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Published at 15th of October 2020 12:20:10 PM
Chapter 638
ER – Chapter 638: Hand of Force

‘If I kill him now, will the future him be gone?’ Hu Hongxiu had a thought .

Of course, she didn’t wish to kill Li Fuchen, she was just suspicious of the future she foreseen and didn’t know if it was accurate . She didn’t know if the future would change after she foresaw it .

“No, I am probably unable to kill him . If I have the intent to kill, he wouldn’t appear in front of me . Or perhaps I have the intent to kill, but he still appeared in front of me, but I am still unable to kill him . ”

The future Li Fuchen was already so terrifying, how could the current Li Fuchen be that simple?

She wasn’t adept at combat and it wasn’t exaggerating to say that she was the weakest among all demonic beast rulers . It was truly uncertain if she could kill Li Fuchen .

The White Fox Race’s dwelling had a powerful qi field and it was very beneficial for cultivation . As such, Li Fuchen decided to stay temporarily .

In a cavern room, Li Fuchen took out the 1000-year Rootless Flower and stuffed it into his mouth .

It was the same as eating candle wax as the 1000-year Rootless Flower didn’t have any taste . However, the medicinal effects were overwhelming and was just like a flood discharge that surged at the dantian .

“Such powerful medicinal effects . ” Li Fuchen revealed a surprised expression .

The medicinal effects of the 1000-year Rootless Flower was five times more than the 400-year Rootless Flower . Moreover, it was purer and easier to absorb .

When the medicinal effects were fully absorbed by the dantian, Li Fuchen took out the peak-grade spirit stone and started to increase his qi cultivation level .

There were basically no obstructions as Li Fuchen broke through to the 7th level of Primary Sea Realm .

Afterwards, he reached the middle state… later state… and peak state of the 7th level Primary Sea Realm .

Initial state… middle state… later state… peak state of 8th level Primary Sea Realm .

A single 1000-year Rootless Flower allowed Li Fuchen’s dantian limit to increase by two levels . If it was a 400-year Rootless Flower, 10 or 20 stalks of it wouldn’t be enough . It wasn’t because the amount of medicinal effects wasn’t enough, it was because the medicinal effects weren’t pure enough .

‘30% of the spirit qi in the peak-grade spirit stone has been used up . ’ Li Fuchen said to himself while sensing the amount of spirit qi in the peak-grade spirit stone .  

The peak-grade spirit stone might have the value of a few million high-grade spirit stones, but the amount of spirit qi wasn’t as much as a few million high-grade spirit stones . However, it was much purer .

Of course, it was being depleted so quickly because Li Fuchen had increased his body refinement to the perfection level of the Primary Sea Realm .

Previously when Li Fuchen cultivated the Dragon Elephant Body Forging Chapter, the consumption of resources was already very exaggerated . After cultivating the Hand of God, the consumption of resources was even more drastic .

But everything was worth it . After the Hand of Blood’s qi power reached the perfection level of Primary Sea Realm, a single streak of qi power was enough to kill a high-class combat emperor with ease .

For Li Fuchen, anyone below the Law Phase Realm was no different than an insect .

Right now, Li Fuchen started to cultivate the Hand of God’s second rank, the Hand of Force .

The first rank, the Hand of Blood required the practitioner to comprehend the qi blood law . The second rank, the Hand of Force required the practitioner to comprehend the pure force law .

It also meant that Li Fuchen had to purify his force law and eliminate those heterogeneous force laws . He had to keep the purest and most primitive force law .


A large steel hammer was crushed into pieces by Li Fuchen’s hand . This large steel hammer was a 2-star earth class peak-tier weapon . Even low-level emperors would need to use all their strength to crush it, but Li Fuchen crushed it with the force of his hand .

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Of course, it didn’t mean that Li Fuchen’s strength was powerful, it just meant that Li Fuchen’s force was extremely pure and had directly destroyed the composition of the large steel hammer .

“The completion stage of the Hand of Force is already comparable with the perfection stage of the Hand of Blood . ” Li Fuchen lifted his palm and took a closer look .

The Hand of God was mainly focusing on the hand just as the name implied .

At this moment, Li Fuchen’s hands were already as tough as heaven class low-tier weapons . Which also meant that his hands couldn’t be destroyed even by Law Phase Realm emperors, they could only be destroyed by great emperors .

“White Fox Race, I, the Jade Toad King is here . Hurry up and come out . ”

On the surface of the ground, there was a burly man with blue-colored skin that was filled with bumps .

Behind him, there were hundreds of demonic beast kings in a tight formation .

The Jade Toad King had a trace of bloodline from the Jasper Overlord Toad and its strength was significantly stronger than the Blood Toad King . If compared with the humans, he was almost the same as a peak-class combat emperor .

He and the Blood Toad King were sworn brothers . After finding out that the Blood Toad King had a miserable death, he immediately came here to take revenge .

“I will give you enough time for ten breaths . If you don’t hand over the culprit, I shall slaughter your entire White Fox Race . ” The Jade Toad King said in an imposing tone .

Inside the White Fox Race’s dwelling, Hu Hongxiu and the other white foxes were gathered . Hu Hongxiu was still calmly sipping her tea and didn’t bother about the Jade Toad King who was swearing outside .

She had foreseen the future and knew that Li Fuchen would make a move to get rid of the Jade Toad King .

Inside the cave room, Li Fuchen let out a wry smile . He was certain that Hu Hongxiu’s strength wasn’t simple, and those people that he felt were formidable would be truly formidable, most of the time .

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After all, his spiritual awareness was already superior to regular Law Phase Realm emperors, while his spirit soul quality was already far beyond Law Phase Realm emperors .

Li Fuchen thought that there must be some difficulties since Hu Hongxiu wasn’t going to make a move .

Of course, the most important factor was how easy it was for Li Fuchen to deal with the trouble outside .

“Get lost!”

A thunderous voice was transmitted directly into the ears of the Jade Toad King and the rest of the demonic beast kings .

All of a sudden, a translucent giant hand appeared above the ground and swept across .

Pfff Pfff Pfff!

Without any power to resist, the Jade Toad King and hundreds of demonic beast kings were swatted away like flies . The powerful force made their limbs go soft .

“What?! Such strength?” The Jade Toad King nearly pissed himself .

The Jade Toad King assumed that the culprit who killed the Blood Toad King was only a peak-class combat emperor at most . But could a peak-class combat emperor be so powerful? Even regular Law Phase Realm emperors weren’t so terrifying right?!

“Damn it, this is obviously a human emperor . ”

The Jade Toad King didn’t even dare to let behind any harsh words and immediately spread his legs to flee . After running for a long time, his strength finally recovered before he soared into the sky and departed from this place .

“It is dealt with so easily?” Hu Hongxiu realized that she still underestimated Li Fuchen .

“The future is indeed unchangeable . With my current strength, I might not be able to win against him . ” Hu Hongxiu said to herself .

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Time passed by as Li Fuchen continued to stay in seclusion .

After Li Fuchen’s spirit soul evolved into the purple spirit soul, his perception was simply improved too much . At the current juncture, venturing outside would just be a waste of them . Calming the mind to comprehend the martial dao was the proper way .

After half a month, Li Fuchen comprehended the Hand of Force to the trance stage and even the Hand of Blood was also improved significantly .

The current Hand of Blood had strength that was at least 30% stronger than before .

If Li Fuchen was to encounter the Purple Sunset Martial Emperor again, he didn’t even need to flee . The outcome of the battle would be decided after they fought it out .

Another few more days later, the Hand of Force was finally at the extremity .

The Hand of Force’s strength could be further increased, but it had to be increased along with the force law . At this juncture, Li Fuchen had already reached the limit .

“I wonder what the third stage, the Hand of Star, is like?”

With a surge of curiosity, Li Fuchen started to comprehend the Hand of Star .

One day later, Li Fuchen shook his head and was at a loss .

The Hand of Star was too profound and Li Fuchen had no clues at all, therefore, he didn’t have a way to penetrate in .  

If he was to forcefully comprehend it, he might not be able to do so even after a decade or two . His cultivation level and mental state had to be further improved first .

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