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Chapter 652: Saint Monumen
“Vacant Mountain Emperor, the Saint Monument Hidden Domain is the benefit for the seven major factions. Now that your Floating Sky Mountain is enjoying the benefits while our six other factions’ benefits are affected, it doesn’t seem to be fitting with our original intention. As for the contents of the agreement, do not see it with too much importance. We should emphasize on the innate essence of the agreement.”

Beside the Soul Emperor, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor spoke of ‘meaningful’ words.

“Utter rubbish.” Elder Huang was enraged.

The opposition was simply trying to shove false arguments down their throats. If the contents of the agreement were useless, then why was there a need for the agreement? Why shouldn’t they just kill one another like when it was before?

“I agree with the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor. Back when we established the agreement, the innate essence of the agreement was to allow all seven major factions to benefit and avoid blood. Right now, only your Floating Sky Mountain is receiving the benefits. That wouldn’t be right.”

The rest of the Law Phase Realm emperors started to voice their opinions and it infuriated Elder Huang so much that his body was shivering. ‘These people are too shameless and are simply turning the truth upside down.’

Li Fuchen observed from the side with cold eyes. He had underestimated the importance of the Saint Monument Shards for the Law Phase Realm emperors. In order to obtain the Saint Monument Shards, these mighty and noble Law Phase Realm emperors had disregarded their reputation.

“Vacant Mountain Emperor, this is everyone’s feelings, you better compromise.” The Celestial Eye Emperor said indifferently.

“Your Floating Sky Mountain will not be able to contest with all six major factions!” Mystic Dark Emperor stated.

Once the great emperors spoke, everyone knew that here was no turning back for this matter.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor laughed heartily but his laughter contained murderous aura. His hand moved a little and a large number of Saint Monument Shards flew out. “60 shards, nothing more, otherwise, we fight!”

Unless it was absolutely necessary, he didn’t wish to turn hostile against the six major factions. However, his Floating Sky Mountain wasn’t a pushover and wouldn’t allow anyone to step over them. 60 shards were his limit.

“Aren’t 60 shards too little?” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor spoke with a voice that contained the power to affect emotions.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor! You are courting death!” The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s body burst out with a murderous aura that was so intense that the ground had split open.

“If the Emperor Sky Continent doesn’t have the Floating Sky Mountain, it might not even have any significance!” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor let out a cruel smile while his voice sounded like it was trying to lead someone astray.


The void shivered as the Vacant Mountain Emperor made his move.

A void palm was blasting towards the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

This was the void power and it was hard to block.

“Vacant Mountain Emperor, you have gone too far.” The Soul Emperor pointed his finger onto the void.


That invisible and untouchable, but horrific void palm was instantly shattered.

“The one that has gone too far is the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor! A great emperor’s dignity must not be provoked. Soul Emperor, keep your subordinate in check or I wouldn’t mean teaching him a lesson.” Right at this moment, the Safflower Empress spoke.

She took down the bright red flower on her head and twirled it gently. The world was suddenly filled with red light, as though it fell into a world of flower petals.

“Safflower Empress, what is the meaning of this? I am merely trying to help everyone strive for benefits.” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s eyes were filled with anger.

The Safflower Empress sneered and said, “If you extinguish the Floating Sky Mountain today, who will you extinguish next? My Safflower Empire? Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, don’t let me see you alone next time, otherwise, I will make you pay the price.” She hated people who harbored motives and sowed dissension.

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The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor wanted to say something else, but the Soul Emperor used an eye signal to stop him.

Now that the Safflower Empress was on the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s side, the atmosphere had delicate changes.

Everyone knew that if they continued forcing the Floating Sky Mountain, it would affect the balance between the seven major factions.

It was just as the Safflower Empress said, it might be the Floating Sky Mountain this time, but it would them during the next.

Apart from the Soul Emperor and the Celestial Eye Emperor, the rest of the people minded about the balance.

The Floating Sky Mountain finally relaxed. Their hearts nearly jumped out earlier.

If the Floating Sky Mountain became the target of multiple factions, then the final days of the Floating Sky Mountain would be approaching.

No one was able to resist the attack from all six major factions, not even the no.1 expert of the continent, the Soul Emperor.

After this commotion was over, the Floating Sky Mountain started to distribute the Saint Monument Shards.

This time, the Floating Sky Mountain was truly successful. After taking away the 30 shards that were with Li Fuchen and the Cloud Emperor, and the 60 shards that were given to the six major factions, the Floating Sky Mountain was still left with 100 Saint Monument Shards.

With the Vacant Mountain Emperor included, all of the elders that were at the high-levels of Law Phase Realm would be distributed with seven shards. It was enough for them to comprehend in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain until it closed.

After all, they were the backbone of the Floating Sky Mountain. If another great emperor could be produced from them, the status of the Floating Sky Mountain would have an overwhelming change. They might not be able to contest with the Soul Sky Empire or the Celestial Eye Cult, but they would definitely be above the other factions.

According to the cultivation levels, high-level emperors would get seven shards, while mid-level emperors would get five shards. As low-level emperors, some would get three shards, some would get two shards, and others would get one shard.

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The Floating Sky Mountain had over twenty Law Phase Realm emperors, 100 over shards were barely enough.

“Mountain Emperor, I just need five.” The Cloud Emperor handed over 18 shards to the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said, “How will this do? Let’s do this, you will take seven shards, the 16 remaining shards shall be treated as a contribution from you to the Floating Sky Mountain. I will give you contribution points.”

“Alright.” The Cloud Emperor nodded.

With another 16 Saint Monument Shards, all of the low-level emperors who initially had one or two shards, were now distributed with three shards. In the end, there was one extra shard.

“Xin Xiao, this shard is for you. Do you best.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor said to Xin Xiao.

“Thank you, Mountain Emperor.” Xin Xiao was overjoyed.

Among the seven major factions, there were no monarchs that ever comprehended in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain. He and Li Fuchen were definitely the firsts. How could he not be overjoyed?

At the Soul Sky Empire’s camp, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor glanced at Li Fuchen while his heart was tumbling with murderous intent.

This time, he was only given two Saint Monument Shards. Originally, he thought that he could rely on the Saint Monument to become a great emperor.

Right now, his chances were several times lesser.

“Follow me.”

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After distributing the Saint Monument Shards, the Vacant Mountain Emperor ordered everyone else who didn’t have the Saint Monument Shards to stay in the Peace Grassland. He then flashed and flew towards the Saint Monument.

From far away, Li Fuchen and the others saw a gigantic greyish white stone monument.

“Such a fearsome Saint Monument.” Li Fuchen’s heart was shaking.

He wasn’t even near the Saint Monument, but he could already feel the massive power from the Saint Monument.

Li Fuchen could feel traces of heaven and earth revolution on the stone monument. He could feel the intent to suppress the heavens.

“The Monument Spirit is no longer around. What a pity.”

The Joint-Heaven Sword Spirit’s voice echoed and only Li Fuchen could hear it.

“Senior Sword Spirit, have you seen the Saint Monument before?” Li Fuchen was curious.

The Sword Spirit said, “This Saint Monument is an existence that is comparable to me back then. It killed countless saints too. It is a pity that the Monument Spirit is no longer around. Only the Saint Monument’s power intent and dao traces are still around.” The Sword Spirit sounded like it was reminiscing.

“The Saint Monument also had an owner?”

Li Fuchen’s intuition could feel there was a superior world that wasn’t peaceful. The Joint-Heaven Sword, the Saint Monument, and the Hand of God were all things that had been behind. Their owners were no longer around. It was hard to imagine how these people stirred the heavens and looked down from the universe.

The Sword Spirit said, “The Saint Monument’s owner is very famous. Once you reach that level, you will know him too.”

The Sword Spirit didn’t say anything else and seemed to be in a deep sleep again.
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