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Chapter 655
ER – Chapter 655: Old Friends

After condensing the Sword Heart, Li Fuchen had an easier time comprehending the sword dao law .

One month later, Li Fuchen created the 39th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique .

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s cultivation technique rank was already comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors, apart from great emperors .

According to what he knew, the great emperors cultivated heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques, and the highest rank for heaven class mid-tier techniques was the 39th rank .

Of course, those that could become great emperors were all outstanding individuals and would definitely create higher ranks . However, Li Fuchen wouldn’t know how much higher they were able to create .

The 39th rank of the divine flame sword energy was extremely condensed and in terms of intensity, it was already comparable with low-level emperors .

Li Fuchen reckoned that if his dantian limit didn’t increase enough, or if his body toughness wasn’t enough, he wouldn’t have been able to withstand the powerful divine flame sword energy .

Despite the case, Li Fuchen felt that his dantian was swelling .

Let alone advancing his cultivation, if Li Fuchen was to circulate the divine flame sword energy at full strength, it would overload his body .

As a direct line disciple of a major emperor-class faction, there were plenty of benefits . Li Fuchen was now able to exchange for 1000-year Rootless Flowers with contribution points .

The contribution points were bestowed to him by the Vacant Mountain Emperor .

The Vacant Mountain Emperor had given him a massive amount of contribution points for Li Fuchen’s efforts in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain . The amount of contribution points were so much that even the Floating Sky Mountain’s elders would be envious .

With the 1000-year Rootless Flower, Li Fuchen had successfully increased his dantian limit to the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Right now, he had to rely on the peak-grade spirit stone to advance his cultivation to the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm .

“If I don’t find a 10,000-year Rootless Flower, I will not be able to progress to the Law Phase Realm within a decade . ”

Li Fuchen’s cultivation progress was too fast and his dantian couldn’t keep up .

Those 8-star bone frames who have reached the 9th level of Primary Sea Realm were at least 50 years old or close to 100 years old . Li Fuchen was only 30 over years old .

The thing that was restricting him was still his dantian .

If his dantian wasn’t tough enough, even if he had the peak-grade spirit stone, even if his mental state was strong, even if he had all sorts of advantages, it still wouldn’t be possible for him to progress to the Law Phase Realm within the decade .

The Law Phase Realm emperors didn’t just have powerful cultivation, their qi capacity was ten times or even dozens of times more than 9th level Primary Sea Realm monarchs . It was simply incomparable .

Li Fuchen didn’t plan to stay within the Floating Sky Mountain, he was preparing to venture around the regions governed by the Floating Sky Mountain . After arriving on the Emperor Sky Continent, Li Fuchen had been constantly cultivating and didn’t have a chance to relax or stop for a break .

Now that he was a direct line disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain and all his attributes were at a true bottleneck, Li Fuchen felt that it was necessary for him to experience the culture and sceneries of the Emperor Sky Continent .

Sometimes a venture was also a kind of cultivation .

Along the way, Li Fuchen had witnessed countless famous locations .

There were waterfalls that were over 100,000 feet in height, there were rapid flowing great rivers, there were serene and tranquil mountains…

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These were sceneries that could be seen almost everywhere . But when Li Fuchen took a closer look at them, they were all masterpieces made by mother nature .

If mother nature was a martial artist, then these sceneries were the martial arts performed by mother nature . Each of the sceneries had a unique heaven dao presence .

Apart from famous locations, Li Fuchen witnessed countless martial artists trying to kill each other .

If both parties were evenly matched, Li Fuchen wouldn’t bother, but if it was the bullying of the weak, Li Fuchen wouldn’t mind interfering .

With his vision he would be able to identify who was the evildoer as they would emit a benevolent or malevolent intent .

Thousands Prosper City was a flourishing city at the eastern part of the Floating Sky Mountain’s domain .

Inside the third ranked Flying Snow Restaurant, Li Fuchen was seated by the window of the top floor . Outside the window was the scene of bustling and lively streets .

The Flying Snow Restaurant’s top floor wasn’t a place where ordinary people could visit . On this floor, the worst wine would cost one million low-grade spirit stones for a pot . A great wine would need at least a few million or ten million low-grade spirit stones .

However, this amount of spirit stones was nothing to Li Fuchen . Ten million low-grade spirit stones would be equivalent to one thousand mid-grade spirit stones .

The amount of mid-grade spirit stones that Li Fuchen had was more than 100 million .

Back at the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen had obtained storage bags from numerous combat emperors . The combat emperors might not have carried their entire wealth with them, but after accumulating everything, the amount of mid-grade spirit stones was rather significant .

Li Fuchen made a rough estimate that he probably possessed at least 500 million mid-grade spirit stones .

“Waiter, bring me another pot of Flying Snow Wine . ” Li Fuchen called out .

“Be right there . ” The waiter who responded was smiling from ears to ears and working with vigor .

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The Flying Snow Wine was the best wine in the Flying Snow Restaurant . A single pot cost 20 million low-grade spirit stones and Li Fuchen had already drank two pots . Li Fuchen’s wealth was truly astonishing for him . According to the Flying Snow Restaurant’s rules, everytime a guest ordered a pot of wine, the waiter would receive a cut of the profits . For every Flying Snow Wine, the waiter would receive around 10,000 low-grade spirit stones .

Soon enough, a pot of Flying Snow Wine had been served .

The wine that Li Fuchen poured in his cup had frost and it was emitting chilling air . When he drank the wine, it felt like a surge of extremely serene intent rushing to his mind, his limbs, and his bones .

“Viewing a beautiful scenery while drinking wonderful wine . This is what life should be . ” Li Fuchen was filled with emotions .

Li Fuchen put down the cup in his hand and looked outside .


Li Fuchen’s eyes concentrated on two men and one woman .  

They were actually Qi Heng, Teng Qingyun, and Su Muyu from East Unicorn Continent .

Qi Heng was one of the Three King Stars; Teng Qingyun was one of the Six Young Masters; while Su Muyu was one of the Four Fairies .

Had it not been the sudden appearance of Li Fuchen, the Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, and the Four Fairies would definitely be the strongest prodigies of the East Unicorn Continent . No one would be able to surpass them .

The trio were rather nervous as they were fleeing . Behind them was a young 1st level monarch .

“You will not be able to escape, this is Thousands Prosper City, my territory . ” The young monarch was calmly following the trio .

“Young City Lord, why are you forcing us?” Qi Heng asked in a deep voice .

The young monarch was the Thousands Prosper City Lord’s son, Hua Jianqiu .

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To be honest, he might be a 1st level monarch, but if the trio worked together, they might be able to defeat him .

But this was the Thousands Prosper City and they didn’t dare to make the move .

As for the cause of the problem, it was because Hua Jianqiu had fancied Su Muyu and wanted her as a concubine . He also wanted Qi Heng and Teng Qingyun to be his personal guards .

The trio’s cultivation might not be high, however, they were absolute prodigies from the East Unicorn Continent . They had great ambitions and naturally wouldn’t agree .

“If you don’t want me to force you, then you should just be obedient!” Hua Jianqiu had a teasing look .

He, Hua Jianqiu never failed in obtaining any woman he wanted . For the trio to escape his clutches, was the same as having a pipedream .

“Su Muyu, we haven’t met in many years . Are you willing to come up for a cup of wine to catch up?”

Right at this moment, there was a thunderous voice that echoed in the street .

Su Muyu immediately raised her head when she heard the familiar voice . She looked up at the top floor of Flying Snow Restaurant .

She saw a young and eminent man smiling .

“Who are you?” Hua Jianqiu’s irises contracted .

How could he not see that Li Fuchen was also a Primary Sea Realm monarch and had a much higher cultivation level . At least he wasn’t able to see through Li Fuchen’s level .

“If you leave now, I can treat it as though nothing had happened . ” Li Fuchen said in an indifferent tone .

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