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Published at 21st of October 2020 11:52:32 AM
Chapter 641
ER – Chapter 641: Successful Rescue

Boom Boom Boom .

As the chains were broken, the Bone Emperor’s strength was rapidly recovering .

The jailers outside the hall finally reacted and rushed inside the hall .  

“Bone Blood Siphon!”

The Bone Emperor’s current strength might not even be at 10% of his prime, but to deal with these Primary Sea Realm jailers, it was absolutely simple . His right hand made a grasping gesture and instantly grabbed the jailers before siphoning them into dried up corpses .

In such a moment, the Bone Emperor couldn’t bother if there were any impurities . He was going to siphon everything to replenish his qi blood . If it was in normal situations, he would feel that a monarch’s essence blood wasn’t pure enough and would purify it before absorbing .

After siphoning all the jailers’ qi blood and qi power, the Bone Emperor’s qi blood was finally recovered to around 15% .

Boom Boom Boom .

For the remaining chains, Li Fuchen worked together with the Bone Emperor to break them .


The Bone Emperor looked up and laughed heartily before bursting into tears . He had been imprisoned for too long . In fact, if the Blood Emperor didn’t use underhanded methods, he wouldn’t be captured .

In terms of strength, the Blood Emperor was significantly weaker than him .

“Young brother, I am unable to repay your favor . I can only repay you in my next life . ”

The Bone Emperor suddenly circulated the Bone Blood Siphon and grasped at Li Fuchen .

It wasn’t possible to recover most of his strength with those jailers, he would only be able to recover 50% of his strength by siphoning Li Fucnen’s qi blood and qi power . By then, no one would be able to stop him from escape . When he had the chance, he would come back to seek revenge from the Blood Emperor .

As for the promise made, the Bone Emperor didn’t bother at all .

“I have underestimated your shamelessness . ”

Who was Li Fuchen? How was it possible for him to be tricked?

There was a saying, ‘One should not have the intention to harm others, but must always be vigilant against others . ’ It was something that Li Fuchen had always remembered .


When the Bone Blood Siphon touched Li Fuchen’s Hand of Force, it was the same as a mantis smashing into a car .

Of course, it was mainly because the Bone Emperor only recovered 10% or 20% of his cultivation . Even if the Bone Emperor burned his essence blood, his strength would only reach 50% of his prime and it wasn’t enough to deal with Li Fuchen .

The Bone Emperor took over 10 steps back and was shocked . Li Fuchen’s strength was far beyond his expectation, especially Li Fuchen’s palm which was simply indestructible . His Bone Blood Siphon couldn’t penetrate Li Fuchen’s palm at all .

After executing the Invisibility incantation, Li Fuchen left the hall and arrived at the upper level prison .

The Bone Emperor had a gloomy expression as he rushed out of the hall .

Along the way, be it the jailers or the imprisoned body refinement monarchs, they had all become the Bone Emperor’s source of qi blood .

At the upper level prison, Li Fuchen crushed the chains that were shackling Yuan Long and grabbed him before using the Invisibility incantation to escape the prison .

“We are out?”

At the surface, Yuan Long still couldn’t believe it as his body was shaking .

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“Senior Yuan Long, you have suffered . ” Li Fuchen consoled .

Yuan Long stabilized his emotions and bowed to Li Fuchen, “I thank Junior Fuchen for saving my life . ”

Those who didn’t fall into despair would never understand how wonderful it was to live and to be free .


There were giant explosions coming from underground . It was obvious that the Bone Emperor and the Blood Emperor were in combat .

“Junior Fuchen, is that Senior Bone Emperor?” Yuan Long asked curiously .

Li Fuchen said, “This person wanted to plot against me, don’t bother about him . ”


The surface of the ground shook before the Blood Emperor and the Bone Emperor burst out .

The Bone Emperor had already recovered 30% of his qi blood and when burning his essence blood, his strength was almost at 80% of his prime .

However, the Blood Emperor wasn’t easy to deal with either . After so many years, the Bone Emperor had been in a stagnant state while the Blood Emperor had been constantly progressing . As such, the Bone Emperor wasn’t a match for the Blood Emperor and was vomiting blood due to the attacks from the Blood Emperor .

Of course, this was mainly due to the fact that the Bone Emperor had been imprisoned for many years . Just by siphoning qi blood would only temporarily recover his strength, but the qi blood source in his body wasn’t going to be replenished so quickly . Even if the Bone Emperor was able to escape this time, he would still need at least a few dozen years to truly recover . However, if he obtained precious resources, he might be able to reduce the time significantly .

“Young brother, please offer me your assistance . ” The Bone Emperor sought help from Li Fuchen .

“Assist you to deal with me?” Li Fuchen had disregarded the Bone Emperor’s words .

Li Fuchen put in a lot of effort to rescue the Bone Emperor, but it resulted in the Bone Emperor turning hostile .

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The Bone Emperor panicked . “Young brother, it was my fault previously . This time, I swear that I will not go back on my words, otherwise, I shall be struck by lightning and my journey on the martial dao shall become stagnant . ”

He was truly panicking . Not being able to contest with the Blood Emperor was just secondary, right now, his essence blood was being burned and he was burning his vitality, and qi blood source . If this dragged on, he wouldn’t be able to reach his prime again in this lifetime, let alone progressing .

If he knew that Li Fuchen was this formidable, he would never have plotted against Li Fuchen . It was the same as him lifting a rock to smash his own foot .

Li Fuchen allowed the Bone Emperor to speak extravagantly, but he had no intention to help the Bone Emperor .

Firstly, the Bone Emperor couldn’t be trusted . Secondly, the Blood Emperor wasn’t that easy to kill .

Li Fuchen was certain that the Blood Emperor was significantly stronger than the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor . It was probable that the Blood Emperor’s direct confrontation strength wasn’t inferior to the Fierce Tiger Ruler . Furthermore, the Blood Emperor was proficient in blood curses and must have other hidden trumps . Li Fuchen believed that he had less than 5% chance of killing the Blood Emperor .

Unless the chances were more than 30%, Li Fuchen would never offer his help to the Bone Emperor .

It was a pity, even if Li Fuchen wasn’t planning to make a move on the Blood Emperor, the Blood Emperor wasn’t planning to let Li Fuchen escape too .

“Bone Melting Blood Curse!”

The Blood Emperor formed a seal with one hand before releasing a curse at Li Fuchen .

Li Fuchen let out a snort and circulated the Hand of Force’s qi power to gather the qi spirit .


There was green smoke as the Blood Emperor’s Bone Melting Blood Curse wasn’t able to break Li Fuchen’s qi spirit .

Li Fuchen’s qi power was at the heaven class mid-tier and it contained the extremely pure force law . The Bone Melting Blood Curse was just a usage of the law, therefore, it wasn’t possible for it to break through .

“Mm?” The Blood Emperor had an unpleasant expression .

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Normally, even a low-level emperor would have a hard time trying to resist his Bone Melting Blood Curse, but Li Fuchen resisted it easily .

It was only proper to return the favor . Li Fuchen wasn’t the type of person to receive an attack without giving one of his own .

The Hand of Force’s qi spirit gathered into a translucent giant hand before Li Fuchen slammed it at the Blood Emperor .


The Blood Emperor felt his qi blood going in a reverse flow and his qi was stagnant for a moment .

“Let’s go . ”

Li Fuchen pulled Yuan Long and burst in speed before escaping far away .

At the same moment, the Bone Emperor was also planning to escape and he was hoping that Li Fuchen could hold back the Blood Emperor for a moment .

However, when he turned around to take a look, he realized that Li Fuchen had already left after executing a single attack . It truly agonized the Bone Emperor .

Between the Bone Emperor and Li Fuchen, the Blood Emperor didn’t hesitate and chose the Bone Emperor .

He wasn’t a fool . The Bone Emperor was a far greater threat . Once the Bone Emperor recovered his strength and cultivation, even if the Blood Emperor wasn’t afraid, it would still be troublesome . Furthermore, he was able to make significant progress during these few years because of the Bone Emperor’s essence blood and qi blood source . In his opinion, the Bone Emperor was a great source of nourishment and must not be allowed to escape .

“Junior Fuchen, where are we going?” Along the way, Yuan Long asked .

“We are going to the Gaze Native City in Dragon River Seat . ” Li Fuchen replied .

Gu Jiuye was still waiting there .

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