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Chapter 651: Commotion
In the Peace Grassland, Law Phase Realm emperors started to arrive.

The Saint Monument Hidden Domain which was originally in deathly stillness had instantly stirred up because of the Law Phase Realm emperors’ arrival. Layers of grey currents appeared out of nowhere to obstruct the Law Phase Realm emperors’ vision.

This was why the seven major factions agreed to allow monarchs to search for the Saint Monument Shards.

Their efficiency in searching for the shards might not be superior to the Primary Sea Realm monarchs.

“How many shards?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor asked the Floating Sky Mountain’s elder that was in charge of the records.

“15 shards.” The elder stored all the Saint Monument Shards in the storage bag and handed it to the Vacant Mountain Emperor.

“Not bad.”

After hearing there were 15 shards, the Vacant Mountain Emperor was rather surprised.

During the previous visit, the Floating Sky Mountain had only obtained 14 shards. This time, the third day had yet to end, but they already had 15 shards. They might break through 20 shards at the end.

The elder hesitated and said, “There seems to be one individual who obtained plenty of shards and had attracted most of the attention. That’s why it has been so successful.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as we have more Saint Monument Shards.”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor didn’t have a huge expectation, hence, he was easily satisfied.

A single Saint Monument Shard was enough for one to stay beside the Saint Monument for one day. Seven shards would be enough for a single person to stay and comprehended the Saint Monument until the hidden domain closed.

In the past, the Vacant Mountain Emperor could only stay for around three to four days. After all, they only obtained slightly over a dozen shards and it was impossible for him to take half of it. He had to give others the chance too.

“They are back!”

The third day was coming to an end and all of the members that went on the search had started returning to the Peace Grassland.

However, it was unknown why the Law Phase Realm emperors felt a strange atmosphere among the people that returned.

“Xin Xiao, how is the search?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor inquired.

Xin Xiao cupped his fist respectfully and said, “Mountain Emperor, I am fortunate not to humiliate myself. I obtained seven shards myself.”

“Good, very good.”

Hearing the response, the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s pleasant mood was even better now.

With the addition of the shards found by Xin Xiao, the Floating Sky Mountain obtained more than 20 shards and might reach close to 30 shards at the end.

“Mountain Emperor…” Xin Xiao hesitated.

“Speak.” The Vacant Mountain Emperor stated.

Xin Xiao said, “As compared to Li Fuchen, Xin Xiao’s result isn’t considered anything. Does the Mountain Emperor know how many shards Li Fuchen found?”

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“Li Fuchen? That kid that the Cloud Emperor brought back? How many shards did he obtain?”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor was rather interested. Since Xin Xiao asked in this manner, Li Fuchen must have obtained more shards than him. Perhaps it was even more than 10 shards, it was definitely good news.

“154 shards!” Xin Xiao took a deep breath and exclaimed.

“What?” The Vacant Mountain Emperor was startled and suspected that he heard it wrongly.

154 shards? How was that possible? In the past, even the entire Soul Sky Empire’s camp couldn’t obtain so many shards in total, not even half.

“Li Fuchen, is this true?” The Cloud Emperor was also shocked as he couldn’t help but ask Li Fuchen.

All of the Law Phase Realm emperors from the Floating Sky Mountain looked at Li Fuchen.

“Mountain Emperor, Senior Cloud Emperor, Fuchen did obtain 154 Saint Monument Shards.”

Li Fuchen took out the Saint Monument Shards from his storage bag.

Everyone was stupefied when they saw the cluster of Saint Monument Shards that was glistening in white radiance.

It was especially so for the Cloud Emperor. He finally understood why Li Fuchen would say that he wanted one shard for every five shards he obtained. It turned out that Li Fuchen had utmost confidence and wasn’t just saying it for show.

“Li Fuchen, you have done a great job.” One of the Floating Sky Mountain’s elders laughed heartily and looked excited.

In the Floating Sky Mountain, he was one of the top ten elders and in the past, he would only be distributed with one Saint Monument Shard and it only allowed him to comprehend the Saint Monument for one day. Now that there were so many Saint Monument Shards, he would at least be given three to five shards.

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While speaking, the elder waved his hand and received Li Fuchen’s Saint Monument Shards.

Seeing the situation, the Cloud Emperor said, “Elder Huang, I promised Li Fuchen that he would be given one shard for every five shards he found. There are 154 Saint Monument Shards here, 30 shards belong to him.”

“This isn’t appropriate right!?” Elder Huang frowned as he felt that the Cloud Emperor was too ridiculous to promise such a request.

Of course, who would have expected for Li Fuchen to obtain so many Saint Monument Shards.

“Elder Huang, give him 30 shards!” The Vacant Mountain Emperor stated.

A person must always keep to their words. Since the Cloud Emperor already promised it, the Floating Sky Mountain must not break the promise.

Furthermore, Li Fuchen was the main reason for all of these shards. The Floating Sky Mountain was merely providing an entry slot for him to enter the Saint Monument Hidden Domain.

To be honest, the Floating Sky Mountain had great profits in return.

After receiving 30 Saint Monument Shards, Li Fuchen kept seven shards and said, “Senior Cloud Emperor, I only need seven shards. These 23 shards are a gift for you.”

Li Fuchen then handed the rest of the Saint Monument Shards to the Cloud Emperor.

The Cloud Emperor was stunned. “Li Fuchen, you…”

These were 23 Saint Monument Shards. In the past, he didn’t even get one shard. Now that he had 23 shards, he suddenly felt a little dizzy.

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Li Fuchen said, “Senior Cloud Emperor saved me twice. As compared to that, 23 Saint Monument Shards are considered nothing. If Senior Cloud Emperor needs more, I am willing to give you the seven shards with me.”

He owed the Cloud Emperor too much and mustn’t treat it for granted.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor’s eyes lit up. Before this, he felt that Li Fuchen was merely a prodigy, an unprecedented prodigy. Right now, he felt that Li Fuchen was a young man placed an importance in gratitude and sentiments. The former made him value Li Fuchen, the latter made him admire Li Fuchen.

“Alright, then I shall treat it as you repaying the favor.” The Cloud Emperor laughed and said.

Li Fuchen said, “Senior Cloud Emperor, that will not do. How can a life saving favor be repaid so easily?”

The Vacant Mountain Emperor shook his head and laughed, “The two of you should stop. In my opinion, Li Fuchen should join my Floating Sky Mountain. Cloud Emperor, what do you think?”

Li Fuchen was a kind of prodigy that the Floating Sky Mountain required.

Before Li Fuchen could reply, a loud voice like a thunderclap echoed, “Vacant Mountain Emperor, your Floating Sky Mountain did a good job. Since you obtained close to 200 Saint Monument Shards, why don’t you distribute a little?”

The one speaking was the Red Moon Emperor. He knew what happened inside the Saint Monument Hidden Domain and was shocked at Li Fuchen’s innate potential. He wasn’t pleased that the Floating Sky Mountain had obtained so many shards and couldn’t help but provoke.

He didn’t believe that the others didn’t have such thoughts too.

As expected, once the Red Moon Emperor spoke, the Blue Sun Emperor spoke too, “Vacant Mountain Emperor, it isn’t good to have all the good things to yourself. My Blue Sun Empire doesn’t need a lot, just give us 20 shards.”

There were only so many Saint Monument Shards that could be found. If the Floating Sky Mountain had more, it naturally meant they had less. If everything went normally, the Blue Sun Empire should have around 20 more shards instead of just over a dozen shards right now.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor sneered and said, “Aren’t you people embarrassed to propose such things? Why? Do you wish to violate the agreement? In the past, when my Floating Sky Mountain received lesser shards, have I ever proposed for all of you to give me some shards?”

He could understand their feelings but for him to share the shards, it was rather impossible.
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