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Chapter 654: The Power of Sword Hear
Seeing that the Saint Monument Hidden Domain was about to close, everyone started leaving.

On the Saint Monument Plains.

“Young friend, I heard from my son that you are originally from the Red Moon Empire. Due to some reason, you left. If you are willing to join the Red Moon Empire, I can bestow you the title of a 5-star monarch. By then, with your authority, you can simply those people who offended you.” The Red Moon Emperor’s voice was transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ears.

Be it Li Fuchen’s personal value or his secrets, the Red Moon Emperor was very interested.

In response, Li Fuchen transmitted a message back, “Many thanks for Red Moon Emperor’s great kindness, but Li Fuchen has decided to settle in the Floating Sky Mountain.”

Being a 5-star monarch was indeed a great temptation.

In the Red Moon Empire, regular city lords were 1-star monarchs, flourishing cities’ city lords were 2-star monarchs. County Lords were 3-star monarchs, and there were rarely any 4-star monarchs. As for 5-star monarchs, only combat emperors from the Red Moon Emperor’s clan could have the honor.
(TL note: I changed County Protectors to County Lords as I feel it sounds nicer)

However, let alone being a 5-star monarch, even if the Red Moon Empire had the titles of 6-star monarch or 7-star monarch, Li Fuchen couldn’t be bothered.

“Young friend, you don’t have to be in such a hurry to reject me. You can consider first.” The Red Moon Emperor’s voice sounded gentle, but Li Fuchen could obviously hear that the Red Moon Emperor’s voice was subtly implying that he couldn’t refuse.

“Red Moon Emperor, what is that meaning of this!?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor yelled out with rage. He was proficient in void law and could easily hear the Red Moon Emperor’s transmitted messages.

The Red Moon Emperor was unconcerned, “Vacant Mountain Emperor, aren’t you poking in too much? He isn’t a member of your Floating Sky Mountain either.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor snorted and said, “Who said he isn’t? Li Fuchen is already a direct line disciple of my Floating Sky Mountain.”

“Li Fuchen, you don’t have to be concerned about your status as a direct line disciple. In the future, you can come and go from the Floating Sky Mountain as you wish. I will not restrain you at all.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s voice immediately transmitted into Li Fuchen’s ears.

After sensing the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s sincerity, Li Fuchen cupped his fist and said, “Disciple Li Fuchen thanks Mountain Emperor.”

“Good.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor laughed heartily.

He naturally knew that Li Fuchen had secrets, but who didn’t? But in the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s opinion, Li Fuchen’s greatest value should be his perception.

Perception was something that no one could take away.

The Red Moon Emperor narrowed his eyes while there was a flash of murderous intent from him.

“Vacant Mountain Emperor, congratulations.” The Safflower Empress said to the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor cupped his fist and said, “Safflower Empress, many thanks to you earlier.”

Among the seven major factions there were diplomatic relationships.

The Red Moon Emperor was closer with the Blue Sun Emperor. The Mystic Dark Emperor was closer with the Celestial Eye Emperor. The Safflower Empress was closer with the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

As for the Soul Emperor, all six great emperors were apprehensive of him, and it implied to the Celestial Eye Emperor too.

The Safflower Empress transmitted a message to the Vacant Mountain Emperor and it sounded rather solemn. “Beware of the Soul Emperor.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor nodded. “I understand.”

The Saint Monument Hidden Domain’s commotion had ended. All of the major factions went their separate ways. Before leaving, the Soul Emperor took another glance at Li Fuchen with eyes that had profound meaning.

Floating Sky Mountain’s Floating Sky Grand Hall.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said to everyone, “From now on, Li Fuchen will be my Floating Sky Mountain’s direct line disciple. Cloud Emperor, bring Li Fuchen and introduce him to the Floating Sky Mountain.”

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“Yes.” The Cloud Emperor acknowledged.

The Cloud Emperor was very delighted. This time, he had great rewards from the Saint Monument Hidden Domain. He was confident that he could advance to the high-levels of Law Phase Realm within a few dozen years. And everything was because of Li Fuchen’s help.

Becoming a direct line disciple of the Floating Sky Mountain was just an interlude for Li Fuchen. He was putting all his attention on the Sword Heart.

“Is this the Sword Heart?” Li Fuchen felt a substance within his body that felt real and also illusory.

This substance was little similar to the Saint Monument Shards as it was the representation of the law.

If Li Fuchen didn’t guess it wrongly, the Sword Heart was the representation of the sword dao law and an individual’s mark.


Li Fuchen’s finger pointed onto an earth class peak-tier weapon.


The earth class peak-tier weapon responded by breaking.

“My sword dao strength is three times stronger than before.” Li Fuchen’s eyes flashed with radiance.

His powerful spirit soul allowed him to distinguish the difference between having and not having the Sword Heart.

Before obtaining the Sword Heart, he would need to guide the sword dao law in heaven and earth to attack. During the process, a huge amount of power would be lost.

Right now, the Sword Heart was the sword dao law that he comprehended and could be used to attack directly. Since there wasn’t a need to guide the law, there wouldn’t be any loss of power.

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“I am now able to wield my sword intent as I please.”

With a thought in his mind, the Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent automatically covered his body. Li Fuchen drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and thrust with strength.


There was a burst of sparks as the Joint-Heaven Sword was deflected.

“I reckon that regular low-level emperors wouldn’t be able to break the Sky Ring Sword Armor within a short period of time.”

Li Fuchen had used at least 60% or 70% of his strength for that thrust earlier. His strength of 70% was definitely much stronger than regular low-level emperors.

“I wonder what will happen if my sword intent burst out?”

With another thought, a destructive sword intent spread out.

Crackle Crackle!

With Li Fuchen at the center, a massive area looked just like a mirror that shattered. Even the land had cracked open.

This was the Absolute Heaven Sword Intent.


Immediately after, it was the fierce and scorching Incineration Sword Intent, then it was the ravaging Divine Wind Raging Howl’s sword intent…

“The sword dao law doesn’t need any guidance, but the void law, fire dao law, and the wind dao law still requires guidance.”

Li Fuchen had a total of six major sword intents, they were the Absolute Heaven Sword Intent, Meteor Sword Intent, Incineration Sword Intent, Divine Wind Raging Howl’s sword intent, Impermanence Sword Intent, and the Sky Ring Sword Armor’s sword intent.

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Among them, the Absolute Heaven Sword Art, Incineration Sword, and the Divine Wind Raging Howl didn’t just contain sword dao law. They contained the void law, fire dao law, and the wind dao law respectively.

Li Fuchen only condensed the Sword Heart and didn’t condense the Void Heart, Fire Dao Heart, or the Wind Dao Heart.

It was why he couldn’t directly release void law, fire dao law, and wind dao law.

Therefore, there would be loss of power.

In other words, in terms of power, these three sword intents were inferior to the other three sword intents.

“The Sword Heart also has its attribute, my previous master condensed the Void Sword Heart.” The Sword Spirit’s voice echoed.

“Can it not be purely Sword Heart?” Li Fuchen asked.

The Sword Spirit replied, “Of course it can. Furthermore, the purer something is, it would be more horrific at the extremity. But everything had its advantages and disadvantages. In terms of being comprehensive, the Sword Heart is inferior to the Void Sword Heart. Of course, it is up to your choice.”

The Sword Spirit didn’t have any intention to guide Li Fuchen, because Li Fuchen didn’t need guidance as this was his own choice. If Li Fuchen didn’t have his own opinion and was indeterminate, then he wasn’t worthy to be the owner of the Joint-Heaven Sword.

“I will walk down the path of purity then.” After contemplation, Li Fuchen stated.

He didn’t like things that weren’t extremely pure. He felt that if the Sword Heart was mixed with other laws, it would feel awkward.

Of course, once he made such a choice, it meant that he was on a different path as compared to the Joint-Heaven Sword.

It was due to the Joint-Heaven Sword containing mostly void law sword arts.

The Sword Spirit said, “The Joint-Heaven Sword’s greatest value is the sword itself and not the sword arts left behind by the Joint-Heaven Sword’s owner. There will be a day when you will understand. That’s why, you don’t have to worry that the Joint-Heaven Sword wouldn’t be compatible with you. In fact, the limits of the Joint-Heaven Sword is something that even the previous owner couldn’t uncover.”

The Sword Spirit might be the Joint-Heaven Sword’s Sword Spirit, but it didn’t represent the entire Joint-Heaven Sword. There were things that the Sword Spirit didn’t understand too.
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