Tian clenched his artifact saber harder as he wanted to shave off Yan Qingwu’s finger.

However, Yan Qingwu’s fingers felt as though she was grabbing the snake by its weak spot. No matter what Duanmu Tian did, he could hardly move the artifact saber.


Yan Qingwu exerted strength in her finger and severed the thunder saber light. Subsequently, she flicked her finger to shoot out a qi force which penetrated Duanmu Tian’s shoulder.


After vomiting fresh blood, Duanmu Tian flew backwards with a face like a white sheet of paper. An elder from the Thunder Cloud Cult caught hold of him.

“Form the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation!”

Seven high-level monarchs and twenty-one mid-level monarchs gathered and formed up into a dazzling thunder cloud.

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When the thunder cloud was formed, it immediately emitted a destructive and apocalyptic qi presence.

“Thunder Dragon Descent!”

Within the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation, there was a roar of thunder. Immediately after, a thunder dragon the thickness of a house burst out towards Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu didn’t wish to waste time, she slashed as soon as she drew out the saber.

When the saber move was executed, it was a black saber light which felt like it could split the spatial zone. The thunder dragon that was the thickness of a house was severed. Before the saber light vanished, the thunder cloud had also been halved.

Everyone inside the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation were sent flying with serious injuries.

This was because Yan Qingwu was holding back, otherwise, none of them would be alive from her attack.

“She is too powerful, only the Four Way Martial Emperor would be able to fight with her!”

The members of the Thunder Cloud Cult were terrified.

The Thunder Cloud Battle Formation was already the Thunder Cloud Cult’s greatest trump card. This formation might have not been formed by 28 high-level monarchs, but it still shouldn’t have been defeated in a single attack.

Furthermore, the Thunder Cloud Cult didn’t have 28 high-level monarchs either.

In the Four Way Continent, only the Four Way Empire possessed more than 28 high-level monarchs.

“Retreat into the array!” Duanmu Tian yelled out.

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

The members of the Thunder Cloud Cult were already at the borders of the array, therefore, they quickly retreated inside.

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Subsequently, the array revolved drastically. There were thunder dragons that were a few tens of thousands of feet that surrounded the Thunder Cloud Cult and roamed in the protection array. On the top most part of the array, there was a thunder core that was a few thousand feet in size.

Nine Dragons Thunder Control Array, a quasi-class 8 array.

“The array isn’t bad. Will you do it or shall I?” Li Fuchen asked nonchalantly.

“A mere quasi-class 8 array isn’t going to trouble me.”

A quasi-class 8 array would be meant to deal with half-emperors and combat emperors. It might seem rather weak as Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu had the strength of mid-level emperors.

The quasi-class 8 array might be used to deal with half-emperors and combat emperors, but it didn’t mean that half-emperors and combat emperors could break the array. On the contrary, if there wasn’t any specific method, a half-emperor or a combat emperor would never be able to destroy the array. They would be slowly killed by the array or be trapped within.

Even a low-level emperor wouldn’t have an easy time to break a quasi-class 8 array. After all, an array would be constantly being repaired. Even if there was an opening, it would be immediately covered up. In order to destroy an array within a short period of time, the attack must be exceeding the limits of the array. Otherwise, one would need to have a good understanding of the array and attack the weak spots or to destroy the array core.

Without using an incredible saber move, Yan Qingwu gripped the black curved saber and executed a simple but rapid slash.


The black saber light was almost as big as half the Thunder Cloud Mountains. It instantly cleaved through the Nine Dragons Thunder Control Array. The thunder dragons were all extinguished after being ravaged by the saber light. Even the thunder core had crumbled.

Finally, the Nine Dragons Thunder Control Array exploded like a blue crystal. The violent thunder dao array power spread out, causing a massive patch of thunder cloud above the mountains. There were surges of thunderbolts in the clouds. It looked as though they might descend at any moment to bury the entire Thunder Cloud Mountains and the Thunder Cloud Cult.

“Do you think my Thunder Cloud Cult is easy to push around? Invite the Thunder Beast!”

Duanmu Tian’s eyes looked like they were about to burst out. With a wave of his right hand, a thunderbolt poured down from the massive thunder cloud and entered a peak in the Thunder Cloud Cult.


A high-pitched beast roar echoed and resonated everywhere.
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