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Chapter 643
ER – Chapter 643: Smacked to Death

“You wish to meet me?” A voice suddenly echoed .

Gu Jiuye’s expression changed . “Li Fuchen .

Young Master Six Desires’ eyes flashed with a trace of seriousness but his face remained calm . “I am rather interested to know how you came in?”

“I entered just like that . ” Li Fuchen’s figure became clearer .

“Junior Fuchen, you shouldn’t have come . ” Gu Jiuye looked rather anxious .

She didn’t know how Li Fuchen managed to sneak in, but she knew that Young Master Six Desires wasn’t to be trifled with . She had personally witnessed a high-level monarch’s spirit getting dazzled by Young Master Six Desires and didn’t even have the chance to fight back .

Young Master Six Desires didn’t just have extraordinary strength which was at the peak of Primary Sea Realm, but his spiritual strength was even more horrifying .

One could even say that Young Master Six Desires was a taboo in the Primary Sea Realm .

No matter how powerful Li Fuchen was, he already had a hard time dealing with regular high-level monarchs, let alone Young Master Six Desires .

“So you are actually from the same discipleship . This is interesting . ”

Originally, Young Master Six Desires was rather apprehensive of Li Fuchen . But after seeing Gu Jiuye’s expression and she seemingly knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t a match for him, Young Master Six Desires immediately felt confident .

While speaking, Young Master Six Desires circulated the Six Desires Divine Technique . His qi, spirit, and spiritual awareness were all mixed together and a hallucinatory qi presence spread out .

“You killed Bai Qiuming . ”

Li Fuchen wasn’t affected at all . He frowned as he saw a familiar face within Young Master Six Desires’ qi presence . With the wave of the hand, Bai Qiuming’s image appeared in the void .

Young Master Six Desires took a glance at the image and said, “This person is proficient with illusion arts, but it is a pity that he encountered me . I have absorbed all of his spirit essence . ”

Bai Qiuming’s cultivation level wasn’t high and he was only at the 1st level of Primary Sea Realm back then . However, he had formidable illusion arts, but it was a pity that his fundamentals weren’t good enough . But if Bai Qiuming was given enough time, not even Young Master Six Desires was certain he could defeat Bai Qiuming in illusion arts .

“You deserve to die since you killed our Red Rainbow Sect’s disciple . ” Li Fuchen lifted his right hand and slammed down .

Young Master Six Desires gave off an indifferent smirk, but soon enough, his smirk turned into terror .  



Young Master Six Desires who was known as the taboo could only let out one word before he was smashed a pulp of flesh .

“This!” Gu Jiuye’s eyes widened as she was shocked .

Young Master Six Desires was an invincible existence under the Law Phase Realm emperors, but he was smacked to death by Li Fuchen in a single palm strike .

How terrifying Li Fuchen must be to achieve this? Gu Jiuye realized that she couldn’t recognize Li Fuchen anymore .

“Junior Fuchen… You killed Young Master Six Desires?” Gu Jiuye’s voice trembled .

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“Senior Gu, let’s go . ” Li Fuchen sounded indifferent .

At this level, killing martial artists below the Law Phase Realm was too easy . It didn’t matter if it was Young Master Six Desires or Young Master Solitude . As long as they weren’t at the Law Phase Realm, Li Fuchen didn’t need any effort to kill them .

As for the consequences after killing Young Master Six Desires, Li Fuchen didn’t bother .

Even if Li Fuchen didn’t kill Young Master Six Desires, the latter wasn’t going to let Li Fuchen leave . If that was the case, wouldn’t it be better to kill Young Master Six Desires and let things be done with?

Li Fuchen held onto Gu Jiuye and executed the Invisibility incantation before leaving the city lord residence .

Half a day later, the city lord residence was in an uproar .

Young Master Six Desires was dead and he died in the city lord residence . No one saw Young Master Six Desires’ corpse, but that was a pile of bloodied mess and it was a clear statement .

All of a sudden, the city lord residence was filled with fear and the city lord yelled out without any self-control .

Young Master Six Desires died in his residence and his entire clan was going to be buried along . Everyone knew that the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was very protective of his own people .

“Go and investigate with every resource we have . Find out who killed Young Master Six Desires . ”

The city lord activated all of his influence to search the city .

Soon enough, the Spider Guild was tracked down .

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In just half a day, the entire Spider Guild was uprooted . Some of the upper echelons and related people were all brought to the city lord residence for a serious interrogation .

After a round of interrogations, the city lord found out that a young man inquired about Young Master Six Desires’ information and they had also relayed the information to Young Master Six Desires . They didn’t know anything else afterwards .

“They should still be in the city . Seal and search the city . ” The city lord said in a malevolent expression .

If he didn’t find out the exact situation that happened and didn’t find the culprit, his entire clan would be done for . As for the members of the Spider Guild, they were all detained by the city lord, after all, they were mostly responsible for this matter .  

The Gaze Native City was in a huge commotion and everyone was in a tensed up state . As for Li Fuchen, Gu Jiuye, and Yuan Long… They already left long ago .

“Junior Fuchen, Young Master Six Desires is the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor’s disciple . Now that you killed him, we are probably unable to stay in the Soul Sky Empire now . ” Gu Jiuye stated .

Li Fuchen replied, “They will not be able to find out anything . I am just worried about what the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor can find out . ”

When Li Fuchen contacted the Spider Guild, he had disguised himself and concealed his qi presence . Therefore, no one saw him before .

The only thing of concern was the surveillance array in every city . As long as the surveillance array was used, they would surely be able to find images related to him .

Apart from that, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was a high-level emperor and it was unknown if he had any hidden methods that could find Li Fuchen .

“God damn it . This Emperor Sky Continent is too dangerous . It is basically impossible for people like us to survive as we don’t have any backers . ” Yuan Long said with anger .

“Having a backer doesn’t mean anything . One day, we will be one of those backers . ” Li Fuchen said indifferently .

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The city lord couldn’t find anything even after using the surveillance array . There were just too many strangers entering and exiting the city . Furthermore, they didn’t even know what the murderer looked like .

On this day, there was a sorrowful qi presence that suddenly enveloped the entire city lord residence . It even spread out across the whole Gaze Native City .

People that were affected by the sorrowful qi presence would feel sad for no reason . Those people that were already experiencing sad matters would be bawling and felt utterly heartbroken . Some would pick up a rope to hang themselves, while some would leap into the well to commit suicide . Inside the city lord residence, there were several individuals who killed themselves due to the overwhelming sadness .

The city lord was terrified when he felt the sorrowful qi presence .

In this world, only the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor could emit such intense emotions that could affect millions of people .

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor didn’t have his title originally . It was unknown where he found two cultivation technique manuals . One of them was the Six Desires Divine Technique and the other was the Seven Emotions Divine Technique . The former cultivated the desires while the latter cultivated the emotions . By cultivating the Six Desires Divine Technique to the pinnacle, one would be able to progress to the Law Phase Realm . It was said that after cultivating the Seven Emotions Divine Technique to the pinnacle, one would be able to progress to the saint’s realm .

“Welcome Lord Martial Emperor . ” The city lord knelt down with a plop . Everyone else in the city lord residence had also knelt down .

Within the void, the imposing figure emitting the sorrowful qi presence appeared in the courtyard where Young Master Six Desires perished .

The imposing figure waved and gathered traces of fearful qi presence which ultimately formed Young Master Six Desires’ figure .

“To die in fear . Who was it that made you feel such fear . ” The imposing figure muttered .

With a wave of the hand, Gu Jiuye’s figure was formed along with another figure . All living things had emotions and as long as they had emotions, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor would be able to gather those emotions and reenact the original scene .

The final figure was gradually becoming clearer, but right at this moment, that figure shattered and there seemed to be an invisible force obstructing him .

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