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Chapter 650
ER – Chapter 650: Unrivaled (Part 2)

“He should be dead . ” The one speaking was a stalwart middle-aged man whose body was emitting thunderous intent .

Nine Firmaments Combat Emperor, a peak-class combat emperor from the Mystic Dark Cult .

“To die under the hands of the three of us is also considered an honor . ” The one who executed the Golden Light Cleave was an elder with a pale golden face .

Golden Light Combat Emperor, a peak-class combat emperor from the Soul Sky Empire .

“I didn’t think that this world would have such a formidable and young peak-class combat emperor . ” The final person speaking was the Fierce Sun Combat Emperor from the Blue Sun Empire .

They did encounter peak-class combat emperors that were stronger than them, but they had never met one that was so young .

“It’s here . ”

Lu Yunhe and Shen Tang had rushed over .

Seeing the area drowning with golden light, fierce flames, and thunderbolts, while seeing the three peak-class combat emperors, the duo already knew the outcome .

“Peak-class divine abilities are indeed formidable . The burst strength is already comparable with Law Phase Realm emperors . ”

Within the golden light, fierce flames, and thunderbolts, a figure could be vaguely seen .

The figure was surrounded by an invisible barrier that was obstructing the piercing of the golden light, the burning of the fierce flames, and the destruction from the thunderbolts .

When the Divine Flame Sword Energy was used together with the Sky Ring Sword Armor, Li Fuchen’s qi defense was already horrifyingly tough . Let alone three peak-class combat emperors, even three Law Phase Realm emperors wouldn’t be able to break this barrier within a short period of time .

“Impossible!” The Fierce Sun Combat Emperor couldn’t help but exclaim .

“There is nothing impossible . Incineration Sword . ”

Li Fuchen burst into the sky and brandished his sword . A formless wave of flame had immediately engulfed the trio .


There were miserable screams as the trio’s body were drying up at a visible speed and they looked utterly aged .

Li Fuchen was being merciful with his attack, otherwise, the trio would lose at least half their vitality .

“It’s Li Fuchen!”

Shen Tang didn’t think that Li Fuchen would be the person with the most shards and he never expected for Li Fuchen’s strength to be this formidable . Not even three peak-class combat emperors were a match for him .

Beside him, Lu Yunhe’s face was filled with shock and embarrassment . Just recently, he had looked down on Li Fuchen, right now, his face felt the burning sensation .

Let alone five Saint Monument Shards, with Li Fuchen’s strength, obtaining ten or twenty shards was a simple task .

More people were gathering .

If it was before Li Fuchen attacked, everyone would already make their moves . But now, no one dared to make a move .

Even three peak-class combat emperors weren’t a match for Li Fuchen . If they went over, they would just be giving Li Fuchen the chance to snatch their Saint Monument Shards .

Of course, they might not be making a move now, but it didn’t mean they weren’t going to make a move later .

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As Li Fuchen collected more Saint Monument Shards, everyone couldn’t help but swallow their saliva . Li Fuchen had too many shards and the number was already more than 100 . He alone had snatched Saint Monument Shards from dozens of people .

“He is just a single person . Does he think he can overturn the sky?”

The one speaking was the Soul Sky Empire’s peak-class combat emperor, Cliff Rock Combat Emperor . He took a step forward and suddenly gathered earth dao energy . He immediately formed a rock giant that was over 1000 feet in height .  

Thick earth divine ability… Heart of Cliff Rock .

“Cliff Rock Combat Emperor is right . He is just a mere junior, he doesn’t know the immensity of his actions . ”

Another peak-class combat emperor from the Soul Sky Empire, the Black Crow Combat Emperor waved his hand and blasted countless black crows at Li Fuchen .

Darkness divine ability… Black Crows Chaotic World .

“I, the Blood Halberd Combat Emperor is here too . ”

The Celestial Eye Cult’s peak-class combat emperor, the Blood Halberd Combat Emperor gathered a blood halberd that was formed by halberd dao power . When the blood halberd was brandished, a powerful blood halberd image was blasted out like a raging tide .

Halberd dao divine ability… Blood Halberd Rise and Fall .

In just a split moment, seven peak-class combat emperors attacked at the same time as they vowed to take down Li Fuchen .

There were more peak-class combat emperors there were going to attack, but during the crucial moment, Xin Xiao rushed over and executed his soft water divine ability, Mirrored Water Moon, to stall three of the peak-class combat emperors .

The seven peak-class combat emperors had differences in strength, but their combined strength was already comparable with Li Fuchen .  

When facing all seven of them, Li Fuchen didn’t dare to be careless either . He disregarded the fact that he would expose his body refinement strength, and burst out with the Hand of Force’s qi power . He raised his right hand and pressed down .

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“Why is the sky turning dark?” Everyone looked up .

Subsequently, everyone was dumbstruck .  

A gigantic palm was descending from the sky . The palm was massive and had covered everyone just like a god’s hand .


The land had sunk in, all seven peak-class combat emperors were smashed into the depths of the ground . It was unknown if they were dead or alive . As for the others, they were at the edge of the palm and didn’t receive a huge impact . This was mainly because Li Fuchen was afraid that he might kill them by mistake . After all, the power from the Hand of Force must not be too light, otherwise, it wouldn’t be able to injure the seven peak-class combat emperors .

When Li Fuchen turned over his palm, the threatening atmosphere had vanished . Everyone felt as though they had stopped breathing for a moment .

“Is he still a peak-class combat emperor?” Someone asked with hesitation .

A peak-class combat emperor might be able to contest with low-level Law Phase Realm emperors . There were some formidable peak-class combat emperors who had attack power that was superior to low-level Law Phase Realm emperors .

However, Li Fuchen’s attack wasn’t just slightly stronger than low-level Law Phase Realm emperors . He was one entire level superior and was already comparable with regular mid-level Law Phase Realm emperors .

The three peak-class combat emperors that were facing Xin Xiao had stopped attacking, so did Xin Xiao .

There wasn’t any significance in continuing the fight .

Li Fuchen didn’t need any help and it didn’t matter how many opponents there were .

Let alone seven peak-class combat emperors, even if there were ten or twenty, it would probably be ended in a single palm strike too .

“Unrivaled . ”

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“He is truly unrivaled . If there is another level above peak-class combat emperor, it would be an unrivaled combat emperor . ”

Those who knew Li Fuchen were shocked, those who didn’t know Li Fuchen were also shocked and curious about his background .

Among them, Young Master Solitude who was one of the Soul Sky Empire’s Four Young Masters was the most shocked .

Back at the Void City’s Void Garden, he assumed that Li Fuchen’s strength was almost the same as him or even inferior . From the looks of things now, Li Fuchen wasn’t on the same level as him and it was fortunate he didn’t make a move on Li Fuchen back then . Otherwise, the consequences would be obvious .

“This person’s growth is too fast . ” Inside the Red Moon Empire’s camp, there was an eminent youth who frowned .

It was the Red Moon Monarch, the son of the Red Moon Emperor .

He had seen Li Fuchen’s wanted poster in the Red Moon Empire . Back then, Li Fuchen was just an ordinary monarch . In such a short period of time, he had already improved by so much .

The Red Moon Monarch was certain that Li Fuchen concealed a great secret on him .

Right now, no one else dared to make a move . Even if everyone worked together, they probably wouldn’t be able to withstand a single palm strike from Li Fuchen . How could anyone still dare to make a move .

The seven peak-class combat emperors weren’t dead . Li Fuchen used a suction force to lift them out from the ground and took all of their storage bags .

“I have around 154 Saint Monument Shards . It should be enough . ” Li Fuchen stopped snatching from others .

It was already exaggerating enough to obtain so many Saint Monument Shards . If he continued snatching, he would definitely provoke the six other major factions .

Of course, even if he didn’t continue snatching, he probably offended the six major factions already . This was something that Li Fuchen couldn’t control . He wasn’t such a kind person and he was simply snatching the shards from people who wanted to snatch his shard . It shouldn’t be considered too much .

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