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Chapter 639: Fierce Tiger Ruler
Since Li Fuchen wasn’t able to comprehend the Hand of Star, he shifted his energy back to his sword dao.

After reaching the 8th level of Primary Sea Realm, his current sword dao strength was already comparable to peak-class combat emperor.

Li Fuchen’s sword art was the heaven class mid-tier sword art. His cultivation technique was the fire sword dao technique, the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique, furthermore, it was pushed to the 37th rank, making it one rank higher than regular heaven class low-tier cultivation technique.

Regular low-level emperors would only cultivate heaven class low-tier cultivation techniques and martial arts, making them one tier inferior to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen spent two months and finally pushed the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique to the 38th rank.

The 38th rank of the Divine Flame Sword Energy Technique had power that was superior to most heaven class mid-tier cultivation techniques. After all, it was a special cultivation technique and not some regular cultivation technique.

“It is time to go and rescue Yuan Long.”

Now that Li Fuchen’s body refinement strength and his sword dao strength had reached an unbelievable level, Li Fuchen planned on rescuing Yuan Long.

He was afraid if he went late, Yuan Long might have already perished in the Blood Emperor’s hands.

Just as Li Fuchen was preparing to bid farewell to the White Fox Race, a powerful and uninvited guest arrived.

It was a burly man with a massive back and waist. When he appeared outside of the White Fox Race’s dwelling, the void was compressed. An illusory image of a fierce tiger was prowling there and glaring.

“It is the Fierce Tiger Ruler!” Hu Hongxiu.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler was a class 8 low-tier demonic beast ruler and its strength was much stronger than regular low-level emperors.

Without an outstanding cultivation technique and martial art, human martial artists wouldn’t be a match for demonic beasts.

“Fierce Tiger Ruler, why are you in such a great mood to visit my White Fox Race’s territory?” Hu Hongxiu walked out of the dwelling and asked while raising her head.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler said, “I just found out that a human emperor is at the Ancient Desolate Mountains. Ask him to come out and see me!”

After reaching his class, there were no longer any restrictions to racial differences and he didn’t view the humans with hostility.

In fact, it was very rare for demonic beast rulers to fight with human emperors in the Emperor Sky Continent, even though they would contact each other from time to time.

It was only the demon rulers that didn’t have good relationships with human emperors. This was mainly due to the fact that the demon rulers were too dangerous and the human emperors had to be cautious.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler wasn’t here to kill Li Fuchen, he merely wanted to know of Li Fuchen’s backer.

“Fierce Tiger Ruler, Young Master Li isn’t some emperor, he is only at the Primary Sea Realm. Furthermore, he has already left the Ancient Desolate Mountains.” Hu Hongxiu made up a lie.

No matter how powerful Li Fuchen was, he was only at the Primary Sea Realm and would only be able to contest with a low-level emperor at best. If he was to contest with the Fierce Tiger Ruler which was superior to low-level emperors, he would surely be at the disadvantage.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler said, “Is that so?”


The Fierce Tiger Ruler waved his hand and an illusory giant tiger claw smashed through the ground and headed right at the White Fox Race’s dwelling.

Hu Hongxiu’s eyelids were jolting violently as she watched.

Just as the White Fox Race’s dwelling was going to be shattered, a translucent giant hand blocked the illusory tiger claw. It was then slowly pushing the illusory tiger claw away.


Once they exchanged moves, the Fierce Tiger Ruler knew that Li Fuchen wasn’t a human emperor, but his strength wasn’t inferior to a low-level emperor.

When the giant hand and the tiger claw vanished, Li Fuchen appeared on the surface.

This was his second time seeing a demonic beast ruler. The first time was that Black Flood Dragon which was at the verge of death and was only left with its demonic beast spirit. This time, it was a living and healthy demonic beast ruler.

Li Fuchen had heard about the Fierce Tiger Ruler from Hu Hongxiu. The Ancient Desolate Mountains had five demonic beast rulers that were renowned. There was one class 8 high-tier demonic beast ruler, two class 8 mid-tier demonic beast rulers, and two class 8 low-tier demonic beast rulers. The Fierce Tiger Ruler was one of the two class 8 low-tier demonic beast rulers.

“Which faction are you from, human?” The Fierce Tiger ruler interrogated.

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Li Fuchen replied, “No affiliation and no faction.”

In the Emperor Sky Continent, it was true that he had no affiliation and no faction. After all, the Red Rainbow Sect wasn’t considered a faction in the Emperor Sky Continent.

“You have no affiliation and no faction, yet you dare to enter the Ancient Desolate Mountains and kill the demonic beast kings in my Ancient Desolate Mountains. Who gave you such courage?” The Fierce Tiger Ruler grinned and revealed traces of murderous aura.

He might not view humans with hostility, but he didn’t have any good impressions of them either. If it wouldn’t result in a huge problem, he didn’t mind killing Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen could clearly feel that the Fierce Tiger Ruler had the intention to kill, therefore, he didn’t want to waste time and started circulating the Hand of Force. A dense qi spirit that was like a giant hand had started to expand.

The cultivation of the Hand of God had to be done in sequence. The first stage, Hand of Blood, had the Hand of Blood’s qi power and qi spirit. The second stage, Hand of Force, had the Hand of Force’s qi power and qi spirit.

In comparison, the Hand of Force’s qi power was around 50% stronger than the Hand of Blood’s qi power. It was the same for the qi spirits too.

Just as the battle was going to erupt, Hu Hongxiu transmitted a message to the Fierce Tiger Ruler, “Fierce Tiger Ruler, do not fight and give face to the Level Heaven Great Emperor.”

The Fierce Tiger Ruler didn’t care about Hu Hongxiu and raised his left hand high before clawing down.


There was a tiger’s growl that shook the entire place. Li Fuchen felt as though he saw a towering giant tiger that was clawing down on him.

Just from the prowess of this claw, the Fierce Tiger Ruler’s strength was obviously beyond the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor and it was even significantly stronger.

However, the current Li Fuchen was no longer the previous Li Fuchen. As compared to the time when Li Fuchen was being chased by the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor, the current had body refinement strength that was at the perfection level of the Primary Sea Realm and he had also comprehended the second stage of the Hand of God, the Hand of Force.

The qi spirit condensed and turned into a translucent giant hand which Li Fuchen used to counter the Fierce Tiger Ruler’s claw attack.


When the giant hand clashed with the giant claw, the world went into a stasis and it felt as though all time had frozen.

At the next moment, there was a giant explosion. Everything between the human and the demonic beast had collapsed and the void had distorted. Countless dirt and rocks started floating before they suddenly shattered into dust. Subsequently, there was an intense qi wave that spread out at a speed which was a hundred times faster than the speed of sound.

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Hu Hongxiu couldn’t be bothered to hide her strength anymore. She plunged the walking stick into the ground and a giant three-tailed fox’s image was released from her body which enveloped the White Fox Race members.

“Human, you are very strong, but this is still not enough.”

The Fierce Tiger Ruler clawed at Li Fuchen again.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler clawed with his full strength this time and if this attack didn’t work, he would have to execute his innate ability.

“I will leave if I wish to leave, and you can’t do anything.”

Li Fuchen flashed and vanished from the Fierce Tiger Ruler’s vision. When he reappeared, he was already behind the Fierce Tiger Ruler.


Li Fuchen’s palm slammed onto the back of the Fierce Tiger Ruler and it caused the Fierce Tiger Ruler to stagger.

The Fierce Tiger Ruler turned around and had an extremely gloomy expression.

If he wasn’t a demonic beast ruler but a human emperor, this palm strike would have injured him.

The crucial point was how Li Fuchen appeared behind him. Even if Li Fuchen was extremely fast, the Fierce Tiger Ruler’s eyes would still be able to see the movement trajectory.

Unless… Li Fuchen didn’t have any movement trajectory and it was a shifting technique!

A thought flashed in the mind and the Fierce Tiger Ruler knew of the reason.

The shifting technique’s highest level was to achieve instant shift.

Within an extreme short distance, there wasn’t much difference between having an extremely fast speed and instant shift.

After all, instant shifting would need time too and ‘instant’ already implied time.

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However, when in combat, the difference between fast speed and instant shift was poles apart.

No matter how fast a person was, there would be movement trajectories. Therefore, one would be able to see them and predict.

But it was different for an instant shift. It might be called a shift of places within an instant, but it was actually to use a certain medium to instantly appear in another place. It was basically the same as a short distance teleportation.

At this moment, the strength of the eyes was already useless and one could only rely on instinct.


Li Fuchen vanished again.


Li Fuchen appeared on the right and his palm strike forced the Fierce Tiger Ruler to take over a dozen steps back. There was a trace of blood on the Fierce Tiger Ruler’s shoulder.

“Such a tough body.”

Li Fuchen frowned. Logically, his palm strike was already enough to severely injure low-level emperors, but when used on the Fierce Tiger Ruler, it could only cause superficial damage. A demonic beast ruler’s body was much tougher than Li Fuchen imagined. He reckoned that even if Shangguan Yu cultivated to the low-level of Law Phase Realm, her physical defenses would still be inferior, unless she cultivated a heaven class low-tier body refinement technique.

After receiving consecutive attacks, the Fierce Tiger Ruler was enraged.

“Get lost!”

The Fierce Tiger Ruler let out an intense growl and activated his innate ability. A massive force affected the void, it interrupted Li Fuchen’s instant shift and shook him out of the fire dao energy.

Li Fuchen was rather astonished as he never imagined that his instant shift would be interrupted.

“It seems like I cannot underestimate any demonic beast ruler.”

A human would comprehend the dao, while the demonic beast would excavate their innate abilities.

The comprehension of dao was a process, while the excavation of the innate ability was done instantly.

No one knew what kind of innate ability would the demonic beast excavate. There were some innate abilities that might be able to reverse the situation and kill the enemy.
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