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Chapter 647: Gathering of Great Emperors
There was a qi intent reaction between Saint Monument Shards. It also meant that if both parties had Saint Monument Shards, they would be able to sense each other. In fact, they could even sense how many Saint Monument Shards the other person possessed.

Even if Li Fuchen could find ten Saint Monument Shards, he would only be able to keep one at the end. That’s why, it was simply a pipedream to obtain at least five shards.

“If you can’t do something, it doesn’t mean that others cannot do it.” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

Lu Yunhe sneered and said, “If I can’t do it, you shouldn’t even think about it. Shen Tang, it seems like someone is going to contribute to the Floating Sky Mountain for nothing in return.”

Shen Tang noticed the awkward situation and said, “There is nothing absolute in this world. Within the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, the seven major factions had set the Peace Grassland as the safe zone. As long as a person can enter the safe zone in advance, they wouldn’t need to worry about their Saint Monument Shards getting snatched.”

“I wish you are really that lucky then!” Lu Yunhe shrugged his shoulders and left.

After Lu Yunhe left, Zhang Xun said to Li Fuchen, “Don’t mind him, Lu Yunhe is always so straightforward and frank.”

Zhang Xun was considered an old acquaintance with Lu Yunhe and knew he was rather arrogant, but didn’t mean it in a bad way. However, Lu Yunhe didn’t know how to compromise in his words and would speak anything he thought of, and wouldn’t think of giving any face.

“It doesn’t matter.” Li Fuchen truly didn’t pay any attention to Lu Yunhe at all as it was insignificant.

Li Fuchen found out from Zhang Xun and Shen Tang that among the twelve members that the Floating Sky Mountain was sending into the hidden domain, there were eleven high-class combat emperors and one peak-class combat emperor.

The only peak-class combat emperor was the Floating Sky Mountain’s previous generation’s prodigy monarch, Xin Xiao and he possessed the 8-star soft water bone frame.

According to Shen Tang, Xin Xiao was able to comprehend his bone frame pattern to almost eight segments because of a chance encounter.

His soft water divine ability, Mirrored Water Moon was extremely bizarre and was one of the best support divine abilities.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen met with the rest of the eight members. Among the eight of them, there were two who were considered elders and there were two others who were middle-aged

It wasn’t because they didn’t have enough talent, but progressing to the Law Phase Realm was too difficult.

Even if one possessed a heaven class cultivation technique, the chances of progressing to the Law Phase Realm weren’t 100%.

Normally speaking, an 8-star bone frame would progress to the Law Phase Realm at around the age of 300 or 400 years old. Those with great innate talent and perception might be able to progress to the Law Phase Realm at the age of 100 or 200 years old. Those with weaker innate talent and perception, might only have the chance to reach the Law Phase Realm after the age of 500 or 600 years old. In fact, there were plenty of people who couldn’t reach the Law Phase Realm until their death.

As for 7-star bone frames, there was less than a millionth that could make it to the Law Phase Realm.

In the blink of an eye, the Saint Monument Hidden Domain was about to open.

Many of the Law Phase Realm emperors, including the Vacant Mountain Emperor, and the twelve candidates had teleported to a plains

This plains was called the Saint Monument Plains and the entrance to the Saint Monument Hidden Domain was in the spatial zone of this plains.

When Li Fuchen and the group arrived on the Saint Monument Plains, there were already hundreds of people and they had split into six camps.

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They were the Soul Sky Empire, Red Moon Empire, Safflower Empire, Blue Sun Empire, Celestial Eye Cult, and the Mystic Dark Cult.

Among all the camps, the Soul Sky Empire had the most members. There were already 30 over Primary Sea Realm monarchs and it was three times as many as the Floating Sky Mountain.

Followed by the Celestial Eye Cult, Safflower Empire, Mystic Dark Cult, Blue Sun Empire, and the Red Moon Empire.

The Floating Sky Mountain had the least Primary Sea Monarchs.

“Vacant Mountain Emperor, you are late.” The Red Moon Emperor laughed heartily as he spoke with a powerful voice. He had a tall and large figure while his forehead had a crescent moon imprint.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor laughed and replied, “It is better to arrive on time than to arrive early.”

When the Vacant Mountain Emperor was speaking, there was an entrance that was ripped open in the void. Faint white light was holding the entrance.

The Saint Monument Hidden Domain had opened.

The Mystic Dark Cult Patriarch, the Mystic Dark Emperor said, “Since the Saint Monument Hidden Domain is opened, then let’s send them in.”

The Saint Monument Hidden Domain was the Emperor Sky Continent’s no.1 heaven class hidden domain. There were only a few individuals at the Primary Sea Realm who could enter the Saint Monument Hidden Domain by themselves. It was necessary to have assistance from Law Phase Realm emperors.

“My Blue Sun Empire shall make a move first.” The Blue Sun Emperor waved his hand and enveloped 18 monarchs from the Blue Sun Empire with blue light before sending them into the entrance.

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“Safflower Empire’s members shall all enter.” The Safflower Empress was a red-clothed lady who had a bright and glistening red flower on her head. With a wave of her hand, 21 monarchs from the Safflower Empire were sent into the entrance.

Then it was followed by the Mystic Dark Cult and the Red Moon Empire.

When it was time for the Floating Sky Mountain to enter, Li Fuchen didn’t know if it was his misconception or not. He felt a glance from the Soul Emperor whose eyes were deep like the blackhole. This glance held a profound meaning.

“It is time for the members of the Celestial Eye Cult to enter too.”

The Celestial Eye Emperor narrowed his eyes and sent close to 30 monarchs into the entrance with ocular power. Apart from the Soul Emperor, the rest of the great emperors contracted their eyes.

In the Emperor Sky Continent, the Soul Emperor was definitely the no.1 great emperor.

If there was a person who could contest with the Soul Emperor, it would be the Celestial Eye Emperor.

That ocular power earlier was just regular ocular power. If the Celestial Eye Emperor activated his third eye, the power would at least be doubled.

“Celestial Eye Emperor, your ocular power has improved again.” The Mystic Dark Emperor looked at the Celestial Eye Emperor and said slowly.

The Celestial Eye Emperor remained calm and said, “Same to you, your Mystic Dark Great Technique should have broken through to a higher rank right?”

The Mystic Dark Emperor said, “How can it be that easy? You overestimate me.”

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“It has been many years since the seven of us discussed the dao. Why don’t we do it after the Saint Monument Hidden Domain closes.” The Safflower Empress suggested.

Among the seven of them, apart from the Soul Emperor and the Celestial Eye Emperor whose positions were firm, the rest of them weren’t as firm. The difference between them was minute. One of them might be superior at this moment, but it might not be the case the next time.

“It is fine for me.” The Red Moon Emperor agreed.

Among the seven, he was always ranked at lower than average, therefore, he was very curious about the strength of others.

“Let’s decide after the Saint Monument Hidden Domain has closed” The Soul Emperor waved his hand and casually sent a group of Soul Sky Empire’s monarchs into the Saint Monument Hidden Domain.

“Soul Emperor, if you don’t participate, what point is there for us to discuss the dao?” The Blue Sun Emperor looked at the Soul Emperor.

The seven of them had maintained a delicate balance, but everyone had their own ambitions and wouldn’t want this delicate balance to be maintained forever. If they could see some glimpses of the Soul Emperor’s trump, it would be advantageous for them.

The Soul Emperor didn’t speak and closed his eyes. It was unknown why the Blue Sun Emperor felt a trace of chill and just as he wanted to speak again, he instantly withdrew.


This place was an extensive grassland. It might be called a grassland, but it wasn’t green and was grey instead. When looking towards the horizon, it felt rather bleak and sorrowful.

“This is the Peace Grassland.” Zhang Xun said to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen nodded in response. He had a feeling that the Saint Monument Hidden Domain was extremely ancient and far more ancient than he could imagine. He could feel that heaven and earth was rotting in this place and it was truly dreadful.
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