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Chapter 671
ER – Chapter 671: City Destruction by a Demonic Beast Overlord

The Demonic Spirit Arrow flashed by and entered Li Fuchen’s mind .

Li Fuchen’s face remained unchanged . Let alone a Demonic Spirit Arrow at 10% power, even if it was at 100% power, it would be difficult to injure Li Fuchen’s true spirit .

The true spirit was a person’s quintessence while the spiritual awareness was the diluted quintessence . It was already very difficult to attack the true spirit with spiritual awareness, even Li Fuchen’s spiritual awareness had a hard time dealing significant damage to other’s true spirit . Conversely, it was basically impossible for others to injure Li Fuchen’s true spirit .

The Four-Armed Great Ruler’s smile didn’t last long . Soon enough, his expression turned unpleasant .

In his opinion, the Demonic Spirit Arrow at 10% power was already enough to make a regular Law Phase Realm emperor suffer miserably . This was the Four-Armed Great Ruler’s innate ability and not just a pure spiritual awareness attack .

But looking at Li Fuchen’s reaction, it wasn’t effective at all .

“I shall not accompany the two rulers any longer . ”

Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler and the Four-Armed Great Ruler . He turned and left .

The two great rulers held back their desires to make a move and watched as Li Fuchen left .

In the Ancient Star Sea, they had a limitation to the utilization of their strength . If they recklessly attacked with full power, they might be already eliminated before they could kill Li Fuchen .

“Blood Demonic, it seems like we will not be able to deal with this human within a short period of time . ” The Four-Armed Great Ruler said .

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler said with a cold voice, “Unless he doesn’t leave the Ancient Star Sea . Otherwise, he will regret it . ”

If the Blood Demonic Great Ruler consumed Li Fuchen after the latter consumed the Blood Lingzhi Crown, the effects would only be better .

Humans had always been nourishing medicine to enhance the demonic beast’s bloodline .

After returning to the Ancient Star City, Li Fuchen immediately went into a seclusion .

With 19 stalks of Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi and 1 stalk of Blood Lingzhi Crown, Li Fuchen felt that his qi blood source wouldn’t just be fully recovered, it would actually reach the next level .

However, Li Fuchen underestimated the effects of the Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi .

It took just 9 stalks of Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi for Li Fuchen’s qi blood source to recover fully and it was even enhanced more .

Li Fuchen peeled off a piece of the Blood Lingzhi Crown and stuffed it into his mouth .

It was hard to describe the feeling . Apart from feeling his qi blood source getting stronger, there was an invisible power getting stronger within the qi blood source too .

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, this invisible power should be the bloodline power .

A human’s bloodline was very weak, even if a human was a body refinement martial artist, the bloodline power would be far inferior to the demonic beasts .

After all, each race would have their own racial specialty .

The specialty of the demonic beast race and the demon race was their bloodline .

The specialty of the human race was their bone frame .

However, after reaching the saint’s realm, the human race’s bloodline would be comparable with the demonic beast race and the demon race . In fact, it would even be superior .

Once the bloodlines of the demonic beast race and the demon race were fixed, they would only be further enhancing it at the latter stages .

The human race’s bloodline wasn’t fixed and could have great future possibilities .

Once the Blood Lingzhi Crown was consumed, Li Fuchen felt that his bloodline power was already 10 times stronger than before . A sharp qi presence was being emitted .

It was very obvious that Li Fuchen’s bloodline was the sword dao bloodline and it contained traces of sword dao law .

The day that Li Fuchen stepped into the saint’s realm, his first generation descendants would perfectly inherit his sword dao bloodline . Even if they had bad innate talent and bone frame, they would still be able to reach the Law Phase Realm . There were ancient texts that stated that the first generation’s saint bloodline was known as human form demonic beasts . It stated that these people simply had to excavate their bloodline to constantly grow stronger . Even if they had inferior perception, it wouldn’t be able to stop them from becoming formidable individuals .

As for the rest of the 10 stalks of Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi, Li Fuchen gave them to Yan Qingwu .

The Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi wasn’t just able to nourish the soul, it could also enhance the true spirit .

If Yan Qingwu’s true spirit was enhanced to the point where she could utilize heaven class high-tier martial arts, her strength would be strengthened by several times .

As time passed by, Li Fuchen’s comprehension speed of the sword pattern became slightly faster .

With dedicated devotion, it would allow a person to utilize the advantages of their perception .

91%, 92%…

Half a year passed by in an instant and Li Fuchen had comprehended 93% of the sword pattern .

It was already extremely terrifying to comprehend 93% of the sword pattern . Even if Li Fuchen was wielding a tree branch, it would have the strength of a heaven class mid-tier artifact sword after embedding the sword pattern .

In other words, the power of the current Joint-Heaven Sword was far inferior to the sword pattern comprehended by Li Fuchen .

As Li Fuchen’s sword pattern proficiency increased, he felt that his Sword Heart was being strengthened too .

He finally understood why the Sword Spirit asked Li Fuchen to emphasize on the sword pattern .

It was apparent that the sword pattern was related to the Sword Heart .

He was able to condense the Sword Heart probably because of his extremely high sword pattern proficiency .

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After understanding this connection, Li Fuchen invested more attention towards the sword pattern .

The power of concentration was truly horrifying . In just two short months, Li Fuchen worked diligently and comprehended the sword pattern to the 95% mark . His efficiency was now several times higher .

There were gleaming reflections of lights above the Ancient Star Sea and it was boundless .

It was unknown why a giant shadow started to extend in the sea water .

The shadow was too massive and when it entered the Ancient Star Sea, it didn’t turn into the human form .

The Ancient Star City’s quasi-class 9 array wasn’t ordinary and it had the effects to change forms . No matter which demonic beasts made it inside the array, they would automatically have a change of forms . Those demonic beasts that couldn’t change their forms wouldn’t be able to enter .

Beep Beep Beep Beep…

There was a mournful alarm sound that sounded in the Ancient Star City .

Inside the city lord residence, there was an elder wearing a star-robe that was suddenly awakened from his seclusion . He controlled the array to take a look and was stunned .

“Demonic beast overlord!” The star-robed elder yelled out .

With the aid of the quasi-class 9 array, he was confident he could slaughter regular half-overlords . But a demonic beast overlord wasn’t just 10 times or 20 times stronger than a half-overlord . A single slap of the palm was probably enough to extinguish the Ancient Star City .

Subconsciously, the star-robed elder took out a crystal ball from a storage bag and crushed it .


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The shadow broke out of the water and it had the head of a lizard . It was a gigantic beast that had a ring of tentacles on the head .

This gigantic beast was overly big and was over a few thousand miles in size . The eyes were like the sun and the moon in the sky . They emitted bright divine light which disintegrated the Ancient Star City’s array and buildings instantly . A large number of demonic beast kings and human monarchs were killed .

“Myriad Hirudinea, get out of the Ancient Star City . ”

Above the Ancient Star City, an illusory figure appeared and it was also a few thousand miles in height .

“A mere array clone wouldn’t be able to stop me . ”

The gigantic beast raised its claw and swung it down at the Ancient Star City .


The illusory figure blocked the claw attack, but the residual force from the claw still destroyed half the Ancient Star City . The horrific law power had seemingly frozen the space and time of the city .

“Hurry up and run!”

The surviving demonic beasts, demons, and humans were escaping frenziedly .

Li Fuchen and Yan Qingwu were among the escapees .

It was fortunate that the duo were living in the inner district . The entire outer district was already completely destroyed along with half of the inner district . Only the core district was still intact .

The duo didn’t have time to understand what happened . Their only thoughts were to escape as far as possible .


The qi force ripples constantly killed more individuals . Among the dead, there were plenty of demonic beast rulers . The gigantic beast’s claw force was able to freeze time and space . Once anyone made contact with the claw force, they would be immobilized . Demonic beast rulers were no different from insects right now . A single scratch would mean death .

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