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Chapter 640: Bone Emperor
Li Fuchen didn’t panic even when his instant shift was being interrupted. It was impossible for the Fierce Tiger Ruler to continuously use his innate ability, but Li Fuchen was able to continuously use his instant shift.

Li Fuchen was still holding the advantage.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler didn’t continue using his innate ability. He had a gloomy expression while he sized up Li Fuchen. “Good moves.”

“Same to you.” Li Fuchen had a composed expression.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler turned to look at Hu Hongxiu, “How are you related to the Level Heaven Great Ruler?”

800 years ago, the Level Heaven Great Ruler was once the no.1 demonic beast ruler of the Emperor Sky Continent. His title wasn’t just a reputation, he fought for it. Back then, the humans were suppressed by the demonic beasts and it was because of the Level Heaven Great Ruler.

Afterwards, the Level Heaven Great Ruler vanished and everyone suspected that he had left the Emperor Sky Continent.

However, his influence remained and as long as the Level Heaven Great Emperor didn’t die, the horrifying deterrence would be everlasting.

Hu Hongxiu said, “The Level Heaven Great Ruler is this old one’s sworn elder brother.”

“The Level Heaven Great Ruler is your sworn elder brother?” The Fierce Tiger Ruler had a doubtful expression.

He was wondering if Hu Hongxiu was bluffing. What kind of status did the Level Heaven Great Ruler have and what kind of status did Hu Hongxiu have? How could they be sworn siblings?

But it wasn’t important, it was more important from him to have a method to withdraw from this embarrassing situation.

“Since that is the case, I shall give face to the Level Heaven Great Ruler.” After pausing for a moment, the Fierce Tiger Ruler said, “In the future, no one else will dare to provoke your White Fox Race again.”

It was just a precaution. If Hu Hongxiu was really the Level Heaven Great Emperor’s sworn younger sister, his actions would reach the ears of the Level Heaven Great Emperor sooner or later. Furthermore, he didn’t have any feud with the White Fox Race and using his words to protect them would only bring benefits.

After speaking, the Fierce Tiger Ruler left.

“Chieftess Hu, I have other matters and shall take my leave for now.”

Now that the White Fox Race’s crisis had been averted, Li Fuchen decided to leave.

Hu Hongxiu nodded, “Young Master Li’s favor is something my White Fox Race will never forget. If you are free, please come and be our guest.”

Hu Ling’er said with reluctance, “Young Master, let us meet again if fate allows.”

In the bottom of her heart, she was yearning to venture in the world outside of the Ancient Desolate Mountains. She decided that when there was a chance, she would venture out to take a look at the world.

“Alright.” Li Fuchen nodded before he flashed and vanished without a trace.


It was hard for others to look for the Blood Emperor, but it was a relatively easy task for him.

With the blood servant’s token and blood slave’s token, Li Fuchen received information from the nearby blood servants and blood slaves.

After putting an spiritual awareness imprint on a blood servant, Li Fuchen secretly followed him to an underground palace.

“Such a tightly guarded place.”

While following the blood servant, Li Fuchen couldn’t help but get amazed by the surrounding defenses of the underground palace.

Outside the underground palace, there were at least seven or eight layers of array and the outermost layer was a concealment array, and it was of a very high grade, probably class 8. Li Fuchen wasn’t able to detect anything strange unless he used his spirit soul force.

Inside the concealment array was an illusion array.

Once a person entered the illusion array, they would vanish and regular tracking methods would become useless.

Afterwards, it was an alert array. Li Fuchen reckoned that this alert array was able to sense anomalies on the bodies of the members that entered to further prevent anyone that was being tracked.

Li Fuchen didn’t learn how to use the spiritual awareness imprint and put one secretly on the target, the alert array would have sounded off.

After the alert array was a class 8 defense array that even Law Phase Realm emperors would have a hard time breaking through within a short period of time. Only a high-level emperor would be able to break this defense array within a short time.

Immediately after was an offense array. Even if this class 8 offense array couldn’t kill a Law Phase Realm emperor, it was still able to deal serious injuries. As such, even if a Law Phase Realm emperor attacked the place, the emperor wouldn’t be able to attack recklessly. Once the defense array was activated, the offense array would certainly be activated too. The other arrays would also be activated and causing a chain reaction.

If Li Fuchen didn’t have the Invisibility incantation it was simply impossible for him to enter the underground palace.

Even until now, Li Fuchen realized that he still underestimated the Invisibility incantation.

The mid-class incantation, Invisibility incantation was able to disregard the arrays and pass through freely.

Of course, the precondition was that the proficiency of the Invisibility incantation must be high enough and the grade of the arrays weren’t over the limits of the Invisibility incantation.

If there was a class 8 high-grade array, or a class 8 mid-grade array, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to enter with such ease.

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Li Fuchen didn’t dare to release his spiritual awareness as he was afraid it might alert the Blood Emperor. Therefore, he had to search through each place.

Finally, at the corner of the underground palace, Li Fuchen found a staircase leading down.

Li Fuchen didn’t use the staircase as he directly passed through the layer of rock and arrived below.

Li Fuchen’s heart felt a chill after taking a glance.

Below the underground palace, it was obviously a large-scale prison and there were plenty of body refinement monarch imprisoned here.

Inside one of the prison rooms, Yuan Long was already in despair. More than half of his essence blood had been extracted and there were other unknown essences that had been extracted too. It made his mental state very exhausted.

“I didn’t expect me, Yuan Long to die in such a dark place without any justice.” Yuan Long laughed bitterly.

“Senior Yuan Long, don’t make a sound, I am here to rescue you.” A voice transmitted into Yuan Long’s ears.

“Li Fuchen?” Yuan Long was shocked first before he found it unbelievable.

How did Li Fuchen enter the place? This was the Blood Emperor’s territory and Li Fuchen was just a Primary Sea Realm monarch. It was impossible for him to sneak in without any commotion.

Li Fuchen replied, “It is me.”

Li Fuchen observed the chains that were locking up Yuan Long’s limbs. These chains were very special and could seemingly suppress qi power. However, Li Fuchen’s Hand of Force’s qi power was of a high grade and the chains were merely able to give him a slight suppression but didn’t have any influence.

“Junior Fuchen, don’t touch the chains, they are connected with an array. As long as you touch it, the Blood Emperor will know.” Yuan Long recalled something and quickly transmitted a message.

He had unintentionally overheard this information from one of the jailers.

“I see.”

Li Fuchen silently rejoiced that he didn’t make a rash move. He might be confident to escape from the Blood Emperor and might even have the strength to fight back, but there were too many variables if he wanted to escape with Yuan Long. He must not be reckless.

Yuan Long didn’t wish to give up on this chance of escape, he said to Li Fuchen, “Junior Fuchen, there is a prison below and the Bone Emperor is inside. If you can release the Bone Emperor, you might be able to distract the Blood Emperor.”

“Alright, I will go and take a look.” Li Fuchen nodded and passed through the ground below.

‘You must succeed!’ Yuan Long gritted his teeth and prayed.

“Blood Emperor, you bastard, if I, the Bone Emperor, escape from here one day, I will make sure that you will die a horrible death. Even if I die, I will turn into a vengeful ghost to take revenge!”

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Instead of saying this place was a prison, it was actually a hall.

Inside the hall, there were 18 blood-colored pillars and each of them had a chain extended out. The chains were all shackled onto the skinny black figure in the center of the hall.

Outside the hall, there were plenty of jailers standing guard.

“That old man is rambling nonsense again.” The jailers shook their head and had expressions of despise.

“With the 18 Blood Divine Pillars chaining him, even the lord in heaven wouldn’t be able to escape alive. It is just a pipedream if he wishes to escape on his own.”

“Don’t care about him.”

The jailers didn’t know that an invisible figure appeared within the hall.

The Bone Emperor had extreme senses and could detect a trace of anomaly, but he wasn’t able to identify it.

“Senior Bone Emperor, don’t make a sound.” A voice was transmitted into the Bone Emperor’s ears.

The Bone Emperor wasn’t as rash as Li Fuchen imagined. He replied in an extremely calm voice, “Who are you?”

“I am Li Fuchen, I am here to rescue my friend.”

Li Fuchen looked around the hall and frowned slightly.

The chains that were shackling the Bone Emperor were much higher in grade than Yuan Long’s chains, even Li Fuchen’s qi power was affected.

The 18 blood pillars didn’t look simple too and they seemed like an array.

“You want me to escape to draw away the Blood Emperor’s attention, allowing you to rescue your friend?” The Bone Emperor’s thoughts were very sober.

Li Fuchen smiled and replied, “That’s right, I wonder if Senior Bone Emperor is willing to cooperate?”

“Cooperate? I do not have the right to choose now. But if you can release me, I, the Bone Emperor will owe you my life.” The Bone Emperor said.

“Alright. I wonder how these chains can be removed?” Li Fuchen wasn’t certain in breaking the chains.

“What is your strength level?” The Bone Emperor asked.

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Li Fuchen answered, “My bone refinement strength is at the Law Phase Realm.”

“That is enough. Just by yourself, it is impossible to break the chains. But I have been shackled by the 18 Blood Divine Pillars for many years and I know them inside out. As long as I have assistance, breaking these chains is an easy task.” The Bone Emperor was rather excited.

To be honest, he might be screaming and shouting everyday, saying that he wanted revenge, but he knew clearly that if no one came to help him, he was only able to shout and wasn’t able to do anything.

“When I tell you to do it, make your move immediately.”

The Bone Emperor took a deep breath and his skinny body suddenly expanded.

He was using up his essence blood to forcefully restore his strength.


The chains that were on the Bone Emperor started to rattle and were shining with bloody radiance.

“Do it!”

The Bone Emperor burst out with strength as qi power rushed into the chains.

Without any assistance, he would only be wasting his qi power for nothing and it would only allow the 18 Blood Divine Pillars to absorb more qi blood. But now, he didn’t care about wasting qi blood as he wanted to fill and overflow the chains with qi power.

Two types of powers were in a conflict within the chains. The first type was the power from the chains or the power of the 18 Blood Divine Pillars, the second type of power was the Bone Emperor’s qi power.

The two different powers achieved a balance. Li Fuchen then promptly pulled one of the chains and ripped with both his hands.


The chains responded with a breaking sound.


The Bone Emperor grinned. Li Fuchen’s strength was stronger than he had imagined.

Two levels above the prison, the Blood Emperor’s eyes suddenly opened.

With a wave of his hand, a screen appeared. Inside the screen, several chains on the Bone Emperor had already broken. Beside the Bone Emperor, there was a young man’s figure.

“Damn it.” The Blood Emperor flashed and rushed towards the Bone Emperor’s location.
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