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Chapter 642
ER – Chapter 642: Young Master Six Desires

“Blood Emperor, there will be a day where you have to pay the price . ”

Inside the vast clouds, there were two figures flying with extreme speed . One was trying to escape while the other was in pursuit .

The Blood Emperor sneered and said, “Tell me that after you escape . ”

While speaking, the Blood Emperor blasted another blood curse on the Bone Emperor .

The blood curse wouldn’t inflict direct harm, but it would gradually weaken the enemy’s condition . The Blood Emperor was trying to prevent the Bone Emperor from conducting a resistance before death .

Even if the Bone Emperor was able to escape, with so much blood curses, the Bone Emperor wouldn’t be able to live for long .

“You are forcing me . Bone Blood Separation!”

The Bone Emperor suddenly exploded while a wave of blood extended out in all directions .

Tss Tss Tss…

The Blood Emperor retreated rapidly and put up a qi barrier .

Despite the case, there were several bloody holes on the Blood Emperor’s body and some were reached deep to the bones .


Within the wave of blood, there was a spot of blood-colored light that flashed and vanished without a trace .

Seeing the situation, the Blood Emperor had a gloomy expression .

The Bone Emperor actually destroyed his own body and chose to burn his true spirit’s power .

In normal situations, unless there was no other choice, no one was willing to give up their bodies . One’s own body was the most suitable for oneself . Even if one possessed the body of an absolute prodigy, it still wouldn’t be as congenial as one’s own body . Unless one was able to find a heavenly resource that could fuse the true spirit and the body .

Furthermore, the Bone Emperor wasn’t just giving up on his body . In order to allow his true spirit to escape, he executed a bizarre secret technique that burned his true spirit . Otherwise, the Blood Emperor had several methods to capture the Bone Emperor’s true spirit .

“This person is done for, but it is just a waste of a long-term supply of nourishment . ”

Body refinement martial artists were different from precious resources from nature .

Precious resources would be gone after using it and it was impossible to grow it . The only solution was to find a new one .

However, the essence blood and the qi blood source from the body refinement martial artist could be replenished and it could serve as a constant supply for him to cultivate .

The Bone Emperor was no longer a worry, but when the Blood Emperor thought of Li Fuchen, his expression turned gloomy .

‘That child’s potential is too high . He already has the strength that is comparable with low-level emperors now . If he has enough time, he will definitely become a great threat . ’

It was unknown why the Blood Emperor suddenly felt regretful, he should have given up on the Bone Emperor and chased after Li Fuchen .

However, there wasn’t any medicine to cure regret and it was already too late to regret .

Dragon River Seat’s Gaze Native City .

Li Fuchen frowned and said, “Gu Jiuye isn’t here . ”

It was impossible for Li Fuchen to not have any signal with the communication token, unless Gu Jiuye was very far away from the Gaze Native City .

There were two possibilities . The first possibility was Gu Jiuye leaving and the second possibility was Gu Jiuye encountering trouble .

Li Fuchen’s intuition told him that the second possibility was higher .

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“Did she leave already?” Yuan Long asked hesitantly .

Li Fuchen shook his head and said, “That isn’t really possible, even if she left, she would leave behind a message . ”

“Replenish your qi blood first . I will go and find out more . ” Li Fuchen said to Yuan Long .

“Alright . ” Yuan Long nodded .

During these few years, his qi blood was in serious deficit and it was unknown when he would be able to fully recover . However, Li Fuchen gave him a few stalks of heaven class body refinement herbs, therefore, it was rather easy for him to nurse his qi blood back to prime .

Every city had its own information channels . There were official information channels and also secret information channels .

The Spider Guild was one of the well-known guilds in the Gaze Native City .

This was a secret guild and they were involved in all sorts of businesses . Information was just one of their businesses .

After spending 1000 mid-grade spirit stones, Li Fuchen managed to contact the Spider Guild . He then spent another 100,000 mid-grade spirit stones to find out that Gu Jiuye had been taken by Young Master Six Desires . She was now in the Gaze Native City’s city lord residence .

Young Master Six Desires was one of the Four Young Masters in the Soul Sky Empire . He was different from Young Master Solitude, as he was unorthodox and had done plenty of evil deeds .
(TL note: Young Master Wuchou is somehow his name and also his nickname, therefore I changed his title to Young Master Solitude)

It was said that Young Master Six Desires cultivated the renowned Six Desires Divine Technique . As long as he could constantly satisfy the six desires, he would be able to rapidly progress in his cultivation levels .

Logically, such a person would offend plenty of people, but Young Master Six Desires just had to be a person with powerful backing .

His master was one of the Four Emperors under the Soul Emperor, the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor .

The Seven Emotions Martial Emperor was a high-level emperor . In the Emperor Sky Continent, apart from great emperors, everyone would have to give face to the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor . Even if they didn’t plan on giving face to the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor, they would have to give face to the Soul Emperor . After all, the Soul Emperor was the no . 1 great emperor of the Emperor Sky Continent .

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With the Seven Emotions Martial Emperor as his backer, Young Master Six Desires conducted his deeds without fear . He once executed the male members of a monarch-class clan and sold all the female members to a brothel, just to satisfy his desire .

Li Fuchen didn’t know that after he found out about the information on Gu Jiuye and Young Master Six Desires, the Spider Guild already sent someone to inform Young Master Six Desires .

Gaze Native City Lord Residence .

The western residence of the city lord residence was the most luxurious place in the entire city lord residence . It was where the city lord normally resided, but it was currently given to Young Master Six Desires .

Inside the exquisitely decorated main hall was Young Master Six Desires . He had handsome looks and a well-toned body . He was lying in the embraces of a few beauties while enjoying fine liquor and delicacies . At the same time, he was watching a dance by beautiful dancers .

The six desires were the eyes, ears, nose, tongue, self, and intention .

The desire of the eyes was to see everything beautiful .

The desire of the ears was to hear everything wonderful .

The desire of the nose was to smell everything fragrant .

The desire of the tongue was to taste everything delicious .

The desire of self was to enjoy everything comfortable .

The desire of intention was to satisfy all fantasies like charms from women, authority, and many other things .

In order to cultivate the Six Desires Divine Technique, Young Master Six Desires had an extremely high demand for the quality of life . To him, life should be enjoyed and martial dao should be enjoyed to the extreme .

“Young Master . ”

Someone appeared at the side of the hall and transmitted a message to Young Master Six Desires .

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After hearing the content of the message, Young Master Six Desires’ handsome face revealed an evil smile .

“Find out information about the woman . It should be her comrade . This is getting interesting . ”

Young Master Six Desires stood up and left while the songs and dance continued . He then headed for a courtyard behind the main hall .

Inside the courtyard, Gu Jiuye was appreciating the flowers . When she saw Young Master Six Desires coming over, her face flashed with a trace of fear .

“Don’t be afraid, I will not hurt you . ” Young Master Six Desires walked in front of Gu Jiuye and reached out to caress her cheek .

Delicate qi presence was released from Young Master Six Desires . This type of qi presence could make a person drowsy and weaken the willpower . Gu Jiuye looked up at Young Master Six Desires and felt that he looked much more pleasing to the eye . She felt an involuntary trace of lust .

Young Master Six Desires smiled and the delicate qi presence intensified . All of a sudden, there were plenty of fuzzy faces that appeared in the delicate qi presence, and Bai Qiuming’s face was actually among those faces .

“Something isn’t right . ” 

Gu Jiuye clenched her teeth tightly and sobered up .

“No wonder you are the woman I fancy . Such determined willpower . ” Young Master Six Desires praised .

He was given the title of Young Master Six Desires, therefore, he didn’t think it was worth it to force himself onto women . He wanted to use his qualities to conquer his targets and make the women willingly tribute themselves . Otherwise, there would be no sense of achievement .

“Someone came to find out about you today . I reckon that he is your friend and I wonder if you are interested in seeing him . ” Young Master Six Desires asked .

Hearing the statement, Gu Jiuye’s expression changed . She was certain that it was Li Fuchen that tried to find information on her . After all, only Li Fuchen knew that she was in the Gaze Native City .

“He isn’t my friend . ” Gu Jiuye shook her head .

“It doesn’t matter if he is a friend . I will know once I meet him . ” Young Master Six Desires was very sensitive towards emotions and could see something wrong with Gu Jiuye . He couldn’t help reveal an even more evil smile which brought chills to anyone who saw the smile .

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