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Chapter 657
ER – Chapter 657: Law Phase Realm’s Combat Strength

After a detailed conversation, Li Fuchen found out that the trio had arrived in the Emperor Sky Continent for a few years . The teleportation platform at East Unicorn Continent could directly teleport to the Emperor Sky Continent . However, it was impossible to teleport back from here . The teleportation platform at the Emperor Sky Continent could only accept teleportations but couldn’t initiate a teleportation .

The trio would occasionally see the old friends from the East Unicorn Continent, however, they didn’t gather . After all, everyone had their own fate and they came to the Emperor Sky Continent to search for opportunities and not to mingle around .

“That’s right . Li Fuchen, I saw Yan Qingwu in the Emperor Sky Continent too . Her progress is even more terrifying than yours . ” Su Muyu suddenly mentioned .

“How is that so?” Li Fuchen was rather curious .

He had some encounters with Yan Qingwu and there was even an awkward scenario .

Su Muyu explained, “Two years ago, we saw Yan Qingwu at the Blue Sun Empire . Back then, she was already at the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm . She was having a battle with a 2nd level Law Phase Realm emperor and there were plenty of people observing the battle . ”

“What was the outcome?” Li Fuchen asked .

Qi Heng sighed and said, “Three moves, she took just three moves to defeat that 2nd level emperor . Had it not been for another mid-level emperor who came to assist, that 2nd level emperor might have been killed . ”

‘Is it a possession? Or?’ Li Fuchen frowned .

It was impossible for a 9th level monarch to defeat a 2nd level emperor with ease, even if the monarch had an 8-star bone frame .

In Li Fuchen’s opinion, here were three possibilities .

First, just like him, Yan Qingwu had also obtained a heaven-defying opportunity .

Second, Yan Qingwu had been possessed by a formidable person .

If the person who possessed her was a great emperor, then whatever the great emperor had cultivated would allow a 9th level monarch to defeat a 2nd level emperor with ease, as though it was a game .

Third, Yan Qingwu was the reincarnation of someone formidable .

It was very difficult to reincarnate along with the previous memories, it was almost impossible, however, there might be reincarnation secret techniques .

“What are all of you planning to do next?” Li Fuchen asked .

Su Muyu said, “What can we plan? We will plan as we take each step and search for fated opportunities . ”

To arrive in the Emperor Sky Continent was already a fated opportunity for them .

Perhaps it was due to the comprehensive heaven and earth laws in this continent, in the second year after they arrived, their 6-star bone frames had upgraded into the 7-star bone frames . Li Fuchen wasn’t surprised by this either .

The East Unicorn Continent was considered very weak even among the low-class continents . The heaven and earth laws were rather scarce too . It was very normal for the bone frame to be upgraded by one star grade after arriving in a top-notch mid-class continent, as the bone frame would absorb the law power .

As for why Li Fuchen’s bone frame didn’t upgrade? Li Fuchen reckoned that it was because he had used external items to upgrade his bone frame a few times .

If he was still a normal bone frame, his bone frame would automatically upgrade to 1-star or 2-star bone frame after arriving in the Emperor Sky Continent .

“Perhaps you can join the Floating Sky Mountain and become a disciple like me . ” Li Fuchen proposed .

With the trio’s innate talent, perception, and their current bone frames, joining the Floating Sky Mountain wouldn’t be a problem . The worst scenario would be joining as an outer mountain disciple .

“Can we?” Teng Qingyun wasn’t really confident .

After arriving at the Emperor Sky Continent, they found out that they were nothing and were only considered slightly talented and weren’t considered prodigies .

“You have to try before knowing . ” Li Fuchen felt that the trio would be able to make it .

Among the 7-star bone frames, the trio were considered excellent . It was mainly due to a special aura that the trio had that the other 7-star bone frames in the Emperor Sky Continent didn’t possess . It was an aura that was meant to stir up the world .

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Such aura must not be underestimated . Apart from innate talent and perception, a martial artist’s personality and aura were also very important .

“Take this token and bring it to the Floating Sky Mountain . Someone will arrange for your tests . ” Li Fuchen took out a token and handed it to Su Muyu .

Before this, he had already introduced Lei Donghai, Gu Jiuye, and Yuan Long to join the Floating Sky Mountain . Those three had innate talent and perception that were better than this trio, therefore, they were already inner mountain disciples .

“Many thanks . ” The trio were very grateful . Joining the Floating Sky Mountain was definitely an immense opportunity .

As a top-notch emperor-class faction, the Floating Sky Mountain had countless cultivation techniques and martial arts . They definitely had plenty of heaven class cultivation techniques and martial arts too . What Su Muyu and the others lacked right now were the cultivation techniques and martial arts .

After staying in the Thousands Prosper City for one day, Li Fuchen left on the second day morning .

Concurrently, Su Muyu and the others headed for the Floating Sky Mountain .

For over a month Su Muyu and the others had teleported through multiple teleportation arrays and travelled across many roads before arriving at the borders of the Floating Sky Mountain .

“Stop in your path . ” A monarch stopped the trio .

Su Muyu took out the token that Li Fuchen gave her and said, “It is Li Fuche who recommended us to participate in the disciple test . ”
“Direct line disciple Li Fuchen?”

The monarch received the token and checked it closely before saying, “Follow me . ”

Since they were recommended by direct line disciple Li Fuchen, the monarch didn’t dare to make them wait here .

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The person receiving the most attention in the Floating Sky Mountain was Li Fuchen, his status was already comparable with some of the lower ranked elders .

The domain of the Floating Sky Mountain was enormous, without using any teleportation arrays, Li Fuchen couldn’t even completely venture a single county in over a month .

Of course, it was mainly because Li Fuchen wasn’t traveling at full speed . He was traveling leisurely and admiring the different sceneries at the same time .

To him, he didn’t bother about the time spent, he bothered about the experiences during the venture .

In the wilderness, there was a tea store . It didn’t have a lot of guests as most of them were wandering martial artists .

The strongest among them was merely at the 8th level of Battle Spirit Realm .

At the window seat of the tea store, Li Fuchen ordered a pot of tea .


The sky turned dark and there was a massive downpour .

Li Fuchen had drunk half the pot of tea and gradually turned to look into the rain .

Over ten miles inside the rain, there was an imposing figure that was standing in the sky and he looked just like a demon god .

The rain was falling onto his body but it didn’t drench his clothes . It felt as though his body was part of the rain .

“Are you looking for me?” Li Fuchen’s voice transferred through the rain .

“Follow me for a trip . ” The imposing figure said .

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“What if I said no?” Li Fuchen gently turned the teacup .

How could he not see that the imposing figure was actually a 1st level emperor .

“I’m afraid you don’t have a choice . ”

The imposing figure waved his hand and channeled all the rain towards the tea store . It then turned into a cage and imprisoned the entire tea store .

Everyone in the tea store wasn’t aware of the situation .

After taking a glance at the cage, Li Fuchen was in admiration . Law Phase Realm emperors were indeed incredible . Their control of the nature power was countless times superior to Primary Sea Realm monarchs .

“It is a pity that I do have the choice . ” 

Li Fuchen dipped his finger into the tea water and flicked it .

Without any sound or presence, a drop of water passed through the rainwater cage and traveled over ten miles to reach the imposing figure .

The imposing figure had a change in expression . When facing this drop of water, he felt that time had slowed down while the water droplet was traveling at normal speed .


There was a blood wound opened up on the chest . The imposing figure immediately turned to escape .  

“Are you able to escape?”

There was a translucent giant hand that grasped the imposing figure .

The imposing figure was horrified and was struggling desperately . Right now, his only thoughts were to return to the Clan of Darkness and to renew the evaluation on Li Fuchen . This young man already had strength that surpassed the Primary Sea Realm and reached the Law Phase Realm . Furthermore, his combat strength was almost at the mid-levels of Law Phase Realm .

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