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Chapter 670
ER – Chapter 670: Blood Demonic Great Ruler

A single stalk of Thunder Calamity Herb might not be able to recover Li Fuchen’s qi blood source completely, it was already at 80% recovered .

Li Fuchen was planning to continue comprehending the Joint-Heaven Sword’s sword pattern now .

Before this, he had already comprehended the sword pattern to 90% . Once he comprehended it completely, the Joint-Heaven Sword would be turned into a heaven class high-tier artifact sword . It would also come along with a heaven class high-tier sword art . It would help to boost Li Fuchen’s strength greatly and by at least ten times .

One month later… Two months later…

Li Fuchen’s progression on the sword pattern was very slow, after two months, he had only comprehended them to the 91% mark .

Li Fuchen’s perception was sufficiently good, but this layer of sword pattern on the Joint-Heaven Sword was simply too absurd .

Li Fuchen reckoned that he wouldn’t be able to comprehend the entire sword pattern within a short period of time, unless his spirit soul transformed into the pale red color spirit soul .

The Ancient Star City’s array reached a range of ten million miles . Within this range, killing was forbidden or it would activate the array’s attack .

The sea region within the array’s range was also known as the Ancient Star Sea .

Above the Ancient Star Sea, human monarchs and even human emperors would be searching around for resources throughout the year .

The ocean was too vast and the environment was extremely complicated . Even the demonic beast race wouldn’t dare to say that they had explored the entire ocean . It was already praiseworthy to have explored even 10% of the entire ocean .

At the bottom of the Ancient Star Sea, there was a herb being produced and it was called the Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi . It might only be an earth class peak-tier herb, but the value wasn’t inferior to regular heaven class low-tier herb . The most important factor was its ability to recover the qi blood source and also to nourish the spirit .
(TL note: Lingzhi is a kind of Chinese medicinal mushroom)

Li Fuchen wasn’t able to afford the Heaven Dragon Fruit as it was too expensive to buy it for 300 million mid-grade spirit stones, and it wasn’t necessary either . Since he wasn’t planning to leave the Ancient Star City anytime soon, he could take the time to recover .

Therefore, the Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi became his target .

With his outrageous spiritual awareness, Li Fuchen was like a fish in the Ancient Star Sea . With his current spiritual awareness, only great emperors were able to surpass him .

Over 200 thousand meters under the Ancient Star Sea, there was a figure traversing quickly .

“My speed is still too slow . It seems like I have to create a water shifting technique . ”

90% of the Deep Blue Plane was filled with sea . In the future, a water shifting technique would only become more useful .

After a few hours, Li Fuchen arrived beside an umbrellshaped plant that was blood red in color .

With a wave of Li Fuchen’s hand, the Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi landed in his hand .

Li Fuchen extended his spiritual awareness and continued to search for traces of Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi .


All of a sudden, Li Fuchen’s face flashed with astonishment .

Within the abyss of the sea, Li Fuchen noticed a Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi that looked entirely different .

This Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi was sparkling and translucent, just like a blood red crystal . It was shining with radiance and in the surrounding of the blood lingzhi, there were illusory blood dragons and tigers that were revolving it . It was truly a remarkable sight .

“Blood Lingzhi Crown!”

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Even if Li Fuchen was a fool, he would know that this was the Blood Lingzhi Crown .

A regular Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi would need to be nurtured under the sea for 1000 years before growing out . It was said that the Blood Lingzhi Crown would need to be nurtured for 10,000 years .

If the regular Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi was an earth class peak-tier herb, then the Blood Lingzhi Crown would be considered a heaven class low-tier or even a heaven class mid-tier herb . Its value was far beyond the Thunder Calamity Herb and even more valuable than the Heaven Dragon Fruit .

Disregarding his qi consumption, Li Fuchen executed the sword shift and rushed towards the Blood Lingzhi Crown that was at the abyss of the sea .

At the same time, a blood red figure and a four-armed figure had also sensed the Blood Lingzhi Crown .

However, it was very obvious that Li Fuchen was at least 10 times closer to the Blood Lingzhi Crown than the duo .

Soon enough, Li Fuchen arrived at the abyss and from a few miles away, Li Fuchen brandished his hand and took the Blood Lingzhi Crown . The illusory dragons and tigers instantly vanished .

“Put down the Blood Lingzhi Crown . ”

The blood red figure was first to arrive . It was an imposing middle-aged man that had similar looks to the Blood Demonic King .

This was the Blood Demonic Great Ruler, the strongest demonic beast ruler within millions of miles . Back before the Ancient Star City was established, the Ancient Star Sea was just one of the sea regions under its command .

Before the Blood Demonic arrived, there was a qi presence that surged at Li Fuchen which was a sea of blood .

If it was a regular Primary Sea Realm monarch, he wouldn’t even dare to lift a finger in the face of this qi presence .

Before Li Fuchen could speak, the four-armed figure arrived quickly .

“Blood Demonic, I am the one that spotted this Blood Lingzhi Crown . Know your limits and back off now!” The four-armed figure was a strong man with four arms and eyes . He had upper and lower jaws that were protruding abnormally and looked just like a crocodile’s snout .

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The Four-Armed Great Ruler was the strongest demonic beast ruler in the Four-Armed Sea that was next to the Blood Demonic Sea . His strength was comparable with the Blood Demonic Great Ruler .

“Four Arms, don’t you forget that the Ancient Star Sea is once part of my Blood Demonic Sea . It isn’t your place to speak . ” The Blood Demonic Great Ruler said with a deep voice .

“You said it yourself, that is in the past . We are living in the present . ” The Four-Armed Great Ruler spoke with an aggressive tone .

“Do you wish to fight?” The Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s body burst out with a murderous aura .

“If you want a fight, so be it . Who is afraid?” 

The Four-Armed Great Ruler wasn’t afraid at all . The demonic beasts were always fond of battle and he, the Four-Armed Great Ruler, had never been afraid of anyone .

The murderous intent in the eyes was extremely intense, but soon enough, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler withdrew the murderous aura and said, “Let’s take the Blood Lingzhi Crown first . ”

The Deep Sea Blood Lingzhi had great effects for the demonic beast race too . It was especially so for the great rulers, the Blood Lingzhi Crown would provide them an opportunity to break through to become demonic beast overlords .

The demonic beasts strengthened themselves by excavating their bloodline potential . The Blood Lingzhi Crown which was able to enhance the qi blood source was definitely able to strengthen their bloodline, allowing them to have an easier time to evolve .

But the Blood Lingzhi Crown was too rare . As the previous dictator of the Ancient Star City, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler had only seen one Blood Lingzhi Crown over thousands of years . This was only his second time seeing another Blood Lingzhi Crown .

No matter what, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler wouldn’t miss out on the Blood Lingzhi Crown . It belonged to him and whoever took it must die .

“Human child . Hand over the Blood Lingzhi Crown and your storage bags . Sever both your arms and run back to the Ancient Star City . ” The Four-Armed Great Ruler never placed humans in his eyes . His attitude towards Li Fuchen was a very commanding tone .

Li Fuchen smiled and said, “This is the Ancient Star Sea, why should I listen to you?”

“Do you think we cannot kill you because you are in the Ancient Star Sea?”

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler grinned and released waves of murderous qi at Li Fuchen .

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A quasi-class 9 array might be formidable, but it wasn’t able to suppress a great ruler completely . Even with a hundredth of his strength, the Blood Demonic Great Ruler was confident he could kill Li Fuchen .

“Just this amount of strength?” 

Li Fuchen used his sword intent to resist the Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s murderous qi with ease .

“Courting for death!” 

The Blood Demonic Great Ruler reached out his right hand and extended his blood red sharp claws to claw at Li Fuchen .

Bang Boom!

There was a concentrated purple lightning that came out of nowhere and enveloped the Blood Demonic Great Ruler and its claw attack .

At the end, when the claw reached Li Fuchen, it had already lost 99% of its power and was split apart by Li Fuchen’s slash . The Blood Demonic Great Ruler was in a pathetic state as he had several scorched marks on his body .

The quasi-class 9 array was to deal with a demonic beast half-overlord . If a great ruler dared to make a move, it would certainly have to pay the price .

If the Blood Demonic Great Ruler disregarded everything and made a move, he would definitely be targeted by the quasi-class 9 array at full force and might perish .

“Damn it . ” The Blood Demonic Great Ruler’s face turned gloomy .

Li Fuchen’s strength was obviously in the emperor’s realm, moreover, he wasn’t weak even among the emperors .

“Blood Demonic, you’re not competent enough . Watch me . ”

The Four-Armed Great Ruler opened his mouth and shot out an illusory arrow at Li Fuchen .

It was the Demonic Spirit Arrow . It was an innate ability that was specifically to attack the demonic beast spirit and true spirit . It was one of the Four-Armed Great Ruler’s killer move and allowed him to dominate the Ancient Star Sea . With the suppression of the quasi-class 9 array in the Ancient Star City, he was only able to use 10% of the original power .

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