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Chapter 658
ER – Chapter 658: Sword Shift


There was a terrifying ripple that covered the range of a few miles and it was truly sky-shaking .

The imposing figure who was a 1st level Law Phase Realm emperor had been crushed . Blood mist pervaded the horizon and caused the wilderness to have a rain of blood .

A Law Phase Realm emperor’s vitality was too exuberant and it was thousands or ten thousand times stronger than a normal martial artist . If blood was slowly flowing out from an emperor’s body, it wouldn’t dry up even after flowing for a few months .

Within the blood mist, there was spiritual light that rushed into the sky . It was the imposing figure’s true spirit .

When the strength difference wasn’t too significant, it was very difficult to eliminate the other party’s true spirit, especially for Law Phase Realm emperors .

“Spirit Beheading Sword!”

Li Fuchen narrowed his eyes and sent out a spiritual awareness sword to slash at the true spirit .


The true spirit was split into two .

After escaping from the body, the true spirit would lose spiritual awareness protection and would be rather vulnerable .

As for the Spirit Beheading Sword that Li Fuchen executed, it was a 7-star spiritual awareness attack secret technique that he had created . Using his powerful spiritual awareness, it was enough for Law Phase Realm emperors to suffer, let alone an exposed true spirit .

When the true spirit was split into two, it quickly tried to merge again .

Slash Slash!

When the spiritual awareness sword split the true spirit, the sword didn’t dissipate as it carried on slashing several times . The true spirit was ultimately unable to withstand and had thoroughly collapsed .

“I am unwilling to accept this!” There was a mournful voice that was transmitted to Li Fuchen’s mind through a certain medium .

“So what if you are unwilling?” Li Fuchen sneered and reached out to siphon a storage bag along with a token .

The front of the token was a design of a dark door, within the door was a moon, and on the back it was written with the word ‘darkness’ .

“Clan of Darkness huh?”

Li Fuchen had been vigilant against this mysterious and fearsome dark faction .

This dark faction seemed to be able to find anyone they wanted with ease . Just this point alone was enough for people to fear them .

Inside the storage bag there were a few hundreds of millions of mid-grade spirit stones and tens of thousands of high-grade spirit stones . Apart from that, there were numerous heave class herbs and valuable artifacts .

“A Law Phase Realm emperor’s wealth is truly commendable . ” Li Fuchen praised silently .

The speed of earning money for a Law Phase Realm emperor was several times faster than a Primary Sea Realm monarch . However, the consumption of resources was also similar . To have such wealth, it was already praiseworthy . Li Fuchen reckoned even the low-level emperors of the major factions might not be as wealthy as this person . The dark faction’s ability to obtain wealth was superior to regular people .

Inside a special hall of the Clan of Darkness .


The hall had a huge number of jake tokens and one of the tokens had shattered with prior indications .

There was a person in the hall that had a change in expression . He walked towards the shattered token and saw that it was a token that had a word that looked like ‘Rain’ .

“Impossible, Elder Rain has fallen?”

This person was astonished . Elder Rain had strength and survival skills that would allow him to escape, unless he encountered a mid-level emperor .

Even if Elder Rain encountered a mid-level emperor, he should still be able to escape .  

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The person flashed and immediately left the hall as he prepared to report this matter to the Vice Clan Head .

“No wonder they can find me . ”

Li Fuchen found a compass in the imposing figure’s storage bag . On the needle of the compass was his qi presence .

He didn’t know how his qi presence had leaked out, but it wasn’t important anymore . What was important was that the Clan of Darkness had a method to find him .

“This is a trouble matter . ” 

Li Fuchen activated the compass and the needle immediately pointed at him .

When he withdrew his qi presence, the needle lost its target and started to spin randomly on the compass .

“My spirit soul’s innate ability to conceal my qi presence is useful, but I am unable to do it constantly . ”

All of a sudden, Li Fuchen’s knitted brows relaxed . He had forgotten that there was an incantation to conceal the qi presence .

“Tortoise Cease incantation . ”

With a thought in his mind, an invisible force enveloped his body .

When Li Fuchen activated the compass again, he realized that the needle spun randomly for several rounds before finally pointing at him . Furthermore, the needle wasn’t still . It was fine if the distance was close, but if it was too far away, the deviation would be rather significant .

The Tortoise Cease incantation could only conceal most of the qi presence and would make one’s qi presence indistinct like the Xuanwu .
(TL note: The Xuanwu is also the Black Tortoise which is one of the Four Symbols of the Chinese constellations)

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At the same time…

The Vice Clan Head of the Clan of Darkness was holding onto a compass .  

This compass looked to be of a very high grade and it contained a heaven dao-like qi presence and it was far superior to Elder Rain’s compass .

Elder Rain’s movements might be a covert operation, but as the Vice Clan Head, he would still be able to find out Elder Rain’s movements as long as he wanted to do so .

Elder Rain’s objective this time was to find a young man, and the qi presence of the young man had already been recorded by the Clan of Darkness .

When he activated the compass, the needle spun randomly for a few rounds before pointing towards the west while wavering .

“Is he too far away or?

The compass in his hand was a counterfeit of the legendary Soul Searching Compass, the Soul Seeking Compass . As long as the needle contained the target’s qi presence, even if the distance was millions of miles away, it was impossible to escape the targeting from the Soul Seeking Compass .

This was the first time the Soul Seeking Compass appeared to be uncertain .

“Could the target be a high-level Law Phase Realm emperor?”

The Soul Seeking Compass was a counterfeit after all and wasn’t as good as the true Soul Searching Compass . It was very difficult for the Soul Seeking Compass to determine the accurate location of a high-level emperor . If the target was a great emperor, the counterfeit would basically be useless .

“Fire shift!”

When venturing different places, Li Fuchen didn’t neglect the progress of his martial dao and sword dao .

In the sky, there was a flash of fire light and Li Fuchen appeared 100 miles away in an instant . His fire shift’s distance seemed to be much further than before .

“Sword shift!”

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The fire light vanished from his body and Li Fuchen turned into a sword light before disappearing . When he reappeared, he was already more than 200 miles away on a tall mountain .

“The sword shift is incredible!” Li Fuchen revealed a pleased expression .

During the recent period of time, he had been studying on the sword shift .

His sword dao law comprehension was much better than his fire dao law comprehension . Along with the Sword Heart that he condensed, creating a sword shifting technique wasn’t as difficult as he imagined .

Moreover, this was only the beginning as he had yet to study too deep into sword shifting . Otherwise, the sword shift’s distance would be at least three times more than the fire shift .

“With the sword shift, even if I encounter a high-level emperor, I will still have some chances to escape . ” Li Fuchen said to himself .

He didn’t know how fast a high-level emperor was . If their speed was only three times faster than the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor, Li Fuchen would be confident in escaping . If they were more than three times as fast, Li Fuchen was certain there were still some chances . Of course, if their speed was five times or more than five times faster, then it was rather hard to escape .

But if the high-level emperor possessed an instant shift technique, then it was basically hopeless .

The Anger Ax Abyss, the only emperor-class dangerous place in the Floating Sky Mountain .

Similar to the Latent Shadow Abyss, the Wind Thunder Abyss, and the Void Grand Canyon, the Anger Ax Abyss was also a treacherous land created by saints .

This treacherous land was filled with violent qi presences . Those that weren’t strong enough would be ripped by the qi presences inside . Not even their true spirits would survive .

Different from the Wind Thunder Abyss and the Void Grand Canyon, there were plenty of Law Phase Realm emperors who would enter the Anger Ax Abyss to search for opportunities .

It was something similar to the deeper layers of the Latent Shadow Abyss .

Within the Anger Ax Abyss, there were herbs that could upgrade the bone frame . It was said that someone once found a heaven class high-tier herb, the Destiny Herb . It was a herb that could upgrade the bone frame from 7-star to 8-star . It was extremely rare .

Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to find the Destiny Herb, his objective was the heaven class mid-tier herb, Seven Stars Revolution Herb .

As the name implied, the Seven Stars Revolution Herb could upgrade his bone frame to 7-star .

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