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Chapter 644: Battle of Emperors
“A flawless concealment of one’s own qi presence and emotions. Who is this person?”

The imposing figure’s qi presence was no longer sorrowful. There was joy, anger, worry, yearning, sorrow, fear, and shock. There were also plenty of other emotions that were derived from the seven emotions. When so many emotions converged on the imposing figure, the surrounding void was distorted and traces of unknown qi presence condensed and tried to form that figure which vanished earlier.


It was the same as before as the figure suddenly crumbled at the final step.

The imposing figure didn’t try anymore. The target didn’t reveal a lot of emotions and qi presence, furthermore, there was an invisible force obstructing him.

“You will not escape.” The imposing figure left and didn’t punish the city lord and others.

In fact, he didn’t even need to punish them as the entire city lord residence’s members were in a frenzy as they tried to kill each other.

For several nights, Li Fuchen and his group were rushing for Floating Sky Mountain.

The Floating Sky Mountain was one of the seven major emperor-class factions in the Emperor Sky Continent.

As compared to other elite emperor-class factions, the Floating Sky Mountain was relatively peaceful and much more impartial. It was said that the ancestors of the Floating Sky Mountain once set the rules that no one was to take advantage of others because of their position.

Of course, if anyone dared to provoke the Floating Sky Mountain, it would be the same as poking at a hornet’s nest. The Floating Sky Mountain seldom provoked others, but the members were very united. Anyone who dared to offend the Floating Sky Mountain wouldn’t have anywhere to hide in this world.

They were rushing to the Floating Sky Mountain for consecutive nights, because Li Fuchen felt a faint but very fatal danger.

This was his intuition.

In normal situations, Li Fuchen trusted his own intuition, because the intuition came from the spirit soul and his spirit soul was superior to even Law Phase Realm emperors.

After arriving at the Floating Sky Mountain, the sense of danger was significantly reduced, but it still remained.

The Floating Sky Mountain had ten provinces and fifty counties. Their political system was the same as the Red Moon Empire.

In the province city, Cloud Mountain City, three unfamiliar faces appeared on the main street.

The trio was naturally Li Fuchen and his group.

In other places, Li Fuchen might be afraid of being exposed, but in the province city, Li Fuchen wasn’t afraid.

The city lord of a province city was a Law Phase Realm emperor, an emperor from other factions wouldn’t have the rights to ask the province city lord to provide the surveillance array to search for the murderer.

Besides, the province city didn’t allow violence and even foreign emperors would need to abide by the rules.

Otherwise, provoking a province city was the same as provoking the Floating Sky Mountain. There would be severe consequences.

Of course, there were no absolutes. If the foreign emperor had a rather good relationship with the province city lord, Li Fuchen and his group might still be exposed. Despite the case, Cloud Mountain City was still much better than other places.

“This is a province city. There is an abundance of resources here, let’s reside here for now.” Li Fuchen said to Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye.

Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye nodded in response.

It was needless to say for Yuan Long as his qi blood source and essence blood were in serious deficit. He would need a period of time to slowly recover back to normal.

As for Gu Jiuye, she always preferred serenity and didn’t like venturing outside. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have stayed in the Gaze Native City for such a long time.

Moreover, the Emperor Sky Continent’s heaven and earth energy was very concentrated. Even if the two of them didn’t venture outside, their progress wouldn’t be delayed.

“Cloud Mountain City huh?”

On this day, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor arrived at the Cloud Mountain City.

He who cultivated the Seven Emotions Divine Technique had very acute senses towards emotions. Gu Jiuye’s emotions and qi presence had already been targeted by him. Had it not been for the huge gap in distance, he wouldn’t need to regather the emotions and qi presence, and he would have already caught up to the trio a long time ago.

In front of a courtyard, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor stopped. He didn’t even need to make a move as he circulated the Seven Emotions Divine Technique and enveloped the entire courtyard with chaotic emotions.


Yuan Long who was in seclusion had vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. His face was pale and there were signs of him going into a qi deviation state.

Gu Jiuye wasn’t having a good time either. Her mind was originally calm and serene, but now, it was filled with raging waves as countless different emotions were smashing at her spirit, causing her qi blood to be in a turmoil.

“Such horrific power from chaotic emotions. Could it be the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor?”

Li Fuchen who was also in seclusion had suddenly opened his eyes and had this grave expression.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s emotion power was very terrifying, but it was ineffective against Li Fuchen. It merely caused a small ripple for him.


The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was rather astonished as his Seven Emotions Divine Technique had always been effective. Apart from great emperors, everyone else would be slightly affected, but there was a single person in the courtyard that wasn’t affected and this gave him a shock.

“Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation.”

Li Fuchen formed a seal with both hands and coordinated it along with the mental seal to execute the mid-class Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation. He then used it on Yuan Long and Gu Jiuye.

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In an instant, the duo were no longer affected by the emotion power and their chaotic emotions gradually calmed down, but they still had lingering fears.

“Good moves.” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor smiled with icy cold eyes.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor extended his right hand and forcefully ripped apart the courtyard’s array.

In the city lord residence, a white-clothed middle-aged man’s eyes flashed with anger. “Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, how dare you bring trouble to the Cloud Mountain City.”

After ripping the array apart, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was preparing to kill Li Fuchen, Gu Jiuye, and Yuan Long. All of a sudden, the courtyard’s array was reformed and there was an additional layer of array that was even tougher.

“Cloud Emperor, why do you insist on getting in my way?” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor turned to look at the void.

In the void, a white-clothed middle-aged man appeared and it was the Cloud Mountain City Lord, he was also the Cloud Mountain Province Governor, the Cloud Emperor.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, stop pasting gold on your face. I, the Cloud Emperor doesn’t have the time to get in your way. You are the one that is getting in my way.” The Cloud Emperor said in a dense voice.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor said, “The people inside killed my disciple, Young Master Six Desires. They have to die. If you dare to obstruct me, you shall die too.”

“I heard of your disciple, Young Master Six Desires. He should have died a long time ago. He deserved it.”

The Cloud Emperor had always been an upright person, therefore, he disapproved of the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor and Young Master Six Desires.

“Cloud Emperor, don’t think that I wouldn’t dare to kill you just because you are a member of the Floating Sky Mountain.”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was enraged as he blasted anger emotion power at the Cloud Emperor.

“Try and you will see.”

The Cloud Emperor’s cultivation might not be comparable with the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, but the Cloud Emperor wasn’t afraid as this was his territory. He must not allow the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor to do as he pleased.

“It is the Cloud Emperor.” In the courtyard, Li Fuchen saw the white-clothed middle-aged man.

Back at the Latent Shadow Abyss, the Cloud Emperor saved their lives. He didn’t expect for the Cloud Emperor to be the Cloud Mountain Province Governor.

“You are courting death, Seven Emotions Great Palm.”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor executed a palm strike at the Cloud Emperor, which contained all seven emotion powers in the palm force.

“Cloud Sea Raging Strike!” The Cloud Emperor had also struck his palm at the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.

This palm strike didn’t just contain the Cloud Emperor’s strength, it was also enhanced by the Cloud Mountain City’s array.


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The void distorted and the streets shook. Most of the buildings had cracks and there were some places where the ground started to collapse.

This was after the Cloud Emperor used the array to protect the place. Otherwise, the entire Cloud Mountain City would be in disaster.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, get lost.”

The Cloud Mountain City had multiple layers of class 8 arrays and when all of them were activated at the same time, a formidable array power forced the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor to shift out of the Cloud Mountain City.

Outside of the Cloud Mountain City, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was extremely enraged. He used both his hands to execute consecutive palm strikes at the Cloud Mountain City.

Even if he wasn’t able to kill the murderer today, he didn’t want the Cloud Emperor to have a good time.

One could see that a white cloud palm was formed by the array in the sky above the Cloud Mountain City. It had scattered the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s great palm print.

“Cloud Emperor, you are the one that forced me.”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor spread out his fingers and five illusory seeds hovered above his palm.

When the five illusory seeds appeared, frenzied emotions were all released and blasted straight into the Cloud Mountain City.

In a split moment, countless individuals in the Cloud Mountain City plunged into frenzied joy, frenzied anger, frenzied worry, frenzied yearning, and frenzied sorrow. Those people with weak willpower had committed suicide after receiving the impact from the five emotions.

“Emotion seeds?” The Cloud Emperor’s face changed drastically.

He had heard rumors of the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s Seven Emotions Divine Technique. It was said that the Seven Emotions Divine Technique could cultivate emotion seeds. The emotion seeds were extremely dreadful and once a person was affected by it, there was basically no method of rescue. The victim would immediately turn hysterical and lose the will to live, and would seek death.

He didn’t expect the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor to cultivate five emotion seeds.

The array of the Cloud Mountain City might be a class 8 mid-tier array, but it could only block the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s regular emotion attacks. It wasn’t able to withstand the power of the emotion seeds.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, don’t you dare.”

The Cloud Emperor’s eyes were bursting apart as he watched a massive number of people dying.

“Why wouldn’t I dare? Even if you can save the three of them today, I will bury your entire Cloud Mountain City.” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor said with a cruel tone.

While speaking, he slammed with his palm and five emotion seeds were gathered in his palm.

‘The emotion seeds must not be allowed to explode!’

Li Fuchen had been paying attention to the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s every move. Seeing the situation, he immediately used the Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation to protect Cloud Mountain City. Li Fuchen wasn’t at ease and had stacked with another layer of Evil Vanquish incantation and Clear Heart incantation.

Bang Boom!

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The Clear Heart Demon Lock incantation collapsed, the Evil Vanquish incantation crumbled, the Clear Heart incantation had also been destroyed immediately after.

It was fortunate that the power of the emotion seeds had been mostly dispelled by the three layers of incantations and the class 8 arrays. It didn’t do any significant damage.

“You little bastard.”

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was overflowing with shock and anger as his murderous intent burst into the clouds.

No one had made him so enraged before and Li Fuchen was the first.

“Many thanks, young brother.” The Cloud Emperor said to Li Fuchen.

Most of the people that were experiencing frenzied emotions had gradually recovered and it was due to Li Fuchen’s contribution.

Li Fuchen said with shame, “I am the one that led the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor over. I am the one that is giving the Senior Cloud Emperor the burden.”

The Cloud Emperor shook his head and said in a stern tone, “The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor is a temperamental person. It is his fault this time and it isn’t really related to you.”

If everyone behaved like the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, the Emperor Sky Continent would be great chaos. This was something that the Cloud Emperor couldn’t tolerate.

After taking a deep breath, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor let out a dark grin and said, “I would like to see how long you people can last.”

After cultivating the Seven Emotions Divine Technique, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor only wanted to follow his emotions and disregard everything else.

“Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, get lost from my Floating Sky Mountain or don’t even think about leaving.”

Right at this moment, the array of the Cloud Mountain City automatically circulated. An illusory figure enveloped the entire Cloud Mountain City like a celestial god.

“Vacant Mountain Emperor!” The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor had a change in expression.

The Vacant Mountain Emperor was also the Floating Sky Mountain’s dictator and he was a renowned great emperor.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor wasn’t afraid of the Cloud Emperor, but he didn’t dare to be arrogant against the Vacant Mountain Emperor. The Soul Emperor wouldn’t have enough time to come and rescue him.

“He is the dictator of Floating Sky Mountain?” Li Fuchen had a serious expression.

Back at the Red Copper Continent, Li Fuchen encountered the Floating Sky Mountain before and even fought against their battle formation. He didn’t expect to be protected by the Floating Sky Mountain this time.

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor left without wasting any words.

At the same time, the Vacant Mountain Emperor’s figure vanished too.

The illusory figure was just a mark left behind by the Vacant Mountain Emperor. Once the Cloud Mountain City encountered a crisis, the mark would be activated. If the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was insistent, the Vacant Mountain Emperor would immediately teleport to Cloud Mountain City and eliminate the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor.
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