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Chapter 646
ER – Chapter 646: Candidate

“Mountain Emperor, the other six major factions have at least a few peak-class combat emperors, but for our Floating Sky Mountain, we only have one during our best time . It is extremely difficult to obtain more Saint Monument Shards . ” One of the white-haired elders said helplessly .

High-class combat emperors could be produced by relying on cultivation techniques and martial arts . But it wasn’t the same for peak-class combat emperors, unless they were able to cultivate heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts to an extremely high proficiency .

In the Primary Sea Realm, it was rare for anyone to have such a high level of perception . Even in the history of the Emperor Sky Continent, there were only a few individuals with such perception .

Therefore, there was only one certain method to reach the level of a peak-class combat emperor, and there was to comprehend the bone frame’s divine ability to an extremely high proficiency .

For an 8-star extraordinary bone frame, the bone frame patterns comprehended must be close to eight segments .

As for an 8-star special bone frame, the bone frame patterns must be close to seven segments .

Of course, if a 7-star special bone frame pattern was comprehended to the extremity, the strength of a peak-class combat emperor could also be achieved .

“Mountain Emperor, I have a candidate . ” The Cloud Emperor took a step forward and spoke .

“Speak . ” The Vacant Mountain Emperor looked at the Cloud Emperor .

The Cloud Emperor said, “There is a young man in the Cloud Mountain City with extremely formidable strength . He once killed one of the Soul Sky Empire’s Four Young Masters, Young Master Six Desires . Even if he isn’t a peak-class combat emperor, he should be comparable . ”

Young Master Six Desires was also very famous in the Floating Sky Mountain . It was said that he was the most dangerous individual below the peak-class combat emperors .

If Li Fuchen was able to kill Young Master Six Desires, then his strength was naturally formidable .

“He killed Young Master Six Desires?”

In the main hall, all of the Floating Sky Mountain’s elders were moved .

They knew clearly about Young Master Six Desires’ strength . Even a peak-class combat emperor might not be able to kill him .

The Vacant Mountain Emperor asked, “Is it that young fellow who brought the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor here?”

“Yes . ” The Cloud Emperor nodded .

The Vacant Mountain Emperor said, “Then invite him . As for his reward, you shall decide . ”

Cloud Mountain City’s city lord residence .

“Saint Monument Hidden Domain?” Li Fuchen raised his brows, he didn’t know anything about the Saint Monument Hidden Domain .

The Cloud Emperor explained, “The Saint Monument Hidden Domain has been monopolized by the seven major emperor-class factions . Even the Clan of Darkness who isn’t inferior to the seven major emperor-class factions, isn’t able to enter the Saint Monument Hidden Domain . Therefore, it is normal for you to not know of it . ”

Li Fuchen said, “If I can help the Floating Sky Mountain to obtain at least five Saint Monument Shards, I hope that I can be given one . ”

Hearing the proposal, the Cloud Emperor didn’t hesitate and said, “That isn’t a problem . ”

In normal situations, it was already very praiseworthy to obtain two Saint Monument Shards . Most importantly, it wasn’t that easy to protect the Saint Monument Shards . The other monarchs from the six other major factions would definitely try to snatch them .

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Had it not been for the agreement between the seven major factions that forbade anyone from snatching all of the shards, and had to leave at least one piece of shard, the Floating Sky Mountain would probably receive much lesser Saint Monument Shards .

“What if I can obtain at least ten pieces of Saint Monument Shards?” Li Fuchen asked .

The Cloud Emperor laughed and said, “I can make the decision for this . If you can obtain at least ten pieces of Saint Monument Shards, you may have two . ”

After seeing Li Fuchen wanting to say more, the Cloud Emperor said helplessly, “For every five pieces of Saint Monument Shards, you shall have a share of one piece . You shouldn’t have any more opinions right?”

“Then I shall thank Senior Cloud Emperor . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t worried that he wasn’t able to obtain any Saint Monument Shards . If he was willing, ten or twenty pieces wouldn’t be a problem . At most, he would go and snatch from others .

In the blink of an eye, there was only one month before the Saint Monument Hidden Domain’s opening .

Led by the Cloud Emperor, Li Fuchen arrived at the Floating Sky Mountain .

When they arrived at a building complex with a plaza, the Cloud Emperor stated, “With you included, there are a total of 12 monarchs entering the Saint Monument Hidden Domain . Seven of them are from my Floating Sky Mountain . ” 

After giving it a thought, the Cloud Emperor said, “If possible, converse with them . In the Saint Monument Hidden Domain, all of you will need to work together to repel the enemy . It is impossible to last to the end by relying on yourself . ”

Even a peak-class combat emperor wouldn’t dare to work alone in the Saint Monument Hidden Domain and contest with an entire faction of monarchs . After all, those that could enter the Saint Monument Hidden Domain were at least high-class combat emperors . A dozen of high-class combat emperors working together would give a peak-class combat emperor a very difficult time . A peak-class combat emperor might have attack power that reached the Law Phase Realm, but the other aspects were still inferior and couldn’t be compared with Law Phase Realm emperors .

The Cloud Emperor left while Li Fuchen entered the building complex .

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The building complex contained a plaza, a conference hall, a perception dao hall, and dozens of courtyards .

Li Fuchen found an empty courtyard and resided in it .

On the second day, Li Fuchen arrived at the perception dao hall .

The Cloud Emperor explained at the perception dao hall was set up with a class 8 perception dao array . When cultivating inside, one’s thoughts would revolve faster allowing one to clearly feel how heaven and earth law were revolving .

When Li Fuchen arrived at the perception dao hall, there were already seven individuals seated in there . Their bodies were covered in light barriers of various colors .

This was the perception dao light barrier . Once an individual entered the perception dao state, a resonance would be created with the perception dao array, which would activate the perception dao light barrier . When inside the perception dao light barrier, it was impossible to be disturbed, unless the attacker had the strength to destroy the class 8 perception dao array .

Li Fuchen sat down cross-legged and took out a piece of mid-grade heaven stone and started to comprehend the fire dao law and sword dao law within .

“The class 8 perception dao array is indeed incredible!” Li Fuchen opened his eyes and saw a fiery red light barrier scattering .

When comprehending the law and intent in this place, the efficiency was at least 30% higher than the outside world .

It meant that cultivating 10 years inside here was the same as cultivating 13 years on the outside . Cultivating 100 years inside would be the same as cultivating 130 years on the outside . After all the accumulation, it was rather significant .

Li Fuchen closed his eyes and continued to comprehend the law power within the heaven stone . By the time he opened his eyes again, the perception dao hall was only left with him .


Li Fuchen exhaled and stood up before walking out of the perception dao hall .

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Outside the perception dao hall, there were three individuals having a conversation .

“He is out . ” One of the individuals spoke and the two others turned to look at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen introduced himself in a relaxed tone, “Li Fuchen . ”

“Li Fuchen, let me give some introductions . I am Zhang Xun and I am from Brocade Sword Sect . This is Lu Yunhe from the Sky Saber Guild . This is the Floating Sky Mountain’s no . 2 prodigy monarch, Shen Tang . ” The individual who spoke earlier gave an introduction to Li Fuchen .

“Li Fuchen, which faction are you from?” Shen Tang asked .

Li Fuchen said, “My sect isn’t on the Emperor Sky Continent . ”

“They got driven out of the Emperor Sky Continent . ” Lu Yunhe shot a glance at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen didn’t say anything .

Zhang Xun laughed and asked, “Li Fuchen, what is your reward? My reward is 5000 high-grade spirit stones, Lu Yunhe is slightly better and has 6000 high-grade spirit stones . Shen Tang is a member of the Floating Sky Mountain and is given 10,000 high-grade spirit stones as a reward . ”

Li Fuchen didn’t know if he should say the truth, but after thinking through, it was something that someone would know sooner or later . It wasn’t logical to tell lies either, hence, he said, “Senior Cloud Emperor promised me that if I can get at least five Saint Monument Shards, I will be given one . ”


Lu Yunhe couldn’t help but laugh . “I think you better forget about it . Saint Monument Shards aren’t cabbages where you can find them everywhere . Let alone five Saint Monument Shards, it is impossible for you to find two . ”

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