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Chapter 653: Dao Heart, Sword Hear
When approaching the Saint Monument, one of the Saint Monument Shards on Li Fuchen started to lose power. At the same time, Li Fuchen felt a trace of connection with the Saint Monument. He could vaguely sense the traces of laws within the Saint Monument.

“Grasp this chance encounter and comprehend the laws that you are most adept with. This Saint Monument is extremely mystical. Even if you have inferior perception, the effects of comprehending this Saint Monument is comparable with a middle grade heaven stone. If you have extremely good perception, it would be the same as you comprehending an extreme grade heaven stone.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s voice echoed in the ears of Li Fuchen and Xin Xiao.

“Understood.” Li Fuchen and Xin Xiao nodded.

The Saint Monument contained unlimited power and when enveloped by this power, even great emperors would feel insignificant, like a drop of water in the ocean.

No one dared to make a move here and no one dared to have any bad intentions either.

The Saint Monument’s power was mysterious and immeasurable. It was unknown if there would be any dangerous reactions if someone fought here.

Standing on a giant rock, Li Fuchen stared at the Saint Monument without blinking.

“Such comprehensive laws.” Li Fuchen was astonished.

As compared to the Saint Monument, middle grade heaven stones were definitely inferior. Even high grade heaven stones were several times inferior. Li Fuchen didn’t know if the Saint Monument was comparable with extreme grade heaven stones, but he knew that if he comprehended the Saint Monument for seven days, his sword dao would reach an unprecedented level.

“What laws should I comprehend?” Li Fuchen’s mind flashed with hesitation.

There were too many laws he wanted to comprehend, the force law, fire dao law, void law, and the sword dao law. If he was greedier, there were more like the qi blood law and the wind dao law.

If he was to comprehend each of the laws, he might end up achieving nothing or be mediocre in everything.

This wasn’t what he wanted.

“Sword dao law!”

The hesitation lasted only for a split moment before Li Fuchen determined that he was going to comprehend the sword dao law.

Comprehending the force law might enhance his body refinement strength and might allow him to comprehend the third stage of the Hand of God, the Hand of Star. Doing so, would allow him to contest with regular mid-level emperors, but if he looked at the long term, the sword dao was definitely the most suitable for him.

He already knew that the Joint-Heaven Sword was an existence that was comparable with the Saint Monument, once the Joint-Heaven Sword was completely unsealed, its power would definitely be terrifying. The sword arts that came from the Joint-Heaven Sword would sooner or later surpass the Hand of God.

After making sure that he was going to comprehend the sword dao law, Li Fuchen eliminated all distracting thoughts and started to search for the traces of sword dao law in the Saint Monument.

Perhaps, it was because of his resolve on the heart of sword dao, Li Fuchen could see changes in the Saint Monument. Streaks of sword marks appeared on the Saint Monument.

Cleave, thrust, point, flick, collapse, cut, swipe, pierce, pick, lift, twist, sweep…

Each of the sword marks were slightly different, the same cleave marks would have different angle, depths, and minute changes. All these small changes actually contained countless sword dao secrets.

“The Saint Monument itself only contains one kind of dao and that dao produces all the other daos. The sword dao is only one of the daos. It is up to your luck to see how far you can comprehend the sword dao.” The Sword Spirit muttered to himself in a voice that Li Fuchen couldn’t hear.

At the beginning, Li Fuchen was only quietly comprehending. One day later, Li Fuchen involuntarily drew the Joint-Heaven Sword and started to practice.

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There were no moves, only the most fundamental sword moves.

Previously, when Li Fuchen practiced fundamental sword moves, sword intent would be emitted. But now, when Li Fuchen slashed with his sword, no sword intent was leaking out. All of the sword intent seemed to be condensed and it was hard for anyone else to sense it. Others could only sense that sharpness of that sword.

“Mm?” The Sword Spirit sounded astonished. He didn’t think that Li Fuchen would reach this stage so quickly.

It might just be at the tip and not on the proper path yet, but it was definitely heaven-defying.

“Master, this child seems to be more outstanding than you back then!” The Sword Spirit was deeply moved and also reminiscing.

He once stirred up the heavens and conquered the lands. After staying silent for countless years, he felt that he was already becoming rusty.

Two days later, the sword intent on Li Fuchen was even more reserved and the sword’s sharpness was even more incredible.

Not far away, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor opened his eyes before he was expelled out of the Saint Monument power’s range.

Before leaving, he took a glance at Li Fuchen. After seeing the changes on Li Fuchen, his eyes contracted.

He felt a grave danger that was overflowing in his heart. “If I don’t eliminate this child soon, I will suffer a great calamity.”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor had already condensed five emotion seeds previously, right now, the sixth emotion seed, the fear seed also had signs of it being condensed soon.

At this moment, he was very sensitive to everything that could make him fearful.

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The current Li Fuchen definitely produced a trace of fear in him.

Third day, fourth day, fifth day.

With each day, more Law Phase Realm emperors were expelled from the range of the Saint Monument power. The ones left behind were either great emperors, or the high-level emperors from the Floating Sky Mountain.


Within Li Fuchen’s body there was an intensive splitting sound and he felt as though he was struck by thunder. Immediately after, Li Fuchen entered an entirely new world.

Within his vision, everything was made of points and lines. There were points and lines that were closer and others that were further away. The points and lines were all intersecting each other.

Li Fuchen realized that all of sword dao’s skills and techniques were all closely related to these points and lines.

“Sword Heart, he finally condensed the Sword Heart.” The Sword Spirit’s voice sounded a little shaky.

Before this, he would only be deeply moved or would reminisce about the past, but his emotions would never be affected.

The so-called Sword Heart was also the Heart of Sword Dao, it was a kind of dao heart.

There was a huge difference if a person could condense the dao heart.

Without condensing the dao heart, when martial artists used the laws and intents, they would be borrowing strength which did not belong to them. If they were in places where the laws weren’t compatible with them, their combat strength would decline greatly.

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Once the dao heart was condensed, the laws and intents would belong to the martial artists.

It meant that the martial artist could have full control of the law and intent. The increase in combat strength was drastic.

It was the same as two individuals fighting. One of them could utilize 30% or 40% of the power, while the other could utilize 100% of the power. The latter was naturally stronger.

Apart from that, when the Sword Heart was condensed, it meant that Li Fuchen’s sword dao had already reached the next level. Those martial artists who didn’t condense the Sword Heart wouldn’t even be considered as a swordsman in the eyes of the Sword Spirit. They would only be considered sword wielders or sword warriors.

“The dao heart is the only obstacle before reaching the saint’s realm. But you have broken through that obstacle in advance. If this was made known, it would be circulated in countless worlds.”

The Sword Spirit could seemingly see the scene of Li Fuchen standing on the pinnacle of the sword dao.

Sixth day, seventh day…

On the end of the seventh day, everyone woke up.

“I have already made contact with the Heart of Void, I wonder when can I truly condense the Heart of Void and step into a higher realm.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s eyes were looking forward to the future.

To become a saint, one had to first condense the dao heart. As a great emperor, this was something that he knew very clearly.

He might know it clearly, but condensing the dao heart wasn’t an easy task.

Perception and willpower must both be at the peak state.
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