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Chapter 648: Saint Monument Shard
“I didn’t think that he would be here too.”

Li Fuchen turned and looked towards the Soul Sky Empire’s camp. There was a black-robed young man and it was none other than the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor.

Since the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor could come to the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, his strength was definitely at the level of a high-class combat emperor.

When Li Fuchen looked at the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor, the latter had also looked at Li Fuchen.

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor grinned and gestured to Li Fuchen with a throat slitting action.

Killing was forbidden in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, but everything else was permitted.

With his strength as a high-class combat emperor, he felt it was easy to deal with Li Fuchen. The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t believe that Li Fuchen possessed the strength of a high-class combat emperor.

Being a high-class combat emperor was indeed the lowest standard to enter the Saint Monument Hidden Domain. However, if other talents were considered, the standard could be lowered.

Take the Soul Sky Empire for example, there were two individuals who weren’t high-class combat emperors and were mid-class combat emperors.

However, the two of them had incredible support abilities. They might not be able to support a high-class combat emperor to defeat a peak-class combat emperor, but they were able to support three to five high-class combat emperors to defeat a peak-class combat emperor.

Li Fuchen was proficient in incantations and he definitely had the talent in support.

Li Fuchen shook his head. Right now, he no longer put the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor in his eyes. The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor might be a high-class combat emperor, even if he was a peak-class combat emperor, Li Fuchen would still be able to kill him in a single palm strike.

After all, a peak-class combat emperor would only have attack power that was comparable with weaker Law Phase Realm emperors. The other aspects were significantly inferior, especially defense and survivability.

“However, at least 90% of the Emperor Sky Continent’s high-class combat emperors and peak-class combat emperors should be here.”

During normal situations, the chances of encountering a high-class combat emperor was as high as the chances to encounter a Law Phase Realm emperor, but it was rare to see any peak-class combat emperors.

As such, it gave off a misconception that high-class combat emperors could be countered while there was an unknown number of peak-class combat emperors.

From the looks of it now, most of the high-class combat emperors and peak-class combat emperors would be in seclusion during normal times. They would be striving to break through to the Law Phase Realm. If it wasn’t because of the utmost importance of the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, it was nearly impossible to get them outside, let alone to appear in the same location.

“Everyone split up. Remember, once you obtain two Saint Monument Shards, immediately return to the Peace Grassland. Do not be greedy.” Xin Xiao was an elegant young man with long hair. He took a glance at everyone and stated.

If anyone had one Saint Monument Shard, no one would snatch them. But once a person obtained two shards, it would surely attract people from other factions.

In the past, the Floating Sky Mountain was too greedy, therefore, they were always at the bottom.

In fact, in terms of overall strength, the Floating Sky Mountain was comparable with the Red Moon Empire, and the Blue Sun Empire. They shouldn’t be ranked at the bottom every time.

Similar to the Floating Sky Mountain, the members of the six other factions had also split up and flew in all directions.

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t find trouble with Li Fuchen immediately. He was planning to wait until Li Fuchen obtained two shards before taking revenge.

The Saint Monument Shard couldn’t be detected by spiritual awareness, therefore, one would have to rely on luck to find it with the naked eye.

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Perhaps it was due to the star fate that Li Fuchen inherited from the East Unicorn Continent’s Mt. Star Fate, Li Fuchen’s luck had always been rather good. He took just half a day to find one Saint Monument Shard.

The so-called Saint Monument Shard looked just like a greyish white shard of rock. If it wasn’t emitting a white glow, it was hard to identify it.

The moment Li Fuchen obtained the Saint Monument Shard, he could sense other Saint Monument Shards and also the Saint Monument.

When the Saint Monument Shards were on the ground, it would be concealed by the Saint Monument Hidden Domain’s law. But once someone picked it up, it would immediately become a firefly in darkness. It was impossible to conceal and they could sense each other easily.

“It seems like I am not the only person who is lucky.”

Li Fuchen could sense a total of seven shards and there were two shards that were very close. It meant that six individuals found the Saint Monument Shards and one of them had two. That kind of luck was already considered heaven-defying.

“Spiritual awareness isn’t able to find Saint Monument Shards. I wonder if my spirit soul force is able to find any.”

Li Fuchen released the spirit soul force and scanned the greyish white Saint Monument Shard.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen sensed a huge change on the Saint Monument Shard.

The Saint Monument Shard was just a shard of greyish white rock when observed by the naked eye. However, when observed with the spirit soul force, the Saint Monument Shard looked like a lump of gelatinous object. It seemed like there were countless tiny creatures swimming around.

“The revolving of law?” Li Fuchen’s eyes turned grave.

This Saint Monument Shard was obviously formed by law and it was involved with the root of law.

If the Saint Monument Shard was already so incredible, it was hard to imagine what kind of universal secret would be contained in the entire Saint Monument.

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Involuntarily, Li Fuchen looked far away and could sense through the Saint Monument Shard. It felt as though there was a sun there and the Saint Monument Shard in his hand was just a small spark.

Half a day later, Li Fuchen found another Saint Monument Shard.

Right now, the number of people that possessed Saint Monument Shards were already more than a few dozen.

“Someone is coming over.”

Li Fuchen could sense one Saint Monument Shard rapidly approaching him.

15 minutes later, a young man with short hair appeared in Li Fuchen’s vision.

“I hope you can be sensible and hand over the Saint Monument Shard.”

This young man was called Shi Feng and he was from the Blue Sun Empire. He was one of the Blue Sun Empire’s Three Elites and had an equivalent status as the Soul Sky Empire’s Four Young Masters.

His strength was stronger than high-class combat emperors and this was the reason why he didn’t give any regards to Li Fuchen.

“Get lost!”

A mere flash of sword light had repelled Shi Feng while he vomited blood. His chest had a sword wound that extended all the way to his shoulder and his artifact armor was instantly split in two.

“Peak-class combat emperor!” Shi Feng took a cold breath and felt agonized in his heart.

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With just this sword light, Shi Feng knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t just a high-class combat emperor but a peak-class combat emperor. The Blue Sun Empire had two peak-class combat emperors but he didn’t expect for the Floating Sky Mountain to also have another peak-class combat emperor apart from Xin Xiao.

Shi Feng turned around and immediately left. It was fortunate that he only had one shard. If he had two, he would probably be robbed in return for his failure.

Perhaps everyone felt that Li Fuchen was weak, as there was another person who wanted to snatch Li Fuchen’s Saint Monument Shard.

The outcome was obvious.

“I have three shards now.” The first day wasn’t over yet, but Li Fuchen found another Saint Monument Shard with his persistence.

At this moment, apart from Li Fuchen, the others only had two shards at most, making Li Fuchen the most eye-catching target.

When sensing through the Saint Monument Shard, there were at least seven or eight of the shards approaching him.

“It is you!”

The first to rush over was the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor.

To be honest, the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor didn’t expect Li Fuchen’s luck to be so great and could already find three shards in just one day.

“It seems like my luck is rather good as I can have two more Saint Monument Shards now.” The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor let out a grim smile.

“My luck isn’t bad either.” Li Fuchen sized up the Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor and could sense that he had two shards.

“Boastful words.”

The Ghost Dragon Combat Emperor brandished his Ghost Snake Blade and blasted an evil dragon blade light at Li Fuchen.
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