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Chapter 656
ER – Chapter 656: Strength and Status

“You are courting death!” Hua Jianqiu sneered and crushed a token that he took out .

In the Thousands Prosper City, Hua Jianqiu was never afraid of anyone . It didn’t matter if the other party was a peak-class monarch or half-emperor . Dragons would have to coil up and tigers would have to crouch down .

“Li Fuchen, this person is Thousands Prosper City’s Young City Lord . He has a significant status here . Hurry up and leave . ”

Su Muyu could see that Li Fuchen’s cultivation was very high and it was significantly higher than Hua Jianqiu . However, this place was the Thousands Prosper City and not the wilderness . If it was in the wilderness, the three of them wouldn’t have to fear Hua Jianqiu .

Li Fuchen didn’t mind it and said, “How can I know of his identity since he dares to be so arrogant in Thousands Prosper City . ”

Qi Heng gritted his teeth and said to Teng Qingyun and Su Muyu, “Li Fuchen never does things unless he is certain . Furthermore, we can’t escape either . Why don’t we head up?”

“Alright then . ”

Teng Qingyun and Su Muyu nodded helplessly . They too knew that they wouldn’t be able to escape from Thousands Prosper City and could only place their hopes in Li Fuchen .

After arriving at the top floor of the Flying Snow Restaurant, the trio sat down .

“Waiter, bring me another three pots of Flying Snow Wine . ” Li Fuchen called out .

The waiter was trembling in fear, “Young Master, that person below is the Young City Lord, Hua Jianqiu . In my opinion, it is better for all of you to quickly leave?”

The Flying Snow Restaurant might be the third ranked restaurant in Thousands Prosper City and had an influential background . However, no matter how influential they were, they didn’t dare to offend the Young City Lord .

Li Fuchen said, “You just need to serve the wine and disregard everything else . He is just a Young City Lord who I don’t even need to put in my eyes . ”

When the waiter saw how composed Li Fuchen was, he was astonished .

Not even putting the Young City Lord in his eyes? Was Li Fuchen a lunatic or did he have a card up his sleeve?

“It should be the latter!” The waiter said to himself silently .

After all, a person who could spend hundreds of millions of low-grade spirit stones couldn’t be anyone simple .

When the Flying Snow Wine was served, Su Muyu and the others had a sip .

They were originally anxious, but after taking a sip, they instantly calmed down and exclaimed, “What wine is this? It must be expensive!”

The waiter couldn’t help and replied, “This is our Flying Snow Restaurant’s most expensive Flying Snow Wine . A single pot would cost 20 million low-grade spirit stones . ”

“What? 20 million low-grade spirit stones?” The trio were flabbergasted .

All three of their wealth added up would be around a few million low-grade spirit stones . They wouldn’t be able to afford a single pot of wine .

Swish Swish Swish Swish…

Outside the Flying Snow Restaurant, a group of high-level monarchs surrounded the Flying Snow Restaurant .

“Young City Lord!” A grey-haired elder with a saber on his back greeted Hua Jianqiu .

Hua Jianqiu said in a cold voice, “Bring them out for me . ”


When the grey-haired elder gestured with his hand, four high-level monarchs followed him and flew towards the Flying Snow Restaurant .

Su Muyu, Qi Heng, and Teng Qingyun held their breaths as they watched this scene .


Just as the five were about to fly into the Flying Snow Restaurant, an invisible barrier repelled them .

The grey-haired elder was enraged, “Hurry up and undo the restaurant’s array!”

He thought that the members of the restaurant had activated the protection array .

“Blast open the array!” Hua Jianqiu gave the command .

Since the Flying Snow Restaurant couldn’t adapt to the situation, then there wasn’t a need for it to exist .


The grey-haired elder drew his battle saber and cleaved .

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A fearsome white light cleaved at the Flying Snow Restaurant like a thunderbolt in the clear sky .


The saber light exploded into dust and the Flying Snow Restaurant was unscathed .

“Attack together!” The grey-haired elder’s face turned red as shame turned into anger .

Boom Boom Boom…

The group of high-level monarchs had constantly executing their attacks and blasting at the Flying Snow Restaurant

After 10 minutes, everyone stopped and looked at each other with dismay .

Could the array of a restaurant really block the attacks from so many high-level monarchs?

Hua Jianqiu felt that something was wrong too .

“Li Fuchen, are you doing this?” Su Muyu suddenly looked at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t deny and said, “It is time to teach them a lesson . ”

While speaking, Li Fuchen dipped his hand with some wine and splashed it outside .

Pfff Pfff Pfff Pfff…

With Hua Jianqiu included, everyone’s body burst out with bloody wounds .

“It seems like they chose the wrong target . ”

The onlookers were all gossiping .

People who could easily injure high-level monarchs were at least half-emperors or even combat emperors .

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Which of those combat emperors didn’t have an influential background?

“This sir, must you go against me?” Hua Jianqiu endured the pain and humiliation as he questioned Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen said, “As the Young City Lord of the Thousands Prosper City, you used your authority to take advantage of others and disregarded the rules . I shall seal your malicious intent for 100 years . ”

Li Fuchen then formed a seal with one hand before an incantation descended onto Hua Jianqiu .

“What have you done to me?!” Hua Jianqiu yelled with rage .


All of a sudden, Hua Jianqiu yelled out miserably as he felt a splitting headache .

“Within this 100 years, once you have any malicious intent, you will suffer unbearable pain . I hope you will be tactful enough . ”

Li Fuchen executed the Malicious Heart Demon Subduing incantation .

The Demon Subduing incantation was used to subdue the inner demons . The Malicious Heart Demon Subduing incantation was used to subdue evil and malicious intentions . This incantation was created to deal with those evildoers .

With Li Fuchen’s current incantation proficiency, even the Incantation Martial Emperor might not be able to remove this incantation personally .

Of course, if Hua Jianqiu had a change in nature, there wasn’t a need to remove the Malicious Heart Demon Subduing incantation .

“Who dares to hurt my child . ” A robust voice echoed in the sky .

“It is the Thousands Prosper City Lord, Hua Tianxiong . ” Someone within the crowd stated .

Hua Tianxiong might only have the strength of a peak-class monarch, but when using the Thousands Prosper City’s array, he could suppress a half-emperor .

“You are the Thousands Prosper City Lord?” Li Fuchen’s voice transmitted into Hua Tianxiong’s ears .

“Where are you?” Hua Tianxiong asked with a deep voice .

“I am the Floating Sky Mountain’s direct line disciple, Li Fuchen . ” While speaking, Li Fuchen revealed the qi presence from the direct line disciple token .

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“Direct line disciple?!” Hua Tianxiong was appalled .

The status of a direct line disciple was much higher than a County Lord and was just inferior to the Province Governor and the Floating Sky Mountain’s elder . He was just a small city lord of the Thousands Prosper City and was nothing in the eyes of Li Fuchen . Even if Li Fuchen killed him, he would only be punished .

“Hua Tianxiong pays his greetings to my lord . ” Hua Tianxiong spoke with a trembling voice as he quickly descended from the sky and bowed with a cupped fist .

“City Lord!” The grey-haired elder and the others were looking at each other with dismay .

“Hurry up and kneel down to seek forgiveness . ” Hua Tianxiong yelled with anger .

“My lord, please spare our lives . ”

How could these people not understand that this person at the top floor of the Flying Snow Restaurant had a much higher status than Hua Tianxiong . If they didn’t kneel down to seek forgiveness, their lives would be at stake .  

As such, they didn’t hesitate to kneel down and speak with a terrified voice .

“You may leave . Hua Tianxiong, you better shape up . ” Li Fuchen said indifferently .

When Hua Tianxiong and his men left, the onlookers started to gossip .

“I wonder who is the lord that Hua Tianxiong mentioned?”

“You fool, it must be a member of the Floating Sky Mountain’s upper echelon . ”

“Look at how young he is, he must be a direct line disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain . ”

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Su Muyu looked at Li Fuchen . “Li Fuchen, what is your status now, that Thousands Prosper City Lord seems very afraid of you . ”

Li Fuchen said, “I recently became a direct line disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain . ”

“So that is the case . ” The trio instantly understood .

The Floating Sky Mountain was one of the seven major factions in the Emperor Sky Continent, the status of the direct line disciple would definitely make the Thousands Prosper City Lord tremble in fear .

“How long have the three of you arrived in the Emperor Sky Continent? Have you seen others?” Li Fuchen enquired about their experiences .

He had already encountered four individuals from the East Unicorn Continent on the Emperor Sky Continent, they were the Evil Monarch and the current trio .

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