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Chapter 672
ER – Chapter 672: Four Way Continent

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu escaped out of the Ancient Star Sea immediately .

Despite the case, the qi forces still traversed over millions of miles . Even the nearby sea regions had explosions in the sea water . The condensed water sprays were like thousands of arrows, causing Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu’s qi blood to surge .

Li Fuchen finally witnessed the terror of a demonic beast overlord .

“This is the ocean . Without any restrictions of the continent willpower, it is very chaotic and dangerous . With great luck, a Primary Sea Realm monarch would also be able to cross the ocean and reach the continent on the other side . With bad luck, even a great emperor would have to face death . ” Yan Qingwu commented .

Li Fuchen said, “Then it means that the continents are safehouses meant to nurture humans . ”

Yan Qingwu replied, “You can say it that way . Otherwise, humans wouldn’t be able to develop at all . ”

The duo didn’t dare to stay around . Without the protection of the Ancient Star City’s array, they wouldn’t be able to contest with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler and the Four-Armed Great Ruler . Once they were targeted, they would need to use the teleportation board to escape again, resulting in damage to their qi blood source again .

Without any rest, the duo fled for seven consecutive days . It was possible that all the nearby demonic beast rulers had headed for the Ancient Star City, and had yet to return . During their escape, they didn’t encounter a single demonic beast ruler and it was rather smooth sailing .

“It seems like there is a continent ahead . ”

Li Fuchen extended his spiritual awareness and it reached out to over a few hundred thousand miles, before getting blocked by an invisible barrier .

This barrier contained an unwavering willpower and it was impossible to penetrate .

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess wrongly, it should be the continent willpower .

Half a day later, the duo arrived at the vicinity of the barrier .

There was an unending coastline at the front and there was a qi prowess that belonged to a continent, deterring the innumerable sea beasts .

“It is actually a mid-class continent . ” The duo were rather delighted .

On this vast ocean, it was truly difficult to find a continent, a mid-class continent would be ten times harder to find . It was unexpected for the duo to find this mid-class continent without much effort .

Li Fuchen sensed carefully and was rather disappointed . “It is a normal mid-class continent . ”

But it was rather reasonable, how could a top-notch mid-class continent like the Emperor Sky Continent be found so easily?

The continent willpower prevented any spiritual awareness from prying inside, but it didn’t stop them from entering .

On the plains that extended as far as the eye could see, there was a battle going on .

The two parties in combat consisted of black-clothed people with a centipede diagram on their backs and white-clothed people with a bamboo diagram on their sleeves . From the looks of it, the black-clothed side were having the absolute advantage as the white-clothed side would have casualties every now and then .

“Black Centipede Monarch, you schemed and killed over a dozen of monarchs from my Green Bamboo Guild . This feud shall not end until one of us is eliminated!”

There was a white-clothed monarch who was at the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm and he was yelling to another 7th level monarch wearing black clothes .

The black-clothed monarch sneered and said, “After today, your Green Bamboo Guild might not even exist . Taking revenge? In your dreams . ”

The Black Centipede Sect’s strength was superior to the Green Bamboo Guild, after plotting schemes to kill dozens of the Green Bamboo Guild’s monarchs, they were even less of a match .

This battle had been going on for several hours, the Green Bamboo Guild started with a few thousands members, but was shaven down to slightly over a thousand . On the contrary, the Black Centipede Sect still had 3000 members .

Just as the Green Bamboo Guild was about to lose miserably, there were two figures that suddenly flew over .

“This is the battlefield, please change your paths . ” A monarch flew out from the Black Centipede Sect and obstructed the duo .

They were none other than Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu .

Yan Qingwu responded, “Get lost . ”

While speaking, she burst out with qi prowess that belonged to a person at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm .

“What? A peak level monarch?” 

The Black Centipede Monarch and the Green Bamboo Monarch were shocked .

The Black Centipede Sect and the Green Bamboo Guild were only second-rate factions in the Four Way Continent, and they were only high-level monarchs . As for monarchs at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm, they only existed in first-rate factions . However, they didn’t have any impressions of Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu at all .

The Black Centipede Monarch and the Green Bamboo Monarch knew clearly about the strength of peak level monarchs . There was a peak level monarch who used just a single move to destroy a 7th level monarch . It was a commotion that shocked the entire Four Way Continent .

Of course, there were strength differences between the peak level monarchs . Even if Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were weak, they still didn’t wish to provoke them .

Without a choice, the Black Centipede Sect and the Green Bamboo Guild had to stop their battle as they were afraid of affecting Yan Qingwu .

“We have offended the two esteemed monarchs . Please forgive us . ” The Black Centipede Monarch cupped his fist and bowed to Yan Qingwu .

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Li Fuchen said, “Put aside your battle first . The two of you come over here for a moment . ”

Li Fuchen looked at the Black Centipede Monarch and the Green Bamboo Monarch .

The Black Centipede Monarch’s face turned unpleasant as he had already given way, but Li Fuchen took advantage of it .

“The two esteemed monarchs better leave now!” The Black Centipede Monarch endured his anger and said .

Li Fuchen smiled and reached out his hand to grasp at the duo .

All of a sudden, there was a terrifying suction force that caused the duo to involuntarily fly towards Li Fuchen .

“Presumptuous! Let go of the Sect Patriarch!”

18 monarchs from the Black Centipede Sect formed a battle formation and blasted an attack at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen responded by extending his right hand and flicking with his finger .

Bang Boom!

The battle formation was shattered and all the members were sent flying .

“Such power!”

The monarchs from the Green Bamboo Guild who were preparing to make a move had been flabbergasted .

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A simple suction from the hand had pulled their Guild Master and the Black Centipede Sect Patriarch over . Afterwards, a simple flick of the finger had shattered the Black Centipede Battle Formation . This level of strength was simply dreadful and they were incapable of resistance .

“Everyone is to stop, this lord doesn’t have any evil intentions . ”

The Black Centipede Monarch and the Green Bamboo Monarch immediately knew that Li Fuchen was also a peak level monarch . Furthermore, his strength was at the pinnacle of peak level monarchs .

“I just want to ask a few questions, don’t need to be worried . ” Li Fuchen smiled .

“Will the lord please ask . ” The Green Bamboo Monarch bowed and cupped his fist .

Li Fuchen asked, “What is this continent? What factions are there in this continent? Who are the strongest individuals?”

The duo had just arrived at the continent and were truly blind to everything . Therefore, they had to find someone to understand about this continent .

“My lord isn’t from the Four Way Continent?”

The Green Bamboo Monarch was immediately enlightened . No wonder he didn’t have any impressions of Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu . It turned out that they weren’t from the Four Way Continent .

After finding out that the duo had crossed the ocean, the Green Bamboo Monarch and the Black Centipede Monarch were even more careful . People who could cross the ocean weren’t regular monarchs and were probably half-emperors .

The Black Centipede Monarch seized the opportunity to speak . “This continent is called the Four Way Continent and it is square in shape . The continent’s factions are separated into top-rate, first-rate, second-rate, third-rate, and so on . There is only one top-rate faction and it is the Four Way Empire . There are four first-rate factions, dozens of second-rate factions, around a hundred third-rate factions . As for the unrated factions, there are countless . My Black Centipede Sect and the Green Bamboo Guild are from the second-rate factions . Apart from that, the Four Way Continent has ten great monarchs and they are all at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm . ”

“Four Way Empire… Are there any Law Phase Realm emperors on the Four Way Continent?” Yan Qingwu inquired .

The Green Bamboo Monarch shook his head and said, “The Four Way Empire’s dictator is called the Four Way Martial Emperor . His strength is only at the peak level of Primary Sea Realm, but he is extremely powerful and can contest with Law Phase Realm emperors . It is why he is also known as the Four Way Martial Emperor and thus the Four Way Empire . ”

“I see . ” Li Fuchen nodded .

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