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Chapter 645
ER – Chapter 645: Saint Monument Hidden Domain

“I thank Senior Cloud Emperor for saving our lives . ”

After the commotion was over, Li Fuchen arrived in front of the Cloud Emperor and bowed with a cupped fist .

The Cloud Emperor said, “Young Master Six Desires deserved to die, but with the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor backing him, no one dared to touch him . Now that you killed Young Master Six Desires, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor will not leave the matter like this . You need to be careful . ”

He was able to protect Li Fuchen within the Cloud Mountain City . But outside of Cloud Mountain City, he couldn’t do anything .

He was just a mid-level emperor while the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was a high-level emperor . Without the support from arrays, he wouldn’t even last 10 moves against the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor .

Li Fuchen nodded and asked, “Senior Cloud Emperor, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor is able to find us because he captured our emotional qi presences?”

This was Li Fuchen’s conjecture .

The Cloud Emperor nodded and said, “The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor is known for playing with emotions and desires . He is truly incredible in making use of emotions . As long as a trace of emotions is leaked, he will be able to capture it . Furthermore, once he captured the emotional qi presence, it is impossible to escape from his pursuit in this lifetime . You need to know that the Emperor Sky Continent has two trackers that are extremely effective . The first is naturally the Celestial Eye Emperor’s Celestial Eye which even the Soul Emperor is apprehensive of . The second will be the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor . However, it is rumored that the Soul Emperor’s tracking method is also very terrifying and might not be inferior to the Celestial Eye Emperor . But he has never exposed all of his capabilities and no one knows of his bottomline . ”

When mentioning the Celestial Eye Emperor and the Soul Emperor, the Cloud Emperor couldn’t help but turn grave .

If one had to list the Emperor Sky Continent’s top ten most dangerous people, the Celestial Eye Emperor and the Soul Emperor would definitely be within the list . If one had to list the top five most dangerous people, they would still be in the list .

In fact, they were still within the top three most dangerous people .

The two emperors were dangerous not because of their formidable strength, but because of their unknown capabilities .

As a Law Phase Realm emperor, the Cloud Emperor could already sense a faint unrest that was going to arrive in the Emperor Sky Continent .

While listening, Li Fuchen silently agreed . He was thinking how he was going to sever the connection with the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor .

“Emotions are derived from one’s feelings . They can actually be captured…”

After returning to the courtyard, Li Fuchen frowned .

He didn’t wish to be living in the shadows of the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor for an entire lifetime and be constantly guarding against the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor .

Right now, there were two solutions .

The first solution was to kill the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor and that would end everything . However, if Li Fuchen was able to kill the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, he wouldn’t worry about being pursued .

The second solution was to think of a method to sever the connection .

“Senior Incantation Martial Emperor left behind the Spirit Cleansing incantation that has the cleansing effects on the spirit . I wonder if it will be effective . ”

The Spirit Cleansing incantation was only a low-class incantation . It was able to cleanse the distractions in the spirit and sever unnecessary emotions .

It might be a low-class incantation, but if one’s incantation proficiency was high level, the effects of the Spirit Cleansing incantation would still be rather significant .

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There was a saying in the incantation world, ‘There isn’t a strongest incantation, only the strongest Incantation Master . ’

Li Fuchen looked for Gu Jiuye and executed the Spirit Cleansing incantation on her .

Gu Jiuye said, “I feel much more relaxed . It seems like some unnecessary things have been severed . ”

Li Fuchen looked delighted as he said, “It seems like it is effective . ”

Gu Jiuye hesitated and asked, “Did the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor capture something on me?”

Li Fuchen replied, “The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor is very sensitive to emotions . He probably captured the emotions that you leaked out back then . ”

Gu Jiuye’s expression changed . Be it Young Master Six Desires or the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, they were too dangerous .

One of them toyed with desires and the other toyed with emotions . It was truly a misfortune to be involved with them .

Only unprecedented prodigies like Li Fuchen would be able to contest with them .

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor didn’t leave the Floating Sky Mountain’s territory yet . All of a sudden, the emotional qi presence that he grasped from Gu Jiuye had lost its spirituality and turned into something dead .

In other words, he wouldn’t be able to track Li Fuchen and others with this trace of emotional qi presence .

“Who is the one that did it?!” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was enraged .

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His mind flashed with a thought as he recalled about Li Fuchen . Li Fuchen was proficient with incantations and it was probably done by him .

“That child is too bizarre . If I don’t eliminate him as soon as possible, he will become a threat in the future . ”

The murderous intent from the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was burning like never before .

After staying in Cloud Mountain City for a few days, Li Fuchen finally improved the Absolute Heaven Sword Art to the heaven class mid-tier .

Originally, his sword dao strength was already at the level of a peak-class combat emperor . Now that the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique had reached the 38th rank, and the Absolute Heaven Sword Art was at the heaven class mid-tier, Li Fuchen believed that he was able to contest with those weaker Law Phase Realm emperors . The outcome of the battle would only be determined after an all-out fight .

“If my body refinement strength is 100 then my sword dao strength should be around 30 . ”

Li Fuchen let out a bitter laugh . His sword dao strength was improving at extreme speed, but with the Hand of God, it would take an extremely long period of time before his sword dao strength could catch up with his body refinement strength .

After all, his Hand of Force had a qi power that was heaven class mid-tier and the Hand of Force was comparable to a heaven class mid-tier body refinement art .

In normal situations, body refinement arts would be one tier superior to qi cultivation arts of the same tier .

Floating Sky Mountain .

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As the name implied, the Floating Sky Mountain was a giant mountain floating in the sky .

The mountain itself possessed a formidable magnetic force and it was mutual repelling against the magnetic force of the ground . With the addition of countless arrays on the Floating Sky Mountain, it allowed the mountain to negate gravity and float 10,000 meters in the sky .

When arriving at the Floating Sky Mountain, all metallic weapons would be magnetized and taken away . It was the same for earth class weapons or heaven class weapons .

Therefore, if anyone wanted to attack the Floating Sky Mountain, one would need to do it with bare hands and there must not be any metallic items on the body .

The Floating Sky Mountain was massive and just the bottom part was already a thousand miles in length . It was simply a gigantic mountain .

In the main hall of the Floating Sky Mountain, the Vacant Mountain Emperor looked down and said, “There are still three months before the Saint Monument Hidden Domain is opened . My Floating Sky Mountain has been ranked at the bottom for four consecutive times . If we rank at the bottom again this time, my gap between the others will just continue to increase . ”

While hearing the statement, the elders of the Floating Sky Mountain were all in silence .

The Saint Monument Hidden Domain was the Emperor Sky Continent’s no . 1 heaven class hidden domain . It would only open once every century and in the deepest part of the hidden domain, there was a Saint Monument . It was said that the Saint Monument contained the secrets that led to the saint’s realm . Anyone who could completely comprehend the secrets on the Saint Monument would be able to become a saint .

Of course, even if one wasn’t able to become a saint, just by comprehending some of the secrest, it would allow one’s strength to surpass others significantly .

However, it wasn’t that easy to get close to the Saint Monument . One would need Saint Monument Shards to get close to the Saint Monument . Those Saint Monument Shards were scattered across the entire Saint Monument Hidden Domain and would have to be slowly discovered .

When the Saint Monument Hidden Domain was first discovered, the Emperor Sky Continent would have frequent battles between emperors, resulting in casualties and severe injuries to the emperors . After many years, there were many great emperors that had perished too . As a result, everyone agreed on a rule that only Primary Sea Realm monarchs would strive for the Saint Monument Shards . For the first four expeditions, the Floating Sky Mountain obtained the least number of shards . As compared to the Soul Sky Empire who were ranked no . 1, they didn’t even have 10% of what the Soul Sky Empire obtained .

With one piece of Saint Monument Shard, one would be able to stay in the vicinity of the Saint Monument for a period of time . With more Saint Monument Shards, one would be able to stay for a longer period of time .

Four centuries ago, the Vacant Mountain Emperor believed he was ranked top three in strength . Right now, he reckoned that he couldn’t even make it into the top five and this made him anxious .

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