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Chapter 673
ER – Chapter 673: Thunder Cloud Cult

It was obvious that the Four Way Martial Emperor was a combat emperor and was rather formidable . There were plenty of combat emperors in the Emperor Sky Continent, but it was very praiseworthy for there to be even one combat emperor on the Four Way Continent . Therefore, it was reasonable to be known as the Four Way Martial Emperor .

However, in the eyes of Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu, combat emperors were nothing .

Even a pinnacle combat emperor would only have the strength of a 1st level Law Phase Realm emperor . The duo had strength that was comparable with mid-level emperors .

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu exchanged looks . They understood that the Four Way Continent didn’t have any threat towards them .

“You may continue . ”

After understanding more about the Four Way Continent, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu left quickly .

As for the Black Centipede Monarch and the Green Bamboo Monarch, they no longer had any thoughts of fighting .

Even if they were silly, they knew that a storm was about to sweep through the Four Way Continent . They had to be prepared .

“Green Bamboo Monarch, count yourself lucky . ”

The Black Centipede Monarch took his men and left .

“Let’s leave too . ”

The Green Bamboo Monarch took his men and retreated too, leaving behind a devastated and razed plains .

Thunder Cloud City, one of the ten major cities on the Four Way Continent, also the main city for the first-rate faction, Thunder Cloud Cult .

In the prosperous Thunder Cloud City, there was a constant flow of carriages and horses .

In the vicinity of the Thunder Cloud Plaza, on the ninth floor of the Purple Cloud Restaurant, Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were seated by the window and slowly enjoying the fine liquor and delicacies .

The Four Way Continent might not be an ideal continent for cultivation, but it was definitely able to expand their knowledge and experiences 

A martial artist shouldn’t be living and becoming stronger just for the sake to be strong . They should be getting stronger for the sake of being carefree .

How joyable would it be to travel to various continents .

They weren’t strong enough now, but there would be a day when they would become saints . By then, the distance between continents wouldn’t be considered a distance anymore .

The Thunder Cloud Plaza was a teleportation plaza . There was a teleportation platform that flashed with radiance and three figures appeared .

One of them was a blue-haired youth that had an arrogant and tyrannical qi presence . On his sides was a burly man and a skinny middle-aged man .

When the people in the vicinity saw the blue-haired youth, they quickly avoided him .

This blue-haired youth was the Thunder Cloud Cult’s young cult master, Duanmu Lei . He was at the 5th level of Primary Sea Realm and with his status as the young cult master, there weren’t many people that dared to offend him in the Four Way Continent .

“Young Cult Master, there is no need to hurry . The Jade Silk Sect is just a second-rate faction . I reckon they will submit after a short while and hand over Li Bihua to the Young Cult Master . ” The skinny man grinned and let out a shady laughter .

Duanmu Lei nodded . He wasn’t afraid that the Jade Silk Sect would defy him, he was only worried that someone else might get ahead of him .

After all, the Thunder Cloud Cult wasn’t able to rule the entire Four Way Continent yet . There was the Four Way Empire above them and also other first-rate factions .

“They better not test my patience . ” Duanmu Lei’s face flashed with malevolence .

Just as they were preparing to leave, Duanmu Lei’s eyes glanced across the Purple Cloud Restaurant .


Duanmu Lei froze in place as though he was struck by a thunderbolt .

At the ninth floor’s window seat of the Purple Cloud Restaurant, there was a remarkably beautiful woman . Be it her looks or aura, she was superior to Li Bihua . Duanmu Lei found it hard to understand why there would be such a beautiful woman in the Four Way Continent . After all, he should have seen such an exceptional woman by now .

“I don’t care who she is, I want to obtain her!” Duanmu Lei roared in his heart .

“Such a remarkably beautiful person . ”

The burly man and the skinny man’s eyes had also lit up and showed infatuated expressions .

They had seen plenty of beauties, but this was the first time they saw such a stunning beauty . It was a pity that such beauties would never belong to them . These beauties would only belong to absolute experts at the pinnacle .

“It seems like you have been targeted . ” Li Fuchen took a glance at Duanmu Lei and smiled as he said .

Yan Qingwu had an indifferent expression as she said, “I hope he wouldn’t come courting for death . ”

After encountering a remarkably beautiful woman like Yan Qingwu, Duanmu Lei didn’t want to wait for a moment longer .

He entered the Purple Cloud Restaurant and said to the restaurant owner . “I will book the entire Purple Cloud Restaurant . Ask everyone else to leave . ”

“Yes, Young Cult Master . ” The Purple Cloud Restaurant’s owner didn’t dare to say no .

Thud Thud Thud…

Duanmu Lei walked up to the ninth floor together with the burly man and the skinny man . “Young Lady, I am the Thunder Cloud Cult’s Young Cult Master, Duanmu Lei . I wonder if I can have the honor to treat you for a drink . ”

“Get lost!”

Yan Qingwu didn’t bother giving Duanmu Lei any face at all .

The truth was that she didn’t need to give any either .

Be it her previous life or this life, the Thunder Cloud Cult was just an ant in her eyes .

Duanmu Lei’s expression stiffened . He had already reported his title as the Thunder Cloud Cult’s Young Cult Master, but the opposition still didn’t give any face .

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“I wonder what is Young Lady’s name? Duanmu Lei would be able to know you better . ” Duanmu Lei asked while suppressing his anger .

He was afraid that Yan Qingwu might be from the Four Way Empire or other first-rate faction .

“I shall give you the time for three breaths to leave, otherwise, I shall kill without mercy . ” Yan Qingwu demanded .

“Such arrogance . This is the Thunder Cloud City . I, the Vajra Martial Monarch, shall see how you are going to kill without mercy . ” The burly man berated .

The Vajra Martial Monarch was a body refinement monarch and even high-level monarchs would have a hard time trying to injure him .


As soon as the Vajra Martial Monarch finished talking, a drop of water pierced through his forehead .


The Vajra Martial Monarch fell to the ground and was lifeless .

“What!?” The skinny man nearly jumped up from shock while he looked at Yan Qingwu with bewilderment .

Earlier on, Yan Qingwu had only dipped her finger with a little wine and was able to kill the Vajra Martial Monarch with ease . This strength was definitely beyond regular high-level monarchs .

“Peak level of Primary Sea Realm . It is my oversight . Apologies, I have offended you earlier . Let’s leave . ” Duanmu Lei bowed over and cupped his fist as he left the restaurant with utmost respect .

Outside the Purple Cloud Restaurant, the skinny man asked, “Young Cult Master, are we going to let things end like this? Is the Vajra Martial Monarch going to die for nothing?”

Duanmu Lei spoke with a sinister expression, “Of course, it will not end like this . Let’s go back to the Thunder Cloud Cult’s main base first . ”

Yan Qingwu’s strength was too horrifying . Even if the two of them worked together, they wouldn’t be able to withstand a single attack .

They might not be a match for Yan Qingwu, but there were people that could deal with her in the Thunder Cloud Cult .

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They simply had to use 28 mid-level monarchs to form the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation . Even a pinnacle monarch wouldn’t be able to escape unscathed .

If 28 high-level monarchs form the Thunder Cloud Battle Formation, it would be enough to kill anyone, apart from the Four Way Martial Emperor, 

In the Four Way Continent, a faction’s strength would never be dependent on an individual’s strength, they would rely on battle formations .

“That person is rather subtle . ” Li Fuchen chuckled and said .

“Merely a clown . ” Yan Qingwu stated .

“With more clowns, we will be able to search for resources with valid reasons . ”

Since they had arrived on the Four Way Continent, Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to return empty-handed .

It was fine if no one provoked him, but if someone provoked him, he would have the chance to search for resources .  

Duanmu Lei arrived at the Thunder Cloud Cult’s main base .

Within the magnificent Thunder Cloud Mountains, there were plenty of thunderbolts . Occasionally, there would be thunder dragons that were several tens of thousands of feet that would scuttle around .

It was obvious that this was the manifestation of a thunder dao array .

Within the Thunder Cloud Grand Hall, Duanmu Lei reported to the current Thunder Cloud Cult Master, Duanmu Tian about the details of the incident .

“Peak level monarch?” Duanmu Tian frowned .

Each peak level monarch shouldn’t be offended easily . However, he was certain that the person wasn’t from the Four Way Continent .

Since the person wasn’t from the Four Way Continent, then she must be from the outside world .

“Go along with me . ”

Duanmu Tian picked seven high-level monarchs and twenty-one mid-level monarchs . He was preparing to fight with Yan Qingwu . Since she was from the outside world, she was definitely extraordinary . If they could capture her, he might be able to bring a great opportunity to the Thunder Cloud Cult and to himself .

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